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Further to my post “Empty-headed Britons.” Of the television series I have been reviewing, I have found the first season of the Spanish-produced Toledo: Cruce de Destinos, premiered the last year, as the most offensive to date. It starts with a stunning scene in a Spanish garden of a wealthy family of whites in the 13th century. After some idyllic moments the family is attacked by the Moors with women, adolescents and children being assassinated in cold blood. One would expect that when the men return and see their families butchered the plot of the entire series would be revenge and expulsion of the Moors, right?

Nope! The whole series is an attempt to demonize the patriot Spaniards of such century, some of them real historical figures, that tried to expel the enemies by force. No kidding: that is exactly the ethos behind the script.

King Alfonso X of Castile is filmed as talking about “el sueño de la convivencia de las tres culturas” (“the dream of the coexistence between the three cultures”), meaning the Christian, the Muslim and the Jewish cultures as his ultimate dream for Castile. The series are perfectly Manichean: the hawks who crave for a war against the Moors and the Semites are absolutely evil; and the multicultural doves are the goods guys of the films. The first season actually ends with King Alfonso saying that his son Sancho, the hawk, is going into exile for life while the dove, his son Fernando, will inherit the crown to pursue his dream.

The whole series can be sketched thus:

• The Moors are revealed as the cruel invaders that they were in real history

• The Christian patriots who hate them are depicted as intolerant bigots throughout all episodes

• No single piece of mischief—nothing at all!—is ever committed by the Jews, who are always depicted as innocent doves

In a heated discussion in the first episode, the very one that depicts realistically the butchery of a white family, the Queen Violant of Aragon gives a speech to the main hawks of the story, the Archbishop of Toledo and the Count Miranda. The Queen says that Christians are supposed to turn the other cheek. Most surrealist of all is that the central character of these Spanish series, Rodrigo Pérez de Ayala whose eldest son and wife were among the victims of the butchery in first scene, sides the pacifist monarchs against the hawks!

Then Rodrigo returns to his home after not seeing for ten years what was left of his family. Who is the first guest to share Rodrigo’s table? Abraham Rubini, a Jew: his best friend throughout the series in fact. So much so that Rodrigo has a conversation with Abraham almost ignoring his surviving family who had been entranced to see that his father had finally came home after a decade…

Toledo serie estreno I

The hawks Sancho and the Count Miranda are depicted as almost rapists or as rationalizing or excusing the rape of an innocent commoner girl. And—typical—the casting directors chose a very stunning actress to interpret the role of a Moorish woman: the one who speaks for the Muslim side (in the pic, sat at the front center).

In another scene, Abraham (extreme left in the pic) tells Rodrigo that Rodrigo’s role in the Castilian government must be “to defend the weak” of Toledo against the hawks. And in a discussion between Abraham and the Archbishop (standing at the right with his hands together) inside the royal court, the Christian is depicted as pig-headed and the Jew as wise. The richest Muslim of Toledo is also depicted as wise and concerned about the inexcusable intolerance of the Archbishop. It’s the Archbishop the one who incited a mob of fanatic Christians to attack the candid scholars working in Toledo’s school of translators, a school headed by Abraham. Afterwards there’s a scene where the hawk Sancho cowardly tries to stab the dove Fernando in the back, also in the royal court.

It is unnecessary continuing to recount more outrageous scenes, except adding that the series also contain typical scenes of soft-porn that have become so fashionable in recent TV series.

What alarms me is that Spaniards are largely clueless about what is happening to their media. Yes: it is true that in the blogosphere some Spanish critics have pointed out that the historical King Alfonso, also called The Wise, did not participate in such alliance of civilizations between Christians, Muslims and Jews, and that the series puts Toledo as a mainly Muslim city when really at the time they were a distinct minority in the city, surpassed even by the Jewish quarter. The TV story “invents a conspiracy of radical anti-Muslim Christians against King Alfonso, when in fact there was no such company.” But what made me laugh was a comment in “La serie Toledo” stating (my translation) that “the series could have been called ‘Zapatero in the country of the Alliance of Civilizations’.”

Even these critics don’t see the obvious: that patriot Christians have been painted with black; warrior Muslims with grey, and the Jews of Toledo with white! (In contrast to these fictional white doves, those interested to learn how the Jews behaved in historical Spain are advised to read the pertinent sections on the subject in Kevin MacDonald’s Separation and Its Discontents.)


  1. I have this feeling that they are getting way too heavy handed with the propaganda and that it is going to backfire on them spectacularly. Once that happens no one will believe anything they say and the special victim status they enjoy will evaporate like dew in the morning sun.

  2. Truly Disgusting. But as time goes by, I find it harder and harder to feel sorry for these clueless Whites. If I, a not-so smart nor educated non-White living in South America, could understand the racial facts of life perfectly well, why should I pity these folks? I think we should work on establishing White Dictatorships which will work as beach-heads for the reconquest of the White nations in the future, but we should not worry much about supid Whites who can’t see the facts by themselves. Isn’t it what “survival of the fittest” is all about, after all?

    • Yes Larry, and I’m glad you’re commenting here again (I often have the feeling that not all of my emails reach its addressees). Keep tuned: my next post will explain how thru very old Spanish literature whites were still clueless and naïve, even after the real Moors (not these pseudo-Moors of the MSM) invaded their Iberian lands.

      • “I often have the feeling that not all of my emails reach its addressees”

        Have you sent me any emails of late? I haven’t gotten any.

        “my next post will explain how thru very old Spanish literature whites were still clueless and naïve, even after the real Moors (not these pseudo-Moors of the MSM) invaded their Iberian lands.”

        The ancient Portuguese were ruthless in their dealings with non-Whites in Africa, Asia and America, just take a look at what Portuguese 16th-century poet Camões writes about them in his monumental epic poem Os Lusíadas (by the by, a work superior to Paradise Lost). Problem is, instead of massacring everybody to the last one, and taking those lands for their offspring, the assholes prefered to keep them alive, convert them to Christianity, enslave them for profit and inter-marry with their women, creating whole new miscegenated monstrous races and whole new ungovernable, dystopic countries by doing so.

        A plague on Iberians, both Portuguese and Spaniards!

  3. Its a established historical fact that the jews had invited the muslims to invade Spain.

    OT: link

    Both Dostoyevsky and Bakunin had already observed in the 19th century that the jews had absolute control not only of the World finance with the Rothschild’s but also of the anti-capitalist movements with Marx.

    Jews have a all encompassing strategy of domination. How can we fight that?

    • You don’t partake in the system period. You get your money out of the system. If you have a mortgage, stop paying it. Go stealth. Garden. Work only with other whites.

      The only reason these dirtbags have control of the banks is because elite whites let them. Lower and middle class whites need to go stealth concurrently within the system. Eventually, elite whites will need to follow suit

  4. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:

    Chechar does a good job of revealing how the Jews are attempting to rewrite history via the media.

    Basic formula: White European Christians = Bad; Jews= Always Good

    Sorry, but my real life experience with Jews, and experience is always the hardest and best teacher, has shown me that Jews are quite the opposite as how they present themselves on their movies. In fact, Hollywood is just one monument to Jew self masturbation and mutual Jew ego strokes.

    It really hit me how hateful Jews are to White European Christians, especially those of the blonde haired blue eyed variety, when I take my kids out. I get stares from them in grocery stores, dirty looks at public swimming pools, and their kids have even bullied my son at parks and in kindergarten. This one Jewish boy was obsessed with my son in kindergarten as he would follow him around and try to tell on him all the time. I observed this kid shaking a bag of leaves up in my child’s face ( the class was doing a leaf rub) and at one point this kid told my son that he was going to get two older kids to break my son’s legs.

    As far as Jews being super smart, I think cunning and backstabbing are better. I have known them to try to bully clinicians to boost IQ scores of their progeny so they appear to

    No White European / American can honestly be a friend to the Jew.

    The more I learn how deceitful and utterly hateful these people are, and how far they have infiltrated America and bully other countries with its strength, the more I want to duck out of American life.

    • Try being a German or ‘German-American’ in the wonderful American System. They reserve a special hatred for us. The odd thing is that no matter how much they hate us, they just can’t stay away from us.

  5. Best not to watch anything coming out of Hollyweird, Mexifornia–or the mainstream ‘media’. I recommend that you spend your time in worthwhile pursuits, such as reading blogs like this, writing blogs like this, or working for the good of the White races.

  6. Once again George Orwell’s 1984 comes to mind. Oceania is a place where history is constantly rewritten to fit the current trends and what is unacceptable goes down the “memory hole.” I once saw a reference to Orwell being a member of the Fabian Socialist Society. Where that was is now lost to memory. I have tried repeatedly to find the reference, but to no avail. Still I remember it quite clearly. The Fabian Socialist were a “NWO” group in 1930’s Britain begun by Sidney Webb and Beatrice Potter Webb. Their chief spokesman was George Bernard Shaw. The group was funded by the Rothschild’s as a front group for introducing socialism to Britain. As a noted journalist, I surmise Orwell at some point was made privy to the Rothschild’s future plans for western civilization. His book 1984 was a fictional account of those plans. This would explain why the book seems so incredibly prescient. Orwell described the trilateral concept years before the trilateralist existed, along with the state of continual war with a constantly changing enemy. Economist John Kenneth Galbraith exposed a similar plan of smaller scale in “The Report From Iron” Mountain. Galbraith wrote that he knew firsthand of the report’s authenticity because he had been invited to participate in its creation; that although not part of the official group, he was consulted on its content. He further stated he had been asked to keep the project secret; and that while he doubted the wisdom of letting the public know about the report, he was in total agreement with its conclusions. He wrote: ‘As I would put my personal repute behind the authenticity of this document, so would I testify to the validity of its conclusions. My reservation relates only to the wisdom of releasing it to an obviously unconditioned public.’ I well remember when “Nazi” Germany began to fade to the Soviet Union as the primary threat to America and Europe; as if the wartime western leaders couldn’t see that coming. The Soviet/communist threat fostered over fifty years of nuclear weapons development, with the new state of Israel begin a prime recipient of the technology from both countries. Today all that is forgotten. Now the arch evil in the world are Muslim terrorists and history has been modified accordingly to fit the changing scenario. The Soviet Union is now largely viewed as a quaint, archaic system that never really posed the threat that resulted in an unprecedented non-war military buildup among western civilization. ‘Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.’ Then as now, the Kohein Gadol of the house of Rothschild and their front men controlled the present and thus controlled the past. Orwell was not in the least prescient, but simply relating the future plans of those controlling the money that finances publishing along with the rest of the media empire. For reasons I am unable to explain, our predators seem driven to provide us with their future plans. There seems to be some sort of cosmic law that demands this, so the predators fulfill this law in many ways, but typically misdirect the sources and couch the plans among other fictitious accounts. As master story tellers with thousands of years of practice, Jews are quite adept at such misdirection and obfuscation.

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