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My previous post has moved me to link Sebastian Ronin’s recent book in Amazon Books.

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  1. See? And still these exceptionalist patriotards avoid it like the plague. Stick head in sand, presto, it does not exist!

    • Long ago, when I was involved in the skeptical group about claims of the paranormal (CSICOP, now renamed Center for Inquiry), I just could not understand why the skeptics only used their gunpowder against “the lagartijas [Iberian wall lizards] and not against Godzilla”, as I told myself in my soliloquies referring respectively to the paranormal fringe (astrology, UFOlogy, etc.) and the gigantic pseudoscience taught at the university (psychiatry).

      It took me years to grasp the fact that CSICOPers were, like everybody else, agents of the System. It was far easier to debunk, say, parapsychology, that causes you no career troubles, than attempting to debunk an equally-pseudoscientific “science” that is taught in all seriousness in the halls of the academia.

      This is similar to what happened to me with white nationalists. At first I thought that WNsts were the quintessential of valor and honesty; the knights of a round table of traditional Honor, etc. With time their doublethink exasperated me: anti-Christian comments but the same individual delivering very Christian homilies in an American church; homosexualism is bad but interviewing homos in WN podcasts as if they were perfectly normal; claiming to go for an ethnostate but despising the NS Germans in some quarters; claiming to be traditionalists but going for women quotas undistinguishable from feminism; criticizing liberalism but favoring lifestyles also undistinguishable from the sexually-“liberated” anti-whites of today, etc.

      Now I understand their reluctance to see that a convergence of catastrophes is coming. White nationalists don’t familiarize themselves with the facts of the financial and energy crises simply because they don’t want the crash to happen. Like the conservatives, most WNsts are living in comfort zones that don’t want to leave.

      Only the crash itself will put an end to their complacency.

      • If you remind them too regularly and too loudly, they’ll tag you as a Jew and/or an informer. That solves the problem, doesn’t it? Hehe.

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    I have been weaving in and out of blogs the last two days with every intent of posting, but I have kids and its Halloween.

    Two points Chechar raises here I find vital:

    1) Secessions, Preppers, and Ethnonationalists can find victory against the global boot by doing what they should do versus what they prefer;

    2) The Left and Right have more in common.
    I completely agree with both points. The way I see it, Preppers, Secessionists, Ethonationslists, the Left, and the Right all can unite on one common enemy, that being The Globalists and/or Globalism.

    I view Globalism as a pathology as it stems from covetousness and greed. It devalues people to currency and/ or commodity and has caused the degeneracy or perhaps has just quickened the degeneracy of the West of which Chechar writes.

    Preppers, Secessionists, Ethnonationalists, the Left and Right must put aside any differences to stand against The Globalists.

    • Only the overlapping, radical, and most progressive fringes of both will: 1. have the capacity to do so; 2. have the vision to do; 3. have the courage to do so. That’s okay. The overlapping fringes are all that are necessary.

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