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I have said that, of all recent TV series I have seen, I only found inspiring the first episode of The White Queen. Now I might recommend a series which message, at least until the first season that I watched, is not necessarily negative.

Downton Abbey is a series created by English actor and novelist Julian Fellowes, first aired in Britain on September 2010. The series depicts the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants in the post-Edwardian era starting with the sinking of the Titanic. Of the only season I’ve watched to date my favorite line upon which the entire drama evolves—that in the recent past women had no right of inheritance—is a dialogue between two humble servants:

“It is the law.”

“Well: it is a wicked law.”

These well-intentioned Britons were naïve of course. We know better now. We now know that from the corruption of women all evils follow. Just compare the decent world of Downton Abbey with today’s Hollywood degeneracy (that incidentally even quite a few white nationalists like).

Remember for instance that filthy film, Basic Instinct when Sharon Stone, during the interrogation scene, shows her pubic hair to the male interrogators. That’s what happens when women are allowed to inherit immense fortunes from their late parents, as Catherine Tramell (Stone) did in Basic Instinct. Remember also when the detectives visited her Pacific Heights mansion to find only Catherine’s lesbian lover, etcetera.

My dream is that later in this century and the next one the West will revert to the mores of Jane Austen in the ethnostate. What I most loved about Downton Abbey, which rather depicts the late Victorians of the early 20th century is that, with the exception of a Turk who died in the aristocratic mansion, non-whites simply don’t exist in that world.


  1. They introduce negroes through jazz music. Otherwise a good show.

    It makes you see how the European aristocrats got bulldozed by the 20th century though. Lord Grantham was not good with money, he didn’t want to update his farm practices or run his estate in keeping with modern developments, he just wanted to invest with “Charles Ponzi” as he said. It was only Matthew’s unexpected inheritance that saved the Abbey and their lifestyle for a bit longer. But it’s not sustainable.

    And what a stultifying existence! Dressing up in uncomfortable clothes just to have dinner in your own house? What a bore! Who the hell are they trying to impress? Themselves and each other?

    Lord Grantham should have been giving aptitude tests to the British kids in his village, hiring tutors to prep them and make sure they are ready to study hard, and then giving the smart ones modest student loans to study engineering. Education was cheap as dirt back then, so the student loans wouldn’t have been too much. Especially electrical engineering for the telephone line buildout, and mechanical engineernig for the cars and planes and such. And send them to Germany to study engineering.

    • Dressing up in uncomfortable clothes just to have dinner in your own house?

      I still prefer that to the clothing I see in the US.

    • Engineers generally have little power, wealth or status.

    • “They introduce negroes through jazz music”.

      Yep, they had to bow to the diver city overlords. They did the same thing with Midsomer Murders. They harassed the creator about never having any “people of color” on his programs. I don’t know if he caved or not, as I haven’t seen any of the new episodes with the new lead.

  2. A comparison with “Boardwalk Empire” would be interesting.

  3. I began watching this series on your recommendation and in the very first episode there was a homosexual kissing scene.

    • But unlike all TV and Hollywood filth you see today, that guy is the depicted as the “bad guy” of the films, and it’s the only homo scene that I’ve seen so far. (In the seasons I’ve seen even hetero kissing scenes are represented with puritanical modesty.)

      • Now I read there’s an interracial romance, including several kissing scenes, in season 4: link

      • I’ve watched all the seasons except the fifth one: which am watching these days and will see all remaining episodes by Christmas.

        The interracial kissing scenes you mention have to be understood in this context.

        However, in the current season I have finally detected bad messages. Hitler and his “gang of thugs” are conceived as bad guys who killed the Gregson character during the Munich Putsch. This is spoken about in two scenes with Robert Crawley while talking with his daughter and wife. Also, Lady Rose MacClare cannot understand the anti-Semitism of the Russian aristocrats who have immigrated to the UK as a result of the genocide in Stalin’s Soviet Union.

        That’s too bad because, before watching these late episodes, I had not detected bad messages in the previous seasons.

  4. The English nobility and gentry are heavily judaized since the late 19th century. So, the television series, which I haven’t and won’t see, is likely to be more Matrix distraction. Watching television is not just a waste of time but causes one to “know” things that aren’t so. Do almost anything else, instead.

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