Currency crash course, 5

Although Mike Maloney is afraid, like almost all westerners today (including quite a few white nationalists) of Hitler and his movement, I see this latest video of his course as the opening of a window of opportunity for us national socialists after the American dollar crashes in the near future.

Watch this video that mentions the rise of the Third Reich—but not as a warning, as Maloney sees it. Watch it as our best chance to pursue political change in both this continent and at the other side of the Atlantic (where they are also mistaking currency for real money).

Maloney didn’t read my previous entry on Liberalism by Yockey, of course. Although I see Austrian economists like Maloney as Cassandras insofar as they are accurately predicting the coming collapse, it goes without saying that I don’t endorse individualism in a capitalistic society, which easily leads to the worship of Mammon. However, this is not an entry to debunk libertarianism but to show how, as Maloney says at the very end of this episode, the Central Banks and even their think thanks “still don’t get it.”

(See also the four previous videos on the course:
Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4.)

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  1. U never mentioned if U raised enough donation dough to make your escape from all the millions upon millions of spics surrounding U in mejixo shitty. Are U still in mejixo? Or, are U now in Norway? Iceland perhaps? Or maybe on some Penultimate Nordid iceberg floating around somewhere off the coast of Greenland? Chechar province Algeria maybe?

    Where the fuck are u now? U never mentioned if u raised enough dough while you were begging for donations to escape mejixo shitty. U got us, your “devoted” readers, curious, as well as very concerned.

  2. You post a documentary whose narrator’s greatest fear to freedom, worse than the problems of money, is a dictatorship, which you are trying to un-demonize.

    • Politically Maloney is an idiot, but his economics are sound.

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