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Together with other pro-Aryan forums and webzines, recently my blogsite The West’s Darkest Hour became inaccessible from the public libraries of the United States. With all probability, what remains of the First Amendment in that country will finally die; and let us not talk about the so-called “hate-speech” laws throughout the countries of Western Europe that do not even hold remnants of first amendments. We are entitled to fear that in the future our forums will be censored not only at public places but in our homes as well.

It is high time, therefore, to save in printed form the most didactic pieces of the more than a thousand entries I have added to The West’s Darkest Hour since 2008. This book collects the crème de la crème of what I have read in both the printed press and online about the subject of White preservation. Except several short, elucidating notes, in this collection I have omitted my more personal, longer essays. (Those essays will appear under another cover, perhaps with the title Day of Wrath.)

Precisely because this book, The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, is a prophylactic measure against the coming axing of the internet, it does not include some subjects discussed in my blogsite. I refer to the coming collapse of the dollar and, later in this century, an apocalyptic energy devolution that will open a big window of opportunity for Whites to wake up. Since both subjects are completely unrelated to racial matters the websites that explain them will probably survive the coming censorship. I would recommend those who are about to save in their hard-disks the PDF of this book, available at the sidebar’s top of The West’s Darkest Hour—or who will purchase hard copies of it as gifts for their friends and families—, to take the free audiovisual courses on the coming currency crash by Mike Maloney and the explanation of peak-oil by Chris Martenson. Both courses represent vital, complementary knowledge of the collection in the present book.

I chose the title of a “darkest hour” because what I treasure the most is Aryan female beauty; and unless Whites awaken from what the late Dominique Veneer called “Europe’s dormition” the fairest creatures on Earth will face eventual extinction.

The Aryans with honor that want to protect their women must acquire a Homeland of their own: a place where children can be born and raised in safety. A place where the numbers of the population that represents the crown of the evolution may be restored and the threat of extinction overcome.

Terre et Peuple, Blut und Boden

C. T.
20 April, 2014


* As soon as this clickable PDF is also available as a print-on-delivery book, I’ll replace the above image with a reproduction of the front cover of the published book, also featuring Maxfield Parrish’s Lady Violet, who resembles a girl I met long time ago…

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  1. Congratulations on your book. I downloaded it and have already jumped around in it a bit.

    I like the typeface: it looks good and is easy to read. When I downloaded the PDF, its filename was simply “lulu.pdf”. I suggest you give it a more useful filename such as “The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour ~ edited by César Tort.pdf” which is what I changed the filename to on my Mac computer. Both Windows and Mac have supported long filenames for more than a decade.

    I like to know when things were written, at least what year it was written, at the beginning before I start reading that section or part. I don’t think leaving off when-written info for many of the parts in your book makes the book better.

    • Thank you. You are the first reader!

      The PDF is provisional: If any reader finds typos I’ll be happy to include their recommendations in the printed version of the book. (Presently I am struggling to find a highly pixilated image of Lady Violet so that the Lulu software approves it—there’s none over the net and I may have no choice but to purchase a copy of the 1974 Maxfield Parrish Poster Book thru Amazon.)

      Yes: some dates are missing, especially the undated pieces you see over the internet. Any specific undated article(s) you have in mind (quite a lot, hmm)?

  2. Guess I better download it since I’m in it…

    Two possible footnotes: I refer to “Natural Conservatives” in my piece, that’s a joking reference to the Mexican immigrants the Republicans have been trying to court recently. Also I said Obama was blacker than Craig Cobb, which was a tongue-in-cheek reference to a daytime talkshow recently claiming Cobb was “14% sub-Saharan” (he might be gullible, but I highly doubt there was any truth to the claim).

    • I’ll add them for the printed version.

  3. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:

    As an Aryan female, I thank you Chechar.

    • Thanks for reblogging. Incidentally, have you noted that I quoted you on page 523 of the pdf? Cheers.

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  6. Great work, Chechar!

    Could you please tell me, what kind of Layout you used?
    And what Text-font (e.g. Arial, TN Roman etc.).

    Best wishes from Germany,

    • Nice to hear from you again, Richard…

      As to you question, Garamond text-font. For the layout you have to visit Lulu (it’s similar to the Royal-size format).

  7. Thank you so much!

    I made a PDF with the best articles from my fauvorite german blog As of Swords (As der Schwerter), so i need some advices on the subject of style.

    • Now that you mentioned As der Schwerter, which by the way I visited yesterday, I am curious why that site is so faggy, if you could pardon the expression.

      See the articles by Manu Rodríguez in my PDF and you’ll see that, when my parents were children, your country was the best of all Western history. Instead of celebrating it, ADS translates articles by English-speaking authors who I consider heterosexual fags: paleocons, monocausalists, WNsts unable to give up Christianity and all sort of effete racialists—those incapable to endure the pains of an internal Jihad to the point of transvaluating the values that caused the mess we are currently in.

      I believe that the Russian Hajo Liaucius nailed American WN in this blog (see his first essay in my PDF). In my humble opinion, Germans should take American-style WN with a grain of salt and focus instead on what both Hitler and Himmler said (again, a couple of their transcripted speeches appear in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour).

      If ADS is not for queers please show me those articles where it duly acknowledges National Socialism including, say, the necessity of genocide (such as the Posen Speech)…

      • I will read those articles.

        ADS enlighten me (in regard of race-reality & jews), and they will do so with others, like you enlighten me (in regard of NS).

        It’s not possible in Germany to propagate NS-Ideas, even you are anonymos, because you will go in jail for this (cause of our hate-speek-laws).

        From all bloggers you know me best, Cesar, and i think you dont want to see me and my pepole in jail. I think the same about the men and women of ADS.

        Yes, ADS translate CC-articles, but they also translate authors like Pierce, Kevin Alfred Strom and Kevin MacDonald.

        (By the Way, they published my translation of Pierce’s “Faustian Spirit“).

        Deep Roots himself translated KMD “Culture of Critique” into German.

        By the Way, i translate one article of Johnson, cause i like this piece.

        Forgive me.

        I beliefe, Alex Linder is right speaking about Johnson Metapolitics – but is also think, we need it both.

        Why not have movements like Golden Dawn AND metapolitical newspapers like Instauration, Attack (Vanguard) – and … CC.

        If people will give money, they give it first to real movements – no questions.

        If you wonder, why ADS dont translate WDH-articles – think about German hate-speak-laws.

        Your friend,

      • Greg has some important articles, especially those where he discussed “vanguardism” with “mainstreamer” Hunter Wallace a few years ago. And I especially like his The Scouring of the Shire.

        But there are other articles where Greg bashes NS (see my previous, April 20th post on Uncle Adolf’s anniversary). That makes me mad because Greg is morally inferior to the NS men—by a wide margin.

        I understand completely what you say of keeping you pals out of jail but, again, that does not excuse the thousands of Germans abroad failing to openly subscribe the basic tenets of National Socialism—and say similar things to what I say here.

        Those are the ones I do despise.

  8. Dear Chechar,

    It was only now, some days after you posted this entry, that I saw it.

    Appearing on your book was the greatest honor I have had so far in my life. Thank you my friend, I really appreciate it.

    As you know, my life has changed completely this year, as I’m living in Europe now. It has been a fantastic experience, but one of the downsides of it is that I simply don’t have the time to follow the pro-White blogosphere as I would like at the moment. But now and then I try to catch up with my favorite blogs, like TWDH, and that’s how I finally saw this most important entry a couple of minutes ago.

    I promise you and the other readers I’ll soon send you an essay about my experiences here in the Old World seen from a pro-White perspective. I will advance this much in the meantime: I have become even more pessimistic after seeing the current state of things here with my own eyes.

    Talk to you soon.


    • The honor is mine, Larry: and precisely for the reasons expressed in FRDH.

  9. Are you married to a white woman, Chechar?

    • No: I am single. Never have been married :)

  10. downloading now. Thank you. most of my “favorites” are links from this site. can’t wait to read and hopefully get the printed version.

    • An editor has become interested in the MS and it looks now that it won’t be available from the Lulu distributor but from his house. Yes: get a hard copy of it and, if you can afford it, get more as gifts for those you want to offer the strongest Redpill in the market. Cheers.

      • Chechar, apologies for this topic being out of place, but I’ll be curious if you choose to comment on the TradYouth “Sabbatical.” In any event, glad to see you blogging again.

      • Never heard of it.

  11. Probably the most generous offer of intellectual property I’ve ever witnessed in our internet community. Free via a one-click .pdf download. How can the ADL stop this Truth from being shared now?


    • Thank you. It is for people like you that I collected those essays. Wait now for another PDF, this one of essays authored by me. Hope will be available this month. Cheers!

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