Johnson’s doublethink

Greg Johnson has visited this site quite a few times since I published “Johnson’s amnesty.” Instead of accepting defeat he has now published a scholarly article by Ted Sallis with his hatnote: “The following essay is one of the most important pieces published at Counter-Currents so far.”

It is difficult to rebut the obvious sophistry of Sallis precisely because the piece is scholarly and, although I took a biology course at the Open University in my forties, I am no expert on genetics. It is easier to notice Johnson’s incredible doublethink, as in this comment:

“White” to me just means “European,” which includes a whole range of skin tones, from the whitest white to brown.

Wow! This redefinition of “white,” that the most radical anti-white leftist would wholeheartedly embrace, means that Johnson is asking us not to make any substantial distinction between those Southern Mediterranean mudbloods and the purest Scandinavians!


(A pure white Nordid.)

Would Johnson agree of a marriage between a pure Nordid, let’s say the sister of the young man of the pic, and a brown Sicilian to bring to the world cute coffee-and-milk kids? And what would be the next step? Massive Sicilian immigration into Scandinavia because according to Johnson both are “whites,” thus mongrelizing away—and this time forever—what is left of the pure Nordids?


(A brown Sicilian man. Sicilian mongrelization with Whites started since the Semitic Carthaginians dominated the island.)

Johnson’s definition of “white” deserves inclusion in my Dictionary of Newspeak. As to the other commenters of Sallis’ piece, I stick to what I implied in “Johnson’s amnesty” about the Counter-Currents commentariat: they still seem totally ignorant about the new racial classification (see last line).

In another comment of the same thread, Johnson said:

“Ancient admixture is OK. That is simply part of our identity, not something extraneous to it… As for recent admixture, lines must be drawn.”

Doublethink! Ancient Spaniards mixing genetically with the Moors and the Semites during centuries 8th to 15th was “OK” but today, regarding the identical mixing taking place in Spain (or France), lines must be drawn? Right? Johnson again:

The further back the admixture, the greater the chance that the alien genes have washed out.

Johnson has not visited the Iberian Peninsula. Has he? In my most recent visit to Spain I was annoyed that some Spaniards didn’t look to me white at all, nor did some of them acted white, thought white, and fought white (in spite of the fact that some of the purer Spaniards do). There has been no washing out of the Arab and Semitic genes since the 15th century certainly: eight centuries of miscegenation left a permanent mark among all Iberians (actually, a permanent mark on myself!).

Read the first installment of “The New Racial Classification” before you give some credit to what Johnson just tagged as “one of the most important pieces published at Counter-Currents so far…”

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  1. Johnson, like his pet leg-humper, Parrott, makes it up as he goes along. Why bother giving these libs the benefit of your recognition?

    • Because Johnson is receiving thousands of dollars from donors—dollars that should be better sent to organizations like yours.

      • Why thank you, Chechar. I am only too pleased to oblige:

        Renaissance Party of North America (Canada)
        P.O. Box 1, Amherst, Nova Scotia, B4H 3Y6

        Renaissance Party of North America (US)
        P.O. Box 392, Haslett, Michigan , 48840

  2. Well, it’s a very difficult situation.

    European survival looks like a bit of a dicey prospect at the moment, but it is possible that Europeans will eventually get fed up and drive the recently arrived non-European aliens out of at least some parts of the European continent, leaving fully “European” countries, ancient admixture aside.

    On the other hand, it seems difficult to imagine that white Europeans would become a cohesive political force and that they would organize against both off-white Europeans and non-Europeans, in order to create truly white areas.

    But you are correct that we should stop conflating the terms “European” and “white”. Ultimately a more precise vocabulary might need to be promoted, abandoning the term white for something more clear.

    It seems to me that the only real possibility of white survival lies in the movement for European survival.

    A Europe consisting of allied but separate ethnically homogenous nations is something that we can dream of as a realistic long-shot possibility. This would preserve at least some white populations.

    Further, one can imagine the promotion of an ideal of whiteness, at least in the European nations that are currently white.

    Something along these lines would halt or at least greatly slow the browning of Europe and it would be a worthy achievement for our lifetimes.

    I have a lot more trouble imagining any momentum for the idea of really fixing the racial situation in say Spain by, for example, expelling the people who have admixture from the moors.

    From the point of view of a person of Northern European stock, it seems like the best attitude would be “these people are our allies and they’re European, but they’re not *us* and it would be a sin to mix with them”.

    But I admit that my solution does probably lead to further degradation of the racial stock on the Southern European countries, simply through the passage of time and continued mixing of the small remaining white population with the large off-white populations.

    • If—and it is a big if—white Nordids finally start to wake up after the coming crash of the dollar drags all other fiat currencies in the West, there will be a chance of people like us being heard for the first time in the century and, if harsh political turmoil ever follows the crash, a window might even be opened for people like us to take power in at least a couple of European nations.

      Everything could change after that…

  3. Europe has had an off-White periphery for centuries now. How is this news to anyone calling himself a white nationalist? Alfred Rosenberg noted the degeneration of the Greeks in the 1930s.

    That being said, my hat goes off to Golden Dawn and Slavic Union. Maybe they’ll try breeding toward a Nordic archetype after attaining victory. Future genetic technology might speed this process up. The blood poisoners in Amerikwa are trembling at Chinese eugenic programs as we speak.

    • The fact that presently the Greeks have balls and Nordics are behaving like eunuchs does not erase the fact that the Nordics still score higher in IQ tests than the browns. (Tomorrow Friday the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen for one will probably be proclaimed World Champion of Chess.) Nordics just must wake up as the Yin/Yang pendulum swings back to the Yang extreme (hairy balls! like in better Viking times) once the dollar crash makes cities like Malmö burn.

      • The Greeks are hurting more. Hurt is the only motivator. No amount of ethno-racial consciousness comes close.

      • What I am concerned about is if the Nordics still have what it takes to save themselves, IQ or not. If the ‘Wolf’ has been bred out of them then there is very little anyone can do to save them. That drive simply has to come from within. Frankly, looking at the current Scandinavian societies I’m not so optimistic. Time will tell.

      • Bred out? I thought the pendulum of the whites’ psyche swinging to the extreme Yin is cultural, not biological.

  4. The proper term for us is well known for many thousand years.
    We are Aryans. We should carry this name with pride. Biologicaly we are crown of creation, there is no hominid specie more accomplished as we are. White is just a colour and Europe is just a geographical region, but we live everywhere across this planet. When we wake up and regroup, we will fight fierce and in the end we will win, because evolution wants to.

    • I agree with you: Aryans is the best term in Europe. In America the term Whites is perfectly ok. I see nothing wrong with either term.

      I also like “White” because it makes reasonably easy for us to debunk Jew-wise conservatives, those self-styled “white nationalists” who still are too dense to grasp the elemental truth that Alfred Rosenberg already saw in the 1930s (see Snake’s comment above).

      • Of course I like Nordic phenotype (especially in women) and intelligence much more than Pelasgian. But nowadays Greeks are behaving much smarter than the most of Scandis, despite their high IQ. So my sentiments are clearly on Greek side. Without force, without will to fight and sacrifice, we will go extinct in the next 150 years.
        But first we have to fight and win. Then we can improve ourselves with a little help from Eugenics and Genetic-engineering. Nature is clearly on our side. All we have to do is, to stop behaving like decadent Imbeciles, stand firm and fight fierce.

      • Modern Greeks have the balls but the Scandis still are, together with other Germanics, the big Indo-European reservoir.

  5. You guys should not expect too much from the scandinavians.

    Scandinavia is currently one of the bastions of PC marxism. I would put my bet on either France or UK as the first West european country for a revolt. It will not happen in Germany, as this country has too much historical baggage.

    The scandinavian are simply too smalle, too americanized.

    • Sorry got cut of prematurely by my iphone.
      My point is that chances of a revolt in small wealthy PC nations are slim. There is not really any tradition of violent upheavel either. Scandinavia basically consists of follower nations.

  6. “America” means North America, including Canada, but not Latin America. So even in 1751 North America and Latin America were viewed as two different worlds despite common European origins. Of course, demographically Latin America was (and is) majority nonwhite.

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