Hellstorm: still taboo after 70 years

“I have only been able to read the first two chapters [of Hellstorm]. Truly it is a book that would shorten your life expectancy if you read it to completion.

What was done to the German Volk during and post war was an EVIL that can only be justly avenged on the Day of Judgment. My heart bleeds for the relentless and savage oppression that they had to endure, especially the women and girls. And for what?”

—A commenter

banned sculpture

News note of 14 October:

A statue which shows a Soviet soldier raping a pregnant woman as he holds a gun to her head has been removed and the artist arrested by authorities in northern Poland.

The statue, entitled Komm Frau (Come Here Woman), appeared on Gdansk’s Avenue of Victory on Saturday evening.

Artist Jerzy Szumczyk told Polish Radio he had researched the subject of rape by the Red Army as it made its way across Eastern Europe between 1944 and 1945 towards Berlin. The fifth year student at Gdansk’s Academy of Fine Arts was so emotionally affected by what he read he felt compelled to express his feelings through art and created the sculpture.

But the Polish artist’s attempt to pay tribute to the victims was short lived and the statue was removed this morning. Police spokeswoman Aleksandra Siewert said: “The artist was detained and released after questioning. The matter will now be taken up on Monday by the prosecutor’s office.”

Before Germany invaded Poland in 1939, Gdansk was a free city and more than 95 per cent of people living in Gdansk at the time were German. But millions of German women were raped by Red Army soldiers between 1944 and 1945 during the dying days of Nazis Germany.

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  1. I had just read about this in Der Spiegel and was going to comment here. Apparently the artist faces 2 years in prison.

    • Why??? Which Polish law has he broken???

      • It was stomach turning to read the article. The statue was placed by a memorial for Russian soldiers without permission and he is going to be charged with inciting racial hatred. The Russian ambassador raged that it dis honored the memory of the Soviets who freed Poland, the irony of which can be understood by many Poles I’m sure…..

      • Are you sure? Do you know if there are Orwellian laws in Eastern Europe? What about prosecuting all those who own Holocaust museums because they induce racial hatred against the Germans?

        I need a link to a site in Poland and have already emailed a Polish friend. Meanwhile I’ll give the benefit of doubt that the Polish are not as stupid and evil as Western Europeans.

      • I’m no expert, everything I know is: here.

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    It goes to show you that Eastern Europe is not free. In fact, none of Europe is free, as it is under the threat of invasion from Russia and the Turks, while being ‘protected’ by the Jew-SA (USA). The ‘Allies’ of France and Britain are essentially the bitches of the USA [while] their countries becoming mongrelized. The fall of the Wall separating East Berlin from West Berlin was just theatrics to give the masses bread an circus. Today Eastern European women are kidnapped and taken to Turkey and Israel to be pimped and whored out. Artists like this man cannot express the truth. Does not sound like Europe to me but the EUSSR, with the USA pretending to be protector, when in fact, things here are no more free when random people can just call Child Protective Services in an effort to destroy your family. We do not learn about the Gulag in schools. We can barely express ourselves freely on the Internet.

    World War III is on the horizon. It will be about East meets West, Islam versus everyone, Jews versus Christians, Blacks versus Whites, the Collective versus the Individual. I believe Aryans will prevail, we just have to get through the Dark Ages and get Spartan.

    • I believe Aryans will prevail, we just have to get through the Dark Ages and get Spartan.

      Beautiful and insightful.

    • WW III is certainly on the horizon. It will be about transferring power from Pax Americana to Pax Judaica! The first two wars transferred power from Pax Britannica to Pax Americana. They, the Judeo-Christian alliance which gave birth to the Modern West is using and has been using a dialectical approach to engineer a clash between civilizations, between East & West and between religions.

      The N.S Germans were the perhaps the only nation from amongst the Modern West that struggled to liberate themselves from this unholy marriage. Look what happened to them!

      Today the only real challengers to this upcoming Pax Judaica are Orthodox Christianity and Islam. The Modern West murdered Christendom in Europe and tried to in Russia but she has finally awoken from her Khazar Bolshevist induced coma & is slowly returning to her spiritual roots.

      What the Orthodox & Islamic worlds need to do in order to prevail is make a military alliance to counter the (Khazar led) NATO. And what individuals in the West should do is support that alliance although it will be difficult for them. But alas I feel most of the West and even some Orthodox Christians & Muslims will support & fight on behalf of this unholy Judeo-Christian alliance. Just look at what happened to Yugoslavia and Libya and what is happening to Syria. Of course do not forget the Zionist State of Saudi Arabia and her nefarious role.

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    • Thanks for reblogging. I just read this note—:

      He [Jerzy Szumczyk] stated that he was so emotionally affected by what he read he felt compelled to express his feelings through art and created the sculpture.

      The fact is that this young man actually learnt the awful truth, one that is still a topic not openly disgusted by the winning powers.

      here: a blog article titled, “And we thought that Britain was politically correct!”

  4. Before it was Gdansk, it was Danzig. Prior to Germany’s invasion, The Cities and towns (such as Bromberg) were subjected to mass murder of it’s ethnic German populations. About 50,000, had been murdered between th signing of the Versaille treaty and Germany’s invasion if Poland which was precipitated by the mass murders. The atrocities committed by the poles and the Jews were so evil it would be unimaginable for most without seeing the photos.

  5. Hi, Chechar, thank you for the heads up.

    Poland is not free and never was in modern history, that is since 1918.

    Anything that undermines imaginary Polish rights to Eastern Germany is a tabu.

    Remember the reason for the NATO – to keep US in, Germany down and Russia out. Anything that supports the “Germany down” part is politically correct in Poland.

    Current Polish Foreign Affairs Minister is an individual very connected to the “Enlightened” circuit.

    Also Brzezinski, one of the main archtects of NWO is of Polish origin.

    Don`t expect anything sensible from the upper crust of Polish society. Unfortunately the lower classes are not pro German, because Polish nationalism is built around the anti-German and anti-Russian sentiments.

    Basically since 1918 Poland was first a French and British puppet, then a Soviet puppet and now the Murkans and YKW are number one puppeteers.

    I am at the moment on holiday in Greece. Going to visit Sparta this week, it is just 150 km south from where I am. I know there is not much to see there since Spartans were not into monumental architecture, but I want to pay respect.

    They did it, we know it can be done. That is all that matters.

    Thank you again for your great work. The Sparta booklet was for me “eine Offenbarung”, a revelation of sorts.

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