“Tolerance is genocide”

It surprises me that white genocide has been exposed in the ultra-liberal, anti-white Parliament of the European Union, even though for a short time.

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  1. Right on !

  2. Statement on the Justified Use of Force in Resisting White Genocide

    1. We have determined that genocide is being committed against us. At the current rate a majority of Whites on the planet will have been ethnically cleansed from our homelands in whole or in part by mid-century.

    2. No one has a legal duty to be a victim of genocide. This statement is indisputable as a consequence of natural law.

    3. The jus cogens prohibition against genocide is binding positive international law. It establishes an obligation for its signatory nations to prevent genocide and to punish those who commit genocide within their respective territories.

    4. The signatories to the convention have failed to prevent genocide and have actively participated in it.

    5. Everyone has the universal individual right of self-defence.

    6. Everyone who is being subjected to genocide has the right of individual self-defence and the protected group that is being subjected to genocide has the right of group defence.

    7. The right of self-defence includes the use of force up to and including the use of lethal force and this right supersedes all statutory and constitutional laws of the nations in which the genocide is taking place.

    8. The right of self-defence in cases where genocide is occurring or likely to occur includes the acquisition and use of defensive arms without limitation.

    9. Perpetrators of genocide and their accomplices have no legal right to safety.

    10. Any and all attempts by any party to prevent or otherwise interfere with these rights are participating in the genocide and therefore the use of force up to and including the use of lethal force against them is justified.

    11. The laws of warfare including the Geneva Conventions do not apply to cases where the victims of genocide are exercising their right of self-defence.

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