Animal hell & White sin


I am shocked. Tonight I went to the grocery store to buy some milk and saw a couple of typical Mexican kids, one with a rabbit in his arms. After talking about bunnies, the smaller kid of about eight years old told me a horror story.

At school his group was taken to a farm in Mexico to see all the farm animals. Unexpectedly, at some place he saw little bunnies, alive, strung up by their ears on wire. They were in excruciating pain, trying to escape by desperately moving, over the air, their little limbs. The older kid, while still carrying the female rabbit, his pet, told me that his brother came back traumatized for what he saw. The owner of the grocery, an old woman, commented that animal cruelty was so common, and that the farm landlords probably didn’t expect that the kids would pass through that specific place.

Exterminable monsters as the Mexican perpetrators of such animal torture may be, Whites are even worse. They are the ones who, like the kids I interviewed today, have exactly the right feelings of compassion that potentially could stop the crime. But they do nothing out of political correctness. With their WMD they could easily conquer Latin America, Africa, etc., and save the animals from hell. Alas, liberal Whites are so sinfully blind that they willfully ignore that, if their race goes extinct, that means hell—literally hell: thousands upon thousands of years of hell!—for the bunnies and the other farm animals that the colored people treat so bad.

Evil is described by Scott Peck as “militant ignorance.” Liberal Whites militantly like to ignore that the radical Other is not just like oneself. Paraphrasing Peck I would say that while most people are conscious of self-delusion at least on some level, evil liberals—i.e., most Whites—actively and militantly refuse elemental consciousness about the radical Other or non-white cultures.

If someone has any doubts about my ultimate dream—as written down in “Dies Irae”—, that billions of humans must die to make the world less hellish, please picture in your mind what these poor creatures are passing through this very moment here in Mexico and in other colored countries.

Liberals have been so astronomically idiotic, so evil; they so desperately want to believe that the colored are just like them, that they are under the impression that non-whites simply treat our brother animals as they do. If I were God I would punish the ones whom I gave most talents—Whites. Instead of making good use of their talents (e.g., conquering á la William Pierce all non-white lands), the white peoples just “went and hid their talents in the ground.”

This day, by the way, I linked “A Postscript to Dies Irae” on the sidebar as “On the morality of dispatching 500 million of degenerate whites.” I believe that such cruelty on lovely creatures should awaken, among the most emergent specimens of Homo sapiens, the same level of hate that I feel.


  1. You can tell much about people by the way they treat their women and their dogs, as they used to say.

    • And cats, I’d wager.

      Nina, the abandoned Siamese cat we adopted from the street less than a month ago certainly seems happy and well-fed here. :)

  2. I can well understand your hatred of such abominations. Reminds me of a you tube documentary I watched a few days ago about a killer whom they called The Iceman.

    As with most such people, he had a terrible father who beat him unmercifully and a cold mother and he started out by killing and torturing cats, etc. Of course his life of crime was a continuous “killing his father all over again” as he killed other mostly bad guys – mafia types – and others who just happened to set his anger off.

    Good post Chechar, albeit with a sad, but true message. I’m in your corner on this one.

    • Thank you. I have just added the category “Parable of the talents” to this article and hope will be publishing more on the subject in the future.

  3. “Alas, liberal Whites are so sinfully blind that they willfully ignore that, if their race goes extinct, that means hell—literally hell: thousands upon thousands of years of hell!—for the bunnies and the other farm animals that the colored people treat so bad.”

    Whites are dedicated to their pleasures. They like to eat their hamburgers and fried chicken and simply look the other way- all the while fully conscious of the animal suffering that goes on about them. I believe that Whites know what the world holds for the animals when our race dies out, but simply feel there is nothing they can do. As a matter of fact, I believe Whites themselves are an anomaly-an accident of evolution, never to be repeated. A people gifted with numerous non-adaptive traits such as empathy and altruism in a world where such traits are a liability. The world seems to be based on suffering- it exists on every level of life, as the Buddha deduced thousands of years ago.

    As to the suffering of those rabbits in Mexico; PETA had (or might still have) a video on their website taken in China of a dog-fur operation that was set up to collect stray dogs (and people’s pets) and SKIN THEM ALIVE for their furs. A Chinese employee of that operation would club those dogs over the head to make them unconscious (but the pain of being skinned revived them) and he would cut the skin under the fur around the neck and then tear the skin/fur off the living animal – the howls of pain and pleading in the animal’s voice was devastating. I could only watch a minute or two of that video. I was waaay past sickening. I don’t know how anyone could do that for a living. (Oh, and by the way, those furs would wind up on the collars of jackets sold to Western countries).

  4. Well, my apologies for not reading further- I see that you covered this in a later installment on the Chinese fur trade.

  5. Thankyou chechar for bringing to light the bad treatment of animals in the third world. What you described is absolutely awful. Animals do get treated horribly in America as well though, there is an extremely high level of animal experimentation in the USA and many of the experiments they do are horrific. I am against animal experimentation. I hope there is something that can be done to make it so animals get treated better in our society.

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