The history of the drive for compulsory schooling is not guided by altruism, but by a desire to coerce the population into a mold desired by the Establishment. Western governments should not be permitted to remove children forcibly from their homes, with or without the parents’ consent. Nietzsche wrote: “There are no educators. As a thinker, one should speak only of self-education.” In other words, schooling only confuses teaching with true learning; or to use a contemporary popular metaphor, schooling is The Matrix.

Unschooling is a philosophy that rejects compulsory school as a primary means for learning. Unschoolers learn through their natural life experiences including household responsibilities, personal interests and curiosity, internships and work experience, travel, elective classes, family, mentors, social interaction and especially books: the true university. Unschooling encourages good reading initiated by the children themselves, provided the parents’ home contains a traditional library.

While courses may occasionally be taken, unschooling questions the usefulness of standard curricula, conventional grading methods, and other features of kiddie brainwashing.

The term “unschooling” was coined in the 1970s and used by educator John Caldwell Holt. While often considered a subset of homeschooling, unschoolers may be as philosophically separate from other homeschoolers as they are from advocates of conventional schooling. The fact is that so-called homeschooling is still within The Matrix, and while homeschooling has been subject to widespread public debate, in the totalitarian system that is exterminating us little media attention has been given to unschooling.

Holt asserts that youths should have the right to control and direct their own learning, and that the current compulsory schooling system violates a basic fundamental right of humans: the right to decide what enters our minds.

Unplugging your kids from The Matrix means a total repudiation of the viruses designed for the white mind at school. As a personal vignette let me say that by the end of the last century I was studying for a degree at The Open University of Manchester, where they did not ask me any High School diploma whatsoever.

But I don’t necessarily agree with everything that Holt says. For instance, only if National Socialism is established in some western states would I approve the indoctrination of children at school.

That would be a healthy education of course. Not the anti-White, anti-West brainwashing that is omnipresent in the current compulsory schooling system.

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  1. school

    Incredibly, I found the above info (my paraphrases of course) in Wikipedia, which is part of the thought-control System.

    • That’s not going to work: letting them be completely individualistic in their learning, up to the revolution, and then properly indoctrinated afterwards. For one thing, who is to do the post-revolutionary indoctrination? People who are accustomed to unschooling?

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    Come out of her my people, come out of The Matrix.

  3. “Incredibly, I found the above info (…) in Wikipedia, which is part of the thought-control System.”

    I’m not surprised that it comes from wikipedia.

    “Holt asserts that youths should have the right to control and direct their own learning, and that the current compulsory schooling system violates a basic fundamental right of humans: the right to decide what enters our minds.”

    Did he say that about teenagers, or about even younger children? In any case, it doesn’t make sense. Only adults can decide what the children need to learn.

    wiki: “unschoolers may be as philosophically separate from other homeschoolers as they are from advocates of conventional schooling.”

    I think that most homeschooling parents are looking for more conventional schooling than what the children get in today’s schools. Unfortunately, the ideology taught in teacher education schools is not entirely unlike what John Holt himself used to preach. It seems that he took part in the deconstruction of public education in the 1960s, with the collaboration of Jewish academics and the Jewish media. Here’s what wiki says about him:

    Holt was catapulted into the American national consciousness to the extent that he made appearances on major TV talk shows, wrote book reviews for Life magazine, and was a guest on the To Tell the Truth TV game show. In his follow-up work, How Children Learn, published in 1967, Holt tried to elucidate the learning process of children and why he believed school short circuits that process. Holt became a sought-after speaker and supporter of school reform. He was a visiting teacher for the education departments at Harvard University and the University of California, Berkeley.

    In his time, John Holt was very critical of the establishment. But the new establishment in many Western countries is now Jewish or under Jewish influence, and they no longer believe in conventional schooling. They largely share the views of John Holt, but for different reasons. I think they want to destroy White people.

    Here’s a description by Heather Mac Donald of what’s wrong with the ideology found in today’s American teacher education schools:
    Why Johnny’s Teacher Can’t Teach (1998)

    For over 80 years, teacher education in America has been in the grip of an immutable dogma, responsible for endless educational nonsense. That dogma may be summed up in the phrase: Anything But Knowledge. Oh sure, educators will occasionally allow the word to pass their lips, but it is always in a compromised position, as in “constructing one’s own knowledge,” or “contextualized knowledge.” Plain old knowledge, the kind passed down in books, the kind for which Faust sold his soul, that is out.

    It is the same in France. One of the favorite quotes, in teacher ed schools, is by Plutarch: “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” The result is that the children are no longer taught anything.

    As I was googling John Holt’s name, I came across this claim about John Dewey, another famous educator, who was promoted by the Jews:

    Dewey said the great mistake of traditional pedagogy was to make reading and writing constitute the bulk of early schoolwork. He advocated that the phonics method of teaching reading be abandoned and replaced by the WHOLE WORD METHOD, not because the latter was more efficient (he admitted it was less efficient) but because independent thinkers are produced by hard books, thinkers who cannot be socialized very easily.

    The whole word method is an example of the ideal of “constructing one’s own knowledge”. It was imposed by the governments from the top down, and it has been a disaster everywhere. I think it was probably imposed by the same people who opened the gates to third-world immigration, people who do not have our best interests in mind. I think the aim was to make it harder for children to learn how to read. If not, what could be the real explanation? In France, the parents, the children and the teachers all want to get rid of the whole word method, but the teacher education schools won’t admit that it doesn’t work, and for some reason, the Jewish publishers keep supplying the schools with the wrong textbooks, and it doesn’t seem to bother the education ministers, who have a tendency to be Jewish too.

  4. wikipedia: “Murray N. Rothbard argues that the history of the drive for compulsory schooling is not guided by altruism, but by a desire to coerce the population into a mold desired by the Establishment.”

    Murray N. Rothbard, who thought that our White society is evil, happened to be Jewish. What a surprise!

    Unlike him, I think that White people have a natural desire to improve the lives of their nation’s children by giving them a good education. It is not just altruism, it is the altruism of the parents for their own children. It is a natural instinct. And it should coincide with the interest of society as a whole.

    But the problem today is that our leaders are Jewish. They are not even trying to defend their financial interests. Otherwise, they would try to keep the school system working. Instead, it seems they are trying to defend their biological interests, by destroying us.

  5. From the dialogue on the illustration:
    Child: Why do I have to go to school?
    Mother: So you can be molded into a state approved homogenous drone (…) you will get a job, pay your taxes, in order to perpetuate the corporate system of indentured servitude.

    That is not at all what is happening today. The government is not trying to keep the economy running. The priority is to destroy White people, not to exploit them.

  6. “You will learn to repeat information instead of how to think for yourself”

    I don’t know how you can teach children to think for themselves, to be less conformist, less trusting, more critical. It is easier said that done. (One easy step to take would be to tell the children about the Jewish problem.)

    But anyway, what we need to do first of all in order to encourage critical thinking in our society is not to improve the schools, but to dismantle the Jewish monopoly on the media, as well as the Jewish thought police, and more generally, the Jewish dictatorship.

    By the way, if someone says he wants to teach the children to think for themselves but is afraid to mention the Jews, he may not be the best example of someone who can think for himself.

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    Right on Chechar. I am homeschooling my kids because the school systems have been hijacked by Cultural Marxists who are Anti White. Public
    schools are now also tools of the Elite used to ‘dumb down’ Working Whites’ children via integrating them with the Mud Masses.

    Whites who come together in communities will have to organize stealth cooperative homeschools.

    I want my kids to be literate and to think critically. Today’s American public schools encourage illiteracy and moral degeneracy.

    I buy workbooks from Costco, Walmart, and Office Depot. We do structured exercises in tose books coupled with excursions to the zoo, library, etc.

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    An interesting twist on historical developments.

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  11. I once worked with an associate of John Holt’s who was a teacher and administrator at the Massachusetts Sudbury school, a school that practices institutional unschooling; it’s kinda of like Montessori for high school students but without any teachers or moral guides. He confided to me that he deeply regretted what he, Holt, and the others did to those children with that radically liberal schooling method.

    In my research before we bagan homeschooling, I read several dozen books and hundreds of articles about our schooling system and it’s history. David Mulroy, an English professor, in his book The War on Grammar, relates how he was shocked to discover that there really was an institutionalized war on grammar. He found that the vast majority of the government stewards of the English language were not just in on the conspiracy, they were leading it.

    Charlotte Iserbyt wrote a large book in order to prove that our school system has been dumbed down on purpose. Unfortunately, she was a poor organizer of information and was not good in demonstrating why each piece of her research was important.

    John Gatto wrote a book and several articles giving some interesting history on the dumbing down of our schools, albeit from his liberal old hippie perspective.

    Beverly Eakman in her books and a few regular writers in thousands of articles at News for Views have written millions of words trying to explain to average Americans how our schools have been dumbed down on purpose. As far as I can tell, the American people are not listening.

    The most entertaining reads are Richard Mitchell’s four books and his newsletter, the Underground Grammarian. In these he discusses the importance of language study and chronicles the deterioration of writing and thinking of his college’s administrators and students. He also hits on many of the same political topics covered by all of the other writers I have mentioned. He too, reveals that our school system is intentionally designed not to educate.

    The fact is, the schools are much, much worse than most people realize, even worse than when those books and articles were written. And it is getting worse every minute. There is exactly zero chance that the schools will ever get better: too few appreciate the scope of the problem or its causes, few of those are smart enough to come up with a solution, and too many in the system are emotionally and financially dependent on the system becoming worse.

    That is why it is imperative that you homeschool your children, effective immediately. Hey, you couldn’t possibly do worse than the government schools.

    I would not advocate the unschooling method. Too many of the children in our homeschooling groups who were unschooled are not disciplined and are not very well educated overall, in my opinion.

  12. I had a look at the “News with Views” site.

    A short excerpt from the last article by Beverly Eakman (March 7, 2014) :

    First, think: Just how did the Left manage to co-opt our nation’s institutions and the media, corrupt the culture, the schools and the criminal justice system?

    And an excerpt from the last article by Charlotte Iserbyt (April 11, 2014) :

    The only authentic “school choice” is when you pay tuition to a private school with your own hard-earned dollars. Tax-funded school choice will give parents “government-controlled” school choice. Is that what parents want for their children? Parents rightfully complaining about Communist Core better be prepared to find it, in all its Marxist splendor and glory (sarcasm), in their charter school of choice or in their tax-funded private school, implemented while they were so busy fighting Communist Core. What the government funds the government controls. He who pays the piper calls the tune. Parents better be careful what they wish for. Parents better disassociate themselves from the neoconservative corporate fascist highly-funded and organized battle against Communist Core, which is the diversion to keep them from fighting the Trojan Horse: tax-funded public and private education run by unelected councils (the Soviet council form of government, aka Community Education).

    So, Eakman puts the blame on the Left, while Iserbyt says there is a phony opposition between the communists and the neocons. I wish both of them would explicitly say that the problem is the Jews.

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