Note of June, 2017: This old edition is now unavailable from Lulu Inc., or even in PDF form.

product_thumbnailThe present collection of my miscellaneous writings is so diverse that I decided simply to order it by size. The first article, “The Return of Quetzalcoatl” is actually a translation from Spanish of a long chapter within Hojas Susurrantes, a translation which comprises more than half of the present book. The rest, much shorter articles also ordered by size, are edited versions of original texts that I authored and that originally appeared in the blogsite The West’s Darkest Hour. I am not including the dates of the original drafts because the editing process, sometimes after years of writing them, moved me to modify the ideological content of some articles. For all practical purposes the publishing date of most articles is 2014. The exception of course is my Quetzalcoatl, a study on child abuse that I finished in 2007, a few years before I became familiar with the pro-white literature. Since the Quetzalcoatl is a “book” within a larger book that still has to be translated, here I include brief notes inside brackets to explain some sentences.

The compilation in Day of Wrath is a sister companion to my longer compilation of several pro-white authors and bloggers in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. The free, online PDFs of both texts is meant to be downloaded in the homely computers of those who fear that the anti-white regimes will eventually censor the internet.

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  1. Regarding the forthcoming printed edition of The Fair Race, the software mistakes of the transfer from Word to PDF have been corrected (the fixed PDF of this other book will be linked in another entry soon). And on that book I’ve added explanatory endnotes on the dates each piece was published.

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  3. “We can imagine the baby Hitler as he was swaddled by his mother, Clara Hitler, and left choking with sobs with his excrement enclosed in his swaddling bands.” (From the first article, on child-abuse, in the above PDF book.)


    • There’s a German psychohistorian who researched the subject of swaddling & used extensive references on the practice in his native country that I failed to reference. I wrote that line back in 2006-2007, before I became aware of the racialist underworld. Presently I wouldn’t do it.

      At any event, westerners have been indoctrinated to see even baby Adolf as a monster. It is not unwise therefore to speculate on the historical little Adolf (in contrast to the Judeo-liberals’ Hitler of dogma).

      The same can be said of other countries about the monstrous practice of swaddling babies. These are the British Cholmondeley sisters and their swaddled babies. c.1600-1610:


      Incidentally, in the non-abridged version of my Quetzalcoatl I mention that I escaped being swaddled even when nurses at the hospital followed the practice. My parents disapproved it. Had I been swaddled I myself would have been “left choking with sobs with excrement enclosed in bands” at the hospital.

      • The Spartans had the right idea about infant-care: always allowing the infant freedom of movement for healthy growth. The Spartans had the right idea about many things.

      • But not the Athenians. IIRC Plato recommended extended periods of swaddling for the poor Greek babies…

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    A fine compendium by César Tort.

    • Have you seen to whom the book is dedicated? ☺

      • A hearty thanks to you, César! Your writings have been crucial to my moral development these last few years (particularly the Himmler-esque pieces and your polemics against modern music).

  5. @ Chechar & Snake:

    I second that! Remarkable, persistent development in spite of all kinds of troubles. Thank you!

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