Hollow-headed Britons

Recently I complained that the 1998 movie adaptation of Les Misérables committed an insult by using a nigger for the role of revolutionist Enjolras, who in Hugo’s novel is a good-looking white. Today I watched Richard II, a 2012 British television film based on William Shakespeare’s play of the same name, commissioned by BBC under the series title The Hollow Crown.


Was the 6th Baron de Ros a mulatto? Following the grotesque steps taken in the said adaptation of Les Misérables, Rupert Goold, the director of Richard II, chose Peter de Jersey as William de Ros: the sixth Baron de Ros (1370-1414), the brown sat flanked by two white actors in the photo.

To boot, was the Bishop of Carlisle a nigger? Adding insult to injury and not content with that, the director chose Lucian Msamati, a Zimbabwean actor, as the Bishop of Carlisle (bishop from 1397 to 1400): an even blacker and purer Negro!

On a lesser note, several other actors in this first episode of Hollow Crown look not like Anglo-Saxon Aryans but like Mediterraneans, sand-niggers and some even resemble Semites. For example, the actor Ferdinand Kingsley who played “Bushy” in Richard II doesn’t look like a credible character of 14th century England, and the actor David Suchet, who interpreted the Duke of York, is indeed of Jewish descent.

hollow_crown_Henry-4I haven’t watched the last episode of Hollow Crown, but regarding the episode of the series about the reign of Henry IV, why these looks of King Henry that evoke the appearance of a Jew? Could it be because the producer, Sam Mendes, is the son of an English Jewess? Whatever the cause, Britons must be empty-headed to watch such rubbish in the name of Shakespeare!

Tomorrow I’ll see the last episode, this one about Henry V. If further treason is spotted I shall add a brief note. How I remember now my tender years when I watched movies about historical England in the elegant and large theaters of Mexico City with pure Anglo-Saxon actors…

P.S. of November 5th

Yes: they managed to use another fucking nigger to play the role of the Duke of York (1373-1415).

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  1. The Duke of York in Henry v is as black as night. There has been at least one black in all of the 4 productions of the “Hallow Crown” done so far. Its a shame because there are many good things about these productions. But having the negros play roles of Englishmen ruins it for me. Kenneth Brannaugh’s 1990 film version of Henry V was better and it was white only.

    Is nothing sacred? I could spit.

    • Yes: see my recent postscript within the entry.

  2. What do you expect from Britain, Chechar? The British Empire was and still is the Rothschild Empire, the City of London is the HQ for the international jewish usury system.

  3. I heard that the radiation from Fukushima is approaching the British Isles and may cause wide spread development of balls in men, something they are watching closely as they haven’t had balls for 60 years. Alex

  4. It’s true that historical British TV programmes and movies often cast Non-Whites in the roles of White people, though it might be a push to assume that the entire population goes along with it. I think that many Brits are hit with a two-pronged attack of mind-destroying entertainment (eg computer games, X-Factor) and psy-ops (eg white guilt, hatred of men) that cause them to be blind to the lies

    The BBC is multicultural and pro-Jew to the point of absurdity. Take these recent programmes for instance:
    – Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy (a 90 minute documentary by Jew Alan Yentob)
    – The Story of the Jews (a four part series, 60 minutes each, hosted by Jew Simon Schama)
    Then there are the more subtle pro-Jewish films that are filled with Jews (like ‘Prime’ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0387514) that are played week in week out on BBC TV.

    Though of course this is just the tip of a rather depressing iceberg.

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