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“It’s not for lack of the right ideas that our race is going under; it’s for lack of character.”

William Pierce

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  1. Both…plus lack of leadership.

    • Agree…. plus total jewish domination of all institutions.

  2. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Agree with this quote and with the replies.

    I have come to the realization that much of the ‘leadership’ within White Nationalism is corrupt. Most do not seem to understand that the Jew is the penultimate anti-White. Rough-hewn white people stand in the way of the Jew Commie New World Order.

    I’ll come out and say that many WNs I come across are ‘pretty boys’. When I mentioned to one lately about speaking out about the fact that many of the victims of hate crimes are white women and that white European -American women are hated by Jews he said nothing. I went on to point out that white female slavery and the predominance of white women in porn has led to a denigration of white European / American women, which of course has been orchestrated by the Jews. This vile race is engaging in the tactic of eliminationism to exterminate white women, especially those of the fairhaired variety. They are able to kill us off via the tactic of eliminationism. I explained to this male WN, who replied ‘ When the costs of speaking out about this no longer outweigh the benefits, then male WNs will speak out.’ What a statement and how revealing is this about his character and really all WN males’ character.

    The bottom line is that white male WN leadership is in cahoots with the Jews such that they, and I mean both Jew men and WN men, can tap some cheap white European American poon so to speak.

    Money and sex are the two biggest motivators behind male behavior, especially Jew and WN male behavior. They are corrupt.

    I am not anti-Semtic, I am anti-Judaism as it is a belief system that wishes to eradicate white European identity to enslave us and genocide us. America was started on the basis that people are property. Jews are all over tort law. White American and/or European women are viewed as property, which is a corrupt and spiritually bereft way at looking at women.

    A few posts back, some man wrote that White American and/ or European women are worth fighting for. Okay, maybe that is because the Jew porn and sex slave industry is enabled by WN males who wish to view us as commodities. I have always said that the USA’s mentality towards women is steeped in a plantation mentality where the white woman or lady of the house is an ornament, a piece of equipment. Meanwhile her husband could go screw black and other mud women.

    The WN movement is bereft of white women. Why? There is a reason.

    I like most men and I like them better than most women. I want us to unite, but we can’t until white men and women stop viewing each other as status objects. This objectification of white men and women, which mirrors the narcissistic Judaism’s tort laws and people are property viewpoint, is the corrupting force of White Nationalism and it has left any sort of white movement bereft of leaders. Jared Taylor’s Amren site harps on about IQ. That is baloney. CHARACTER defines a race and its nation. Jews may have high IQs ( many cheat, just like Asians do on tests…) but they can’t build a nation. Consequently they parasitize off of others.

    The White Nationalist movement lacks leaders with character because they won’t address the JQ because they do not want to. They don’t want to address the JQ because then they will lose their ‘precious’ dollars, property, and ‘poon’. The WN movement lacks REAL values, such as family, land, and blood.

    • As Chechar has shown many times, the WN movement is rotten.

      However, there is a small (but not as small as you would think) , number of strong, decent, racially pure Aryan families in America who have resisted and will continue to resist. They might not be as aware of how all important race is, but they reject racial mixing, Jew propaganda, and multiculturalism because they naturally know it is wrong. Call it a “stealth” WN movement. They tend to be rural folks who mind their own business.

      The situation is bleak, but not hopeless. If you care about the white race, have children, build a community of decent volk, move to the countryside, and prepare yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, and materially for the war ahead.

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