March of the Titans

The following sentences of March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race by Arthur Kemp caught my attention:


Race War in the Far East

Portuguese explorers were the first Whites to arrive by sea in China, landing in 1514. By 1557, they had acquired a trading station at Macau and by 1570, trade began between China and Spanish settlements in the Philippines.

In 1619, the Dutch settled in Taiwan and took possession of the nearby P’enghu Islands (Pescadores). Soon Jesuit missionaries arrived in China from Europe but failed utterly in their attempts to convert the Chinese who rejected the Christian religion with scorn.


Chechar’s note:

After recounting how the Quing dynasty tried to impede white settlements, Kemp describes the British wars in China, including the Opium wars. Alas, the natural goal of keeping the Chinese zombified did not last long among the Christians.

The worst blunder that the Western altruists committed in Asia was allowing the empowerment of these high-IQ Asian peoples. All European nations should have kept their technological magic exclusively for the white race, keeping their universities only for the initiate of pure Aryan origin. Do you imagine the Spartans or the Goths sharing their most sacred magic with non-whites?

These historical happenings demonstrate, once more, the total lunacy of what the white Christians are capable of in their search to fulfill their deranged sense of decency. Not even white nationalists—who are Neochristian liberals in many ways, not National Socialists—have highlighted this historical blunder that will be a huge problem even if a white ethnostate is created in the future; the Asians having now tons of gold and weapons of mass destruction at their disposal.

Kemp continues:


By the end of the 20th Century, both Japan and China had developed into industrial giants, responsible for the production, if not invention, of the majority of day-to-day appliances and convenience goods used all over the world.

Both nations are also marked in their desire to retain their racial homogeneity, and do not tolerate mass Third World immigration into their lands, unlike the White Western nations. This policy is also applied to refugees: Japan for example, refused to take Vietnamese Boat People refugees unless they were racially compatible with the existing Japanese population: if not, they were turned away.

This strict, racially-based immigration policy, is both Japan and China’s formula for long term survival and progress, and, if maintained, will ensure that they escape the fate of Western nations who have abandoned such policies.


  1. My dear Caesar Tort, I am grateful to you for many reasons, for the booklet on the Spartans, on Hitler Youth, on introducing me to Who We Are by William Pierce and your efforts.

    If I may, in my lifetime of living amongst the yellow race, and in my childhood speaking, reading, and writing their language as a first language better than English at the time, I have never in my lifetime met any White man who understands the yellow race as clearly and intimately as I, nor have I had even the most remote iota of success in awakening a healthy sense of alarm and self preservation in Whites as to the ambition of the Orientals. They do not seek equality with us, nor wealth, they seek our extermination. They do not hate us, as much as they hate themselves.

    They are the copy people, the born gambling addicts, master’s at deception, plagiarism, copying, and completely inept at innovation and creativity. Poison is their nature, dispassionate, calculating, ruthless, cold blooded with smiles, to cloak a dagger behind a smile, murder by proxy, simple battle tactics of the 36 classical battle tactics that the average rice nigger in the street knows, but you could never awaken the average White to because they are simply too good natured.

    Whites have a fatal flaw; they never awaken to a danger until it has nearly knocked them out.

    The gook does not share this good natured benefit of the doubt generosity. They claim to have invented everything, mathematics, astronomy, gun powder, pasta, football, but say to them 了甚麼? (A good man does not talk about bygone bravery, what have your people invented in the past 200 years?) and they will look at you mutely with hatred in their eyes. They have never invented anything. It is all a lie. They steal, they copy, they buy, but they cannot invent. And this myth of their “high iq” is nonsense.

    Compared to the negro perhaps. Come to asia. Peking man never went extinct, peking man delivers my water and washes my laundry. They are idiots. Out of a billion Chinese, one calculating mind emerges. They build drains for the rain water at the highest point in the center of a cross roads, they put poison in baby milk powder, they put Styrofoam in what should be concrete and are surprised when it does not support a building’s weight, more than 300 universities in shitty little taiwan, a place small enough we could throw it in one of America’s lakes and it would disappear, and for all their thousands upon thousands of engineers, they could not build a high speed rail without importing German engineers, then reneging on the contract and offering the maintenance to the Japs.

    This “asians have high iq’s” is a lie promoted by the Jew to prey on imaginary fear. Whatever gooks you see in White countries, are the cream de la cream, the richest and brightest. Just come to Asia, and see how retarded they are. They believe eating pig brains improves your IQ, and eating deer penis or dog penis or snake penis makes you a man.

    The Chinese and Japanese do not share the White weakness of mercy and compassion, nor do they share our nobility, heroism, valor, intelligence, altruism, philanthropy. To betray is their highest virtue. I have had the most educated Chinese, self made millionaires, connoisseurs of the classics, sincerely inquire of me, if I have tasted human flesh and infant meat. I have had a room full of adult Chinese men and women, candidly admit to me that if they had the technology, they would not hesitate to exterminate every White man woman and child off the face of the earth.

    I have seen videos online, of the White Russian army bellowing war cries that raze the hairs on my neck, but they were not nearly as terrifying as those I have seen of the Chinese in my nightmares of astral travel. Do you know what the warcry of 100 million Chinese men sounds like? Your soul would tremble. The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity. Passionate intensity. No doubt. No hesitation. Full and absolute pugnacious self righteousness.

    I once had a dream, that I was a male early teenager, one of the last Whites on earth, in captivity, being transported in China, to be auctioned as breeding stock to the wealthy and powerful Chinese.

    You know not despair.

    I have had Chinese street hawkers admit to me candidly “If I had money, I would buy a Russian wife, and then when the children come out, you would see the improvement!” with a beatific smile. 55% of Japanese women want a White husband. 2.5% of Taiwanese have Dutch blood. The Ainu of Hokkaido Japan have Viking blood and are hence able to grow full beards and chest hair. The aborigines and mountain tribes in Taiwan have Viking blood and their tribal legends are a near exact copy of Odinism, complete with the rainbow bridge and ancestral hunting grounds as well as the rite of passage to manhood requiring an enemy head.

    Many of the Chinese famous personalities in history are emphatic White mongrels, Lu Bu, the most feared warrior of the Three Kingdoms era had green eyes, Zun Quan who cut the head off of Guan Yu, the deified Chinese God of War, had sky blue eyes and a red beard. Genghis Khan had red hair and green eyes. The gooks now boast in their movies that “出少林” (all martial arts in the world originates from Shao Lin) but if you ask them “Where does Shao Lin come from? What race was Bodhidharma who taught the Chinese both kung fu and Buddhism? What were his physical descriptions?” They become embarrased and silent. You may search for the book “on-martial-arts-zen-and-the-blue-eyed-red-bearded-barbarian” for the historicity details of this including dna analysis and enough evidence to make your head spin.

    None of these tell the whole tale.

    Once, the curator of the Hsin Chu city in Taiwan admitted to me in front of a table full of wealthy Chinese “Here in Taiwan, we welcome the Whites, because, you know, they are superior.” My jaw dropped, not for the obvious but for his admitting it without flinching.

    Kemp talks about Penghu. He knows nothing. I grew up there. Feet on the ground.

    You can edit my posts all you like, Cesar Tort, it is … an effort for our race that I even bother them, true soldiers are ready to accept willingly the scorn, of those they sacrifice their lives to save.

    Kemp is an amateur.
    Eustace Mullins is the master.

    The 義合會or paramilitary organization that rallied amongst the Chinese civilian population to murder the Whites in Asia and expel them, under explicit orders of 慈禧后 empress Ci Xi on June 18 1905, mostly because of the opium trade thanks to the Jews and the Sassoon family, are very much alive and well today, and I have photos of their mark. Whereas the Sassoons have gone into shampoo, being from India, among other things, the Yi He Hui that murdered all Whites in China, has gone in to construction.

    To quote an old Chinese maxim, “非我族類”: “Those not of my tribe/race, without exception have an alien heart/mind/soul.”

    • Excellent comment, I think it is very beneficial to document your insight in a blog.

  2. I’m starting to wish I was a rice pounding, zipperhead.

  3. Generally, my experience with Chinese reveals them to be racially aware and culturally cohesive. I have not found them to be antagonistic to the West, especially to America, since most of them have not traveled afar, and are sometimes geopolitically naive. Views of America tend to be rather quaint, and often romantic. However, among the more sophisticated: businessmen, academics, and government officials, this is changing. The new consensus is that the the U.S. is headed downward into Third World status, and that it jeopardizes Sion-American economic relations. They perceive that the balance of power is changing. A recent editorial from Xinhua is quite explicit:

    Ethnically the Chinese can be considered mostly homogenous, with some exceptions (for instance, Muslim Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, and remote Tibet). Not surprisingly, these two areas are problematic for the regime.

    Negroes are uncommon, but not unknown. They are, however, not Americanized ‘hood niggers’, but rather real Africans–often the buttermilk of the crop (to equate them to cream would be wrong in many ways). Africans are almost always confined to ghettos, such as the Guangzhou ‘chocolate town.’ There they do business, exporting the cheapest of the cheapest Chinese products back to the Dark Continent. There is always a strong police presence around these dark men, and they are kept on a relatively short leash. The natives (i.e., the Chinese) do not interact with them if they can help it. God forbid a Chinese daughter become involved sexually with an African. The family would most likely throw the girl out.

    Americans are generally held in high esteem. Especially in areas where Americans are rare (away from Shanghai, Beijing, and perhaps to a lesser degree, Shenzhen, across the bay from Hong Kong). It is not disrespectful for a Chinese woman to marry an American (or other Westerner), especially if the man has means. On the other hand, the family would rather have their son marry a Chinese girl, and this is almost always the case since most White women are not attracted to Chinese (from my experience). Most business is done by men. One mainland woman told me that she proscribes her son only three types for dating: blacks, Japanese, and Taiwanese. The first is due to an extreme dislike for negroes among Chinese, and the second is, of course, political.

    It is my experience that Chinese tend to self-criticize. There is recognized a large contradiction between their nouveau riche and the so-called masses. This stems from traditional Confucian ethics, and also, to a certain degree, religious Buddhist/Taoist influence. At the same time most Chinese, if the truth be known, would love to be fabulously wealthy. There is a recent saying that has made the rounds in China: “I’d rather cry in a BMW car than laugh on the backseat of a bicycle.” It is the typical attitude of the “modern” Chinese woman, it seems.

    One note anent the previous poster: as far as physical descriptions taken from Luo Guanzhong’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms, one must take it all with a grain of salt. First, the book is not “history” in the academic sense, but is just as much mythology. Second, there are Chinese who argue that the death of Guan Yu was not at all due to Sun Quan’s general, Lu Meng, but rather due to Guan Yunchang’s own arrogance, an arrogance highlighted by his refusal to accept an arranged marriage to Sun Quan’s daughter, which would have helped firm the three way power balance between Wu, Wei and Shu.

    This latter explanation (that is, Guan’s death due to “suicide by arrogance”) highlights a difference between the modern Western outlook, and the Oriental. The former tends to look at the immediate and the sometimes superficial as what is most important. The latter tends to see things deeper, discovering a root psychological, or even cosmological cause for events.

    • A Chinese commented on this video “if this doesn’t inspire us to abandon communism, I don’t know what will”.

  4. There is a fascinating history of Christianity in China starting from the first Christian mission to China in the 8th century, these missionaries were of the “church of the east”, and probably from Persia. It was very well received by emporer, and briefly it flourished in China. The emporer even allowed a Christian monastery to be built in the grounds of the most sacred Taoist temple. There are a few books on the subject, one I’ve read is “The Jesus Sutras: Rediscovering the Lost Scrolls of Taoist Christianity”.

    Another emporer came along later, and was a devout Taoist, forbade all foreign religions (Buddhism, Christianity etc), defrocked the Christian clergy. But it persisted underground for centuries, when the chinese were ruled by the yuan (mongolian) dynasty, Christianity started reemerging , because the Mongols decreed freedom of worship throughout it’s territories. It died out again later. But interestingly, the Jesuits actually reported that there were some Chinese familes who made the sign of the cross before meals, and when they were asked why, they claimed they couldn’t explain the meaning of this action, but that it was a “family tradition”.

    There are quite a few inventions which supposedly came to Europe from China, but there is much dispute:
    -Paper(Paper Paper)
    among other things, but these are the least disputed items I think. And they didn’t willingly share these things. Europe and China developed much of the same things over time independently, ancient greek/roman scientists and inventors often had their counterparts in China and vice versa. Discussion about “where do martial arts come from” is silly, martial (fighting) arts are universal. Acupuncture may have a European origin. This is very interesting.

    Pasta, certainly did not come from China. The “Marco Polo introduced noodles to Europe and that’s where pasta comes from” story is certainly a myth. First record of pasta in Italy is from 1201, and it would have come from middle-east/north Africa (think cous-cous). Marco Polo was probably a fraud who never went further than Constantinople in his adult life, though he did visit china in the company of his uncle when he was 13. He claimed to have served for a few years in the court of Kublai Khan, yet there is no record of anyone meeting his description, and they kept very detailed and exact records, which are intact. He speaks nothing of the great wall, paper money, tea drinking, calligraphy, foot binding among other things, yet does describe birds who could lift elephants into the air.

    During the Olympics blacks, as well as Mongolians, were banned from bars in china. Because there is tendency for troublemaking, and they didn’t want that to disturb overseas visitors. They don’t mess around, they do what they have to do, it’s how white countries used to be of course. White countries simply need a “we’re in charge” mentality. We don’t need to abuse expats, but we need to “lay down the law” when we have to.

    I do find it striking how different the personalities of Chinese who are born here (Australia) are from those born there. They seem mostly just “like us” in mentality. Just saying.

    There’s this Nigerian guy who is a singing star in China these days, stage name “Hao Ge”.

    • Think about how jealously they guarded the secrets of of silk production and tea processing, for example, compared to the Europeans’ willingness to share.

  5. Of course the Japanese and Chinese are not, and have not been, saddled by the Omni parasitic life form that is destroying the white race and civilisation. We are not allowed to have political and military leaders who would put our survival to the forefront. Instead, all of our institutions are infested with the most treacherous scum the jew can find to serve their genocidal agenda. Their spirit has not been corrupted by the jew-inspired Christian poison either which has befuddled so many of our people, even those who are racially aware.

    • We are not allowed to because we have traitorous whites who have been paid off by the Jews. These traitors are in business (Bill Gates) and politicos ( Obama, Napoleon)

      When white Americans and white Europeans, specifically those of Aryan descent, recede and form their own societies, even if these must be stealth, then we will see a resurgence.

      We must let go of America

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