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Standing in a bookstore when I was much younger I read a passage from a book by an out-closet homosexual, the Mexican poet Salvador Novo analyzing the term “pecado nefando” (heinous sin). Novo mentioned Nezahualcoyotl, a 15th-century king and member of the Aztec Triple Alliance, who promulgated a law code that included that those who had engaged in the passive role of homosexual anal intercourse had their intestines pulled out, then their bodies were filled with ash, and finally, were burnt (the active or penetrating partner was simply suffocated in a heap of ash): a punishment more severe than a mere capital punishment against sodomy in the Muslim world. Novo included an illustration of a dead male Amerind with his intestines pulled out, but now that I looked if that image was available in the internet I didn’t find it.

I mention this because one of the reasons why the behavior of pre-Hispanic Amerinds is unknown lies in the fact that the deranged Christians and liberals who are obsessed with out-group altruism have been most reluctant to speak about the level of cruelties in the American continent before the white people arrived. In the latest threads I have spoken about some members in the pro-white movement that get mad when I dare to challenge their dogmas. For instance, in an article at Majority Rights I was once called “Jew” because I dismissed 9/11 conspiracy theories. But in my long life I have had similar experiences with this sort of fanatics.

In my book for example I mention that I have taken issue with my father about Nezahualcoyotl. He has enormously idealized this Indian, to the extent that he even composed a short musical piece for one of the poems that some attribute to Nezahualcoyotl. From time to time I have tried to transmit to my father the fact that the historical Nezahualcoyotl ordered his son to be killed, and that that must be enough to stop idealizing him.

In his uttermost dishonesty, my father has not tried even to respond. He simply continues to idealize Nezahualcoyotl during family meetings and even before visitors from Europe; he continues to flatly claim that figure of Nezahualcoyotl proves that the Aztecs were highly civilized. (Incidentally, in my discussions I never mentioned that Amerind fags were disemboweled in such horrible way after Nezahualcoyotl’s laws; only that he ordered his grown-up first born to be killed.)

Another personal vignette. Back in 2008 I was in a taxi with my father and my six-year-old nephew. Those days I had been discussing with him about the fact that according to my sources the pre-Hispanic Amerinds were cannibals. I even photocopied Mexican newspapers notes saying that such anthropophagy had been corroborated by archeological evidence. Keep in mind that virtually all Mexican press side the Amerinds against the Spanish conquerors, but even the indigenista press has to acknowledge the facts.

My father simply stopped talking to me in the taxi, changed the subject of conversation and started to talk with my six-year-old nephew…

Of course: people like my father, completely unconcerned with the facts, exist by the millions. But I find it healthy that presently the top cultural institutions of Mexico have been corroborating the facts (not my psychohistorical theories) that I cited in The Return of Quetzalcoatl. That’s why I have been reviewing the academic treatise El Sacrificio Humano in these series about pre-Hispanic Amerinds. So let’s now continue to refute my father’s intellectual cowardice with another chapter of El Sacrificio Humano.

The Aztecs and the Mayas were not the only sons of bitches in Mesoamerica (see the previous entries of these series). In the opening paragraph of “El Sacrificio Humano en el Michoacán Antiguo” Grégory Pereira says that Tariácuri, the founder of the empire of the Purépecha culture which developed in the Mesoamerican Postclassic period, congratulates destiny when learning that his own son would be sacrificed (page 247). This of course reminds me what my father’s “civilized” Nezahualcoyotl did. Pereira cites the Spanish Relación de Michoacán as a reliable source about how the Michoaque people behaved before the arrival of the Spaniards.

The Relación states that part of the captives such as old people and children were sacrificed by extraction of the heart right on the spot of the battle, and that (my translation) “the bodies of these victims were cooked and consumed at the same place.” I mention this only to show how my father, who has a good library in his study including books about the pre-Hispanic Amerinds, simply doesn’t want to face what’s right in front of his nose.


On page 254 Pereira includes a diagram showing a skeleton with points that show the impact of the rib cut to reach the heart during those sacrifices, and he adds that those who performed the ritual were called opítiecha or “holders” who grabbed the extremities of the victim. He adds: “Once slaughtered and decapitated, the dismembered body was in the house of the priests and the various parts offered up to the gods and eaten by the priests and lords. Those who were killed at the scene of the conflict were eaten by the victors… After the cannibal feast, the bones of the slaughtered apparently were gathered and preserved in the house of the priests.”

On the next page Pereira includes an illustration of the Relación depicting the consumption of human flesh. Later, on page 262, the author reveals that Tariácuri also ordered the killing of another of his sons, Tamapucheca, as punishment for having escaped being sacrificed.

Then Pereira recounts that on the day following the sacrifice, they “wore the skin of the slaughtered in a dance, and for five days got drunk.” That is, the cadavers were skinned so that the priests could wear the skin as clothes.

I just wonder… How would an American leftist react before such information. Like my father did in the taxi?

Xipe, Veracruz

A figurine at the Museo Nacional de Antropología
showing an Amerind covered with a human skin.


  1. I was vaguely aware of the unspeakable cruelties practiced by the pre-Euro inhabitants of Mexico, but this essay provides a number of missing details. The history of these indigenous peoples helps to explain the violence that afflicts Mexico today–violence that has spilled over the US border into California, Texas, and beyond. Where Mexicans are, you have Mexico–and by that I mean the historical Mexico of lust for blood.

    • Which is why the past of Mexico is concealed in the academia (of this book that I quote & translate there are only 1,000 copies and is now out of print), and the media keeps silent about it. He who controls the past controls the present.

      • Somebody has to scan this books and make the digital versions widely available.

      • The authors of El Sacrificio Humano have already published their work elsewhere (journals, etc.), so the scholars about Mesoamerica have already access to their work, even in English.

  2. I thought this article would complement these posts. I once showed to Chechar in an Email: link

    Off topic; how much credence do you give to claims that the civilizations in the Americas weren’t developed by Native Americans, that there was a pre-Colombian Nordic presence?

    • Nordics would have been ashamed for what the Amerinds did; all us should be ashamed for Amerind cultures.

  3. Below is an amusing response from the article Peter linked too. Interesting that the person that wrote it can’t even spell…..

    “The article on the korubo people was IGNORANT. Being judgemental is not a sign of intelligence. Its for articles like yours that we are supporting the extinction of Human Beings. Its not an entitlement to live and be a world citizen, it is a privileage and a responsability.”

  4. Cesar, what is your opinion about Kennewick Man, Spirit cave, Buhl woman, Lovelock, Penon woman and other very old human remains, all European. A whole cemetery found in Florida’s Windover bog. European by DNA testing.
    And Anasazi people, who were exterminated, cooked and eaten (Chaco canyon). They were using Algiz Rune as their symbol. Just coincidence?

    • The few whites in the American continent before Columbus were exterminated by the Indians because those were individualistic enterprises; not entire Aryan nations invading the continent. Perhaps if they would have invaded NY first until they were strong and numerous or Cuba as the Spanish would do later, those Vikings could have used any of those islands as an immense “aircraft carrier” for invading the continent after time. But it didn’t happen that way.

      • I believe he’s referring to pre-Indian humans in the Americas who were killed off when the Indians came across the Bering Strait. The very oldest human remains in the Americas aren’t Indian, though what they are exactly I don’t know (it’s something of a no-go zone research-wise, and of course we’re talking about extremely old racial groups). There’s a lot of speculation that the nordic-ish “giants” in Mesoamerican myths came from these guys.

        Whoever they were, they arrived very early but were never very numerous. Mammoths didn’t start to go extinct until the Indians arrived, and the remains of these guys are pretty scarce.

      • There are some skulls/skeletons which belong to Australoids, probably the first people in the Americas.

      • Do you refer to the giant Olmec faces? They say they rather look negroid.

      • Here is some reference: link link

        You could also look at metapedia article “amerindians”.

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