Bye bye 1st Amendment

In his latest article Andrew Hamilton wrote: “I recently had the experience of accessing the Internet at a public library and being blocked from reading Counter-Currents—and my own work—because it constituted ‘Intolerance and Hate’.” He added that besides C-C the other pro-white blogsites that have been blocked from state-run facilities are “The Occidental Observer,, Vanguard News Network, The West’s Darkest Hour”—this very blog.

Later in his article Hamilton said that VDare is the only dissident website whose editor has asked readers to let him “know when they find VDARE.COM is blocked… With reader help, we have already identified four commercial filters that blocked us; all have backed off after receiving a lawyer’s letter.”

Alas, I cannot afford a lawyer. To boot, my Mac broke down a few days ago and I cannot afford to fix it either. (In the country where I am presently living fixing a broken Mac is like purchasing a brand-new computer.)

As visitors may appreciate, until my financial situation stabilizes The West’s Darkest Hour will take a break. But before I take my leave let me share a revelation.

Long before I became aware of racialist literature I had been interested in the snares of language. Since one of my purposes has been to translate back to Oldspeak our enemy’s Newspeak, I have always wondered what would a proper retro-translation of the word “racism” might be.

I’ve concluded that, just as “pagan” was coined in the 4th century to turn into a second-class citizen the adept of the pre-Christian Greco-Roman culture, for analogous reasons “racist” was coined in the century when we were born.

Retro-translated to Oldspeak “racist” simply means pro-Caucasoid people, or more accurately pro-Nordish people—pro-white for short. This is why “Anti-racist is a code-word for anti-white,” as the mantra crowd likes to say over the boards. But I much prefer a mantra defined in positive terms than one defined negatively:

“Racist is a code-word for pro-white.”

That is, those who advocate the pre-liberal, traditional Western culture for the white peoples of Europe, North America, Australia and New Zeeland.

Apparently the de facto rejection of the First Amendment that blocks this site and others from public facilities in the US means that in North America you won’t be able to be pro-white anymore.

Don’t forget to keep the best articles you see here (and on the addenda) in your hard-drives as a prophylactic measure of still more totalitarian times…

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  1. “Racist” is not a code-word for pro-black, pro-Asian (yellow) or pro-Hispanic (brown) precisely because it is a term used only against whites who want to reassert themselves. You will never hear the word “racist” directed against pro-black, pro-yellow or pro-brown civil associations, only for those associations that are pro-white.

    Racist is a code-word for pro-white.

    (See also the essay “What is Racism?” by Dr. William Pierce.)

  2. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:

    Wow! Well, not too surprising. I remember last spring of 2013 I was at the Target metroplex in WDC using my lap top with the free wireless in the cafe. I tried to access American Renaissance and could not do so because up popped some ‘blocker’ stating that Amren could not be accessed because it was designated as a hate site.

    Strange times we live in, but I have to say that Chechar has been very inspirational for me and hope that he returns to blogging. He is needed in the White Nationalism blogosphere.
    The West’s Darkest Hour has taught me that I must hate in order to survive as a white person. There is no other way. Thank you Chechar for this most important lesson. As my friend Aryan Goddess has noted ‘whites don’t hate enough.’ So true.

    I am making steps daily to reassert myself in a world out to destroy me. I have been called nasty, to which I replied ‘yes I am nasty. If I am being nasty for defending myself them so be it’.

    Hate is powerful and it is real. It can help you to survive by beheading those metaphorically who get in your path daily to destroy you.

    I as an Aryan female am the most hated species on the planet. My ancestry has been defiled and lied about. My brothers’ and sisters’ bodies, young and old, have been desecrated and disrespected and raped and maimed and murdered. I am well within my God given right to be hateful. I and my race have been scorned unjustly and hell hath no fury like a woman who has been scorned.

    Stay out of my path Multi Cult!

    • The West’s Darkest Hour has taught me that I must hate in order to survive as a white person.”

      What a quotable quote! I’ve just put it on the sidebar.

  3. I disagree slightly…

    Racist is code for “white supremacist.”

    So even when a non-white is called “racist,” the charge is still the non-white’s promotion of “white supremacist” values.

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