The Drink of Despair

I am writing this entry from a borrowed computer. It now looks like I’ll need some time to stabilize my financial situation, probably overseas, to the point of resuming my blogging.

Meanwhile I’d like to add something to what I had said in previous entries, that in order to understand our woes you must purchase and read a copy of Tom Goodrich’s Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany (1944-1947).

Readers of this book have complained a lot that a detailed account of the Allies’ atrocities committed during and after the Second World War—a true Holocaust of German victims—is too ghastly and painful to contemplate. The author himself told me that he died “a thousand deaths” while writing Hellstorm.

In his Archipelago Solzhenitsyn said that in prison you have to “eat a mountain” of pain to be able to metamorphose your soul instead of becoming mad, as other zeks became mad in the Gulag. He meant to go through the dark night of the soul all the way through the other side. Some passages of his book convey beautifully what I want to say here. However, since in these times very few young westerners have read Solzhenitsyn, I must find a metaphor to explain the same dilemma to a broader audience.

In the Harry Potter film when Dumbledore dies (a silly film but it makes my point), Dumbledore explains a mysterious potion, the Drink of Despair, to his pupil:
Harry: “You think the Horcrux is in there, sir?”

Dumbledore: “Oh yes. But how to reach it? This potion cannot be penetrated by hand… I can only conclude this potion is supposed to be drunk.”

Dumbledore drinks the potion to the point of experiencing extreme fear, delirium, and thirst but that was the only way to reach the Horcrux.

I would say the same about Hellstorm. If we are to find and destroy the Judeo-liberal Horcrux that presently is making our enemy invulnerable, there’s no other way but to endure the torment of reading Hellstorm from cover to cover.

You really got to drink that potion, and then talk with your pupil-friends about it, to understand the whys of the West’s darkest hour…


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  2. Talk with your pupil-friends indeed….. “when you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you” —F. Nietzsche. See yourself in that mirror, in your mind’s eye? You all are / We all are the problem / the solution.

    “And that shall be the beauty of it: for him who sees what needs to be done to be the same being who acts upon it.” —Pete Helmkamp

    This world drama is approaching its climax.

  3. I received a copy of Hellstorm today and am preparing to spend the weekend reading it. It’s not really how one would normally wish to spend their time I suppose but it’s something I feel compelled to do.

    • Be prepared for an experience as agonic as Dumbledore’s. But unlike that silly film if you read it all, you’ll become an Übermensch compared to the average white nationalist who hasn’t heard the maxim: “No spiritual pain, no spiritual gain.”

  4. I finished Hellstorm last night, and as Chechar pointed out, it is something that causes overwhelming despair and pain to the soul, but I knew from experience that if I pushed through it, pain is the spiritual fire of awakening and being reborn as the Phoenix.

    In short, pain is good. In pain, all things enter this world, in pain all things depart.

    Today, brainwashed liberal Whites live in a fantasy, but it will only take the pain of just one of their loved ones being culturally enriched by the facts of life, or, pain, to wake their ass up.

    I would like to thank Chechar for recommending the book, and I will say, no White Nationalist can claim they are serious without reading it, and knowing the reality of what happened. How can we have a clue if we are blind to the past and hence where we now stand. If you don’t know where your people have been, then you are flotsam and jetsam on the current, the jew current, of where your people will go. Hellstorm is the compass; it will wake you up. I thought I saw clearly, now I know I was wrong.

    Hellstorm was perhaps the most difficult book I’ve ever read, but I always believed we must face reality, especially if it is bad. The only other book that was similarly difficult to read was the Protocols but that was in an evil way. Hellstorm lays bare the entire spectrum of the human experience, from incomparable valor, to cowardice and treachery, from little miracle acts of human kindness, to depravity straight out of the pits of hell. And for those who know who’s who, how the White race could be duped into fratricide on a global scale and how the Lion of Judah that is the Germans rose to defend the White Race, how a tiny nation of 70 million took on 53 countries, the fanatical courage and self-sacrifice, there’s just no words to describe it. How anybody could amuse themselves by going to the movies when all the movies in the world cannot compare to even 1% of the ecstasy and agony of reality, is beyond me.

    Everything, EVERYTHING we learned in school was a lie, either a deliberate malicious fabrication; I no longer say bold-faced lie, now I say jew-faced lie, or irrelevant tarradiddle fables. The White Race has to go back to its roots to survive, and to try to do so, or claim to do so and then IGNORE the most significant event in the history of the world, the greatest war, the greatest rape, and the most terrible “peace”, because it is uncomfortable? That is less than womanly, that is cowardly!

    One thing that struck me, reading of the eye witness testimonies of expulsions, rapes, tortures, robbery, mass murders, pogroms, after having read Might is Right, is that what happened during and after the war, was unique only in its scale, but otherwise war has ever been thus, there is nothing civilized about it. There is nothing civilized about it.

    The Germans had the strength to win at Stalingrad but their commander was a coward. My mother taught me even before I understood words “No surrender” and now having read Hellstorm, I know exactly why!

    No surrender. If you think there is nothing worse than death and life at any cost is worth it, then you are simply not an adult.

    At least twice in the book I could not control the tears, which under normal conditions would be embarrassing, especially considering how I was taught by my mother and my wife that men shed blood, not tears. Parts of the book need to be read more than once; the first time you gloss over it, it is all just academic, removed, conjecture, but when you read it a second time, slowly, understand it, put yourself there, the lengths people went through to help each other, it makes you physically shake, how did these people go through it… The tortures were worse than anything Eli Roth could dream up. It is important White Nationalists read Hellstorm because to achieve victory, one must know the enemy. Most people, live in their Starbucks and Apple world, and have no idea the kinds of torture that jews work day and night to realize and live out their goretorium fantasies of having a “good” day.

    The peculiar psyche of each type of soldier, the Yankee GI, the Mississippi boys, the Tommy, the miscegenated and feckless lack of sap that the descendents of Gaul have become—read Might is Right to understand why—, the Popover, the Ivan, the Mongol, the Asiatic, the Jew, the Polk, the Check, the Landser, is fully revealed. Christ, even 10 year-old boys in Berlin had more spine than almost all White “men” today.

    Nothing surprises the student of history as history repeats itself for those who fail to learn from it. And it’s not even ancient paleo-history, its only 80 years ago, your grandfather’s time. Churchill, Stalin, Arthur Harris, Morgenthau, Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Hoover: these are no longer names but curses synonymous of liar, traitor, fork-tongued deceiver, child murderer, burnt offerings mass murder genocide and evil. You think you know Holocaust? You don’t. You think you know the Jew? You don’t. Read Hellstorm and the eye witnesses at Dresden, then you will know what a burnt offering or holocaust to Molech is, and then you will know the chutzpah of the devil’s progeny.

    All men who study arms and war, like Patton and the patriotards in America today, are fools if they only know how to fight and how to kill but not who to kill. To know weapons and tactics is not hard, but to stare into the abyss of evil is mind boggling.

    “I love the valiant; but it is not enough to wield a broadsword, one must also know against whom.” ―Friedrich Nietzsche

    A few things Hellstorm fails to mention, Churchill Stalin and Roosevelt: all three were jews, and Patton was later assassinated by a jew under orders of another jew, wild Bill Donovan. This can be easily found through a search.

    When World War 3 comes, those who have read Hellstorm will be ready, those who have not will be unfit to survive.

    • Well done brother! It was precisely to invite visitors to go through what you have just experienced what moved me to put this entry at the top of this site while I take my leave from blogging.

  5. Reading Hellstorm was, indeed, pretty brutal. Agonizing, actually. But highly necessary.

    I don’t think I would have been able to take my awareness (the severity) of our current world situation were it not for reading Hellstorm. I was able to more fully understand what I read immediately after Hellstorm; and it’s what I would recommend to you, Chechar, and the other readers of your blog: The Enemy of Europe by Frances Parker Yockey.

  6. Even the reviews I have read are eye-opening. I prepare for something even more terrible than breaking up with a woman – losing millions of loved ones again and again in my nightmares, if I can even sleep after reconjure the stories of Hellstorm in my daydreams. Come back soon, Chechar. Our movement would have already succeeded if there were more of you.

    • Thank you. I’ll still be commenting in the WDH’s threads (virtually all threads are still open to commenters), even before I manage to escape this 3rd world metropolis.

  7. I was going to try reading Hellstorm, but just by reading the prologue, I got so infuriated, so angry…

    That book seems to be the most outrageous piece of literature, just to imagine the crimes of those filthy Jews from America and the Soviet Union makes me want to kill every and each one of them, I know I am wrong for wishing to kill them all, but I am sure that anyone who has read Hellstorm probably does not think of otherwise.

    • Not just a sip! Drink it from cover to cover if you are to find the powerful, magical object that is making the enemy invincible. Once you do it you will be enormously empowered by hate—the abyssal hate that will make the enemy tremble in the coming ethno-wars.

      And don’t worry. I also want to kill ’em all. See the quotation of the Turner Diaries below this entry.

  8. ASUS netbooks (EeePC) cost about $300 last time I checked. They can run OpenOffice or anything of comparable complexity. A little bit slow sometimes, but very serviceable.

    I’m not familiar with Apple products so I don’t know if there’s an equivalent for them.

    • But my broken Mac is not the point. The point is that I must plan leaving this increasingly dangerous 3rd world city—yesterday my mother was about to be assaulted inside (!) an Office Depot store when an employee prevented that—before it’s too late.

  9. I’m half way through this book. I’ve had for three months and just got enough courage to start reading it, thanks to this blog..
    It never lets up, page after horrible page. I feel I owe it to the real victims of this jewish massacre to read their story.

    I know you have a different opinion on the jew death toll. However, when put in contrast to the millions of non-jews killed by the allies, it makes the 6million that we are lied to about, just seem like it wasn’t enough of them died. Too bad it wasn’t the elite jews that were rounded up and deported. Also makes you wish Hitler was a little less civil in his treatment of them(jews) and the allied POW’s

    It really puts you right there with them, when the bombs hit and the rapes and murder begins. It is must read.

  10. Sorry to keep spamming on about this book.

    I have finished this book today. I do not think I have cried or have had so many tears run down face in my life. A lifetime of tears will overcome you when reading this book.

    The horror the Germans faced is staggering. To be forced to witness your Mother, Wife or Daughter being raped and defiled in front of you, is almost too much to comprehend. Mother’s carrying their dead children, their children’s heads being crushed into walls in front of them.
    Being burned into one corpse. All this and more is what your in for.

    The hypocrisy and lies the Allies have told you in school and the fools who just parrot them. Is sadly depressing. To think most think and live by the slogan “they (Germans) got what they deserved” Is a horrible testament to the power of propaganda.

    Also to think most of those American Boys have ancestry to those Germans and through the power of propaganda found it just to kill them all. Nobody stood up, that sorry old excuse “just following orders”. To me, doesn’t cut it.

    If you are not aware of the JP, this book will open your eyes. This book is not for lightweights, it is VERY heavy and an emotional journey. To think more Germans died in the time of “peace” than the actual war is an amazing and sadly unknown fact.

    My family fought for the Fuhrer, some died for Him. It is sad to admit that some of the “De-Nazification” worked. I see and argue against it. But I feel those that survived WWII, just find it easier to cope with what was done to Germany and their Volk, to admit Hitler was drunk with power and Germany deserved it. They possibly are afraid to be Proud Germans and Aryans…who knows???

    I do know the wrong people won that war. Had Hitler won, we could probably speculate rather convincingly that the state of affairs for America and Europeans would be greatly different.

    The real victims story MUST be read. YOU owe it them to read their story. At least that is how I got through the book. If this happened to me and someone like Mr. Goodrich took on the challenge of writing it. I would hope someone else aware of the problems we are facing, would have the guts and courage to read it.

    Thanks for letting me get this out, chechar. Without this blog I would have put off reading this book for who knows how long.

    • Chris Jankyj: Your comment is everything but “spamming” brother. Thank you for drinking the whole potion…! It also meant a huge emotional journey to me.

      Now you have joined the club of the Übermenschen: soul-builders (just compare us with the Judaized and narcissistic “body-builders”) by means of sharing part of the German suffering…

  11. I’ve missed your writing. It is so clear and full of strength. Could you post a link to your first WDH post? I would like to read the blog from beginning to present. Thanks, I hope all is well with you.

    • These—:

      —are the first eight articles of the present incarnation of The West’s Darkest Hour. Reading or even leafing thru 1,189 entries is a daunting task but I am flattered by your interest.

      You could also wait for a month or so until I finish editing a collection of the most didactic articles in this blog that I plan to put in printed form (by means of a print-on-delivery press of course). I will also make a PDF of such collection available for free in my next blog entry.

      If you can’t wait I’d recommend starting with the articles linked on the sidebar.

      By the way, are you the same Yggdrasil that edits TOQ?


      • Thanks! I am not the same Yggdrasil as at TOQ, just someone who has been reading for 1 year and has been inspired and awakened by your blog.

        I’ll be reading through, and I hope you start writing again soon. I hope you are close to getting out of Mexico… world events seem to be coming to a head.

  12. Good Luck with assembling your PDF Chechar. Dies Irae is THE answer to the Hellstorm of the hypocritical, lying (truly dark) Dark Forces of white traitors and jews.

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