Putin destroys Russia

Since both Solzhenitsyn’s Archipelago and Goodrich’s Hellstorm are pivotal to understand the West’s darkest hour (both recount the unexpiated sins of the Allies and Russia in particular), I always resented the infatuation of Michael O’Meara in Counter-Currents with that nation.

But only today I corroborated my hunch with facts of present history, which corroborate my view that a nation’s unatoned sins only create social and political symptoms that won’t go away until actual expiation takes place.

Igor Artemov wrote:

Putin destroys Russia with unprecedented speed.

Multiculturalism (“multinationality”) is the official Putin ideology. Ten years ago there were virtually no alien migrants in Russia. Now there are 15 millions of them, mostly Central Asians—10% of the total population. Most of them are males of military age. In Moscow they commit around a half of all violent crimes. Moscow is no longer a Russian city.

Now not a single month passes without some minor ethnic riot occurring in some part of the country, triggered by the depressingly similar scenario: a migrant kills a Russian, police either let the murderer go or don’t do anything, local authorities blame Russians for xenophobia, locals arise and protest. This is in fact good development as Russians learn that only rioting makes authorities listen. Unfortunately, as a result, the most active members of such events then go to prison.

Read it all on The Occidental Observer.


  1. I’ve been a Russophile for the last ten years, and I even have thought of immigrating there from the US. To read that the turnaround I’ve been hoping for since Yeltsin stepped down was an illusion leaves me at a complete loss for words. I can say that I’m at least not having a mental gymnastic blackout like I probably would have had in high school. But if this is all true, I have to reconsider my plans. This hits me hard – I was hoping Putin’s western criticism meant he was actually getting it right.

    • One of the problems in the pro-West movement is that most of us are amateurs: we have to make a living elsewhere. Amateurs like us seldom have time to do serious research. Look at the recent posts of this blog and you’ll see how those a-historical simpletons who stick to the single Jewish hypothesis don’t want to ponder into history—and see also my recent Christmas post on the fictional nativity in Matthew and Luke. Honest history always debunks dogmas.

      gulagThe same with Russia. When I read an abridged edition of the Archipelago in 1999 it made a huge dent in my worldview. Those who even today become infatuated with Russia and skip the Archipelago are like the “monocausalists” that don’t want to study the French Revolution, or like the Christians who don’t want to read the secular studies on the New Testament.

      Do a favor to yourself. Read the abridged version of the Archipelago. (The complete 1,600 pages edition on the other hand is for scholars or for Russians.)

      • Yes sir, and keep up the good work.

        Just one question: Have you ever faced legal prosecution for being this truthful about the Jews and all their -ism’s?

      • No but I have underwent the soul-searching process that Solz talks about—elsewhere, not a prison but still a “forced initiation setting” so to speak.

  2. The featured article is indeed correct.

    As the “new world order” (although I hate that expression) tightens its grip, so also a new, global illusion of ‘differing’ views is created, as is the case on many national levels, like republicans & democrats in the USA.

    The “2 wings of the same bird” will argue about non-important issues, while completely ignoring, and thus marginalizing the core, race-related issues.

    Ps. Keep up the great job with this blog.

    • Thanks and yes: being hard on homos while pursuing the same ethno-suicidal policies of the West deceives only Russophile intellectuals, like Guillaume Faye and Michael O’Meara. Neither seems to have underwent a complete mind surgery & ascent of the soul as Solzhenitsyn and I did

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  4. It is unbeleavable, that, even though there are only about 100 jews in Iceland, I know they are going to conquer it sometime in the future.
    Is it not simbolic, that the first jew I knew of in Iceland is the wife of our pesident.

    • Wife of the president…

      This works because of the one-drop rule. We should declare a law in which children of Jewish men and Muslim women are considered to be Jews.

    • hmm… if Iceland and Russia are compromised, what country is left? Any Nordics?

  5. This is quite a good article on Putin and Russia.

    • I agree that Putin’s Russia is merely a reflection of America:

      -trash culture comprised of artless movies, rap music, and degenerate fashion
      -false, dunderheaded patriotism centered around jew-worship, the proposition state, and the heroism of “our boys”/”our comrades” who fought the “good war”/”Great Patriotic War”
      -Suppression of nationalism and aggressive enforcing of multiracialism

      That doesn’t mean the Ukrainian revolutionaries are the good guys. They are under the command of Jews, probably the descendants of the NKVD Jews who murdered their family members under Lenin and Stalin, and they have accepted money from State Department Jews. They have installed Jews to power in their own land, even an Israeli. It’s not hard to see that these Ukrainians are traitors and Jew-tools.

      I take neither side. Jews are doing what they love to do: getting Whites to kill one another while they benefit. Why is this so hard to see?

      • I’ve never sided any.

  6. I don’t know what is the situation in russia, but it seems putin is aware of what is going on and he is doing what he can to make opposition to the NATO power as we can see in the events going on in the middle east. Check you this video

    I don’t kow if the translation is correct, but looking at other Russian actions, it seems to be the least anti-white nation among the white nations.

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