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Today, Sebastian said in another thread:

Of late, the greatest strides in pro-White awakening (whether one likes it or not) have been done by the Mantra crowd, and those guys aren’t even White Nationalists. They don’t engage in rational, philosophical debate; they just use well-crafted propaganda and repetition and emotional appeal and ridicule of their adversary to achieve their goal… and it is working.

That’s exactly why, when we get a sponsor, we’ll film emotional videos using the most potent mantra-questions that will screw in the musty heads of white folks like the giant robot-spider which unplugged Neo.

Think of this question to the common liberal: “What if I demonstrate in thirty seconds that you are plugged into the Matrix?” After some laughs coming from the leftist audience, we ask:

Who killed more men, women and children in the 20th century, the Bolshevik Jews or the Nazis?

Or even simpler:

Who killed more civilians in the century when we were born: the Germans or the Jews?

Even taking the official figure of holocaust victims of 6 million (which I believe is inflated), Solzhenitsyn says in his Gulag Archipelago that about 60 million died under Lenin and Stalin. If he was right, that’s ten holocausts.


You can imagine the havoc that the repetition of exposing the hidden holocausts committed by the Allied forces would cause among whites!

If the leftists don’t believe Alexandr Solzhenitsyn we quote the Jew Albert Lindemann; we quote from a book about “Jewish takeover and Gentile reaction” that got the imprimatur of Cambridge University (although the media fails to mention it).

The historical facts are with us. They are irrefutable. But the real emotional atomic bomb would come from Thomas Goodrich. The contents of his book Hellstorm are exactly the tone that potentially could nuke the current feelings of white guilt that are, literally, destroying the race. That’s why I have said that so far this century it is the most important book in English. And there are lots of more mantra questions that occur to me:

• If you believe you’re unplugged, explain me why there are a hundred Hollywood films, museums and TV documentaries on the holocaust and zero about the Gulag?

• Why a hundred films, museums and TV documentaries on the holocaust and zero about the Holodomor?

• Why a hundred films, museums and TV documentaries on the Jewish holocaust and exactly zero about the true Holocaust committed by Roosevelt and Eisenhower?

• For God’s sake!: Why haven’t you even heard the word “Holodomor,” the holocaust where the Bolshevik Jews committed, in a year, a genocide larger than what your media attributes to the entire life of the Third Reich? Can there be any real doubt that the real Holocaust in Ukraine by Judeo-Bolsheviks influenced both the German voters and the decision to give Hitler the Chancellorship? For God’s sake!: Why isn’t this taught in the schools?

• Don’t you realize that this iteration ad infinitum and ad nauseam of Germany’s purported crimes while, at the same time, not saying a peep about the much larger crimes of the Allies is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth? What truth you ask?

That since 1945 your people are being targeted for extermination throughout the West


  1. Hmm, I’m not sure anyone actually gives a fuck about how many people died in some historic event. Who cares about Mao? About Napoleon? About Caesar? The Bible says that God destroyed all life on earth, minus two of each species, and he’s still considered merciful for only doing it once.

    My question would be: Who was right about the future of Europe, Hitler or Churchill? Obviously Hitler was right. Churchill was wrong, FDR was wrong, even Stalin was wrong, and the Jews were lying.

    Europe is being flooded with dark third-worlders and the Aryan race is not just losing the position of power that White Supremacists like Churchill and FDR thought would last forever, it’s suffering catastrophic genetic damage with London and Washington now in the hands of foreign races. The working class is still being picked to pieces and in Russia ex-Communist oligarchs are among the worst of the scavengers. The Jews betrayed America after it gave them shelter from the Germans, who had in turn given them shelter from the Slavs and were betrayed during WW1. (It might have been naiveté for the Germans, but for the Americans it was basically just their greed.)

    At least one Jew should have been executed for every German – “soldier” or “civilian”, a soldier for a good cause deserves life more than a civilian lout does – who was unjustly killed during the war. By no account did Hitler succeed in this, but we can forgive him since he was a little busy at the time.

    Hitler was a prophet, an agent of Providence who was killed for speaking the truth to the corrupt and debased. Now the world is a cesspool of lies and decay, whose only purpose is to serve as Hitler’s vindication. “Western Civilization” as we know it is collapsing, and liberalism and humanism are falling into the flames.

    • I was talking of what Sebastian said, and on this one I fully agree with him: The masses of whites need Bob Whitaker’s mantras, not the scholarly articles at TOO and CC.

      If we had the media on our side we would hammer with dozens of Holodomor films, documentaries about the Gulag, and what Eisenhower did in Europe. All in black-and-white as the Jews do in Hollywood, but this time they would be the monsters and we the sacrificial lambs.

      Linder is absolutely right when he says that the media harping on such messages for years and even decades, as well as on stats about the color of crime in America, would turn the masses of whites into almost Nazis. It’s basic basic Goebbels.

      For the moment we need emotional mantras at least for YouTube videos. A pity that there’s no single wealthy, honorable man who reads these posts…

      • I went on too long. The short version is: Hitler was right.

        Those three words completely changed my conception of the world. It was like gravity reversed itself, I was suspended in midair for just a second and then came crashing down on the other side. And I can’t comprehend how I had thought the ceiling was the floor, now that I’ve seen them from both directions. It really was a red-pill effect.

        Maybe that’s unusual. I didn’t gradually become more right-wing, I was an anarchist at the start of a month and a Nazi by the end of it. I’m sure Whitaker’s version is going to do more than mine, for most people, but some people can’t accept any proposition without taking it to its logical conclusion. They have to start with the summit, the keystone, the spear-point, and that is: Hitler was right.

      • I am not Bob’s parrot. But what I said above merits repetition in the media.

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    In this response I will focus on the last paragraphs where Chechar illuminates how over and over again we are to hear and read about the ‘crimes’ of the Nazis and yet no once do we hear about crimes of the ‘Allies’ or the Holomodor.

    I have written on Colin Flaherty’s blog regarding the psychological phrase ‘ gaslighting’. It is pulled from a movie with Ingrid Bergman where she is married to an abusive man. Everyday she notices that the gaslight in her home changes, it waxes and wanes in its shape. Her husband discounts her observations everyday and states repeatedly that the shape of the gaslight has not changed. Ingrid’s husband was trying to get her to doubt her reality. He was basically driving her crazy and/or engaging in psychological abuse.

    This is what is being purported on White European people around the world with the underreporting of black / brown / immigrant crime on whites, the continued media emphasis on the Jewish Holocaust, and the omitting of such events as the Gulag or the Holomodor. These things along with massive non-white immigration are meant to brow beat whites into submitting to their own insanity and their own assisted suicide.

    Additionally, the psych system, comprised of many Zio Jews and libtard elitist whites attempts to label ‘those who can see’ as crazy, ‘aggressive’, or ‘needing help’ as the White European people who see the white civilization’s genocide occurring must be silenced. Those who can see are said to blinded by their ‘White Privilege’.

    The Prison – Industrial Complex is also being employed to help with the gaslighting and abuse of whites. It criminalizes white people who wish to unify and offer one another collegial support. Look at the case of Golden Dawn as they are labeled Neo Nazis. Again, the Nazis could ‘se and resisted the Jew Commies hence they resisted both them and the anti-white Allies ( France, England, USA).

    The Nazis only crime was that they could ‘see’ and that they resisted being subjugated. Since then, the Nazis have been criminalized and made an example of to keep the rest if the world in line. Their ‘wrongdoings’ are repeated constantly while the Jews’ more horrific crimes are covered.

  3. See also The Sixty Million: How Leading Jewish Communists, Zionists, and Neo-Cons Brought on a Dozen Holocausts (here).

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