Rockwell, Pierce, Hitler

I’ve seen enough specimens of white Untermenschen in my life to understand that skin color alone is unfortunately not enough…


Andrew Hamilton’s latest piece includes stupendous quotations that I can quote again apropos my provocative views that most humans are “Untermenschen,” including those whites who are behaving like the blond Eloi before the Morlocks.

Hamilton wrote:

We have been without genuine freedom of speech or association for so long that we don’t even know what they mean anymore. Ordinary whites are completely clueless. They’re anti-white racists and neo-communists because that’s what the System tells them to be. From morning to evening and birth to death that’s all they hear. They’re denizens of Oceania.

White racialists, an iconoclastic subset, think it means addressing a miniscule audience on a tiny website or individual blog, or organizing six people for a street protest—until a writer or activist is taken down by the System, at which point remaining racialists gleefully join the Left-wing mob in kicking the helpless victim to a bloody pulp. He didn’t get it! He said the wrong things! He acted the wrong way! I have witnessed this unedifying spectacle again and again over the decades.

Any given Counter-Currents article I write will be seen by roughly 1,000-2,000 people. Seen by (i.e., clicked on), not necessarily read or agreed with; only a small number will actually read a piece with some degree of sympathy and understanding, or have a seed planted that will eventually take root and grow, which is the best one can hope for…

The situation is especially strange in that in addition to theoretical access to a worldwide audience of English readers, market forces—supply and demand—are in my favor. I fill an unmet need. In a genuine marketplace of ideas there would be some demand, certainly more than there is now, for suppressed facts, information, and opinions. But this natural demand is not there. The absence of a greater positive response is like the dog that didn’t bark in “Silver Blaze,” alerting the perceptive observer that something was seriously wrong. (“I had grasped the significance of the silence of the dog, for one true inference invariably suggests others,” Sherlock Holmes noted.) In our case the primary culprit is disparate power, and the refusal of elites to play by the rules.

Conversely, those who hate my race—and I mean hate it—broadcast their hatred repeatedly, many times daily, to billions of people worldwide: a distinctly unnatural state of affairs in an ostentatiously “anti-racist” culture. Thousands and thousands of people make exceptionally good livings doing this. They monopolize not only the mass media of communications with their racist and totalitarian bile, but educational systems, governments, legal systems, and other institutions as well—everywhere. This, also, is not natural. It is exceedingly strange.

Such a lopsided disparity of power can have only one possible outcome in terms of who wins, who loses, and why. Therefore, I never scratch my head, stumped, wondering blankly: “Why are whites doing this to themselves?” I’d be dense, dishonest, or willfully blind to express such puzzlement…

As one man long ago observed:

The fundamental error of the right wing—that sweet reason will change the world and save us from the Jewish tyrants.


Reason is still an infant in human affairs, a precious and rare development found in the mutational brains of an infinitesimal minority of Homo sapiens. And even the few geniuses able to exercise genuine, independent reason are almost entirely incapable of acting in accordance with the dictates of that reason—which is one of the reasons so many of them end up as failures in a world which does not appreciate them or their reason.

It is FORCE, POWER, STRENGTH which rules the world, from the ebb and flow of the tides to the decision of your neighbor to join the Rotary. Only a negligible fringe of oddball humans change their mind as a result of being convinced by a superior argument. The overwhelming masses, including the mass of today’s “intellectuals” [emphasis added], change their minds only in order to CONFORM. In other words, the minds of the vast majority ALWAYS bow to the strongest opinion—the opinion which brings rewards and avoids punishment.

The right wing examines its reasons and arguments and facts and finds them true and good—as they may be. They then become outraged [or hopelessly befuddled] when the slobs next door cannot see and appreciate this rightness and, very probably, throw them out of the house for preaching “hate.” But this is only as things are. The slobs will hold whatever opinion seems to show the most strength and WILL TO POWER. They are completely, hopelessly female in their approach to reason and always, ALWAYS prefer strength to “rightness.”

This is a “secret” the Jews learned long ago.

Another voice from the past:

Things are very bad indeed, but they are far from hopeless. Only a people or a nation that gives itself up for lost is truly and irrevocably lost. There is a bloody and terrible ordeal ahead of us, and many will perish—but our race can still be saved, and that, in the long run, is all that counts.


Do not be discouraged by the indifference of the people around you. Remember, the great mass of people have always been like that and always will be. When the Christians are ahead they cheer for the Christians, and when the lions are ahead they cheer for the lions. They have no understanding or concern for anything but the present and for what they see as directly affecting their comfort, welfare, or security.

But the masses do not make history. [Again, “the masses” includes academics, intellectuals, and high-IQ and socially successful people generally. It is not a class thing.] That is and always has been the task of the few. Those few must embody in themselves a majority of will and determination. They must know what they want and be willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve their goal.

Today the old order of things is crumbling into ruin, and the world will never again be restored to what it was before. But a new order will eventually emerge from the wreckage of the old.

It is only too late to save the present order from final collapse. It is not too late to begin building the new.

How many are “the few”? Here’s the assessment of a formidable achiever, also deceased, whose judgment on such matters cannot be taken lightly, much less dismissed out of hand:

“In my view, when there are nine thousand men in a country who are capable of facing prison from loyalty to an idea, this idea remains a living one.”

For conceptual purposes, this might be adopted as a provisional benchmark since, implicitly, the reference is to a minority existing amidst a hostile majority in a Jewish-Leftist state. It imparts concrete substance to the idea of “the few” whose task it is to embody within themselves a majority of will and determination.

Of course, the speaker was probably referring to an extraordinary level of commitment, on the order of an Anders Breivik or Timothy McVeigh. Even so, he added:

“And as long as a man [i.e., presumably one man] is left to carry the flag, nothing is lost. Faith moves mountains.”


Each of the three men just quoted was an optimist. They said so explicitly and their words and deeds bore them out. Yet each “failed.” I qualify “failed,” because in a larger spiritual sense (as far as white survival is concerned) they were all successes given the insurmountable odds they faced.

Moreover, the battle in which they were engaged still rages. It is world-historical and spans generations. The outcome has yet to be determined.


  1. Quotations in order according to Hamilton: George Lincoln Rockwell (“reason is still an infant in human affairs”); William L. Pierce (“must embody in themselves a majority of will and determination”); Adolf Hitler (“9,000 men” / “a man left to carry the flag”).

    But Hamilton is wrong. Rockwell, Pierce and Hitler were not. Hamilton said, “I never scratch my head, stumped, wondering blankly: ‘Why are whites doing this to themselves?’ I’d be dense, dishonest, or willfully blind to express such puzzlement.”

    Well, he has the answer right in front of his nose and he chooses not to see it. He is willfully blind indeed.

    The same site that recently published Hamilton’s piece has also published, yesterday and today, pieces about homosexual “wild boys” by an author that Franklin Ryckaert nailed not long ago:

    It is a pity that Greg Johnson has this attitude, because he is fairly intelligent and writes and promotes a lot of good stuff. I could accept an in-the-closet homosexual WN, if only he had no homosexual agenda. But people like James O’Meara, who promotes the idea of a homosexual “Mannerbünd” as the vanguard of WN, or Greg Johnson who pleads for homosexual “marriage”, seem unable to do that.

    WN not only means the survival of the White Race, but also its flourishing, and that entails cultural and moral regeneration. Homosexuals-with-an-agenda cannot really contribute to that.

    I have stated many times that the 19th century is the most important one to understand how whites empowered the subversive tribe. But that subject aside, Hamilton just cannot see that if whites were not doing it to themselves prototypical white nationalists like his editor, so conscious of the Jewish problem, would simply not subscribe a liberal agenda, such as homo “rights.” And Johnson is not alone in the pro-white movement promoting this. Alternative Right, the site for white Untermenchen has also joined the fad.

    I must say something outside the subject of both sites to better illustrate my point. A hetero blogger who over the pro-white boards has been willing to discuss with me about the extent of Jewish influence in our woes, a man from Louisiana (who incidentally also defends the homos), has stated that his daughter has decided to be independent, in the sense of not being bothered with a traditional marriage and lots of kids, and he has no problem with that.

    This is the same man who is so conscious of the Jewish problem that always jumps over the boards to defend his point of view. But at the same time he—like Hamilton—is unwilling to see that once you tolerate the liberal view of placing individualism whims above racial duties (both the gay movement and feminism are the product of runaway individualism), you simply cannot blame the Jews. You must blame yourself.

    There’s no other interpretation of the facts. If the editor of CC and this Louisiana blogger are so conscious of the subversive tribe, why on earth they themselves subscribe the toxic aspects of the tribe’s agenda for whites?

    The answer is simple: Modern suicidal liberalism, and the economics-over-race policies since the times of ancient Rome and even before are white phenomena. Or haven’t you read my very recent posts quoting Yockey’s magnum opus?

    If the blond Eloi are not ultimately responsible for what the Morlocks do to them, who is? I have already said it and I’ll say it again: What moved me to change my mind from blaming the Jews to blaming Whites was the ethno-suicidal behavior (feminist whims; homo tolerance, and more) coming from the white nationalists themselves. That’s why I have abandoned the term White Nation¬¬alism and adapted instead the old-fashioned National Socialism.

    Stick to the giants! Stick to honorable men like Hitler, Rockwell and Pierce. Forget white nationalists. As the Swede Panina said in the comment linked in the epigraph, the American movement is just pathetic.

  2. More about Aryanism, Nazism, Hitler, Christianity, Jesus, Jews, Islam, Islamic Jihad, Jew Talmudic/Noahide Communism, and the NWO: here

    The reader commentary which follows the article is especially very informative and factual. All-in-all, a very compelling read.

  3. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:

    Chechar ends on the piece by noting tha the American White Nationalist movement is pathetic. I have to agree. It is rife with individuals who are corrupt and will sacrafice their comrades on the altar for their own ego gratification. I have met individuals in the movement who claimed not to have paid their taxes in fifteen years, yet will criticize other pro whites ( ex: young men won’t take menial jobs, white Western women all feminazis, etc). I went out if my way the other day to meet with an old timer Nationalist to help him set up a blog and dude could not even remember his password let alive write it down. Then he said ‘ Well I have others who will do the blog for me.’ I explained that a blog takes alot of work and time and that I can help, but he must do it ultimately!

    What are whites willing to do? Some, not much at all.

    I mention the example of the old Nationalist because he represented to me what Chechar calls as degeneracy.

    I am a trained clinician. Erikson’s Stages of Development progresses through mid and later adult life with the theme of Generativity versus Stagnation. Generativity is an awareness of leaving something behind for future generations of Whites. Stagnation means just waiting to die.

    I see many WNs as just not giving a fig. They wallow. They complain. No action. Mind Weapons in Ragnarok notes that we are in a psychological battle. Bitching and moaning just creates negative feedback loops

    If I may illuminate the positive here, despite the wealth of resources and tyranny the Jews have used, we are not entirely subjugated. Not yet. Each day I man my little blog to chip away at the information stream created by ZOG. Each day I focus on my kids. Each day I free myself from the materialism of USA. Each day I affirm myself and my kids. Each day I view and try to participate on others’ sites. Each day I do one little thing to piss off a member of Die-versity. Baby steps lead to bigger steps.

    • White nationalism is a hopeless cause. Today for example Trainspotter praised Roissy (hetero degenerate), Chateau Heartiste (not familiar with the guy) and Jack Donovan (homo degenerate).

      And recently also at Counter Currents Gregory Hood spoke in high terms of a “Death in June” concert that the Nazis would have labeled “degenerate music”.

      And these highly respected voices in WN, Tains and Hood, believe that those guys are really carrying water for the ethnostate.

      WN is a goner movement…

      • Chechar,

        I see you also noticed the last two articles about “Wild Boys” on Counter-Currents.

        Did you see the articles and interviews about “anti-natalism”? Now there’s an idea that is going to save the White race. Just like “gay marriage” that Johnson was defending earlier this summer.

      • Brad,

        If you know of an article exposing this latest treason of CC, whether at OD or elsewhere, let me know and I’ll repost it here.

      • Roissy is the pen name of the author of the Chateau Heartist blog. The blog used to be called Roissy in DC, I recall. I would describe Roissy as a race realist, but not a WN.

      • I said “hetero degenerate” because he’s a promoter of getting laid with multiple female partners (instead of having many kids with a single spouse): something as fatal for the race as what lesbians do.

  4. Chechar,

    You’re spot-on, once again. In my argument with Jack Donovan, who is presenting at AmRen(!), he mocked the Old Vanguards of the Right (NS, fascists, etc.) and implied that his “alt right” or “new right” is the panacea.

    The hubris of these degenerates is quite breathtaking.


    • That, in addition to what they wrote about Hitler, was precisely why I used such strong language above in the post, that Alt-Righters “are Untermenschen”…

      • The “Old Right” was connected to its cultural heritage. What about the “New Right”? Bah! What a farce it is.

      • I would say that the so-called “New Right” is indeed connected to something, to the form of licentiousness that started in the 1960s.

        You see, I treasure so much your words a few months ago that you can see now as quotable on the sidebar. Look for the word “degeneracy” above the Hitler pic.

        You nailed whites in general, and Patrick nailed WNsts when he said they they are basically leftists who unlike the typical lefty are uncomfortable with so many browns at town and the kikes having so much power. But at root they are still the sons of the 1960s, and are incapable of renouncing to non-reproductive “sex, drugs and rock ’n roll”, etc.

        In one word: degenerates.

  5. There is an ongoing argument as to who is responsible for the plight of western man. The Jews, for their pernicious influence, or the white man for allowing, or worse, adhering to that influence. It has long been popular for those white souls “awakened” to the plight of western man to blame the white man for his plight; not only by not resisting the influence, but embracing the ideas and philosophies inherent in the Jew’s poisonous influence.

    The way I see it is that Jews surreptitiously inject their poisonous influence into the white, cultural body by means of what appear to be innocuous sources i.e. comedy, morality plays, books, periodicals etc. Once the poison is ingested, the body begins to exhibit the symptoms of being poisoned; first fever and delirium, then dementia, uncontrollable physical spasms and finally unconsciousness and death. Yet the body never realizes its poisoned state, nor does it realize the growing extent of the damage. Slowly the body dies as it the poison spreads throughout its various life support systems. As with any poison, once injected, the poison acts on its own chemical accord, no longer influenced by either murderer or victim. The body cannot resist the effects of a strong poison, nor can it fight it by internal means. Only an external antidote can reverse the effects of a fatal poisoning. Thus, it boils down to this, no Jews, no poison.

    The white man would not have to resist, alter or wake up to his deadly condition were it not for the Jew’s poisonous influence. Therefore, I hold the white man virtually blameless for his condition, for were it not for the Jews and their cultural poison, none, or at least very few if any, of these problems would exist. In fact, we would not be addressing such matters on websites such as this. Instead of discussing the white man’s problem with Jews and their cultural poisoning, we would be discussing the white man’s problems developing his own distinct culture. Most certainly, the white race is not perfect. It has its problems, but a study of history reveals that the problems faced by the white man today were not even imagined in times and places where Jews were absent.

    England was much different and much healthier during the three hundred years Jews were banned from Britain, but as soon as Cromwell welcomed them back, the same old issues began to arise. It was the same with France before its egalitarian Revolution. Russia too faced far different and far less pressing problems before its revolution. Issues like homosexuality, feminism, miscegenation, liberalism are all due to Jewish poison and no doubt, this has been the case since ancient Rome. The white man’s sense of justice and fair play and a fair fight is what leads to the acceptance of the Jewish poison; racial traits then are the white man’s Achilles heel. Yet, absent these traits, there is no white culture, only the types of cultures found in Africa and other third worlds.

    The fundamental difference is this: White culture governed by white men has its own interest at heart. Witness National Socialist Germany. Germany under Hitler was not free of problems, but it was essentially a healthy, white culture with what most racially conscious white men would consider minor internal problems. A white culture dominated by Jews is a culture governed by an alien race that despise the indigenous culture with a vitriolic hatred and whose main intent is on destroying it, witness Soviet Russia to see the problem therein. So free of the Jews and left to his own devices, just how guilty is the white man of his own destruction?

    • If Jews are ultimately responsible how would you explain that right after the Iberians expelled the kikes from the peninsula they, the Iberians, committed the greatest blunder in modern history: mixing their blood in the Americas with the Amerinds (see the recent entries on this blog)? See also what this blog says about ancient Greece and Rome.

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