Italian scum

“White Nationalists treat Mediterraneans like Republicans treat Mestizos.”


The 1924 US immigration Act was aimed at restricting the Southern and Eastern Europeans, among them Jews who had migrated in large numbers since the 1890s, as well as prohibiting the immigration of Middle Easterners, East Asians, and Indians. Thanks to it, the quotas for immigration from Southern Europe were so restrictive that there were more Italians, Greeks, Hungarians, Portuguese, Romanians, Spaniards, Chinese, and Japanese that left the United States than those who arrived as immigrants. Alas, white Christians are crazy, and after their saner periods they cannot control their ethno-suicidal impulses. A good example of this is precisely how the Italian mafia infected a previously Nordic, genuinely white nation.

Recently, at home, I watched a few scenes from both the first two Godfathers and Goodfellas. Tommy DeVito (interpreted by Joe Pesci in Goodfellas), inspired in a mafia fellow of the real US world, is one of the most repulsive characters I have ever seen on the big screen. Presently I can no longer tolerate watching the whole films. I find that Italian subculture nauseating. That’s why, at the beginning of the second Godfather film, set in the year when I was born, Senator Geary’s words after he attended the First Communion celebration for the son of Michael Corleone, the head of the Corleone crime family, are notable. That’s in fact my favorite line of all mafia films I’ve ever seen.

After the public ceremony, Senator Geary (pic above) meets with Michael in his office. The Corleone family had obtained control of several casinos in Nevada. Geary offers to help Michael obtain a disputed gaming license in exchange for an exorbitant bribe, and this is how he addresses the godfather in front of his private gang:

Because I intend to squeeze you. I don’t like your kind of people. I don’t like to see you come out to this clean country [I remember how I loved these words while watching the film in the middle 1970s!] with your oily hair, dressed up in those silk suits, passing yourselves off as decent Americans. I’ll do business with you, but the fact is that I despise your masquerade, the dishonest way you pose yourself. Yourself and your whole fucking family.

Unfortunately, since many white nationalists are dishonest enough to see “white” when a non-snatched individual sees “brown” or “olive,” I only will be able to share this soliloquy with non-“snatched” folks.

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  1. Something wrong happened with a large portion of the italian inmigration in US, because the italian inmigration was of great benefit in countries like brazil, venezuela, argentina, etc, where they contributed greatly for the develepment of those countries, nonetheless, I think you speak with blind passion, many italians did better socially and economically than irish or greeks for example, the last were actually worse considered than any other group, maybe just better than blacks

    • I am talking about the films; and why the Nordish (i.e., real white) makeup of the American population should never have been deconstructed in the first place.

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    Chechar, you must have been reading my mind or the discourse on my blog.

    America was strong because it was based on the Northwestern European work ethic plain and simple. The waves of immigration that you cite in your piece here began the downward spiral of America. There has always been a divide between Northern Europe and Southern Europe. Northern Europeans were/are traced back to people who fled the areas that were in contact with North Africa and other Mediterranean oriented countries. These just mentioned areas have a different work ethic and just an overall different view of life. People in Northern Europe wanted to get away from the crap that was going on near and in Rome. They were independent minded folks who decided that they would rather tough it out in the cold than deal with Mediterranean drama.

    Northern Europeans tend to be mind your own business cultures. They have boundaries. They are direct. There is no pretense and they see beauty in the understated. Mediterranean cultures tend towards more getting into people’ s business, showiness, and boundary invasions.

    There is a man who frequents my blog called Italian guy. I like his contributions. He has come out and said that Europeans with red and blond hair are targeted for aggression, violence etc. I appreciate that.

    Okay, so obviously by my blog title, I’ve got some Nord in me, along with Czech and Croatian. I look Dutch though and I can say it has made me a target. My whole life I have been the object of some hatred and I think it stems from the fact that Northwestern Europe ( Germany, Holland, etc) succeeded after the fall of Rome because these fair haired folks said ‘fuck it’ if you will and roughed it out in the cold to succeed. I think Africans, Spanish, and in some cases Italians viewed the fairhaired blue eyed people as people who think they are better than others in Europe. The truth is that when those people fled Southern Europe and formed their own countries up North, they did experience success because they were unfettered by the crony culture generated within Rome and elsewhere in the Mediterranean.

    The same is happening in the States today. Northwestern European types will flee to perceived safer parts of the country and congregate with others like us because we want to be SAFE. This is occurring with the NW front.

    The Sicilian Mafia was a big wrecking ball. It corrupted New Jersey aka Jew Jersey and NYC. Philadelphia is graft ridden because of it. NW Europeans are entrepreneurial in the pure sense and that made America great. Sorry, but the Mafia sullied it and who was its legal representation, da Jooz.

    Sicilians have an Arabic ancestry. Lemonade is an Arabic drink invented in Sicily. Arabs have penchant for description and corruption and this bleeds into Sicilian life.

    Italy at one point in history expanded I to Czechoslovakia, hence infiltrated Czechs with some of the same Italian flare for dram and getting into people’s business. I have an Eastern European streak in me regarding my temperament, BUT my outlook is Northwestern European in that I am ‘mind your own business.’

    To me, I view getting to people’s business as a form of covetousness, which leads to jealousy, and then the usurping of others’ earned resources. This is what happened with the USA when the wave of immigrants if which you speak Chechar entered the US—they usurped the resources gathered and maintained by the Northwestern Europeans.

  3. If the Italians are so corrupt and so perfidious and so criminal and so inferior — an inferior people — why then did the great and glorious,honest, steadfast, independent-minded, sterling and Superior Aryan Teuton Hitler ally himself with such an inferior people, if Hitler wanted to protect his fellow superior Aryan Nordics from the perfidy of lesser races, inferior peoples? Why then did Hitler make an alliance with such an inferior people as the corrupt Italians, if Hitler was so appalled and horrified by, and opposed to, corruption and corrupt people? I thought the great and mighty Hyperborean Aryan Avatar-of-All- Avatars was the very font and the very epitome of someone “perfidy-wise”, yes ?

  4. One more reason why Ethno Nationalism trumps the fantasyland of Murkan “White” (cough) Nationalism.

  5. I secretly despise southern europeans, and I´m that part of the continent, Americans always saw south europe and eastern europe as a source of lefties, anarchism and collectivism. which is not far from the thruth, Chechar, please hear this song and tell me you don´t automatically feel like you want to lynch as many dagoes as possible.

    This song express the mediterranean soul of envy, violence, and little touch.

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