See you at the Leaky Cauldron?

Harry-Potter_Leaky_Cauldron_signSoon I will pay a visit to London and other towns in the U.K.

Anyone interested in joining me with a beer in a pub?


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  1. Bravo Cesar, you get it!

    If you one day will visit Germany, please tell me!

    Btw: On our blog we translate CS’s “Red Giant” from your book. Part 2&3 will fallow soon.


    PS: Very nice new graphic on your sidebar, reminds me of “the gold in the furnace”…

    • HP3Thanks for translating a piece that in The Fair Race I renamed as “The historical demise of Christianity”. And yes: surfing the net yesterday I discovered that eagle with swastika and could not resit using it here as the perfect symbol for this blog. Hope I can visit Germany soon…

  2. “The historical demise of Christianity” is the subtitle of part 1.

    That would be great; in that case, please let me know.

    • Sure. Next time click on the “Reply” bottom within a box you want to respond so that, if someone says something above, our exchanges don’t appear disconnected. Cheers.

  3. Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  4. If you ever come to New York, say so on your blog … a lot of us here looking for good conversation!

    • I wish I could make a stop at NY en route to Londri, but the US government is refusing me a visa…

      • Your skin isn’t dark enough. Whites need not apply!

      • Lol!

  5. And all this time I was worried about you, Chechar, because I thought you hardly had any money and whatever little money you did have you were saving so you could escape raced-mixed mongrel aztec aztlan Catholic Mexico. You were even asking for donations to help you escape Mexico permanently. What happened to that?

    Now I find out you’re going on a Pub-hopping vacation tour of the Precious Isle, set like an emerald in the sea.

    ~ When a man is tired of London, he is tired of Life itself ~

    • I will be escaping soon, not to London by the way (just visiting a friend there). This is not a pleasure trip to Europe.

      • I see.

  6. London is filled with Pakistani Muslims that hate Whites. Be careful.

    • I have seen them before, when I spent a year in the UK by the end of the century.

  7. Check out this crap: link, link.

    • It’s off topic but thanks. Have these Christians taken note that in my book, that soon will be available from Kemp’s publishing house, several pro-white authors take Christianity to task from a POV more scholarly than Linder’s?

  8. Off-Topic as it doesn’t concern English pubs, but important nonetheless :

    The pope just announced “Inside every Christian is a Jew”. What say you, Chechar, about this startling announcement? Well, you may not think it’s startling, but I do. After all, traditional Catholics always knew Jews was NOT, was NOT, a Jew.

    Looks like we’re all “god is dead” Nietzsche-mites here in the NWO.

    How ironic — and rather humorous — the pope and Chechar are on the same page. It’s a hoot really. At least the NWO is not without some sort of humor, humor of a sort.

    What say you, Chechar, about the Usurpation of the Catholic Church by jews and their satanic cohorts in October of 1958? The 1958 Usurpation of the Catholic Church having everything to do with the present NWO, and understanding how the Catholic Church came to be so usurped can add a lot of insight into what’s going on in the West.

    • Usurpation was not by jews. Take a look at the Catholic priests behind the zeitgeist of the Second Vatican Council, e.g., Hans Küng (I used to have several books by him in my personal library, when I was struggling inwardly with Christianity). And even better, take a look at The Name of the Rose and the historical Fraticelli to understand the forerunners of what in my book we call the Red Giant.

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