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linderSurfing the internet in search of insightful thoughts by Vance Stubbs on the VNN forum (and I did find this one: “You can’t have a revolution until people are willing to put anger ahead of their comfort”) I causally hit this 2012 reply of Alex Linder to Greg Johnson:

Originally posted by Johnson:

Alex: Men are merely motivated by greed and fear, on your account.
Linder responded:

Did I say those were their only motivations? I said, or implied, fear is their main motivation. Fear of sticking out, in part, which is what happens when you embrace the right politics prematurely. People are PC out of fear more than out of positive belief it is a moral or good thing. Your politics fails to account for this most basic psychological fact, and so you and MacDonald and others are endlessly reaching out for these imaginary respectable middle-class people who just need to hear our arguments to be convinced.

You know what, bourgeois people aren’t stupid. But they are self-interested and, if not cowardly, then philistines—people only interested in causes that will net them personally some advantage, whether money or status. If you and MacDonald could deflate your egos, you might realize that people like Hitler already figured all this out. But like the bourgeois selfish you’re trying to reach, you only want to do what you enjoy—not what actually needs to be done. Your kind is basically irrelevant, and that’s why you never discuss Golden Dawn. That party’s experience directly contradicts every last assertion you make about the way your notional New Right will effect change.

Johnson quote: Morality is for kiddies, you say.

Morality is the name men give to their preferences. Or their self interest. Even if they believe it strongly enough to act against interest—very rare in this world—it still doesn’t change the fact their good and bad are merely labels for their own preferences. Morality is not absolute, no matter who asserts otherwise. If you’d spent more of your youth reading someone wise men like Twain, Bierce and Mencken instead of a fool like Swedenborg, you’d know that kind of thing.

Johnson quote: There is a pattern here: vulgarity, cynicism, nihilism—not to mention malignant narcissism and casual dishonesty and calamitously bad judgment of character. Nothing good can come from you.

I’m the cynical one? If I were cynical I would write tastefully and appropriately, that I might attract those unlike me. If I were cynical, I’d praise the South to the skies, and talk up their Book of books. If I were nihilist, I would stick to no principles. Or perhaps, following your example, I would proclaim one set of principles during the week, and the opposite on Sunday.

Then I would cynically say to myself, well, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. That’s just how it is. Or I would publicly announce I’m a new fascist, building on the same proud legacy of old fascists that I’m also, by the way, simultaneously, and publicly, rejecting!… And then I would go to others’ sites and blame them for cynicism and nihilism? While not allowing them to criticize me at my own. [Johnson is good at that!]

Well, little semen-sucker, maybe your self-interested sybaritic syncretism is sans sense and, well, just plain silly.


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  1. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:

    Alex Linder is a good strategist. He understands people well.

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  3. Counter Currents is a publishing house and essay repository. Jonathan Bowden referred to it as a “right-wing university.” I’d wager Greg respected him enough to keep a lid on homosexual articles until his death.

    American WNs should be studying psychology, marketing, and successful political movements instead of wishing that human nature(s) will change. Alex Linder is pure gold (check out his podcast!), has a firmer grasp of reality than Greg. His open exterminationism will cost him…many Whites haven’t written their own tablets yet.

  4. At The Daily Stormer Leon Haller said today:

    I question Johnson’s cognitive quality. Yes, he’s a smart guy, and an intellectual (although not exactly an admirable one: one time only I criticized some overwrought-but-underwritten garbage on his site, and he banned me!). But trust me – HE AIN’T THAT SPECIAL, not among the class which includes those of us who either are graduates of the most elite academic institutions, or are simply genuine intellectuals. I’ve read nothing from Johnson’s pen that struck me as especially insightful or ‘deep’, despite his pretensions and unseemly preening. He is a thoroughly pedestrian writer and thinker. He is not remotely in the cognitive or writerly class of a Carleton Coon or Wilmot Robertson or Philippe Rushton or Raymond Cattell or William Shockley or Richard Lynn or Revilo Oliver or Kevin MacDonald or Sam Francis, let alone the great thinkers of the Occidental past. To varying degrees and for varying reasons I stand in awe of those aforementioned giants…

    Bottom line? Greg Johnson is a cafe intellectual, much given to ‘opinionating’, but not to producing (assuming he can, which I question) serious scholarship of potentially lasting value. His views (“North American New Right”), moreover, will never appeal to more than a tiny minority even of pro-whites; indeed, even of pro-white intellectuals. Ignore him. Keep doing your thing, and in a decade we can all see who will have had the greater influence.

    Read it all on The Daily Stormer , which is becoming my favorite neonazi site (here).

    P.S. Another comment on the same thread by another commenter that merits quoting “RamzPaul is a court jester who has no place commenting on what tactics the knights are discussing” (read it all: here).

    • The more I read The Daily Stormer the more I come to like it. I really liked Andrew Anglin’s older site Total Fascism and was disappointed for a while when he gave it up to write more simplistic articles for The Daily Stormer. But now I appreciate it as simplicity really is the way to reach the masses as Daily Stormer’s rankings show. I use it to get my daily news and look forward to reading it each day. Anglin’s recent response to Greg Johnson’s latest article was excellent.

      • Today I added The Daily Stormer to my blogroll list, and just left a comment to these guys that they are the future, not CC, AltRight, TOO, MR, OD, TOQ, AmRen et al—not even Ronin’s party as it lacks NS’s numinous, inspirational symbolism so well depicted in one of the pics that The Daily Stormer published in the above-linked, hilarious piece versus Greggy.

      • P.S. And this is still another commenter at another thread:


        Degenerate untermenschen have no right to pollute the air of USA.

        Put yellow stars on the businesses and banks of the Jews. They have no right to practice their parasitical Kikery.

        Where is the divine leader ready to take the boots to the streets? All I see is internet homosexuals. I hate the internet age. Where is the Prussian march on the road to victory under the dawn of love?

        Daily Stormer is the epitome of holyness and real life is nothing but abundance of the degeneracy. The White masses are brainwashed by the Jewish media Behemoth. The racial salvation must come like a flood of angry, hardcore White Men in brown shirts unafraid and ready to march to the end of the world!

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