John Tyndall (1934-2005)


Before the BNP betrayed itself

“The day that our followers lose their ability to hate will be the day that they lose their power and their will to achieve anything worthwhile at all.”

—John Tyndall

TyndallDon’t miss British Paul Hickman’s premier radio-podcast aired today in a show that has been baptized “Voice of Albion.” Hickman is a National Socialist, and it is refreshing to listen that he has chosen classical music at the beginning and the end of his first episode instead of the common rock “music” we have to endure in most white nationalist sites.

It is also refreshing to know that Tyndall’s recorded voice sounds like the voice of a man instead of the feminized voices one hears in the programs of most white nationalists.

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  1. Your jab at “heterosexual fags” lacking a masculine tone of voice was a bit uncalled for. Many prominent Germans of the nazi-era were soft spoken, in fact. Look up some audio records of Karl Doenitz and Gerd von Rundstedt. Tell me they were also fags?

    • Just removed it.

  2. I met John Tyndall once when he was on a visit to the US. Unfortunately, he was of a different era and didn’t suit the wilting violets of our times. He was an honourable man but had no hope of stimulating his corrupted countrymen to action against the destroyers of his nation and race.

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