Nativity fiction

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    Very good points about paternal lineage.

  3. Much of Christianity makes no sense because the stories were interpretations of verbal accounts embellished in the usual way Jews elaborate such accounts. Worse, without the original cultural and religious nuances properly framing their context, these stories seem like badly written fairy tales where one must suspend much of what they know in their own physical world to accept them in their present version. However, no one spends this kind of time and effort on mere fairy tales, so one must conclude there is much more to these stories than what is typically claimed by present day religious authorities. The entire Torah is either a fabrication or an elaboration on known tales to establish legal precedent. The Gospels are a direct refutation of Torah law, hence the “New Testament” supersedes the “Old Testament.” The good news is that, as a Christian, Jesus has delivered you from sin as defined by the Temple’s sacrificial laws. Of course all this is meaningless to outsiders (think goyim) never required by law to make sacrificial tribute to the kohanim temple in Jerusalem. Need proof Jesus is da’ man wit’ da’ plan? Look at what your very own prophets said about the coming Messiah. Now if you cannot believe your own ancient prophets, then who can you believe? When it came to story telling, early Christian Jews were no different than their Torah brethren. Like the mythical Holocaust, the birthplace of Yeshu provides an excellent example of how Jews fluff the facts to wow the gullible. Very few today realize there were two Bethlehem, one in the south close to Jerusalem and one in the north, a stones throw from what is now called Nazareth. However, the village of Nazareth did not exist at the time of Yeshu, so how could he reside in a non-existent village? The answer lies in the Essene, one of three large religious groups. The Essene, on par with the Sadducee and Pharisee, had members living throughout the region. Like their Qumran brethren’s monastery to the south, a northern Essene contingent constructed a monastery near the foot of Mount Carmel. This northern group was called – wait for it – Nazarene. There is no doubt as to the existence of the Essene. The first century historian Josephus describes them as noted healers among the region’s inhabitants, jes’ like that Jesus feller. Described by gospel authors as a Nazarene, Jesus was no doubt a member of this northern Essene sect. His birth at northern Bethlehem makes perfect sense, considering its proximity to the Nazarene monastery. No doubt the first century authors of the Gospels had no knowledge of this tiny, obscure village at the outer edge of what was then considered civilization and so constructed their version using the much larger, well known southern village close to Jerusalem. As I read and research the stories of the gospels, I am reminded of an old Star Trek episode tilted “The Omega Glory.” In that episode, a group of beastly Neanderthal types, (white men of course) capture Kirk and crew and bring out their sacred scrolls to “read the sacred words.” As they begin mouthing an unintelligible mish mash of ceremonial claptrap, Kirk blithely steps up to reinterpret their true meaning. Now in proper context, the unintelligible, “sacred words” make perfect sense as the US Constitution. Like an old Star Trek episode, the story of Jesus makes a lot more sense when put into proper context. I note a certain poetic irony in the fact that William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy are both Jews.

  4. This makes sense when you realize the jews wrote the bible. They probably have been laughing for the last 2,000 at how gullible the gentiles really are. People still cling to this narrative even more sad is these goofy CI or WN Christians. Who still mix nationalism and the bible. It’s a crazy place we live. This poison must somehow be removed from the world.

    But How? How can you make aware millions of people, to thousands of years old lie?

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