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In the thread “Stubbs on anti-Nordicism” a woman, Maggie, tried to post a comment that, instead of discussing it there, I better use it as a separate entry:

This blog is a disgrace and should not be on the internet. Who are you (and any of these ridiculous writers that you are so fond of quoting) to decide which race is more superior to another, and to decide that only Aryans should be preserved? People like you are the Tom Buchanans of the 21st century, spouting utter drivel about race and the minute distinctions between races.

Can I just say – who actually cares? Race is a foolish notion introduced by people like yourself to discriminate against others because of the colour of their skin. It is true that in the years to come there will be wars about food and land – because there are too many people on this planet. I accept that. However, removing people from “Nordic” (what a ridiculous term) countries to the countries of their ethnic origin will most probably cause even more fighting, unrest and disruption in this already flawed world.
And by the way, your views on women are completely outdated and shameful. Women have done so much to help this world when the pigheadedness of men has almost ruined everything.

Looking back over what I have written, I admit it is flawed, slightly incoherent and does not address the arguments you made in the article. But I am just simply disgusted and angered that a website like this, promoting bigoted, clearly racist views, is allowed to exist in the 21st century.

BookWiseMy response. Maggie: Before a mere knee-jerk reaction based upon decades of anti-white propaganda, I would recommend a little of owl wisdom. Please read the most elemental articles linked on the sidebar:

BASIC (A, B, C):

The fourteen words

Blood and soil

A very brief manifesto



The “mantra”

The word “hate”

The word “racism”

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  1. I don’t think there is much point telling bigots like Maggie about the fourteen words. Why not correct her about our discriminating solely on the grounds of skin colour. Just ask has she never noticed all the other differences: hair texture, eyeball size, nose width, thick everted lips, prognathous jaw? Even their feet are different.

    • I only used her comment as an opportunity to remind my readers that there’s some basic basic stuff about our cause linked on the sidebar that explains our POV beautifully for the uninitiated (stuff that recently became much relegated down the sidebar because I added links and quotes on Sparta, NS and more).

  2. Dear Maggie – I am writing as a woman – and you are a stupid crazy bitch.

    Race is EVERYTHING. Culture is an expression of genetics, and genetics determine whether or not you have a lovely Civilization, or a horror show

    I know you will NEVER accept this – BUT YOU ARE WRONG.






    If you read my words you will become even more “disgusted” – but I sincerely hope you become so disgusted that you have an aneurism and drop dead on a the spot. If you are White, you are THE Problem. You are a vile Race Traitor, poisoned by your demonic false “morality” as well as being stupid, crazy, and a total bitch.

    If you are an Orc – you don’t count.

    If you are a Mud Shark – I hope your beast sexual partner cooks you and eats you tonight. The chances of this actually happening are rather high – do your own research.

    If you love the Diverse because you have never spent any real time dwelling in the same space as the Diverse – this will change in your lifetime. You will get more Cultural Enrichment than you can handle, in the very near future, and everything you deserve.

    Think of me when a bunch of savage feral cannibals Orcs is bashing your skull in. I’ll be looking for this story in the “news”.


  3. I am just glad we have ladies like Denise on our side.

    Lord knows cunts like Maggie are all too common.

  4. “Maggie” should be on some backward farm being irrigated by her simple, burly, peasant, husband, not on the internet bothering intellectuals like Caesar.

    • That’s all right. If she is a pure English, she’s just confused. Britain has made such a thorough anti-white propaganda that when I lived there I myself swallowed the BBC programs and books against Nazi Germany as something noble and moral. Of course, I didn’t know that the Allies committed far worse crimes than those attributed to Germany. If Maggie is truly honest, she would be reading Hellstorm soon or at least this book review.

  5. Good post Chechar. Nothing wrong with focusing on the basics from time-to-time. America is bad and getting worse by the day. But the UK has become a dystopian nightmare. I am very glad I do not live there.

  6. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:

    Dear Maggie:

    This website does everything it can NOT to promote bigotry. This site promotes White European culture, a culture that bore many explorers and innovators. Unfortunately, White Europeans have been demonized and criminalized to the point that even many whites are engaging in self hate and line you, are attacking sites like Chechar’s who simply point out the truth. I’ll be frank, I was considering trying to get into the EU, but there is no way in hell I would want to go to England. You all have a horrible caste system and your culture encourages the looking down upon middle class and poor whites.

    What about that poor soldier who was cut up to bits in broad daylight by an African Muslim? What happened there? Was that not bigotry in the extreme? And where were all the white elites? Oh yes, preaching about multiculturalism and die-versity.

    As another person said previously, if you are white, YOU are the problem.

  7. Our first reaction to a person like Maggie might be to call her stupid or naive. We can be quite emotional about our views when faced with ignorance about race, but we need to present ourselves rationally.

    I wasn’t always racially awake, and I once found racialist views abbhorent just as Maggie does. I remember stumbling on WDH and being appalled but fascinated. I wasn’t ready for its important message until later.

    Much like Plato’s allegory of the cave, most whites have been so indoctrinated that reality can be diificult to see. If you talk to people about White Nationalism, understand that you won’t be able to undo decades of brainwashing in one conversation.

    To Maggie I would remind her of what Aristotle said: “It is theark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it.” I would mention a few historical events (Dresden for example) or talk about the moratorium on scientific studies on race or the corrosive nature of political correctness. Wake people up slowly, too much truth at once can cause them to retreat deeper onto the lies.

    • And to be clear I am not advocating we ever dilute our message, I’m just saying that those still in the “cave” of anti white darkness need to be brought to the light slowly

    • Well Charlemagne, the fact is that Maggie IS stupid and naive. We weren’t calling her anything, just pointing out the truth. Like a drug addict, it is all down to herself. Either she admits the problem and decides to takes steps to resolve it or we can only wave her goodbye. Our time and resources are best spent elsewhere than trying to help those who do not want to be helped. At most what we can apply a metaphorical boot to her backside to try to jolt her to see her problem; the rest is up to her.

      And if Maggie does not wish for an emotional response she could well make her points (erroneous as they may be) in a civilized and respectful manner. We just answered on the same dime she gave us.

      I don’t see why we need to present ourselves rationally and politely to those which initiate a conversation with offenses, insults and arrogance. The Conservatives have tried that strategy for decades and look at were it has brought them.

      This uplifting of rationality to a pinnacle is a suicidal strategy. The common Man lacks the ability and time for it, and we lack the time span that would permit such a metamorphosis to take place.

      Of late, the greatest strides in pro-White awakening (whether one likes it or not) have been done by the Mantra crowd, and those guys aren’t even WN. They don’t engage in rational, philosophical debate; they just use well-crafted propaganda and repetition and emotional appeal and ridicule of their adversary to achieve their goal…and it is working.

      If you talk to people about White Nationalism, understand that you won’t be able to undo decades of brainwashing in one conversation.

      We don’t need to. There is no need for a WN majority because that is not how it works in practical politics, ever. What we need is a minority critical mass of WN political soldiers capable of tearing down and supplanting the current ruling minority. Sheeple like Maggie are only required to stop spouting their cultural marxism; they will obey their stomach and follow whatever hand feeds them. The really radical cases will have to be put down or exiled, of course, but those are an even minuter minority.

      To Maggie I would remind her of what Aristotle said: “It is theark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

      Maggie doesn’t give a toss about Aristotle, and I even doubt she knows who he was. All she cares is repeating the (false) propaganda she was indoctrinated with so the pleasure centers of her brain get a high stimulus of “righteousness” (i.e. inhaling her own farts in the vernacular).

      If she had been raised in a White Ethnostate she would be a radical pro-White clamping down on everyone who dares insult the Folk. She is a sheep. She Bleats. From our perspective what matters is that creatures like her begin bleating OUR message.

      Leave the rationality, historicity and science for those of us that can actually comprehend them. We only needed a slight prod in the right direction and did the rest ourselves, at our own pace. I had no Mentor. I had books, the internet and a thinking brain.

      No one in my close family has this ability, and if they knew my true thoughts on these matters they’d be horrified. BUT they want the niggers, the chinese and the gypsies out of here and their government GONE just as much as me. They just can’t admit it in polite company and don’t like to think on the “ickiness” that will be necessary to solve the problems.

      If we had a Nationalist movement stomping boots into the faces of the people they pretend they don’t hate, they’d be supportive in silence and latter be bleating their support loudly like the best of’em.

      The rabble does not want high-faluting political public debates, long tracks of text or scientific studies. They want men in black shirts marching on the streets, getting rid of the alien beggar and the drug dealer, cracking the skulls of the darkie pawing at their daughters and taking their jobs, forcing the faggot back into the closet where it belongs so they don’t have to pretend to approve their perversions and smacking down bitches into becoming ladies worthy of being treated as such by men who aren’t faggy metrosexuals anymore. They crave the tearing down a system that doesn’t even allow them to express doubt in the artificial talmudic zeitgeist that was shoved down their throats.

      They would probably rather die than admit all this is true. That doesn’t change the fact it is true.

      Mark my words: rumblings bellies, white children crying in hunger and shitskin criminality will be doing our work for us. Our role will be as caretakers of this messy garden, removing the weeds, applying fire and insecticide when necessary and shearing it into what we want by whatever means necessary.

      We are not into this to plant a whole forest from the ground up and we don’t need a multitude of millions of experts in floral biology to do it.

      (I got to stop using so many metaphors :-p)

      • Those are good points. And I certainly am not suggesting that Maggie or her ilk are anything but stupid and naive.

        What I was trying to articulate was this: If you meet a “body snatched” white (Caesar’s word for whites who have bought the anti white lies) who you think might be awakened, it can be more productive to plant the seeds of the WN perspective than to give an extended monologue on the finer points of WN.

        I remember the man who helped me come around to the truth about race. He dropped small ideas that made me think rather than trying to tell me the whole truth at once, which I would haveshut out at the time.

        And while talking to 99% of people is a waste of time, it is vital to awaken the rare few people who can understand the imminent danger that the white race is in. If you want to accomplish anything for our cause, dismissing everyone as sheep is wrongheaded, because some can be salvaged…. and more must be salvaged while there is still time.

      • Well said!

  8. The attitude of people like ‘Maggie’ is really quite pervasive. I suppose that it should not surprise us because the self-hate propaganda begins when these people are small children and continues daily throughout their lives. This conditioning is truly Orwellian. These people actually monitor themselves against ‘thoughtcrime’ and get frightened if they even think unapproved thoughts or react instinctively with disgust to the sub-humans or the jew demons. Many whites will never break free of it and will continue to parrot the ‘approved’ viewpoint no matter what the evidence or how negative are their personal experiences with ‘diversity’. However, the innate honesty of some of them will force an acceptance of the truth eventually and they will gain the courage to pull aside the jew-installed barriers. Then, once the truth is realised, there can be no real going back. One can’t un-know the truth and acknowledging the truth is the first step on the road to freeing oneself from the parasite’s web.

  9. Maggie,

    I am sorry you have so much white guilt. I am sorry that the 3rd-worlders were rammed down your throats in London by your globalist overlords. Violent, aren’t they?

    Here in the U.S., we are fighting black violence against whites, which our government and media ignore. JUST LIKE IN YOUR COUNTRY.

    We are fighting and losing, the battle against uncontrolled illegal immigration of violent Mexicans.

    Don’t you realize that the UK and the US are undergoing a sustained attack against the original inhabitants? Called whites?

    They want a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, Maggie. You are on an island, but here, they want to open the Canadian border and the Mexican border to form one country, where we will los every right we have.


  10. In the final battle the colour of HER Skin will be the colour of HER uniform

  11. Stupid sure, but “naive” is too generous. “Maggie” wants to devolve our race into a bunch of sub-humans for the sake of her social standing. She wants to destroy our sense of being and our connection to the divine for her own greed and cowardice. She stands for rot and dysfunction against beauty and order. Liberals are the cancer of human history, and they will be excised by the righteous.

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