Being and the 14 words

An old comment of Michael O’Meara:


This [Johnson’s book-review of Covington’s Quartet] is an extraordinary article on an extraordinary subject.

I am constantly amazed by the fact that the Quartet has been virtually ignored in our community. Part of this, I imagine, is due to the fact that the present generation of racialists, like their unconscious cohorts, no longer reads. Anything that’s more than two or three thousand words long and lacks illustrations is practically inaccessible to them.

A second reason I imagine the Quartet has been ignored is probably due to Covington himself, who is apparently an uncompromising individual and certainly one who has acquired a great many enemies. I don’t personally know Covington, so I have no way of evaluating the various charges made against him.

In any case, even if the nasty things said about him by his enemies are true, it still distracts not in the least from the quality of his works, which are virtually unparalleled in our community. This gets me to the third reason I think the Quartet is ignored. Both white nationalism and race realism are largely cyber phenomena.

If you take Covington seriously, however, you would have to tear yourself away from the computer monitor and act in the real world—with all its attendant inconveniences. The thought of political activity, though, is apparently too much for most of us. We too, even if we have remained unmoved by the system’s racial fictions, seem to behave in ways not unlike the rest of the sheep. Will we also go quietly to the slaughter?

I think it’s significant that the spontaneous uprising depicted in the Quartet at Coeur d’Alene, which provoked the war leading to the eventual formation of the Northwest American Republic, was something of a mystery. This rings true to me.

We may no longer be the men who defied the might of the British Empire in 1776 or 1916, but there are other forces that might save us from ourselves.

The greatest of the “conservative” thinkers, Joseph de Maistre, pointed out long ago that the French Revolution led the revolutionaries rather than was led by them. For he believed that certain Providential forces rule our lives. These forces he saw in Christian terms, but others, like Heidegger, for instance, saw them in terms of Being, over which humans have no control.

In either case, the force of Providence or Being or Destiny has a power that has often made itself felt in our history. For this reason, I have little doubt that Europeans will eventually throw off the Judeo-liberal system programming their destruction. I’m less confident about we Americans, given the greater weakness of our collective identity and destiny. But nevertheless even we might be saved from ourselves by this force—as long as we do what is still in our power to do.

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Let me know…


In my previous posts I have been bashing white nationalists and race realists because of their blindness to see that John’s apocalypse is coming soon. (Disclaimer: I am not a Christian and am speaking metaphorically.) With the honorable exception of my friend Sebastian Ronin, nationalists have failed to do their homework and see that the coming energy devolution will cause the death not of millions but of billions of humans this century. It goes without saying that the struggle to hostilely takeover the remaining oil fields will be accompanied by ethnic warfare and even wars among the starving nations.

Ignorant of all this (see the links within my previous entries), Franklin Ryckaert, whom I fairly quoted in The Fair Race, commented a couple of days ago:

Excellent article which puts the lie to the idea that white homelands can only be achieved by genocide on a mass scale as envisioned by such persons as Pierce and Chechar. Slow repatriation in an orderly and humane manner is very well possible and need not be considered as immoral.

Immoral? Ryckaert posted that comment in a Counter-Currents thread of an article by Greg Johnson, who for years has been promoting a peaceful takeover of white nations to the point of condemning the vision of revolutionary novelists like William Pierce and Harold Covington.

I am moving outside Mexico City in order to protect myself from the dollar crash that, when it happens, will escalate the insecurity of my native town exponentially. The beauty of my viewpoint against the non-genocidal pacifists at Counter-Currents is that history will disabuse them horribly, probably this very decade when the dollar hyperinflates.

If I am wrong about this prediction I’ll feel a little humiliated and even ridiculed. On the other hand, if the pacifists who believe in business as usual in the following decades are wrong—they could even die as they are not preparing themselves for the collapse.

If a regular is willing to start being educated on this subject I will send him the didactic documentary End of the Road on condition that, after seeing it, he in turn will send it to another regular visitor of The West’s Darkest Hour.

Let me know, and be ready for Armageddon…

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Stupidville, USA

This was Junghans’ comment in another thread today:

Pieter_BruegelI, too, was awestruck by the utterly inane content of most of the recent Amren articles about the future of the White world. I couldn’t believe the ridiculous blather and lack of real perception of many of these lame authors. It’s like they were all from Stupidville, USA. The self-negating, toxified mindset of most Anglo Americans obviously runs very deep. Whites clearly have innate racial foibles galore, and these (along with the corrosively addictive Levantine metaphysical superstitions), have unfortunately drip-fed the intellectual poisoning that is so rampant in the collective White psyche today. I also believe that much of this intellectual deracination is self-inflicted, with most of the rest being the result of the ever subversive Jewish media’s… “compounding factor”. Most prescient White visionaries, such as Oliver, Pierce, and MacDonald have recognized this basic truth.

Despite knowing and understanding our racial duty to defensive ideological and political action, I sometimes wonder if we are futilely trying to save a very foolish, self-destructive people from themselves! Remember Pogo’s admonition: “We have met the enemy, and he is us”. Nature, however, will no doubt winnow these things out in the very near future.

Having observed your basic ideological development over the last few years, I feel that you, Chechar, are exhibiting more incisive wisdom every day, and that your racial-political learning curve is right on track.

I am looking forward to getting a hard copy of you new book, The Fair Race.

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Are Amren’s contributors blind?


This month the pro-white webzine American Renaissance (Amren) published ten articles for the series “Race and America in 2034” questioning whether in the following decades the West will suffer major changes, or experience business as usual. Judging by the titles of their articles, it looks like they lean toward the latter: business as usual.

Since I have given up American-style racialism in favor of German-style National Socialism and its precursors (see e.g., my recent entries on Gobineau, nordicism and Nordish Hellenes), I won’t bother reading them. But I doubt that the Amren contributors have dared to look through our crystal ball. In fact, almost all white nationalists and race realists are unwilling to look thru it and see that—:

1. The dollar will collapse soon;

2. With all probability the crash will cause high-rocketing unemployment, riots, looting and perhaps even famine in some areas, not only in the US. Unlike New Orleans after Katrina, the tension won’t be solved soon after the catastrophe occurs. On the contrary: racial tension in the most ethnically “enriched” cities will escalate, especially in the US;

3. The System and the current anti-white Paradigm won’t collapse but, in due time, the aftermaths of the currency crash will start to converge with a runaway energy devolution that, by the end of the century, will probably dispatch the surplus of worldwide population created as a result of quixotic Christian ethics.

Apparently, like the rest of westerners, the contributors to Amren articles have blinded themselves to avoid seeing that the convergence of catastrophes is really coming.

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Why we don’t want christians

Pieter_Bruegel“My faith definitely is a more important aspect of my identity than my ethnic or familial identity.”

—Matt Parrott, cited by Linder

See also this section in The Fair Race:

Part III Christian axiology

The Christian problem – I

Hitler on Christianity 107
Is Christianity redeemable? 113
Schweitzer’s niglets 115

The Christian problem – II

Wuthering Heights 119
The historical demise of Christianity 121
The Judeo-Christian axiom 140

The Christian problem – III

Succedaneous religion 144
Letter from Manu 150
Zeus must replace Yahweh 152

The Christian problem – IV

The Roman legacy 159
Julian on Christianity 163
Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums 167

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Greg Johnson vs. Tanstaafl


On doctors and quack docs


“If whites have no responsibility
for their own actions then you’ve
reduced their moral agency
to zero.” —Jack Frost

A monocausal white nationalist has iteratively accused me of “making excuses for the jews” and still worse: he has raised questions that I could probably “be a crypto-jew.”

The charge is so crazy that I would like to respond by means of a personal vignette.

A few months ago I caught an extremely nasty flu. So nasty in fact that my doctor mandated some X-ray photographs checking up for sinusitis (never in my life I had been asked to do radiographs for the symptoms of a flu).

The diagnosis of my doctor was a common viral flu complicated by a secondary infection of streptococcus, a bacteria. While my body’s immune system took charge of the viruses after a week or so, the doc’s treatment focused in killing off the bacteria through fair doses of a pretty strong antibiotic. That is to say: although the primary etiology of my disease was viral, what was knocking me out was a secondary, bacterial infection; and the whole purpose of the antibiotic treatment was to kill every single bacterial pathogen that was irritating my throat so intensely.

Now imagine that another physician, a “monocausal” quack that disbelieves the existence of viruses as the primary etiology of complicated flus, declared that my doctor is “making excuses for the bacteria” even though his treatment meant a “final solution” to the streptococcus problem. Still worse: imagine that the quack doctor imagines that my family’s physician may be a bug himself because that’s the only way the quack can conceive that our physician is unwilling to blame the bacteria as the single cause for the disease!

Silly and crazy as it may seem, that’s exactly how this monocausal nationalist reasons about me. The fact that I postulate the existence of a primary, viral infection of white decline is enough to consider me a bacterial bug! It doesn’t matter the least bit that I promote final solutions to the bacteria or kike problem (see: here) as the way to regain our health. The sole postulating the existence of flu viruses as the primary etiology is enough for this man to see the physician that mandates killing the bacteria as a bacteria himself!

Isn’t it incredible how silly single-causers can be?

______ 卐 ______

Update of September 2014

Good grief! The “quack doc” (Tanstaafl or simply Tan) is now calling me “parasite-apologist Chechar”. I don’t even want to link here where he wrote that to avoid further paranoia from him. Suffice it to say that it is on a comment thread at his blogsite, Age of Treason, on the 3rd of this month.

______ 卐 ______

Update of February 2015

Tan is now saying: “You’re [Franklin Ryckaert] pushing Chechar’s psychoanalytic ‘monocausalism’ meme, basically another name for “anti-semitism”. Fuck off.

Just for the record, it’s the second time this guy insults Ryckaert for not subscribing the quack hypothesis (elsewhere he called him “piece of shit”).

______ 卐 ______

Update of May 2015:

Today, a fan of Tan’s blog stated: “The Occidental Observer blog is just another blog that promotes the jewish strategy that whites are to blame for their own extinction,” and also mentioned my name (source: comments section on the article “Fear and Loathing and Treason – Part 2”).

Greg Johnson joins the discussion at Tan’s blog:

I would like to offer a counter-accusation: simple-mindedness or monomania or oversimplification. I think it is more important for Tan to simply “accuse the Jews” in this little corner of the internet than to actually fix the Jewish problem, which requires, first of all, that we fully understand it.

Johnson also said:

The “you just want to blame everything on the Jews” meme comes from observing people like Tan and Helvena. It names a perverse and irrational mindset — based on the arguments given on this site — that seeks to reduce the causes of white decline to (1) Jewish aggression and (2) white treason, and labels attempts to explain white susceptibility to Jewish subversion as intellectually dishonest, chiefly as an attempt to exculpate Jews and blame whites. There are two main false premises here:

1. The idea that either Jews or whites but not both are the cause of our problems

2. The idea that explaining psychological mechanisms for behavior is the same as the blame/exculpation game

This sort of monomania is irrational because it is based on faulty reasoning and probably some psychological naivete. It is perverse because it actually weakens our team and strengthens the enemy.

Later Johnson also said:

The inconsistency you spot is in Tan’s position, since he in the same thread will argue as if “It is either whites or Jews but not both” and then grant that some whites do work against our ethnic interests, but then claims they are merely traitors working for the Jews. The real position he wants to argue, but does not state clearly, is that: “There are no whites who are in good faith — i.e., because they think it is the right thing to do — working against the genetic interests of our people.” That proposition is false.

And later:

What is missing or wrong here is that I see reason to believe that the white predicament can be explained fully by: (1) Jews, (2) white traitors working for the Jews, and now (3) sincere whites who believe in a Jew-defined, Jew-centric morality. All roads lead to the Jews with you.

But don’t you wonder what is it about whites that make us susceptible to this? Your answer to that question, in one form or another, is simply to repeat: Jewish subversion. But the question remains, what makes us susceptible?

And later:

Tan, I have chosen to overlook your insults and increasingly emotive and obnoxious tone, because I think there is a real issue here worth discussing, and I think we are actually making progress.

And later:

Then there is your breath-taking assertion that my position is the same as Jared Taylor’s and that it amounts to the view that whites are genetically programmed for self-destruction. One form of lying is to present hunches or hypotheses as facts. You do that all the time (while being hair triggered with charges of intellectual dishonesty). In fact, I do not believe that whites are genetically programmed for self-destruction. I daresay you have not inquired about my views on these matters at all, so you are in no position to summarize them or equate them with Taylor’s views. So why do you say things that you cannot know to be true as if you have knowledge? Why can’t you just deal with the issues?

As far as I have seen, you have never squarely taken on the question of white vulnerability. You just evade it, attack straw men, and resort to insults. That is a sign of intellectual weakness, not strength.

I guess it is some consolation to me that I end in good company: along with Kevin MacDonald and Wilmot Robertson, I have been weighed and found wanting in intellectual honesty and rigor by the Great Tanstaafl.

And later:

Tan, you have spent far too much time trolling the internet. You are good at it, and therein lies the problem. Because trolling and grandstanding before imagined audiences of adoring dullards is too low a bar. You don’t have the logical tools or patience or ethical commitment needed to get to the truth. You just have simplistic talking/trolling points, which you defend with sophistries. It isn’t good enough.

And finally:

Why do I argue with you, Tan? Because ideas have consequences, and bad ideas have bad consequences. Beyond that, it is important for me to understand the many perverse and self-defeating mindsets that handicap our side, and you and your amen corner here are an interesting study.

(Of Tan’s responses I’ll include only his phrase: “You should go now. You’ve got a war on White catladies to fight.” Greg’s last, sardonic comment was: “OK Tan, I quit. For what it is worth, you are the smartest guy in this room.” See also my article “On Carolyn and Tan.”)

______ 卐 ______

Update of December 2015

At The Right Stuff Johnson commented:

My point is that Tanstaafl is quite open about harming his own ethnic genetic interests [he places the ethnostate above his children and half-Jew wife] because of his commitment to the ideology of White Nationalism, but he is dismissive of the idea that other white people might have any innate propensity to this kind of behavior, i.e., sacrificing their children on the altar of ideology. He seems to want to hold that Jews are either forcing such behavior upon us, or bribing our leaders to force it upon us. But he thinks the idea that ordinary white people might have a pre-existing propensity to this sort of behavior is just a plot to blame whitey and excuse the Jews.

______ 卐 ______

Update of 2016

Greg has replied to a comment by Andrew Anglin thus:

Kevin MacDonald published his four path-breaking volumes on the Jewish question and started The Occidental Observer. During that same period, The Occidental Quarterly was founded, which has published MacDonald for years and is now under his editorship. Thus whatever occult power of suppressing discussion of the JQ that you suppose he wields, it clearly was not operative then. So what has changed? Has MacDonald stopped writing about the Jews? A quick look at TOO shows this is not the case. The only thing that has changed is that MacDonald’s theoretical work now focuses on whites. What has made us so susceptible to Jewish manipulation and takeover? Good questions that you think we would want to answer, in order to inoculate ourselves against Jewish subversion.

Unfortunately, a couple of paranoid cranks, Tanstaafl of Age of Treason, and Raven Gatto, who is primarily a Facebook presence, have been promoting the truly nutty idea that MacDonald has now stopped blaming the Jews and is now blaming whites (as if both parties cannot play a role in the current mess), and that MacDonald’s shift in emphasis is due to the evil influences of people like Paul Gottfried, Colin Liddell, and little old me. These paranoid notions are carried into your discussion forum by memetic plague rats such as Cledun (a guy who bats 1000 in picking literally insane mentors), and I think your own thinking has been infected as well.

______ 卐 ______


Update of 30 July 2017:

The Great Tanstaafl said today: “Chechar is in essence a psychoanalyst. My guess is it’s because he’s a crypto” in the comments section of his today’s post “The White Race and its Discontents” (which I won’t link here).

Just imagine my dear readers: I have published two thick autobiographical books in Spanish, that I started in 1988. Anybody that knows my family in Mexico City knows that my ancestry is 100% Catholic for generations on both sides.

For the record I have written a whole book in Spanish debunking psychiatry and psychoanalysis. But Tan labels me once more “in essence a psychoanalyst.”

Final thoughts

Tan and the commenters at Age of Treason are trapped in a monological belief system: a system in which white decline is only caused by Jews no matter what information they get. This group commits “the fundamental attribution error”: a tendency to assign a mono-cause to a problem rather than focusing on the context—situational causes that are harder to grasp. (Conspiracy theorists do exactly the same with their minds.)

Their methodology also exemplifies “conformation bias”. Tan and his amen crowd simply ignore evidence contrary to their pet theory. They are so overwhelmed by their POV that sometimes these guys even interpret an attack on their research model as an attack on themselves.

With such a quack mentality civil discussion with real doctors who want to solve the JP is impossible.

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See you at the Leaky Cauldron?

Harry-Potter_Leaky_Cauldron_signSoon I will pay a visit to London and other towns in the U.K.

Anyone interested in joining me with a beer in a pub?


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Arthur de Gobineau’s

Essai Sur L’Inégalité des Races Humaines

“We (Wagner and Cosima) have done nothing but talk about you and your Essay since noon, when my husband came to tell me of the pleasure and interest he has found in reading chapter thirteen, which has absorbed him since he began it. Parsifal has been cornered into reading your books!! I am not able to express how much we love and admire this masterpiece…”

Letter of Cosima to Gobineau of March 27, 1881


The Essai Sur L’Inégalité des Races Humaines (Essay on the Inequality of Human Races), of which only the first volume is available in English, is a book published in 1853 and 1855 by the French philosopher Joseph Arthur de Gobineau. It is considered the initial work of racialist philosophy. Below I reproduce an abridged translation of the introduction by Adriano Romualdi.

There are books that act on the reality of many of the political events and, out of the narrow circle of the discussion, become a powerful idea, myth and blood supplying historical processes. The most typical is undoubtedly Marx’s Capital, a historical-economic study that has become religious dogma, battle gun and gospel. To these books belongs the Essay on the Inequality of Human Races of Count Gobineau, ignored during the time the author lived but released in Germany after his death.

Arthur de Gobineau was born in Ville d’Avray in 1816 to a family of ancient Norman origin. Shortly before his death, in his Histoire d’Ottar Jara he would relive the events of the Viking conqueror that reached the coast of France, giving rise to his family. Gobineau’s father was a captain in the Royal Guard of Charles X. After the revolution of 1830 he departed to live in Britain while the son went to study in Switzerland. There Gobineau learned German and peered into the vast prospects opened by Germanic philology in those years. Since Friedrich Schlegel in his Ueber die Sprache und Weisheit der Inder taught affinity between European languages and Sanskrit he assumed an Aryan migration from Asia to Europe. In 1816, Bopp, with his Greek grammar, compared Sanskrit, Persian, Greek, Latin and founded Indo-European philology. Meanwhile, the Brothers Grimm rediscovered Edda and Germanic poetry, reviving the old heroism and primordial mythology while Kart O. Müller found in the Dorians (Die Dorier, 1824) the Nordic soul of ancient Greece. Thus Gobineau was familiar from his adolescence with a world that European culture was slowly assimilating.

In 1834 Gobineau went to Paris. He was not rich and tried to steer through as a writer and journalist. Of his literary works, many pages of Le Prisionnier Chancheux, Ternote, Mademoiselle Irnois, Les Aventures de Nicolas Belavoir and E’Abbaye of Thyphanes have withstood the erosion of time.

An article in the Revue de deux Mondes put him in touch with Alexis de Tocqueville, the famous author of Democracy in America, also of old Norman lineage. This friendship joined them through a lifetime despite their strong differences: Tocqueville, the aristocrat, resigned with melancholy by accepting democracy as a reality of the modern world while Gobineau, another aristocrat, rebelled and identified civilization with the work of a master race.

Tocqueville was appointed Foreign Minister and called his friend as his chief of staff. On the eve of the Napoleonic coup Tocqueville resigned but Gobineau put on a brave face to the Caesarism. He entered diplomacy and was the first secretary to take the delegation of Bern. It was in Berne where he wrote the Essai Sur L’Inégalité des Races Humaines. The first two volumes appeared in 1853, and more in 1855.

The book incorporates the movements of the great discovery of the Indo-European unity, i.e., a large extended Aryan family from Iceland to India. The Latin word pater, the Gothic fadar, the Greek patér and the Sanskrit derivations are revealed as originating from a single word. But if there has been a primary language of which several languages have branched, there must be a major lineage that existed, moving from its original home, and spread this language in the vast space between Scandinavia and the Ganges. It was the people that named themselves Aryans, a term with which the rulers are referred to themselves as opposed to the natives of the conquered lands (compare the Persian and the Sanskrit for arya = noble, pure; the Greek àristos = best , the Latin herus = owner, the soldierly Germanic Ehre = honor).

This is where Gobineau’s reasoning is channeled, mobilizing for his thesis ancient Indian texts revealing these prehistoric Aryans—tall, blond, with blue eyes—piercing into India, Persia, Greece, and Italy to make the great ancient civilizations flourish. Every civilization comes from an Aryan conquest, from the organization imposed by an elite of Nordic lords over a mass population.

Comparing each of the three great racial families the superiority of the Aryan appears to us evident. “If his [the black man’s] mental faculties are dull or even non-existent”—writes Gobineau—“he often has an intensity of desire, and so of will, which may be called terrible. Consequently, the black race is an intensely sensual, emotional radically race, but lacks of will and clarity of the organizer.” The yellow race stands before the black but it differs from the true creative will. Here we also have a race of second order, a kind infinitely less vulgar than the black but that lacks audacity, toughness and that sharp, heroic intelligence expressed in the gracile Aryan face. Civilization is thus a legacy of blood and is lost with the melting pot of blood. This is the explanation that Gobineau offers us about the tragedy of world history.

Gobineau’s key concept is degeneration, in the proper sense of the word, which is expressed in the growing apart from one’s own original type (the Germans would speak of ­­Entnordung or denordization). Ancient peoples have disappeared because they have lost their Nordic integrity, and this can occur to modern man as well. “If the empire of Darius had, at the battle of Arbela, been able to fill its ranks with Persians, that is to say with real Aryans; if the Romans of the later Empire had had a Senate and an army of the same stock as that which existed at the time of the Fabii, their dominion would never have come to an end.”

The fate that overwhelmed ancient cultures also threatens us. The democratization of Europe, which began with the French Revolution, represents the revolt of the servile masses with their hedonistic and pacifist values against the heroic ideals of Nordic aristocracies of Germanic origin. Equality, that for a time was just a myth, threatens to become reality in the infernal cauldron where the superior mixes with the inferior and what is noble is bogged down into the ignoble.

If today the Essai Sur L’Inégalité des Races Humaines appears aged in many features, it retains a substantial validity. Gobineau has the great merit of having first addressed the problem of the crisis of civilization in general and the West in particular. In a century stunned by the commoner myth of progress, he dared to proclaim the fatal decline of every culture and the senile and crepuscular nature of the citizens of a rationalist civilization. Without Gobineau’s work, without the serious, solemn chiming bumps in the prelude of his Essai, all of modern literature about crises by Spengler, Huizinga and Evola is unimaginable.

Gobineau’s great work on the inequality of the races was completed, but the French culture did not take notice. Tocqueville tried to comfort Gobineau prophesying that his book would be introduced into France from Germany.

Gobineau died suddenly in Turin in October 1882. Nobody seemed to notice his disappearance. It was the Germans who valorized him. Wagner opened its columns of the Bayreuther Blätter; Hans von Wolzogen, Ludwig Schemann and Houston Stewart Chamberlain announced his work. It was Ludwig Schemann who founded the cult of Gobineau by instituting an archive near the University of Strasbourg, then in Germany. In 1896 Schemann founded the Gobineau-Vereinigung, which would spread Gobineauism throughout Germany. In 1914 Schemann had an influential network of friends and protectors and the Kaiser himself subsidized it.

On the trail of the work of Gobineau, racialism was born: Vacher de Lapouge, Penka, Pösche, Wilser, Woltmann, H. S. Chamberlain and after the war Rosenberg, Hans Günther and Clauss retook Gobineaunian intuitions and amplified them with a vast doctrinal body. In 1933 National Socialism, assuming power in Germany, officially recognized the ideology of race. Thus what Wittgenstein had prophesied about Gobineau was fulfilled: “You say you are a man of the past, but in reality you are a man of the future.”

The Ukrainian crisis


Michael O’Meara said yesterday:

Beyond the distortions and misrepresentations of this series, there remain the fact that the Ukrainian crisis is essentially a proxy war between Putin’s Russian national government and the Evil Empire of the Washington / London / Tel Aviv axis.

By championing the Ukie thugs, who lick up the vomit of their CIA / Mossad handlers, certain “white nationalists” are once again demonstrating their utter ignorance of world realities by inadvertently supporting the very forces they ostensibly oppose: the Judeo-monied elites controlling the banking system known as the United States. What a sad joke.

Greg Johnson responded:

I challenge you to document a single “distortion” or “mis-
representation” in this series.

While Putin jails genuine Russian Nationalists, outlaws historical revisionism about WW II, and professes to be fighting against fascists, racism, Nazism, and anti-Semitism in Ukraine, what explains his continued popularity among Western anti-Semites and fascists?

It is simply a delusion to claim that what is happening in Ukraine boils down to a proxy war between Jewry and its opponents, since Putin is in bed with Jews as well. Nor is it a battle between globalization and Russian nationalism, since Putin suppresses Russian nationalism in favor of his own form multicultural imperialism. The only actor in this mess with bona fide anti-Semitic credentials is Svoboda. The only real nationalists in this whole mess are the Ukrainian nationalists. Principled White Nationalists should be far more sympathetic with Ukrainian nationalists than with Putin.

Putin-philia is just the latest version of Ron Paul mania or Tea Party mania. White Nationalists need to stick to their principles, not engage in yet another adventure in wishful thinking and cuckoldry. White Nationalists need to grow up.

If Ukraine is to pursue its own destiny, its first priority is to deal with the Russian threat. Then it can deal with the EU. It is folly for the US to be guaranteeing the borders of the Baltic states, but I completely understand why the Baltic states were happy for such guarantees. If Ukraine had been part of NATO and the EU, it would still have Crimea today. Any sensible nationalist would take the same course.

Karen Toffan commented:

Greg Johnson: it’s unnecessary for Michael O’Meara to document a single distortion or misrepresentation in this series, Askold has already done so [in the TOO threads].

Hadrian concluded:

If Jews are on both sides of the conflict, that means that the conflict itself has been created by Jews, and that both sides are controlled by them. We should be on our own side, not whatever side they offer us because any side they offer us is going to benefit them, not us.

How can you possibly call these Ukrainian nationalists “principled” when the first thing they did when they took power was install a bunch of Jews into high government positions? Why didn’t they install Ukrainians into these positions?

Real Nationalists must first and foremost be opposed to Jewry because Jews are the number one threat to any and all White nations. Any Nationalist movement that is not openly anti-Semitic is not for real. You cannot simultaneously be a Nationalist and ignore the Jewish problem, because it is the problem that Whites face today.

Murka’s last decade


Americans are approaching a critical juncture in the cycle of a civilization’s decline. Debt and debasing of the currency is the hallmark of all civilizations in decline. A common feature in the history of collapsing civilizations and empires is when the rulers in debt are borrowing money to simply pay the interest of the debt. Considering the global nature of the economy, and that many of the world’s fiat currencies depend on the dollar, the end of the world as one knows it is nigh.

Americans probably don’t have until the next decade for an inevitable default. However, the ability to manipulate the masses with mass media propaganda and hide the extent of the problem, until it is too late, has been amazing.

For historical and economic details, see the blog Sovereign Man (here).

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