Why I am not a neonazi

Virtually all white males have been brainwashed about what really happened in the Second World War. To boot, they have been feminized. Characterologically they are basically the antipodes of the Spartans, the Vikings or Himmler’s SS men. Even white nationalists are reluctant to repudiate the conquests of “feminism,” and by this I don’t only have in mind allowing women to vote (keep in mind the last paragraphs of Yockey’s essay), but allowing their “right” to inherit wealth or property (also keep in mind what we said about Austen’s novels and the causes of Greco-Roman decline in Pierce’s long text).

The humiliating empowerment of white women throughout the West is directly proportionate to the cretinization of white males. Now that I reproduced my translations about the prime example of polar Yang in Aryan history, Sparta, I would like to qualify that what we need is Aristotle’s proverbial golden mean. Sparta produced the best soldiers in world history but perished because it ignored what we now know: that enslaving non-whites is fatal in the long run. What we need is the Hegelian synthesis between yang Sparta and yin Athens: a sort of modern Rome. That is exactly what National Socialism was all about. Inspired in Rome, and let us remember the virile Roman salute, the Third Reich incorporated and eliminated—Hegel’s aufheben—the contradictions in both extremes: it was highly cultured as well as a tough military state.

I consider myself a spiritual inheritor of the Nationalist Socialist legacy. But I reject neonazism. Why?

Because neonazis are basically white nationalists plus Nazi paraphernalia. We have already seen that, unlike the NS men, these groups love degenerate music, Judaized Hollywood and non-reproductive sex. Many of these décadents are also anti-Nordicists who would dismiss the command cited in the very first lesson of Stellrecht’s Faith and Action already quoted in previous pages: “But if your blood has traits that will make your children unhappy and burdens to the state, then you have the heroic duty to be the last.”

The surreal thing is that even the pure Aryans hate Nordicism. Conversely what I love about Himmler is that, precisely because he was not handsome, he admired the hyper-Nordics of a Norwegian town he visited and harbored the thought that its people could become a paradigm for the Reich. Remember Stubb’s words about white nationalists:

Not only does it [Nordicism in general and National Socialism in particular] retrigger all the anti-racist conditioning they thought they’d gotten rid of, but it makes them ask “where does it end?” “At what point can we finally stop paying attention to each others genetic (and non-genetic) flaws?”

The answer is that it doesn’t end: that all life is struggle and hierarchy and that the Aryan race will never be perfected nor entirely freed from threats. But that’s not what they want to hear. Pierce made eugenics the core of his religious outlook as a means of protecting the eugenically-selecting society. But I see little concern for the subject among modern white nationalists. Can you imagine a racial state with a comprehensive eugenic policy which didn’t consider the reversal of mongrelization to be a major objective? [Stellrecht’s “heroic” advice] That it wouldn’t make its population look more like Swedes and less like Sicilians, as time goes on? It’s hard to do so, which is why I believe “anti-Nordicism” in white nationalism has, among other things, shut down much of the discussion on the subject.

On September 2013, in Harold Covington’s Northwest Front blogsite, several commenters subscribed politically correctness by bashing Covington in order not to offend the feelings of contemporary Greeks. A saner Northwest Front commenter said, “Those among us who don’t have the ability to look at a picture of half-Turks and tell they’re not White weren’t ever going to amount to anything on behalf of the White race.” The other side, the “revolutionary” neonazis, ignored that DNA tests have even revealed nigger genes among quite a few of the Portuguese; and we have already seen El Greco’s painting of crossbreed Spaniards as well as Pierce’s statement that “a 5 percent decline in average IQ would cause our civilization to collapse,” which applies to Sicily and Greece even before the Turkish invasion.

This cowardly lack of recognition of the very Letter A in Indo-European studies is not the only thing that annoys me about the embryonic movement known as white nationalism. Over the internet boards I find it bothersome when typical neonazis demand that I dismiss the Holocaust stories as hoax; and that if I fail to do it my morals are beyond the pale.

As someone who has spent many years studying controversial subjects (the pseudoscience in both parapsychology and biological psychiatry), I know perfectly that you must spend at least a decade of your life trying to digest the scholarly literature of both sides of an academic debate. I am in my middle fifties now and don’t have the time nor the motivation to research the Holocaust claims and counter-claims. For me it is enough to point out that two former Holocaust revisionists, Mark Weber, the director of the Institute of Historical Review, and David Irving, our best historian of the Third Reich, have changed their minds over the years, both accepting now that a few millions of Jews probably died during the war. Irving’s forthcoming book on Herr Himmler quotes historical records proving that, even though the six-million figure is an invention, a couple of millions of Jews probably died as a result of harsh Nazi treatments.


David Irving in 2012

But I would like to go beyond Irving’s scruples. Rephrasing a passage of Peter Helmkamp in Controlled Burn, an Irish commenter stated in my blog: “The truth is that the glad stirrings of genocide lurk in the heart of every man, yet only the Nazis had the courage to acknowledge the truth.” Another commenter, a Swede, went even further:

What is certain is that the Holocaust would not have produced any debilitating psychological effect on non-Christian whites. (By Christianity I mean “Christian morality.” Most atheists in the West are still Christian, even if they don’t believe in God or Jesus.) Being emotionally affected by the Holocaust presupposes that you think:

1) Victims and losers have intrinsically more moral value than conquerors and winners
2) Killing is the most horrendous thing a human can do
3) Killing children and women is even more horrendous
4) Every human life has the same value

None of these statements ring true to a man who rejected Christian morality. In fact, even if the Holocaust happened, I would not pity the victims or sympathize with them. If you told the Vikings that they needed to accept Jews on their lands or give them gold coins because six million of them were exterminated in an obscure war, they would have laughed at you.

It must be comical for the Nietzscheans of the North that, unlike the monocausalism ubiquitously present in the neonazi and white nationalist movement, Himmler acknowledged other factors: “Our people’s thinking was misled by the forces of the Church, Liberalism, Bolshevism, and Jewry.” And let us never forget Hitler’s own words in one of his table talks: “The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity.” If neonazis were true Nazis and had transvalued Christian/Neo-Christian values they would be trying to demonstrate that Himmler’s Posen Speech in 1943 is genuine, not a hoax as they claim, and even find genocidal inspiration from the speech.

Of course: they will never do it because all of them are Neo-Christian pseudo-Nazis. Speaking with a little humor I would say that neonazis, white nationalists, and American southern nationalists subscribe what we may call the Harry Potter approach to the Jewish problem. Throughout those novels for children, the female author presents us a Harry who never uses “Avara Kadavra,” the killing spell against the bad guys; Harry only uses the disarming charm, “Expelliarmus.” But only in novels and movies for kids the good guys, who never are depicted as cold assassins, can win. In real life you have to make a transition to the dark side, to Himmler’s ways, to become a soldier.

I have read The Turner Diaries twice. When I read it for the first time, or rather listened the audio version with Pierce’s own voice, I was still struggling with the last remnants my Neo-Christian programming. I didn’t like the Breivik-like cruelties such as dispatching an entire group of pro-white warriors for not taking care of the Jewish problem in Toronto. And in the novel’s Day of the Rope I was troubled by the description that many innocent young whites also die. Then I read most of Covington’s Quintet and sensed a moral difference. Covington’s characters are not so bloodthirsty, not so genocidal exterminators. I could imagine myself doing the things in Covington’s novels but in the past some passages of the Diaries made me wonder…

But now that I have definitively left behind Christian axiology I can see that Pierce was ultimately right. As NS soldiers in the coming racial wars, altogether imbued in the martial qualities of gravitas and severitas, we must behave. The huge difference between the Quintet and the Diaries is that in Pierce’s world not only an ethno-state is born: in the final pages it is described that only the white race shall inherit the Earth. In Covington’s world that is dismissed because it would mean genocide on a scale not even performed by the Bolshevik Jews. But as Pierce said in Who We Are, already cited way above:

The hard lesson taught by the different results of the European colonization of North America, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, India, and southern Africa is that the only type of colonization with lasting significance is racial colonization; and that racial colonization can succeed only when Whites are willing and able to clear the land of non-White inhabitants and keep it clear.

This item of both Who We Are and the Diaries is so strong meat that I will elaborate on it only in Day of Wrath, and in the autobiographical books in Spanish that I’ll write after the completion of the present one.

Feminist quotas in the Northwest Front

Rockwell was assassinated in 1967; Pierce died of natural death, more than thirty years later. None of them were properly white nationalists. (“White nationalism” is a term introduced in the middle 1990s for the internet.) Their worldview was much closer to the thoroughgoing Yang reaction in National Socialism against the feminizing forces of degeneracy.

Presently in the American racialist scene Harold Covington, called “The Kid” in the times of Rockwell and Pierce, is considered the most radical (“Yang”) element as ideologically he is a revolutionary, not a mere reactionary. But Covington does not believe that millions of Jews died as a result of harsh treatment by the National Socialist Germans. Unlike us, he is stuck in Neo-Christian values. (I would dare to say that the stirrings of genocide should lurk in the heart of every transvalued white, which means accepting as grim necessity what seventy years ago happened to the subversive tribe.) In Covington’s quintet the purpose is not to reconquer the whole United States for the race, but to form an ethnostate within a few Northwestern states by means of secession; leaving the rest of the US territory to the blacks, mestizos, Jews, and white traitors. In fact, in Covington’s plan the nuclear weapons of mass destruction are left in the power of the federal government of the United States!

In thousands of pages the plots of Covington’s quintet—The Brigade, A Distant Thunder, A Mighty Fortress, The Hill of the Ravens and Freedom’s Sons—are situated in a balkanized, anti-white and dying America until freedom fighters create an independent White Republic in a corner of the territory. In 2010 I purchased copies of the first four novels of the saga and devoured them with uttermost interest (The Brigade particularly contains good advice as to how to conduct a racial war in the 21st century). While I felt uncomfortable that the last pages of A Mighty Fortress featured a female director of movies in the newly created Republic, I let it pass because National Socialist Germany also allowed the career of filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl. But Riefenstahl was the exception, not the rule. In NS Germany women were generally not allowed to carry out official functions: they were excluded from positions of responsibility.

In Covington’s saga the ethnostate is clearly depicted as a self-styled National Socialist state, even during the revolutionary period before the creation of the Republic (“‘You a Nazi, sir?’ ‘I am’”—page 278 of The Hill of the Ravens; “…a lot of us are outright Nazis”—page 74 of The Brigade). And I cannot agree more with what Covington said on page 53 of A Distant Thunder, “When a race of people loses its women, it loses everything.” (This, incidentally, is what moved me to reproduce a Maxfield Parrish illustration of an ethereal nymph on the cover of this book.) On pages 187-189 of the Ravens Covington even enumerates his “Ten Principles of National Socialism,” some of them cited below:

Be Honest. A National Socialist faces a fact whether he likes it or not. Dishonesty is the mark of the enemy, who has falsified man’s conception of life, past and present. National Socialism represents the truth of life in its purest form.

Be Faithful to your Race. No one must be allowed to spoil what nature created in eons of racial evolution. Your highest purpose in life must be to carry on that evolution toward a better, stronger more beautiful mankind. The purity of the highest race is basic requirement for ever-higher evolution.

Fight for your Race. Fight for the holy ideals of National Socialism, which is the heart of our great race.

Nothing is Impossible. Where there is a will, there is a way. Everything falls before the man of indomitable will. It is necessary for us to suffer many cruel sacrifices because we must harden ourselves for the most decisive struggle in history.

Reject Decadence. Everything must be judged in relation to the survival and improvement of your race. Anything and anyone who hinders either the existence of our race or its perfection must be rooted out and destroyed.

But Covington violated this last principle by playing rock music in some of his radio podcasts. Furthermore, in his last novel, the only one that I did not purchase (Covington kindly sent me a PDF draft), he makes huge concessions to runaway feminism. Page 16 of the draft he sent me states: “A number of Nationalist soldiers wearing NDF tiger-stripes—mostly female…” On pages 18-19 a feat is described about one of these female tigresses, and on page 38 it is stated that “The new government department consisted of 342 people plus himself, about evenly split between male and female.” The most offensive line in Freedom’s Sons is found on page 50 which contains a dialogue: “A lot of Christians and general Neanderthal male chauvinist type want to go back to an all-male army.”

I confess that as a potential revolutionary I used to listen Covington’s Radio Free Northwest shows, and loved his urgent plea to invite all conscious whites to move to the Northwest corner in preparation for the civil war. However, when Covington included the voices of a couple of women in his podcasts I completely lost interest…

More than a year passed and I learnt that one of these women betrayed Covington. She flipped sides to the point of becoming anti-white, and in her website she even disclosed what happens in some “Secret Nazi Meetings” attended by the supporters of Covington: male supporters who had indeed taken the trouble to move to the Northwest in preparation of Covington’s civil war.

The Old Man had violated his first principle, “Be Honest,” because a National Socialist honestly faces the biological fact that women are simply not interchangeable with men and that, in genuine NS, positions of responsibility belong to the Boys Only Club. Covington’s big tent may have won some female adepts for his cause, but in me he lost a real soldier.

* * *

White nationalism is only a stone at the middle of the rapid-flowing waters of a dangerous river; an over-the-water large stone that can help us in our endeavor to jump to the other side. I myself used that stone during my crossing from Christianity and Liberalism to National Socialism. In fact, I could even write down such a spiritual odyssey in a text that might be titled “From St Francis to Himmler.”

But even accepting my metaphor that the stone is not meant to be a permanent residence let me say that, on a very generous estimate, the contents of this book are incomplete. Its intellectual content must be balanced with another book about what happened before, during and after the Second World War: a book that will detonate an emotional bomb in the reader’s mind: Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944–1947 by Thomas Goodrich (reviewed way above).

Only after assimilating Hellstorm, together with the present book, will the reader be ready to take the final leap across the river.


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  2. Bravo.

  3. Yes, women do have an inherent right to inherit property from their fathers and husbands (or anyone else). If a woman has spent 40 years working on her husband’s farm, bearing children, doing farm-, yard- and house-work, and being faithful, you damn well better believe that if he leaves her penniless in his will – and this used to happen a lot, right here – then this is a crime against nature.

    And governments had a duty to make sure that a widow did not have to depend on others to live anywhere but under a bridge. I have heard of men, lots of them, who left their hardworking wives nothing, while giving their entire estate to charity or the church or their girlfriend. F**k that, Chechar. I know you have issues with mothers and wives but whatever happened to :

    “Be Honest. A National Socialist faces a fact whether he likes it or not.”

    That some women misuse their rightful and deserved inheritance is irrelevant. Men are famous for mis-spending, utterly wasting, their inheritances, too. A story as old as Time itself. The fact is, if it were not for women’s hard work (as I describe above, in part) these husbands would likely have come to nothing. Yes, indeed, behind every successful man there is a woman (or two) who made it possible. It may have been the wife, or it could have been a girlfriend or mother or female full-time servant. But you can bet your life – there was probably a woman there. The only exception is homosexuals, and they were likely supported (psychologically, at least) by a feminine boyfriend.

    I am sorry for your travails.

    • P&P TV series

      Sorry but as a true enamored of Jane Austen’s England, where women were not allowed to inherit, I stick to what I wrote.

      There is a Sanskrit saying: “From the corruption of women… all evils follow”:




      pride-and-prejudice 2005 film

      The fact is that when many women start to inherit wealth the first thing they do is to close what the German-Scandinavians called vagina gentium, the womb of white nations.

      If our civilization is under the grip of liberal mores, especially the belief that non-discrimination on race and gender is the highest moral value, when values are transvaluated back to Austen mores our women will be having six or more kids.

      The vagina gentium must be reopened, whether our spoiled women like it or not. Mammon only corrupts them…

      • Amen! Women are subordinate to men.


      • Someone told me that women use freedom only for hedonism.

        Only men have the agency necessary to achieve ideals, women’s natural state is toward depravity. Once again, only a man can arrest that pull downwards.

        We must own our women, otherwise we have no control over them. And if they sink then so do we. Better to go Taliban on them than let the feminist jews beguile them.

    • “Yes, women do have an inherent right to inherit property from their fathers and husbands (or anyone else).”

      No they don’t, see below.

      “If a woman has spent 40 years working on her husband’s farm, bearing children, doing farm-, yard- and house-work, and being faithful, you damn well better believe that if he leaves her penniless in his will – and this used to happen a lot, right here – then this is a crime against nature.”

      No woman is going to be doing that. Chances are she’s in the kitchen, while the husband is out doing the hardest job. Thus it’s his farm, and if he dies, then it would be foolish to leave such an estate to a woman. Better to give it to his son or brother—i.e. a responsible party.

      “And governments had a duty…”

      Now I know you’re a chic, this characteristic abdication of responsibility signifies that much. The only real government that exists for a woman is the governance of male authority. And it is only ever a duty so far as it is reciprocated by female submission.

      “That some women misuse their rightful and deserved inheritance is irrelevant. Men are famous for mis-spending, utterly wasting, their inheritances, too.”

      Women are more famous for this than men. 80% of the inanity of consumer culture is after all, aimed at women.

      “The fact is, if it were not for women’s hard work (as I describe above, in part) these husbands would likely have come to nothing.”

      What a terribly narcissistic statement to make considering it is men who invented and built essentially everything a woman needs for survival. Men make the hardest sacrifices, history reveals that much.

      “Yes, indeed, behind every successful man there is a woman (or two) who made it possible.”

      Keep the feminist nonsense to yourself. Behind every successful man is a woman… in the kitchen.

      “I am sorry for your travails.”

      I’m sorry I had to endure your stupidity, woman.

  4. Thank you for your kind comments, Chechar, they’re much appreciated. Good to see you back.

    • You’re welcome!

      I’m “back” only to make my book available, probably later this month. But as long as I cannot escape the disintegrating Mexico City I’ll be in trouble…

  5. “The following are some of the last pages of my forthcoming book, The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. I will include a PDF of the whole book in my next blog entry.”

    Sounds good. I’ll certainly download it once it’s available.

  6. Would you have a link for us to follow and read more about Covington’s problems with this female race-traitor?

    • Of course. The above entry has zero links because it’s just plain text for the book destined to the printed press (probably thru Lulu). The name of the traitorous woman is Axis Sally, and here’s the link to her degenerate website:


      • I had not read the thread of that bitch (and now I have removed the Federal claim from the entry) but now I’ve read a few comments. What about this one from the bitch herself:

        Crap, I just listened and I didn’t realize I left in all that crap from Harold.

        No Franklin, Harold didn’t know I made it up [the Fed claim]. He bought it. He was fooled by a girl, the same one who dated blacks and Jews while taking a salary from him. There’s your Aryan masterpiece.

  7. What was the status of women in N.S. Germany?

    • Take a look at this article—:


      —but handle it with care! It’s from the anti-white Wikipedia.

    • There is some insight into the Nazi regime’s position on women found in Albert Speer’s autobiography. As the minister of armaments, Speer consistently pushed to allow women to work in factories to increase production. Each time he proposed it, there was severe resistance by the rest of the Nazi High Command, including Hitler himself.

  8. Why did women want the right to vote? They thought it would bring them power over men. Why did men give them the right? They thought they would gain power over women who vote.

    The only way people can come together in a democracy is when everyone thinks they have something to gain. In the end, they are usually just sacrificing the future for the present.

  9. Great entry, Chechar! I love the quote from Faith and Action. I, as a non-Aryan, decided long ago to be the last of my line (although it would be gross self-flattery on my part to suggest that anything else would be possible). I hope that your book will help me to overcome the remnants of my Christian reflexes, the residue of my movement-conservative and WN environment.

    Still, even the National Socialists sought to Germanify Christianity, rather than to abolish it; I wonder if the Jew-led secularization of the West has presented Whites with an opportunity to break free of Christian ethics, or if the secular-Christian problem is worse than the original Christian problem. I absolutely love Panina’s comment, and see an important role for revived Indo-European religions, as long as they promote an ethnonationalist, military ethos.

    • Still, even the National Socialists sought to Germanify Christianity, rather than to abolish it

      Only as PR for unprepared Volk… These are a couple of Hitler talks that you will also see in my printed book:

      July of 1941:

      When National Socialism has ruled long enough, it will no longer be possible to conceive of a form of life different from ours. In the long run, National Socialism and religion will no longer be able to exist together.

      (On a question from C. S., whether this antagonism might mean a war, the Führer continued:)

      No, it does not mean a war. The ideal solution would be to leave the religions to devour themselves, without persecutions. But in that case we must not replace the Church by something equivalent. That would be terrifying! It goes without saying that the whole thing needs a lot of thought. Everything will occur in due time. It is a simple question of honesty, that’s what it will finally boil down to.

      14th October 1941, midday

      With Special Guest: Reichsfuehrer Himmler

      The best thing is to let Christianity die a natural death….

      14th December 1941, midday

      Special Guests: Rosenberg, Bouhler, Himmler

      Kerrl, with the noblest of intentions, wanted to attempt a synthesis between National Socialism and Christianity. I don’t believe the thing’s possible (my emphasis), and I see the obstacle in Christianity itself.

      • Fascinating! Thank you! :)

        Now I can see why my paleoconservative Catholic friend hates Hitler so much, and why he only recently noticed that Vatican II and the contemporary Roman Catholic Church are awful. Some people will never learn…

  10. Good post, but how are Aryans supposed to form a National Socialist government when Israel has hundreds of nukes pointed at European capitals just itching for any excuse to launch them and finally exterminate us?

    • That’s an easy one. Israel is so tiny that any future White Republic / Islam coalition (now that more Muslim countries are joining the nuclear club) would accept some causalities in our/their countries because the other side would be so easily wiped out. And if they dare to fire their nukes that would only endanger the remaining Jews dispersed in the Diaspora.

      It is a win-win situation.

      • I’m very interested in your idea of a White Republic/Islam coalition. To me, it initially sounded optimistic, since I’d been led by the likes of Robert Spencer to believe that the Moslems make friends with non-Moslems only to convert us. But, then again, the Vikings always did business with the Moslems, and the Third Reich was very popular with Arabs. So why not?! Thanks for setting me straight! :)

      • Not sure that I understand. What makes you think Israel would be wiped out? It would be a completely one-sided affair.

        A NS government comes to power in Europe. Israel responds by launching a massive nuclear strike of that lone nation.

        Who responds to Israel? The US? Obviously not; hell, the US might just launch a few nukes of its own at that NS nation once they see Israel do it.

        So who else is there to wipe out Israel in retaliation? France wouldn’t. The UK wouldn’t. Russia would probably sit it out and laugh as the West is destroyed. No other European nations have nukes to begin with.

        Help me out with this quagmire.

        If a NS government comes to power in a nuclear state it might be different. But Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc. have no nukes and no way to defend themselves from Israeli attacks.

      • If an unprovoked, un-attacked Israel nukes a Western nation, that could help the cause of a general white awakening elsewhere in the West and the Muslim world. In that scenario Israel would have to try a preemptive strike on its Muslim neighbors who are about to join the Atomic Club. Israel would not last long after those bold moves, certainly not after the coming collapse of the dollar works in our favor:


        After the dollar crash the US will be so broke that won’t be able to help Israel for the first time since 1947.

      • And where do you think China will come into all of this? (Not to mention North Korea, Japan). What about the prospect of a China-Israel alliance? China is communist after all, and Israel does sell American military secrets to it.

  11. “One must strive with burning heart toward the ideal of hardness.” H. Stellrecht

    And so we shall. Great work brother.

  12. Welcome back! I’m looking forward to your book.

  13. Thanks for the mention Chechar. I should have added about the “glad stirrings of genocide” that this urge in man should be properly directed via an Ideology i.e. National Socialism, not just aimless and selfish i.e. Genghis Khan.

    I’ve come to regard the jews as a people honest with themselves in that they acknowledge the base drives of man. That is why they are or have been winning, and that is how they can exterminate us goyim without flinching.

    National Socialism, or Adolf Hitler sought to bring the White Man back to acknowledging his base drives as in pagan times, but for Creative ends—not destructive ends like the jews have. Therefore National Socialism is like a religious worldview that says “be honest with yourself!” For most goyim that is hard indeed.

  14. “If an unprovoked, un-attacked Israel nukes a Western nation, that could help the cause of a general white awakening elsewhere in the West and the Muslim world. In that scenario Israel would have to try a preemptive strike on its Muslim neighbors who are about to join the Atomic Club. Israel would not last long after those bold moves, certainly not after the coming collapse of the dollar works in our favor:”

    Sorry but this is completely unrealistic. If Israel nukes a White nation, no one would do anything. The Jews who run all the other Western nations would brainwash the people into thinking that the nuking was justified to prevent another Adolf Hitler/World War/whatever. Also, the Muslim countries are completely incompetent; they’re not going to have any nuclear capabilities any time soon.

    National Socialism has to come to power in either the US or Russia, which are strong nuclear powers, to prevent any aggression from Israel. Any small European nation with a NS government would be a sitting duck for nuclear attacks or assassinations from Mossad.

    • The Roman Empire started to collapse on the periphery. Similarly, Americanism will start to collapse in small Western nations like Greece under Golden Dawn (and after GD someone like Geert Wilders in Holland?—a domino effect). It is unlikely that Israel nukes Greece and more unlikely that it nukes Holland with someone like Wilders on charge. The erosion will be gradual. No overt NS governments in the West in the beginning.

      At any event Israel will lose big time after the collapse of the dollar. Do watch the 5 videos I linked in my previous reply. Although Maloney is a liberal, he got his economics exactly right. The convergence of catastrophes will start sooner than expected.

      • I’m not sure if there will ever be a collapse of America or the dollar. Don’t underestimate the jewish ability to keep America going as a zombie nation, a thing without a soul, whose only basic function is to gobble up other nations.

        As for Israel, obviously it must be annihilated. That’s easier said than done. One thing we’d have to do is develop ways to shoot down Israeli nuclear missiles so we can render their Samson Option harmless. Once that’s done, then we can talk about obliterating it for good.

      • You are not sure because you simply have not studied the subject. Start taking Maloney’s course and then pay attention to the debates where orthodox economists try to rebut what people like Peter Schiff say. It is in those debates where non-economists can form an educated guess of who’s wrong.

        One of the reasons I collected entries in my coming book is that I don’t believe that Jews are hypnotizing us. It’s the economy over race policies since time immemorial (and Christianity) what is behind Western degeneracy. Pay attention to Tomislav Sunic: “Never over-estimate the enemy”. Tom pronounced those words in a WN meeting having in mind the kikes.

        For European intellectuals it’s obvious that it’s us, not them, our main Enemy.

    • You’re [Hadrian] not being realistic either. Israel might be able to nuke one small European country without being annihilated in turn, but doing so would completely and permanently change the attitude of the world towards Israel.

      Jewish propaganda is powerful, but it’s not all powerful. It works because it finds pre-existing weak points and pushes us to embrace those weaknesses instead of resisting them.

      On the other hand, they can probably assassinate as many Nazis as they want without getting into any trouble at all.

      • The world’s attitude towards Israel is already mostly negative, but that doesn’t change anything, does it? Israel still does what it wants because of its unyielding “American” support and its vast nuclear arsenal. Popular opinion counts for nothing.

        Kike propaganda doesn’t have to be all-powerful, it just needs to work. And it does work. It’s worked for centuries now. This vile semitic race has been trying to destroy us for 2,000 years; it’s amazing to me why we as Aryans didn’t just wipe them out centuries ago, when we had the chance. Why didn’t we? Was it our bullshit Christian moralism? Or is it something deeper? Are Aryans simply weak, feminine people by nature?

        All that aside, the West must develop a defense strategy to counter the Samson Option and any nuclear threat from the kikes. In doing so we’d not only be defending our race, but the entire planet as well, because we can be sure that Israel has enough nukes to drive all life on earth to extinction, which is probably what they secretly desire.

      • Was it our bullshit Christian moralism? Or is it something deeper? Are Aryans simply weak, feminine people by nature?

        It’s even more complex than Christian values. It’s the One Ring: Gold over Blood. (That’s why I insist so much in the coming financial collapse.) Just one example: see how the American conservatives of the 1950s, who also worshiped Mammon, treated Commander Rockwell (post on the Addenda).

    • The Zionist Entity wouldn’t nuke a Nazi country. NATO would level it with conventional weaponry. Anything NATO can’t level with conventional weaponry is a nuclear power. If NATO (or the USA acting alone) refused to attack it the Jews would sit back and fume.

      If the Jews don’t have enough clout to convince the US to firebomb someone they don’t have enough clout to fire nuclear missiles into Europe. Trade sanctions alone would destroy TZE, Russia and China would force them if NATO wasn’t willing to.

      The Samson Option doesn’t involve blowing up Nazi Greece and surviving, it involves randomly firing nukes at major cities (Rome, Paris, Mecca, Tehran, etc) while dying. (In Israelite myth Samson collapsed a building on himself, killing everyone underneath.)

      The Samson Option serves two purposes: First, it’s meant to scare the liberal bourgeois into not letting TZE die. Second, it’s to try and convince the Jewish diaspora that if they abandon their homeland they’ll be pogrom’d (which is probably true).

      I don’t care if Paris blows up or the Jews all get lynched, so it’s kind of a non-issue to me.

      • “I don’t care if Paris blows up or the Jews all get lynched, so it’s kind of a non-issue to me.”

        If Israel nukes the major cities of the world, the entire globe will be irradiated and all life will die. That’s why it’s important that the rest of the world develop technology to neutralize Israel’s Samson Option.

      • I don’t believe that. Cold War exaggeration. Chernobyl is doing just dandy.

      • Let it be known: The real fight is in your head, as you are being held hostage purely by an idea, yet another mental fiction.

    • Maybe we should create a stateless actor, on the pattern of Al-Qaida, instead of formally capture the state in a localized country.


    • Joe from Sacramento (“Foghorn”):

      If you want to comment here you must quit using sock-puppets (stick e.g., to the Foghorn penname). I can tolerate a little irony but outright offences, as you have tried to post before, means banning.

      Today for example I quit forever on commenting at VNN because a troll insulted me in a thread that discusses precisely my ideas in the above entry. Don’t follow his example.


      Incidentally, since I promised not commenting again at VNN I cannot respond there to what a non-troll commenter said to me discussing anti-Nordicism:

      This “Iberian” doesn’t belong to the Iberian race because he is a gypsy.

      The VNN commenter is wrong. It’s not gypsy but a Portuguese (remember that some Portuguese have Negro blood, as I’ve explained in this blog).

      Sorry to burst your bubble but you aren’t a National Socialist.

      The VNN commenter is wrong again. I never said that I am a NS man. In the above entry I wrote that National Socialism inspired me, and that I feel like a heir of NS, which is not the same thing

  16. The most important thing you touched on is the REJECTION of any form of MORAL AUTHORITY outside of oneself. There’s NO ‘RIGHT’ and ‘WRONG’ in the perspective of the universe.

    A HIGHER MAN, when confronted with any kind of existential question (“why do you do what you do, and want what you want?”), will simply answer “BECAUSE I CHOOSE TO”. He will NOT seek to JUSTIFY his thoughts, deeds or opînions with anything outside of himself. Obviously, he will have rational reasons for his choice, but he won’t feel obliged to voice them in order to be ‘LEGITIMATE’.

    I therefore strongly agree with you on the subject of the Holocaust. 99% of the ‘NS enthousiasts’ depart from the following paradigm:

    – Premise A: Hitler was ‘good’
    – Premise B: Killing/genocide is ‘bad’/’evil’
    – Conclusion: Hitler couldn’t kill the Jews

    Similarily to you, I really don’t care how many Jews/Communists were murdered, in what way etc. What counts is the rationale behind it, and whether I myself would find such actions desirable or not (again, without being bound by some silly notions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’).

    • Yes: and it is a pity that Linder allows so many trolling in his forum because yesterday Sam Emerson said something similar at VNN:

      Originally Posted by Cesar Tort:

      I am afraid that, as I have done at MR and OD (and precisely because of the same reasons: unnecessary insults by neurotic trolls) I won’t comment again here unless rules are implemented to ban trolls.

      Too bad, because no one ever got around to discussing your ideas on a post-Christian moral/ethical/cultural approach to white self preservation, which I thought was the most interesting and radical part.

      Of the above entry, Emerson meant.

    • Many of us may have the wrong attitude towards “the holocaust” when it comes to the moral aspect of it, but at the end of the day, “the holocaust” is still mostly just jewish bullshit. They do what they always do, they took their own crimes (mostly in the USSR) and projected them onto Aryans, turning themselves into victims. In their own minds, it absolves them of guilt and perpetuates the notion of the “evil goyim.”

      If, however, a “holocaust” did happen during WWII (again, not likely), it was completely justified from our perspective.

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  18. What can be said, aside from “bravo” and other congratulatory expressions? Excellent material, sir!

    • Thank you for your kind words. Yours are some of the comments that over the threads I value the most.

  19. I am so glad to see you writing again.

    The oasis has water once again.

    In the mean time I’ve been hanging out at Daily Stormer. Which is ok, except for the insipid Christianity.

    I’m glad you’re smarter than that. I can’t wait for your book. I figured this was it for you, so I planned on raiding this place of your best articles and assembling them into my own PDF book. But it looks like you are way ahead of me.

    Glad you’re back.

    • Thank you. The real reason behind my collecting of the most comprehensive articles under a single cover/pdf is a prophylactic measure against the coming censorship of the internet (that I believe will happen after a hyperinflated dollar messes the economy worldwide). A pdf in your hard disk to share with your friends cannot be censored though. Make sure to save it once available.

      Editing all articles is taking longer than expected but I believe the book will be ready next month.

  20. Let’s all give blow jobs to Nordics!

    For fuck’s sake Chechar, get off your knees. We don’t need your fetish.

    • No arguments; only a rant.

  21. Jesus Christ man, I’m trying to wade my way through this ejaculation and I can’t help but think “Who has the time to write in bad spic prose adulating Nordics?”

    Get a job. Go push a kike down some stairs. Throw a rock through a bus full of wetbacks. Do something worthwhile.

    • Last e-mail you sent me you had said that you’d never bother again commenting here. Promises…

      • I’ll do you a favour then and make a comprehensive reply at my blog.

        Your nihilism is grating.

      • Pat Hannagan says about Chechar: “Your nihilism is grating.”

        Pat, if you’re serious about writing a Chechar critique at your blog, where is your blog?

        You don’t give a link, and a quick google search on “Pat Hannagan” doesn’t find it.

        I have my own criticisms of Chechar, including but not limited to his clinging to a harmful Christian morality which includes treating sex as something evil only for procreation, instead of seeing it as an evolved positive reward of nature that is there to encourage procreation, but doesn’t require procreation.

      • Kurt,

        his clinging to a harmful Christian morality

        You are hallucinating. See the chapter on sex in Sparta that I translated:



        I won’t bother to read it (you just tagged me as something I am not, “nihilist”).

  22. You are a sexist, racist, xenophobic monster. I usually don’t judge people that quickly but really?! There are people like you that exist??? This world just started to seem a little more scary. All that anti-Semitism, that sexism. I really, really hope I misunderstood you, and apologize for my earlier comments if I did, but… crazy white supremacy.

    • Thanks for saying that you are a kike (most kikes who rant here omit that little piece of info…).

  23. listening to the posen speech now chechar very inspiring stuff.we need a man like himmler but a touch more precise in his mass murder so we do not lose the gain.

    • I am planning to do that in a book I will write in Spanish (a continuation to my Hojas Susurrantes). It is autobiographical though, altogether different from most of the stuff here at WDH.

  24. I don’t know about Nazis and neo-Nazis, but I do know why I’m NOT a chechar-mite groupie. That’s cause Chechar NEVER mentions Franco—the most successful of The Three.

    Which is very odd, as Chechar is Spanish himself, yet NEVER mentions THE most successful of The Three—Franco—who also happened to be a Spaniard. AND a very successful Spaniard at that.

    Very odd that the Spanish Chechar would blot-out of his Chechar memory the Most Successful of The Three—and a fellow Spaniard too boot—out of his Chechar Spaniard memory. AND Spanish Chechar knows so very much about Spanish history, Yet NEVER mentions Franco, the central figure in 20th century Spanish history. Very odd, very odd to say the very least.

    Why you no NEVER mention your fellow Spaniard Franco, The Most Successful Of The Three, checharito?

      • Thank you, Chechar. It took me awhile to get through the nacionalismocriollo piece with my High School Spanish, but I did okay.

        The more Franco articles, the better. That’s what I always say. He was always my favorite of The Three. Hitler made too many egregious errors in tactics and strategy, and Mussolini was a total loser. Except of course, he “made the trains run on time”. The thing is : Italian trains always ran on time, until WW1, that is. A lot of railroad tracks in Italy were destroyed during WW1.

        The tracks would have been replaced Mussolini or not, and the trains would have eventually run on time again, Mussolini or no Mussolini.

        I still can’t figure out why Hitler made an alliance with the Italians. That’s yet another one of Hitler’s egregious errors in tactics and strategies.

        I find it very difficult to call a leader who makes so many egregious errors in tactics and strategy as “great”. It’s not hindsight either. Lots of German generals saw the errors Hitler was making. He wouldn’t listen to them. In fact, Hitler Executed them. Hitler Executed 84 patriotic ALL-WHITE German generals. Yet, Hitler never executed any of his Jew or his Mohammedan commanders. Funny that.

        Franco was the most intelligent, and the most truly patriotic, of The Three.

  25. You have articles that allude to the hellish gynocide that German women endured at the end of WWII and, in the same breath, say that it was a good thing that Hitler had kept them out of the munitions factories or in any real position to help the war effort.

    It is one of the major ironies of WNism that the same “Antisemites” totally buy into the Semitic concept of women as lesser beings than men, should not inherit their father’s estate if he has no sons, and should have no vested interest or stake in the continuation of the race and yelp with outrage whenever a woman race mixes or does not side with her White brothers.

    From lurking at your blog, I got the notion that you have some Spanish ancestry so how could you have forgotten that the most successful Pro-White endeavor against OJ, the Spanish Reconquista was only accomplished through the collaboration of a White man AND a White woman? It wasn’t a king and his f@#ktoy chambermaid who accomplished this feat; it was a king and a queen. Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabel of Castile.

    Whether you want to admit it or not, White women not only have a vested interest in the future well-being of the White race, but they also pay a more terrible price for failure than men. You need to beat that into the heads of not only unawakened White women but into your own thick skulls.

    The other mistake WNs make is getting too caught up in Shoah Business. I don’t see the point of denying the alleged Holocaust any more than I would any other historical event. They are all equally dubious to me seeing as history is always written by the victors until it is revised by their next agenda.

    Suffice it to say, Jews probably died during WWI and WWII in the same proportion as their European Gentile counterparts. Everybody living in Europe at the time was living in a war zone. Fatalities were inevitable. I think it is a shame if six million undocumented Jews died and I sympathize with any Jews who lost a loved one during that time, but as someone of European Gentile stock, I find the loss of approximately 75 million European Gentiles to be a worse tragedy.

    • I don’t have time to respond to each of your points except that you overlooked what I said about queen Isabelle, who helped Ferdinand to expel the Moors from Spain:


      By the way: that entry has gotten zero comments as to date, even though I spent a long time watching the 30 episodes about Isabelle to be able to write it.

  26. Is fascinating that Nazis looks classy and powerful even in ruthless, unjust parody:


    Truth is stranger than fiction.

  27. Fuck you merkel, hollande, junker and the EU.
    Long live the nations of Europe.


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