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  1. Precisely because of this, almost at the top of this site I say: “Worldly gain at the expense of the Volk, exemplified in the United States, is the main cause of the ongoing destruction of the white race.”

  2. WLP seems to have disliked Yockey. Any idea why?

    • I didn’t know that William L. Pierce disliked him. But my own take on Yockey is that in his magnum opus he used the same opaque, pedantic prose so fashionable in philosophical circles, especially in continental Europe. I quoted the above excerpts from Imperium because there he writes more or less clearly. But there are Imperium topics where he and his mentor Spengler were so wrong, e.g., what they wrote about pre-Columbian civilizations. Just compare their ridiculous opinions on the subject with what I say about Amerinds in this blog:

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