Mandela singing to kill whites


Nelson Mandela has died.

The first pages of the newspapers today are presenting him as an anti-racist champion.

But in this video, singing along with others a song in the Xhosa language, Mandela speaks on the necessity of killing whites.

Can you imagine a white leader who died yesterday and had sung in English on the necessity of killing blacks? Would he be presented as a “champion against racism” in our press?

As I recently said, whites are nuts—including the reporters who sang with Mandela in the above-linked video. Our world has reached the limit of Orwellian doublethink and millions of whites subscribe this process of Orwellian self-control of thought and anti-commonsense. They have become perfect goodthinkers before the current zeitgeist.

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  1. It’s sickening to listen to this insane Mandela-worship these days. I won’t listen or watch any TV or radio programme, I won’t read any MSM newspaper or website, I will run away when I hear a conversation about him.

    First, because it saddens me to hear how this moral, intellectual and political nothing, this mediocrity, this empty suit, this stupid anti-White activist is presented as if he’s the incarnation of Julius Caesar. He’s just the typical anti-White idiotic agitator, probably a degree more peaceful and mannered than the usual Malcolm X.

    Secondly, because I can only imagine what years of horrors will live the white South-Africans from now on. It’s been horrible enough since the fall of Apartheid, with 4.000 Whites, especially Boer farmers, slaughtered and tortured, but now, the hell will break loose.

    Thirdly, because Mandela is the poster boy of the anti-White transnational elite. Every time they praise him, they celebrate our genocide. What they celebrate these days is the transformation of Whites everywhere into Boer farmers: victims of orcs and savages in the countries where we succeeded to build something called Civilization.

  2. Saint (sic) Mandela’s death now removes the “barrier” on criticising Sth. African matters. The wests liberals can now say that its not the SA Mandela wanted, and internally the tribal/political rivalry (and violence) will ramp up as Mandela’s stabilising is gone.

    It MAY awaken white SA to see what leaders they now have!

  3. The “white” guy in green beside him is the Jew Ronnie Kasrils, in fact.

    That you are praised as “anti-racist” when you sing about killing whites only proves that anti-racist is codeword for anti-white. Yes, the Mantra trolls are tiresome, but they are proven right here.

    • I stand corrected about the kike (but still there’s another Caucasoid guy at the extreme left with sunglasses—another kike?).

      Believe it or not but while writing the entry the idea crossed my mind to recite the mantra; I thought that the rationale of the post demanded it.


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