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(Tod der lüge = death of the lie; Hochfinanz = high finances.)


I am afraid that from this post on I’ll try to avoid the term “White Nationalist” to describe myself. I’d rather use the old term, National Socialist.

Reason: Virtually all bloggers that subscribe White Nationalism love what the Nazis called “degenerate music,” and quite a few among them despise the heroic efforts of the Germans to protect their race from Marxism, and also from the world of high finances, the subsequent degeneracy, and the brainwashing of whites by the Judaization of the West (including Christianity).

Even those Americans in Dixie who currently reject the term White Nationalism and prefer to call themselves “Southern Nationalists” love to watch the thoroughgoing Judaized television and the Hollywood movies of today, including nigger sports; and some of them even boast their pre-marital “games” in the comments section of their blogsites.

Other White Nationalists go so far as okaying “gay marriage” while, at the same time, follow the most abject form of political correctness by prohibiting a frank debate on this issue within their sites. Still other racialists are reluctant to approach the Jewish Question and some openly advocate libertarianism (see the “Marxismus/Hochfinanz” serpent above) as well as the liberal use of drugs…

The above is only the tip of the iceberg but enough to make a point: I have little to do with this people. Yes: the name “National Socialist” may sound bad to many ears but I still will use it to mark a distance between me and the current degeneracy that is engulfing the West, including racialist circles.

After all, the NS principles have already been introduced in this blog with the full citations of Helmut Stellrecht’s Faith and Action, originally written for the Hitler Youth in 1938. Always keep in mind that Alfred Rosenberg said that the swastika was the symbol of a White rebirth which must someday save the entire West, including North America.

Rather than keep swallowing the gross caricature of the mainstream media, breath the true spirit of National Socialism by reading the booklet by Stellrecht here.


  1. I’m in agreement. I can’t think of any metric in which “White Nationalism” is superior to National-Socialism, at best it’s just a re-branding.

  2. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:

    Right on Chechar!

    [long quote of vikingbitch’s piece]

    • I made corrections to this piece over at VB as there are typographical errors. Apologies. Thanks Chechar!

      • Thanks to you. (Incidentally, for “Weirmar” replace “Weimar”; I’ve already corrected it above.)

  3. VB praises you highly; I’ve read and enjoyed a lot of your work as well.

    As for me, remember what Judge Scalia said then the Supreme Court threw the towel in on sodomy. He said that this was just the start of it; how right he was. Now, after allowing for gays to marry, they’re headed for pedophilia and bestiality.

    Remember the dyke that said she wanted to destroy the traditional family?

    There’s your answer right there.

    Gays are my enemy, and yours. I am their enemy, as well.
    I am sick of them.

    And thank you for acknowledging what Amren and SBPDL won’t: that a white FAMILY is what needs to come back. Needs to come back in its entirety: white women can’t do it alone.

  4. Good article.

  5. lol looks like you made the right choice Chechar

    • But not everyone is happy with this article. A Benjamin from Sydney in Australia who has been trying to post insults this day here and at other threads (calling me “half white half black” ignoring that I have no black blood), also said in a comment I did not let pass:

      There is not a shred of evidence that jewish women and children are responsible for the destruction of the white race and the third-world taker over of Europe.

      I am disgusted that you could support a regime that eradicated innocent women and children -jew and non -jew alike. There is no justification, no circumvention.

      And spare me your anti-intellectual Holocaust denial. Quibble about the numbers and about the intent of hitler all you want, the fact is that jews were persecuted in the millions for no fault whatsoever.

      This guy, maybe a Jew, not only ignores that the problem is the whole forest (not only the poisonous vegetation in Pierce’s metaphor linked at the sidebar, “Best article on the Jewish question”), but also ignores that I am not a holo denier.

      I won’t argue with those who want to insult me in my home at the same time that have not even bothered to read the key articles of this site.

      • This guy is “maybe” a jew? How about “you can bet your next paycheck on it!” Only jews are so defensive of jews with this level of vitriol while spewing judea’s party line. (JIDF, perhaps?)

        His comments are insincere as jews don’t believe their own b.s. Such posts are merely a tactical response on their part, not a reaction from being genuinely offended by your words. That would require an emotional sensitivity, a spiritual attribute their species is bereft of.

        Yes, by using the word “species” I am indicating I think they are not human, and in rare moments of honesty they admit as much.

  6. You are 100% right. These people are just trying to soften the message to give it a broad appeal, to make it sound “nice.” You can’t reconcile a racialist outlook with today’s culture. It’s all or nothing.

    That said, America has small pockets of whites who have refused the sirens and who have not been corrupted. Just because they aren’t vocal doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

  7. Grow up! NS is a dead ideology. They were beaten in ww2, unfortunate as it was!! What good does it do to try and live exactly as the people did back then!? Times change, people change, our race changes and develops! Yeah sure Adolf would not have listened to the likes of metal, but this is an organic growth from the white race-soul! Take black metal for example. Or even death metal! Our people are broken, lost, in this modern world which is so alien. These musical genres are an expression of that anger and hatred. Yet, also a draw to the ancient pagan soul within. i can’t fully explain it, you must feel it! There is nothing more white then standing in a forest alone, face painted in war paint, and screaming to the elder gods, and your hatred for modern life….

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