The White Queen

Recently I watched the black-and-white 1935 and 1952 film adaptations of Les Misérables. But I also watched the much more recent 1998 color adaptation starring Liam Neeson, Geoffrey Rush, Uma Thurman, and Claire Danes. In Victor Hugo’s novel the revolutionist Enjolras is said to have the appearance of a good-looking ephebe, with “long fair lashes, blue eyes, hair flying in the wind, rosy cheeks, pure lips, and exquisite teeth.” Now, in this politically-correct fin de siècle adaptation, Enjolras is a nigger!

This vindicates what I recently said in “My Fair Lady”: forget recent films and see only the films that our grandparents liked. This said, once in a while there are rare exceptions. The premier episode of the first and only season of The White Queen, which was broadcast last June, is a gem.


You don’t have to watch the entire season since, right on episode 2, the extremely nasty court instigations began—as most of the season is set against the backdrop of the War of the Roses: two royal houses, Lancaster and York, fighting for the throne of England. Backdrop aside, I found the very first episode absolutely inspiring. In fact, that is precisely the world that we must fight for, at least visually!

There’s a scene that lasts less than a minute when, in the gardened path leaving their home, the commoner Rivers family wears white roses to honor Edward IV. The scene, which depicted a beautiful, rather large family, elevated my spirit to the heights of my inner world (so to speak): the world I would like to create on Earth. The blond children together with their elder brothers and beautiful sisters and parents in bucolic England are the perfect embodiment of why the fourteen words must be our creed and religion.

I highly recommend renting the season and watch the very first episode: the series premiere. (The whole season on the other hand will only make you suffer because of the nasty court intrigues of the War of the Roses.)

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  1. I know what you mean about seeing families. In America I occasionally see a white family that appears to have decent parents, and it gives me hope. I visited Iceland recently, and was happy to see children everywhere. There is still time for, if not much.

  2. I previously asked Chechar’s advice on good movies/series to watch, so let it not be said I won’t follow presented suggestions.

    I got my hands on the pilot and will watch it today. The trailer sure looked promising. Several Aryan ladies so beautiful they almost make your eyes hurt, all wearing historical dresses; knights of the Age of Plate; the queen sitting gloriously on the throne. Kind felt like a promo for what Game of Thrones could have looked like had it not been written by a sociopath (yes, I do know G. Martin based all his Westeros crap on the exact historical period The White Queen is portraying).

    I’ll make a micro-review in these comments once I’m finished watching it.

  3. Two newer movies that might interest you.

    Hanna (2011) which had some racial and social connotations, with the main character being an Aryan, pure in race and spirit colliding with a corrupt world.

    Prometheus (2011) a prequel to the original Alien. While chock full of the usual hollywood filth, it does have some interesting racial connotations as well.

    • Prometheus is an absolute—absolute!—abomination. A nigger fucks a pure nordid woman there. See Greg’s & my own review of it here:

      The creators of that movie will face justice during the Day of the Rope for having filmed that.

      • You’re right. The usual Hollywood…. the only reason I mention it is the “creator race” is very white, and they do try to destroy humanity at the end.

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