Defamation over the boards


In the forum White Nations (specifically, here) a guy said:

Tanstaafl accuses Cesar Tort, his blog The West’s Darkest Hour, of siding with the basic flowing premises of the Jewish Narrative.

Utter nonsense! I signed with my real name on Alex Linder’s poll in VNN forum advocating final solutions to the Jewish problem; and I end both of my 2014 books (The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour and Day of Wrath) praising Himmler’s ways.

I would have banned CT sooner than Tan did, for no other reason than that he was a hopeless Covingtonista. I remember Hadding trying to reason with him and it was like reasoning with a brick wall.

Tanstaafl never banned me from Age of Treason. I decided not posting there anymore. And I am no longer a Covingtonista as anyone who reads my blog knows. (Again, see the very end of The Fair Race; see also here to understand further reasons.)

Anyone knows how to contact Will Williams, the author one of the above comments? (White Nations did not allow me to respond). If I can clear myself from those absurd charges over there I might even remove this entry.

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  1. Maybe the Jewish agenda to destroy Christianity and the Jewish agenda to destroy the White race are incompatible.

    Christian Identity is incompatible with National-Socialism. Christian Identity is incompatible with historic Christianity (Christendom).

  2. Covington (despite his corpulence) has managed to out live other WNists of his era, allowing him to spill fictional bilge against other “leaders” with impunity. At least his penchant for fantasy produced some excellent novels. What I find puzzling about the man is his split personality: one Harold offers lucid, insightful commentary and another has a persecution complex.

    • Even if he’s not Jewish, he has this in common with Jews: He denies that his misfortunes are the result of his own mealfeasance.

      That resolves the question of the “split personality” that you noticed. The narrative of persecution (a la the Jews) is the retreat from reality that someone who is at the same time both in denial of his own malfeasance and also very discerning and logical.

  3. Now you know what it’s like to be rendered Verboten. How does it feel now that you’re the one being discriminated against? I don’t worry about it though, that’s cause I know you’re a tough guy. I know that’s true, because you’ve always been real tough on me.

  4. CT: “I am no longer a Covingtonista as anyone who reads my blog knows.”

    I take back my comment that you are a hopeless Covingtonista, CT, since you say you are no longer one of those poor souls. It takes some longer than others to come around as you have.

    I don’t follow your blog (was tipped to this particular posting of yours), so would you mind telling me and your readers what it was that finally got you to make the break from the most notorious liar and political saboteur to ever claim to be pro-White?

    Here’s where the comment was made at White Nations forum (link) I’ll be happy to post your reasons there for abandoning your fascination with Tubs, if you wish.

    • Thanks for answering after the recent tip.

      I still believe that the Northwest imperative is sound, as well as the revolutionary ideas in some of Covington’s novels. But the man cannot be commander of any guerrilla movement. He’s only good as a novelist.

      Why I changed my mind?

      Reasons are multiple. I am a fan of Tacitus’ study on ancient, pre-Christian Germanics you know. Well, among them defamation was as serious a crime as murder. And although I am an extremely late comer to the movement (only discovered it 2009) and the old controversies are old history for someone like me, what Covington said about Ben Klassen (murderer? homosexual?) bothered me. The same with what he said about Pierce in his novel The Hill of the Ravens: that Pierce was a federal informant!

      That is defamation, and pretty serious.

      Originally I paid no attention to Covington’s character flaws because I was on fire after reading his Quartet. The imperative of founding a White Republic somewhere in North America clouded my vision. I see things more clearly now. Like ancient Germans I believe that character assassination is very wrong (e.g., the Klassen thing). Yes: I cannot ascertain that the things that Covington claims about Klassen are false. But since he was unable to respond properly on VNN forum when he was given a chance, my educated guess is that he lied about Klassen and others in the movement. Just look at the letter I linked in the above entry (linked again: here).

      Since this entry is about “defamation” it is useful to ask whether you, or someone close to you, edited what Metapedia says about Covington’s “Political activities and defamation”?

      Changing subjects, let me say that Carolyn Yeager broke all contact with me after I scolded her about interrupting you during her radio podcast when you disclosed the original (anti-Christian) founding document in Pierce’s National Alliance.

      Lol :)

      • “…[D]efamation was as serious a crime as murder…and pretty serious.”

        fa·mi·cide [fey-muh-sahyd] noun, Law – destruction of another’s reputation; a defamer or slanderer; example: Harold Covington, Maximum Leader of the Northwest Front migrant scam.

        I can’t deal with the SOB for his serious crimes against myself and others as I would in healthier, more honorable times, though in some’s eyes homicide would be justifiable, so I’ve used the law to seek satisfaction. I’m glad to see you’ve come around on the issue and see his smear campaigns as serious. Think of all the times you’ve heard the famicidal fiction-writer babble on about the importance of “good character” out of one side of his mouth while fabricating the most outrageous, malicious lies about good people out of the other.

        So, you still can’t tell if all the lies Tubs has told and repeated hundreds of times about Ben Klassen are false. Tsk, tsk!

        No, I’ve never edited any Metapedia entries, wouldn’t know how, and don’t know who may have done that. I know Covington had in the past frequently edited his Wikipedia entry, and even asked Wiki to take it down after so many others kept countering his changes.

        CY didn’t like that I told what Dr. Pierce’s Alliance policy was on Christianity. She had asked Alex Linder *not* to tell what he thought of Christianity when she interviewed him, so he didn’t, but I was not about to have her tell me what to say when the subject of her show was “What would Dr. Pierce tell us today?,” or something like that. She got back at me for that by inviting me to appear on her show again, but that time with one of her Christian Identity buddies who believes the Jews are the product of the union of Eve and the Serpent in the Garden of Eden.

        You weren’t the only one who scolded Carolyn for the rude treatment of her guest.

        You can bet I won’t be tolerating such crap with our new Cosmotheist grounded National Alliance. We follow the original NA Membership Handbook — that section on Christianity as an opposed ideology can be read here—not the later edition of Erich Gliebe’s “new & improved” Handbook that removed those vital five Handbook pages that I tried to read on her show that time.

      • So, you still can’t tell if all the lies Tubs has told and repeated hundreds of times about Ben Klassen are false. Tsk, tsk!

        I said above: “But since he was unable to respond properly on VNN forum when he was given a chance, my educated guess is that he lied about Klassen and others”.

        Character is missing throughout the movement. In this blog I’ve focused a bit on Greg Johnson because he publishes pro-traditional family author Roger Devlin and at the same time promotes a pro-homosexualist writer; he also preaches Nietzsche in the weekdays and Jesus on Sundays and criticizes Jews but loves Hollywood’s Judaized filth. I find all that intolerable and schizophrenogenic.

        I suggest you to save in your computer at least one of my books linked in the entry above. You’ll see that I debunk Christianity like no other racialist in the movement. Incidentally, why didn’t Pierce pick you as his heir? How come he chose guys who took such a gigantic step backwards regarding religion? Just what was going on in Pierce’s mind before dying…?

  5. I didn’t find any substance in Pierce’s assertion that the Christian doctrine teaches white self-annihilation. In fact, strictly-speaking, Christian doctrine calls for one to be a genuine white Supremacist, i.e., a white man who believes in objective Supremacy. That the “mainstream” “Christian” denominations are filled with seekers of salvation through collective white self-annihilation in no way contravenes the Christian assertion of the existence of objective Supremacy. For the neo-pagans of NS, there is one simple question. What evidence do you have in hand that convinces you that you are the creation of “multiple fathers?” And once one has accepted the notion of being seeded by “multiple fathers,” what then do we think of your “mother?” It should be clear that in the real world white men under the impression of having “multiple fathers” are really immersed in a degenerate “matriarchy.”

    • For the Nth time, have you read my PDF?

      • Chechar…

        I was responding to Will William’s link concerning Dr. Pierce’s view concerning Christianity.

        And no… I have only downloaded FRDH and DoW and realized that reading on my iPhone would be a torturous affair on my eyeballs. I will have to wait until I get time to get on my laptop. But I do look forward to reading what you have to say.

        Going back to Mr. Williams point on “[c]haracter” and lack thereof in the “movement,” it seems clear to me that such a predicament is the necessary outcome of rejecting objective Supremacy. And as far as I can discern, only Christian doctrine affirmatively posits such a “thing.”

      • But this is an anti-Christian blog. Don’t know what are you doing here.

      • Then yours is an anti-WHITE Supremacist blog.

      • Lol!

  6. Dear Cesar,
    you can count on me.

    Btw: Do you visit my blog?

    In this moment i translate your “Red Giant” and plan to translate other pieces from your books.

    PS: I copy some pics from your wonderful blog (cause yours the best), hope it’s okay for you..

    Best regards from Germany,

    • Oops! Please use, if still possible, the corrected version of that article in the FRDH pdf under the new title “The historical demise of Christianity”.

      In fact, I planned to remove the old version in this blog now that it has been published in book form.

      Thanks for the link. I’ll now visit it. Cheers.

      • Yeah, of course i will use your version from FRDH.
        I will split it in three pieces and publish part one in a couple of days.

        Thanks for visiting our blog.

  7. More info about the owner of that white nations site:

    • “The proprietor of whitenations dot com is A CONVICTED RAPIST! That’s all” says Dalves in that thread.

      Problems with this. The SPLC outed the guy. Murka’s legal system convicted him. Sorry but I cannot make a fair judgment in these circumstances.

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