For those who read Spanish, let me say that I’ve just added a long article about “nordicism” (i.e., real whitism) on Nacional Socialismo.

(See the pics if you don’t know the language—or the comments below.)

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  1. This Nordic infatuation you have is pure Jew poison. You have taken Pierce’s rants and have yourself run off the deep end. If Pierce believe his own rhetoric why was his wife black haired?

    • The author of the article and I are Mediterraneans.


      There’s nothing wrong with black hair if your better half looks like young Taylor in a film that her beauty cautivated me big time as a kid (see also the black-haired women on this blog’s sidebar).

      Most of the above-linked article consists of quotations from the works of:

      ° Arthur Schopenhauer
      ° Arthur de Gobineau
      ° F. Nietzsche
      ° Madison Grant
      ° Karl Weinländer
      ° Hermann Gauch
      ° Hans F. K. Günther
      ° Adolf Hitler
      ° Alfred Rosenberg
      ° Walther Darré
      ° Heinrich Himmler
      ° SS doctrine

      And you call that “Jewish poison”? Gimme a break.

      Most anti-nordicists are just ignorant about the subject. I would recommend reading the chapters in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, which are in plain English on “white nationalists’ amnesty to non-whites”.

      Once more, the German nazis got it right and the American white nationalists all wrong.

  2. You say “the German Nazis got it right”, Chechar, but the German Nazis were Monocausalists , and you yourself have no use for Monocausalists. You’ve always been very adamant about condemning Monocausalism and Monocausalists.

    A : Monocausalists are wrong.

    B : The German Nazis were Monocausalists.

    C : The German Nazis “got it right”.

    Your premise doesn’t support your conclusion. Your enduring premise that Monocausalists are wrong would logically lead to the conclusion the German Nazis did NOT get “it right”, as the German Nazis were Monocausalists. Your premise that Monocausalists are wrong would lead to the conclusion the Monocausalist German Nazis got it wrong. One would think, based on your premises, Chechar.

    • You are not reading this site. Both Hitler and Himmler blamed Christianity (therefore, they were no “monocausalists”). In their table talks there are even more critical remarks about our parents’ religion than on Jewry. As I said to the other Christian guy recently, read the FRDH and comment after that.

  3. I shall read “The West’s Darkest Hour” more thoroughly. Excuse my error. I apologize.

    There are those online Nazis, neo-Nazis, WN’ers, who say Hitler was indeed a Christian, and they are happy about that. They say Hitler was a Christian and his Christianity is the very reason for his strength and vigor. Then there are those online Nazis, neo-Nazis, WN’ers who say that Hitler was a Christian, but it was Hitler’s Christianity that led to his defeat. They say Hitler was a Christian and that Hitler’s Christianity is the very reason he failed. That Hitler’s Christianity was the very reason for his defeat.

    It’s all a rather bit confusing. What do you think, Chechar, about all the online Nazis, neo-Nazi, WN’ers who say Hitler was a Christian?

    You do have the correct view that Hitler was NOT a Christian, Chechar, but I wonder why so many Nazis, neo-Nazis, WN’ers , insist on inculcating the mendacious meme that Hitler was a Christian.

    • It’s because neonazis are phony nazis–WNsts with nazi parnaphenalia–as I already said elsewhere.

  4. I have your book, I will re-read those parts on Nordicism. I possibly mis-understood it.
    I call it jew poison out of frustration that this ideal will just further divide my race. A division that can only come at another loss of White Europeans.

    This Nordic idea, could it not wait until we have regained some of what has been lost in our nations? Making this the starting factor in a war for our survival seems, silly.

  5. I am German/Celtic .. The Greeks I see pics of like golden dawn do not appear to be a White at all, at least not 100% . However, the Nordics of today would be hard pressed to claim 100% pure White. With all the mixing it’s not for certain who is pure. Who “was” pure, yes. But who is presently, no.
    That is what I am saying focus on regaining our land than we can fight over who is more pure. But to start with that, is what the Jew wants. Us not being able to identify as Europeans since we can’t or don’t know for 100% certainty who is pure in this day and age.

    Fighting over who is more White than other gets more infighting instead of fighting the poison of them enemy. The infighting is poison of the enemy. I am more White than you. Which I feel you help to,foster.

    Once the Jew is gone we can focus on purifying the European race.

    Priorities, dear chechar. I understand what you’re saying, I think, but regaining our homeland is more important than fighting over who,is more White than the other…

    • I really don’t think that you get it. Have you really read the two articles by Stubbs in the pdf? The article in this blog “Johnson’s amnesty” (or what a blogger said about it: here)? Have you read the articles on Greeks and Romans (here and here)?

      The Germans saw it all right last century. See e.g. the bibliography in my latest post. So-called white nationalists are absolutely blind on this most important issue.

      • I will re-read the links. I have read them, I’m just not getting it I guess.
        How do we know who is us? By appearance alone or do we need testing on blood done?
        I agree Turks don’t look White same goes for dark skinned Sicilians, same goes for the Greeks I see of dark skin.

        Maybe a post of pictures explicitly stating White, Not White would help us struggling to grasp what you’re driving at.

        I get lost on the features. Like is someone only White Nordic like the man in the Spanish blog taking communion as it appears.
        I see very Nordic looking me who have light brown hair, yet would you not consider them Nordic ?

        What of tall blond ice blue eyes with a more round head, like a Polish man?

        Iam really trying to understand this, but the words I’m reading and not having examples to see, I get lost. Just being honest here.

        So only Nordics should be preserved the rest should be left in history books?

      • Those people you mention are white too. But that’s not the point. The point is that lots of Spanish, Portuguese, Greeks and southern Italians are much more mixed than the average Scandinavian. Did you click on the Metapedia discussion about Johnson’s amnesty? That resumes my concerns regarding nationalists in a nutshell.

    • White is an American, or more generally a Euro-diaspora, concept.

      White intra-egalitarianism might well be both racially appropriate and politically expedient for North Americans.

      Ethnonationalism is clearly racially appropriate and (fortunately) politically expedient for Europe.

      The conflict arises because American dumbasses are so parochial, so ready to project from their home town awareness onto the world, stuck as they are in front of their televisions, and therefore don’t understand the different contexts.

  6. I did. I also did some further reading on this. Thanks for your patience. Browsing some some discussion on other boards.

    What I gather is that the Nordic should be further segregated from mixing with other Europeans, is this correct? The ideal is that all European should be preserved, along with the Nordic. So this isn’t removing us and them from OUR fight against the Jew and MUDs, just when that is done and now, breeding amongst Nordics should be with other Nordics, correct.? As long as they can prove their Nordicism.

    This be across the board, yes? Germanics, Celticism as well, yes or no? The problem being most WN in the US are a mixture of Europeans. So the uS should be looking for more pure Europeans to breed with?

    • Purer, yes. It is a pity that the article linked in this entry collecting the quotes of those Germans is in Spanish because it explains the basics of it. 21st century WNsts are light years behind the 20th century nazis (IMHO because racialist Americans are still living in the previous paradigm).

  7. Thus i cannot read spanish i will point out the main points of Gobineau’s (1816-1882) race theory, the founder of nordicism, that appear in his “Essay about the inequality of the human races” .

    1. There are 3 greater races of humans, the whites, the blacks, and the asians.The pure white is described as the nordic, the non-nordic whites are forms of different levels of mongrelaziation.

    2. The nordics are the decentdants of aryan invaders, this link solves the Indo-european problem. (Since then the nordics are also called aryans, as Gobineau does it in relation to the linguists.)

    3. The aryans are the supreoir race, the hidden force behind the old civilizations of Egypt and Persia, the ancients of Greece and Rome and the moderns of England and Germany. When across decandence and assimilation the aryans and their blood fully disappear, the civilization falls, the culture and progress stops. The non-nordics have in general no intellectual strength, no sense for freedom, they stay in a materialist and passive mood.

    And this was written in the mid of the 19th century! According Europa Soberana the points 1 and 2 are mostly true (see the chapter white-nordic and red-nordic-race). The 3 point is the most criticized one.

    So to convince someone it’s important to show that historically the upper class of all european civilizations was nordic like chechar does. For exampel, in medieval times the nobility of all west-european countries was from nordic-germanic origin. Since across race-mixing in the 15 and 16th century the nordics mostly disappeared in Portugal and Spain these great powers fell, since they were massacred in the French revolution France fell as a great power.

    Just a reminder, were are today the most civilizated, technical progressive and powerful countries in the world ? The most nordic ones: US,Germany, England, Scandinavia.

    • Europa Soberana’s criticism of point 3 is rather mild (he’s a Spaniard and not extent of complexes). What really worries me is when pure Aryans, including WNsts, don’t subscribe Gobineau’s discovery.

      • Excuse me, my fault i re-read it. I don’t meant that ES critics the 3 point, i thought that WNsts do it .

  8. If the Nordics are as superior as you say, then why are they continually duped by Der Jüden? Being superior then they should have known to not breed out their genetics. Clearly this is not the case. Presently they are the weakest of all Europeans as can be seen how they let MUDs have their way their “superior” women.

    Why is this? They are not demonstrating superior behavior at all.

    Where is the proof to his assertion that all Whites are mongrel, Nordic has saami blood, hardly pure..

    • John, replace “Nordic/s” in your comment with “White/s”, make a little change and that’s fully liberal egalitarianism. Example:

      If the Whites are as superior as you say, then why are they continually duped by the Immigrants? Being superior then they should have known to not breed out their genetics. Clearly this is not the case. Presently they are the weakest of all races as can be seen how they let MUDs have their way their “superior” women. Why is this? They are not demonstrating superior behavior at all.

      Also it seems that you not know biological basics and neither read Europa Soberana, because instead you would know that genealogy and genetics are not the same and that this “we are all mongrels” is liberal nonsense and that today’s Nordics are what one call “pure”.

      • Excellent reply. The argument by analogy has always been my favorite :)

      • The only people pushing this Nordic, topic, are those who are not White(chechar and his best friend Tan the jew lover), have no White children, have Jews for wives, mixed mongrel children or children with Jew blood.

        Chechar, I enjoyed your blog for a while. but I bid you farewell. Take care. Thanks for not blocking my comments. I disagree with this Nordic, idea. Being from the Nordic parts of the world by blood, I still find this this topic, dividing instead of uniting in a common goal.

      • You are a silly man, John. You did not say a word about the fact that the 19th century racial studies (started by Gobineau) soon realized that so-called Meds (like me) are actually the product of a mixture of Indo-European blood with Levant blood and the peoples of North Africa.

        Today I was in a shopping mall and, although I don’t watch the Football Cup, I paid attention to the phenotype of both, the football teams of those who represented Italy and Uruguay right before the game started.

        Andrea PirloSurprise!: No full Aryan among any of them! At best two or three of the Italians might be considered loosely white but the blood mixture is evident among them all. Among the Uruguayans the situation was worse. Perhaps only one could be considered white—and Uruguay is believed to be one of the “whitest” countries in Latin America!

        I would recommend visitors more honest than you to spend a time reading our classics, starting with the pioneer of these studies, Gobineau, and recognize that southern Meds are in fact mudbloods.

  9. I also want to note that I appreciate Europa Soberana and recommend it, because it shows the latest stand of science.

    First i read about Gobinaeu and Nordicism i have been suprised how correct his analysis is in consideration of it is from 1853-55.
    But when you take a closer look it’s not suprising.

    Gobineau like nearly all nobles of the time had probably a classical education, he learned Latin and read the classical ancient literature like Tacitus, Ilias an so on in the original, which is highy philo-nordicistic. He already known that the Greeks and Romans were nordic.

    The Europe of the anciem regime wasn’t colorblind, it was in contrast maybe more race consciousness than it is today. Things like the theory of “the two races of the French population, the nordic race of the Franksih conquerers and nobles and the darker race of the conquered gauls” by Boulanvillers (1658-1722) at the beginning of the 18th century was general knowledge and the race consciousness was a main part of the identity and legitimation of the French nobility.
    Like many french intellectuals of his time such as Ernest Renan in his “La reform intellectuel et morale”(1871), Gobineau regretted the decimation of the nordics in France across the revolution and blame it as the reason why France fell from the first country of Europe at the beginning of the 19th century behind England and Germany at the middle of it and was humilated by Germany in 1871.

    But since 1945 most of this and other informations have been lost and hidden by the jews, so when you want know today about the aryan nature of the greeks and romans or the mongrelazetion of the south “europeans” you have to read a lot on small censored blogs like your FRDH because you find it nowhere. I claimed that i was good educated in history, but i never heard this things (unfortunatily the jews do a good job) until i read it here and follow your side since some months.

    Because this all the white movement is light years, how you say it, away from real NS.

    But i thank you, for your great work you did until now Cesar, you have been a inspiration for me. Greetings from Germany.

    • Thanks and welcome.

      These subjects surprised me so much that at first I did not believe it. And yes: white nationalists are mostly ignoramuses about their own race. I don’t blame the Jews: I blame them. If you see how American white nationalists conceive Mediterraneans (precisely as Republicans conceive mestizos) you will have to acknowledge that, very independently of Jewish depredations, contemporary whites have what I call an “Ogre of super-ego”. Nordics, nationalists included, are egalitarians to the core and afraid to state the obvious: that among Europeans there are gradations of superiority. Kevin MacDonald has a stupendous article about it that I collected for my pdf. (What John says above refers only to the the most traitorous generation of all history.)

      Incidentally, The Fair Race Darkest Hour (FRDH) is the book collection of the best articles I found here and elsewhere. This blog’s acronym, on the other hand, is WDH.

      Glad to see that Germans are finally awakening since 1945…

  10. In all seriousness, do pure Nordics still exist and does this suggest multiple points of abiogenesis to explain the different origins of the pure races?

    • “In all seriousness, do pure Nordics still exist ?”

      I think the reason for that, that this question is asked so often, is that most people think in terms of pre-modern biology when they speak of “pure (blood)”.

      What i mean by this? When you think that one is only pure when he interbreed since X generations with others of his blood and when he didn’t do it, one is a mongrel, than it is exactly what I am talking about.

      In opposition to this, modern biology looks only at the genes. So finally, someone is pure, in the modern sense, when he has a Nordic genotype (genes). But because Nordics are highly-recessive, all who have a (real) Nordic phenotype (looks) have a Nordic genotype as well.

      “Does this suggest multiple points of abiogenesis to explain the different origins of the pure races?”
      As is said it already read Europa Soberana, there it’s explained

      • White nationalists are just liberals.

        A typical liberal asks questions like “Do you think there are pure whites?” because he wants to equalize whites with, say, mestizos. WNsts just cannot wrap their head around the simple fact that quite a few Mediterraneans have endured a lot more racial mixing with non-whites than Nordics. They seem to live under the assumption that Mediterraneans are basically whites, with little non-white contamination, and that interbreeding with them is perfectly ok.

        To put it brutally, white nationalists are race traitors—and they’ll continue to be traitors until NS takes over. That’s one of the messages in The Fair Race.

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