Appalled by the ongoing racial suicide throughout the West, and by the fact that men with honor are practically nonexistent even in the pro-white movement, yesterday I tried to find some refuge in one of my readings as a kid. I revisited my decades-old illustrated books and booklets and picked up exactly the same translated copy of Ben-Hur that I read as a child.

Alas, once you are unplugged from the Matrix you cannot take the bluepill and enjoy another moment of blissful, childhood ignorance again! Yesterday I was immediately confronted by the fact that even on the first pages of this abridged version the author put a Manichean dialogue between Messala and Judah Ben-Hur, where it is clear that the Roman will be the bad guy of the story and the Jew the good guy.

I then searched in the internet for an exposé of the American general who wrote and published the novel in 1880, Lew Wallace. At Stormfront I found Christians blaming the 1959 movie adaptation of Ben-Hur, directed by Jew Willy Wyler, instead of blaming the Christian author himself! After all, Ben-Hur was considered “the most influential Christian book of the nineteenth century” with book sales surpassing Gone with the Wind. Long before the famous adaptation was filmed starring Charlton Heston, in the late 19th century Pope Leo XIII had said that Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ was the first work of fiction to be honored! You can imagine how such an influential book could have been a contributing factor in the runaway American philo-Semitism of the following century…

My poor white nationalist Christians: Why beholdest thou the mote that is in the Jude’s eye but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

The fact that there are lots of mentally-blinded Christians in White Nationalism is one of the reasons why I have now completely abandoned it and presently only favor National Socialism.

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  2. Your last paragraph……you need to get around more….

  3. It is not a coincidence that the Jew has been recast as a hero or sympathetic figures. Ivanhoe and The Robe, both staples of my childhood, come to mind.

    • Walter Scott, of a Presbyterian family, another member of the movement for the emancipation of the Jews—in England!

  4. Chechar, regarding Christianity, a few days ago I came across a mention of Joseph Atwill and his “Caesar’s Messiah” book, about which he says at his website (here):

    While studying the two most prominent works of the 1st century – Josephus’ “Wars of the Jews” and the Gospels – Atwill noticed a series of parallels occurring in sequence between the military campaign of the Roman Caesar Titus Flavius and the ministry of Jesus. His findings led him to a startling new conclusion about the origins of Christianity – that a Roman imperial family, the Flavians, had created Christianity to pacify the Jews’ rebellion against Rome, and even more incredibly, they had placed a literary satire within the Gospels and “Wars of the Jews” to inform posterity of this fact.

    There are at least several good youtube videos regarding his book, and I watched several of them yesterday Saturday. I find Atwill’s explanation of the origin of Christianity both a surprise and at the same time rather convincing, based on what I have read and watched in the last few days, although I have yet to buy and read his book.

    Are you aware of Joseph Atwill and his book, and if yes, then what is your opinion of his explanation of Christianity’s origin?

    • I have spent years of my life researching exegesis on the gospels (see e.g., the last series on D.F. Strauss) and have a good idea about what could have caused Christianity. But the response I got in those threads is basically a non-response. Visitors are unaware of the importance of New Testament studies to understand Christianity and thus the West’s darkest hour.

      What you say above by the way only shows that you are also unfamiliar with the serious literature I’ve been quoting (see e.g., my excerpts on Randel Helms). Once you become familiar with serious, secular scholarship it is easy to dismiss far-fetched books and theories on Jesus.

      • Well, you guessed right, I am as you say “unfamiliar with the serious literature I’ve been quoting”. I’ve certainly never read anything by D.F. Strauss or Randel Helms.

        Since you say you “have a good idea about what could have caused Christianity,” what in your view caused Christianity?

      • Read what Pierce said (I’ve quoted him here). To complement his view, I mention the subject in the translated passage of my Hojas Susurrantes, also in this blog.

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