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Rockwell’s numinous call vs. white nationalism

Now that I gave up “white nationalism”—because it was an effete, neo-Christian, non-genocidal and anti-Nordicist pseudo-movement (Golden Dawn is a real movement)—what better homage to the martyr of the Second World War than remembering a call onto the real path revealed to George Lincoln Rockwell the year I would be born:

During this period, Rockwell had an experience about which he has never written and which he related to only a few people. Always a skeptic where the supernatural was concerned, he was certainly not a man to be easily influenced by omens. Yet there can be no doubt that he attached special significance to a series of dreams that he had then. The dreams—actually all variations of a single dream—occurred nearly every night for a period of several weeks and were of such intensity that he could recall them vividly upon waking. In each dream he saw himself in some everyday situation: sitting in a crowded theater, eating at a counter in a diner, walking through the busy lobby of an office building, or inspecting the airplanes of his squadron at an airfield hangar.

And in each dream a man would approach him—theater usher, diner cook, office clerk, or mechanic—and say something to the effect, “Mr. Rockwell, there is someone to see you.” And then he would be led off to some back room or side office in the building or hangar, as the case may have been. He would open the door and find waiting for him inside, always alone—Adolf Hitler. Then the dream would end.

hitlerOne can most easily interpret these dreams as a case of autosuggestion, but in the light of later developments Rockwell considered them as a symbolic summons, a beckoning onto the path for which he was then still groping, whether that beckoning was the consequence of an internal or an external stimulus.

Cited in “Rockwell: A National Socialist Life.”

“Because it was non-genocidal…” I said above. What better example to show what is wrong with American white nationalism that a recent interview of Kevin MacDonald by Luke Ford.

In the You Tube interview we can listen that Ford asks MacDonald if he sees similarities and differences between the white nationalist movement in America and National Socialism in Germany. MacDonald responded after 1:10:23, “The white advocacy movement, as I see it, is not exterminating anybody. It is simply going to assert our interests within the democratic form of government that we have… It doesn’t advocate conquering Mexico, you know—anything like that. There are lots of differences.”

Asserting white interests within US Democracy? Democracy—the worst form of government from the racial viewpoint that has ever been tried? Has MacDonald read what Hajo Liaucius said about the United States (cf. my forthcoming PDF)?

MacDonald’s stance is identical to what other notable white nationalists and southern nationalists believe. The latter fancy themselves as “sane, moral, wholesome, reasonable people” whose Christianity prevents them from becoming “silly vanguardists” of the revolutionary type. Their politics are actually church-picnic stuff with no future after the dollar collapses.

Conservative-religious types aside, in his summary of his latest book, New Right vs. Old Right, Greg Johnson rejects “the Old Right’s party politics, totalitarianism, imperialism, and genocide” in favor of “the metapolitical project of constructing a hegemonic White Nationalist consciousness within a pluralistic society.” Take note that Johnson’s “pluralism,” which reminds me Alex Linder’s non-fascist libertarianism, is incompatible with racial hegemony in Sparta, the Gothic and Visigothic societies, and the Third Reich.

Back to the Ford interview. MacDonald also said that repatriation of non-whites could be performed if a white nationalist reached the US presidency but nothing “short of gas chambers and genocide.”

A single example, related to “not conquering Mexico” will suffice to show how difficult such an apparently noble task would be.

“It is inexcusable that, having power,
you do not want to dominate.”


Here in Mexico a non-Jew, Emilio Fernando Azcárraga, the mogul who owns Televisa company, has married a Jewess. This means that in the future the largest multimedia mass media in Latin America will be run by a Jewish family. Do you imagine an ethnostate within the US that expels the brown Mexicans without being demonized 7/24 by the Latin American media? Since presumably Jews will be expelled too in MacDonald and Johnson’s non-genocidal scenario, you can imagine how the Jewish lobbies would press through their powerful media urging Latin American civil societies and governments to build nuclear weapons for their “defense” against the racists that took over the North.

In other words, even without genocide after a North American ethnostate starts expelling the mudbloods, the Rubicon would have been crossed with no way back. There is no credible way to triumph in that scenario except by conquering a potentially nuclear subcontinent that, if forever unconquered, would simply repeat the cycle of what the Jews did in America after a brainwashed West ganged up on Germany.

Starting with Mexico, “Latin” (or more accurately Mestizo) America must be conquered right after the Jew-controlled media starts rising hell in Mestizo America after the expulsion of non-whites. I am not alone in this view. Just compare today’s Christian and Neochristian white nationalism with what Francis Parker Yockey wrote in 1953 in his essay “The Enemy of Europe”:

For the purpose of demonstrating with the utmost clarity the elements of the two world-outlooks in this period of Western history between the Second and Third World Wars, a paradigm is appended.

In that paradigm Yockey dramatically contrasted the cultivation of soldierly virtues in healthy western societies with the cult of bourgeois virtues and the worship of Mammon. More specifically, he compared the virile attitudes of “war and conquest” with the ethno-suicidal “pacifism, non-imperialism and the preparation of the coloured populations for ‘self-government’.”

New_Right_vs._Old_RightIf Yockey were alive today what would he think about “white nationalism”? What would he say about Greg Johnson’s manifesto, recently published in a book with a foreword by MacDonald himself?: “I do not want anything to do with gun-toting armies of one. The only gun I want to own is made of porcelain” (emphasis Johnson).

George Lincoln Rockwell’s numinous series of dreams with Uncle Adolf, not this effete pseudo-movement, should be our call.


  1. See a P.S. to this entry on my Addenda.

  2. You contradict yourself, Chechar. You (rightly) denounce Murkan White Nationalism, yet then proceed to place upon a pedestal the very founder of that ill-conceived, exceptionalist, and imperialistic ideology, GLR.

    • I respect GLR because of his character. Characterologically the man represented exactly the opposite of the decadent character of most members of the pseudo-movement that American racialists subscribe today. See for example my addenda post taken from Rockwell’s autobiography.

      I am not saying that we must now imitate Commander Rockwell’s ways. It is too late for that. The convergence of catastrophes is just around the corner. But as an outstanding figure who stood valiantly against the System, and who was a sharp critic of wealthy or mere hobbyist paleocons, I will always admire him.

      “A National Socialist is someone who wants to save his race. A conservative is someone who wants to save his money.” —GLR

  3. “Mimicry of a bygone era is simply that: mimicry, i.e. it is a reactionary/sophomoric impersonation of a bygone historical context with related historical imperatives; the attempted duplication is an ontological impossibility, an abortion, and an insult to what has been. As a purely Amerikan ideological construct, “White Nationalism” is exceptionalist, jingoistic, imperialistic, and the creation of an industrial, technocratic, and Jewger imagination at point of civilization decadence; it is an element of Amerikan cultural imperialism.”

    – p. 290, Anschluss: The Politics of Vesica Piscis (link)

    • Yes, as soon as I can afford it I’ll send you some money for a signed copy of your book…

  4. I don’t think MacDonald or Johnson would care one bit if Whites took back America and wasted vast swaths of non-Whites. At most, they’d be indifferent towards it. MacDonald and Johnson are just being political and trying to appeal to as many people as possible in their soft rhetoric. Do we really think MacDonald and Johnson would be protesting ill the treatment of blacks, jews, and Hispanics and fighting against a pro-White government that wasn’t afraid of violence? I don’t think so.

    MacDonald has written extensively about the genocide of Whites by hate-filled Jews in the USSR and he knows that jews have the same attitude towards Whites all over the world. He knows what Jews are all about and you can be sure he also knows what ultimately must be done to free ourselves from them. If MacDonald could push a button and rid the world of all Jews in an instant, he’d do it.

    • I agree with you that MacDonald is just being political. But Johnson, who imparts pious homilies at his Swedenborgian Church of San Francisco, still subscribes Neochristian axiology. Have you read my postscript to this entry?

      • I just read it. I still don’t see Johnson ever truly combating a WN government that openly declared war on our racial enemies, especially if that government SUCCESSFULLY waged war on our enemies.

        At the end of the day all that matter is if such a government is successful or not. If the government is corrupt and incompetent and engages in senseless violence that only makes things worse, I can see Johnson and MacDonald arguing against it.

        But, if the government is highly competent and successful in dealing with the racial problems of the West, I don’t think internet rightists like Johnson or MacDonald would have a problem with it. Why would they?

        There’s a movie called Conspiracy about the Wannsee Conference. It was made by jews, which means it’s 99% fiction, but there’s actually a good quote from it from one of the Nazi leaders: “Deal with the reality of the Jew and the world will applaud us.” This is true: no one really likes Jews. If Hitler had won the war and rid Europe of jews, he would have been seen as a savior unlike any other. But because he failed, and because jews became even more powerful after WWII, many people look upon Hitler with scorn.

        The masses don’t hate Hitler because he started a war and killed people. The real reason why they hate Hitler is because he lost. The idea of jew-wise people like Johnson and MacDonald disliking exterminationist policies is ludicrous. If Hitler had won and all of Europe was judenfrei people like Johnson and MacDonald would simply shrug their shoulders and say, “Look, the jews were our enemies, and they had to go. It’s that simple.”

      • If Hitler had won and all of Europe was Judenfrei people like Johnson and MacDonald would simply…

        Yes, and if my aunt had wheels she would be a bicycle!

        You are missing now what I tried to tell Ronin in my Addenda link to Rockwell’s autobiography. Paleocons and most WNsts are bourgeois cowards. They ultimately prioritize comfort, security and keeping themselves out of jail over their race. I asked Johnson in a comment he did not let pass what would he do if in the Northwest the balloon went up with the Covington revolution—and an homo pal of Greg got killed in a revolutionary attack on a gay bar he happened to be in.

        General Order Number Four:

        “No Jew or other non-white person, no homosexual, and no white person engaged in interracial sexual activity shall reside within the boundaries of the Northwest American Republic, or within any area of NVA operations. NVA field commanders shall deal with violators of this General Order at their discretion…”

        Do you honestly believe Johnson would side the revolutionaries if some of the queer writers he features on Counter Currents were in the wrong place during the bombing?

        Let’s be honest: You cannot serve two masters: you will end up loving one and hating the other. Johnson et al want to have it both ways.

  5. Was I mistaken in reading that there would be a copy of your book in the forthcoming blog posts? Surely, I must have read that…

    • It is taking longer than expected. Maybe by the end of the month…

  6. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:

    So glad Chechar is up and running again.

    White Nationalists do not want forgo their comforts in order to forge anything real or radical. Many WNs are too busy criticizing each other over things like prior dating relationships with muds, single white motherhood, and money. Many WNs do not have kids—that’s a problem. The Tea Party is kosher and wants to cut taxes for safety net services. Wrong strategy—whites need to suck the well dry of social services by having many kids and getting on the safety net of services. Screw working within the system—we need to bankrupt the overarching anti White US Federal Government.

  7. Racial rightists are too immature to simply say “There’s a time and a place for violence…we’re not there yet.” Nope, gotta pen another another 10,000 word essay on Batman’s secret fascism.

    • Yes, and in my addenda postscript to this post I reproduced a Pierce quote that nails the recent Glenn Miller affair.

  8. None of the people you ‘criticize’ are really against violence as such. It’s just that at this point in time advocating for violence is just as counterproductive as violence itself.

    A contrario: advocating for violence,is only productive if the violence itself is productive. At this point in time it’s not. It only makes it easy for the enemy to futher demonize and marginalize us: “See, these WN’s want to kill/exterminate people, so we gotta stop them”.

    • We all know that presently it’s non-productive, but these guys go far beyond that. Have you really read the P.S. to this article?

      In it I include, as said above, a splendid Pierce quote—Pierce, the same man who authored The Turner Diaries! Have you read my latest post on this novel?

      Johnson et al vehemently reject Pierce’s vision. Have you read Johnson’s manifesto, linked in the above entry?

      • I hadn’t read the linked quotes by Johnson before my last comment, I did now.

        I’m largely in agreement with you. Though advocating for violence at this point in time is counterproductive, outright rejecting it on some silly ‘moral’ grounds is absolutely laughable. Any non-lemming who genuinely claims to be a ‘pacifist’ is mentally deranged.

        As always WLP approached also this issue correctly. He never directly advocated violence, but made it perfectly clear that: the only morality = morality of survival / what’s good for us is ‘good’, what’s bad for us is ‘bad’.

        Ps. However you have to understand that WN’s who are out there in the open, such as Kevin MD, and Greg J., probably want to make sure they’re not framed by being associated to people such as Glenn Miller, and therefore take pacifistic stance as a precaution. That’s understandable, and for that reason I don’t think it’s fair to criticize them personally.

      • It really all depends on the standard you hold a certain person to. As any public WN, Kevin MD, Greg J. a.s. are definitely courageous to a large degree, but they’re not ‘leaders’/heroes. I’m therefore willing to accept the fact that they make certain strategic compromises (such as a pacifistic stance) to protect their own well being to a certain extent.

        Hitler, WLP, GLR on the other hand were obviously leaders and heroes. They wouldn’t compromise the truth and would fight remaining true to themselves regardless of the consequences for their own well being.

        Like you however, I get very much annoyed everytime the ‘strategic’ compromises (genuine or not) mentioned in the first paragraph equate to criticism of any of the true leaders/heroes listed above.

      • Thanks for reading it. You could now read Linder’s response to Johnson here).

        I agree with you about MacDonald. But you will see there that Johnson’s stance is really “laughable” as you say, coming from the pen of a lemming.

  9. Has it ever occurred to anyone that the sum total of Johnson’s and Linder’s white nationalist efforts amount to little more than a fart in a wind tunnel? Really, one is best known as a scribbler of movie reviews and the other as the self-appointed Bürgermeister of VNN’s “Tard Corral™”. That each incessantly slaps away at the other merely illustrates once again that neither individual could ever be a serious contender as a beacon of wisdom that others should follow.

    And this fact just supports my contention that the WN movement is moribund, and has been for years. For instance, were Johnson and Linder ever required to face their detractors in an uncensored, unmoderated venue both they and their “ideas” would quickly be eviscerated.

    But because they know that both their forums are severely censored, Johnson’s especially, they’ll bleat that it “keeps the kooks out” but in reality it keeps the hard-hitting truth from ever seeing the light of day. And that truth is the fact that literally years have been squandered by the entire panoply of white nationalism with little to nothing accomplished. In short, we are losing. So few have the courage (or the insight) to even see that. Only until the major players (and the rank & file) come to understand that will we have a chance to marshal our forces for a second try.

    • For instance, were Johnson and Linder ever required to face their detractors in an uncensored, unmoderated venue both they and their “ideas” would quickly be eviscerated.

      Johnson maybe, but Linder is actually a pretty good speaker, and he’s not afraid to say what needs to be said. He can also be pretty funny.

  10. In the end, you fight or you die. In this world you must fight for everything you have and want to keep. Those who will not fight either die or become slaves to those who will. Nonviolence has never worked. Its another Big Lie among many. Ghandi was shot pretty easy when he was no longer necessary wasn’t he? And Marchin’ Lootin’ Kang wouldn’t have done anything without his masters calling the tune and holding the police off this nigger while he was raping and whoring around off camera. Peace is a luxury for the Strong. The weak know only fear and pain.

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