On Spain and literature – II

“Zionist Occupied Government? Pffft! Zionist Occupied Culture? Closer. Zionist Occupied Soul? Bingo! The Inner Jew.”

—Sebastian Ronin

retrato de soledad anaya
On page 227 of her textbook, Soledad Anaya mentions that Naples and Sicily, Flanders, Germany, Hungary and Bohemia; Portugal and all the kingdoms of Spain itself became subject to the scepter of Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor, in addition to the rich new lands of America. Anaya mentions that the subsequent, various Philip kings lost, one by one, all the European lands; and she also recounts in passing the religious wars that ripped Christendom apart. On the same page, Anaya began her introduction of one of the Spanish poets of the time, Luis de León, born in 1527, “who has been described as the greatest of the Spanish lyricists.” Luis de León professed in the Convent of St. Augustine and was a teacher of theology and scriptures. But at the very end of that same page, Anaya tells us that in 1572 he was put in jail by the Inquisition of Valladolid, accused of not having the Vulgate as authentic, something considered contrary to the warnings of the Council of Trent.

I made a pause while reading that page and thought about writing an entry, “Iberian blunder on a colossal scale.” But it is a huge subject and I must limit myself to mention only a couple of thoughts of my soliloquy.

Precisely what I value the most about my favorite philosopher of the Greco-Roman world, Porphyry or Tyre, is that he could have prevented what the Führer called the greatest calamity that fell upon the white race: Christianity (for a couple of entries explaining my admiration of Porphyry, see here and here). It comes as a shocker to see that, unlike Revilo Oliver, Ben Klassen, William Pierce and others, most American white nationalists still stick to their parents’ religion. This month for example, Matt Parrott wrote in his Facebook page, “I’ll be praying for his [Craig Cobb] merciful treatment, for his health and vitality, and for his discovery of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ while he’s being persecuted.”

Wow. I wonder if Americans know how and why the Iberians lost their power in both Europe and the Americas? It was precisely what Spain did not tolerate in Luis de León; precisely what Christian Rome did not tolerate in Porphyry, what caused the fall of both Rome and Spain.

I have added to WDH many entries on how this Semitic-inspired religion (“prolefeed for the gentiles”) did not pay any attention to the racial boundaries. But the real point is that white nationalism, as a project that doesn’t reject our parents’ faith, is a lost cause insofar as the Christian problem has been more serious than the Jewish problem, even according to Hitler’s table talk.

Sebastian Ronin also believes that white nationalism is a non-starter. It should be a no-brainer among racialists that, in order to save the race, the first thing to do is to abandon the faith that amalgamated the Aryan psyche with the Semitic one. Only in such way it is possible to understand, as Tom Sunic does, why the US committed the vilest act in all Western history: siding the subversive tribe against her brothers in the century when we were born, and perpetrating with the other Allies a true Holocaust of Germanic people. Although Sunic has been video-recorded as politely saying to white nationalist Christians “Give up this Christianity!” I see no reason why not saying the same in more direct terms:

There’s no way to save the white race except by rejecting the Inner Jew to use Ronin’s words in the epigraph above, which I interpret as rejecting the symbol “Jesus Christ.” So let’s start with the very honorific name of this semi-historical or completely fictional personage, whoever he was. Just as “The Buddha” is a title of the very human Siddhattha, “Jesus Christ” is a title of the very human Yeshu.


  1. Christianity works for Whites if there is a homogenous White country in which to practice it. Since those days are long gone, institutionalized Christianity is no longer beneficial to Whites anywhere. The “Christian churches” have done more to disenfranchise White people than any other organization besides government, importing Third World savages by the gross into White countries and claiming that we’re ALL equal— “brothers and sisters in Christ”.

    Organized religion is also responsible for giving aid to these “poor, unfortunate “minorities” before they’d help a struggling White family in their vicinity, regularly practicing anti-White policies and discrimination. Gone are the days when the churches sent out missionaries to convert the heathen. Now, they lazily bring them into White countries to convert them, depending on government handouts to house, feed, and clothe them. The churches won’t even pay for their “converts” anymore, and expect their White tithe-givers to financially help the White’s “replacements” thrive. And, just like the world’s governments, organized Christianity will allow every race but the White races have their own White-exclusive congregation, even though Blacks and Hispanics regularly do.

    It’s time for the White races to break away from all organized religion.

    • I agree wholeheartedly and will re- blog this on VB. I was raised Catholic, but do not practice. Will explain in my reblog.

  2. Assuming just for the moment that there may be some correspondence with reality, however tenuous, in the authorized biographies (“Gospels”) of Y’shua bar Joseph of Nazareth, I say that it is unfortunate that there was no such thing as an insane asylum (mishiggenhaus) in Jerusalem twenty-one centuries ago. Pontius Pilate is supposed to have said, “I find no guilt in this man,” while the mob cried out for Y’shua’s crucifixion. By crucifying Y’shua, they made him a martyr. It would have ended the problem then and there, without further bloodshed, if Pilate, instead of clearing the way for Y’shua’s crucifixion, had remanded him. A few of the right mushrooms in Y’shua’s food, and the food spiced with flowers of wild cannabis, and soon enough you would have behavior corresponding with the remand.

  3. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    The quote by Ronin at the top of this entry to me encapsulates all that is wrong with the Western World, that being that we have let Zionism infect our souls. I heard someone once say that the biggest trick the Jews played on Christians was Christianity.

    The ZOG occupied souls of Americans can be seen in many ways. The WN movement is practically devoid of white women and much of this is do to the Jew infected souls of White Christian European men via porn and our society’s Jew inspired hate of White European Christian women. White women are defiled in media, in porn, and in print media. White families and children have been passed over by their own White kin due to ZOG occupied souls who value the accumulation of wealth, ‘stuff’ , and prestige in the Jew-SA (USA) culture that promotes covetousness.

    ‘Fakebook’ aka Facebook is part of the narcissism feed into the ZOG personality disordered souls promulgated in our Jew infested society. Social media is just another manifested symptom of the ZOG occupied soul.

    The pornification and objectification of violence against white European people across the globe as we read and see reports on the Council of Conservative Citizens’ website, this is an example of ZOG occupation. These white men , women, and children slashed and slaughtered in almost Christ-like, sacrificial lamb fashion echo the Jew Eliminationist tactics used to kill White European people. Remember it was the Romans who killed Christ, but the engineers behind this were the Jews.

    George Bush’s idea of Compassionate Conservatism coupled with his partnership with Blair, was really a Neocon Jew inspired hoax to bleed White People in the Anglosphere to redistribute their ancestor’s wealth to brown invaders. Of course the white elite clapped at this ruse, another manifestation of White people’s ZOG occupied souls who throw each other ‘under the bus’ in their quest for Mammon.

    White people across the globe will never be free until they unlock the handcuffs of International Jewry which operates under the guise of Christianity. We must disengage ourselves from the global economy, which on reality is a big hoax. The global economy is really just swarms of ‘turd worlders’ invading Western Civilization by Jew handlers because they have destroyed their own countries and now wish to loot ours.

    Whites must learn to hate to survive and then thrive.

  4. Reject the inner jew-we could stop restricting ourselves at last! Be ourselves in thought, word and deed, unleash the inner Aryan.

    I’d say Yeshu is the most corrupting jew in history, after all he was the King of the jews i.e. the worst of the worst.

    • Mr. Walsh, please see my comment above.

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