Are Amren’s contributors blind?


This month the pro-white webzine American Renaissance (Amren) published ten articles for the series “Race and America in 2034” questioning whether in the following decades the West will suffer major changes, or experience business as usual. Judging by the titles of their articles, it looks like they lean toward the latter: business as usual.

Since I have given up American-style racialism in favor of German-style National Socialism and its precursors (see e.g., my recent entries on Gobineau, nordicism and Nordish Hellenes), I won’t bother reading them. But I doubt that the Amren contributors have dared to look through our crystal ball. In fact, almost all white nationalists and race realists are unwilling to look thru it and see that—:

1. The dollar will collapse soon;

2. With all probability the crash will cause high-rocketing unemployment, riots, looting and perhaps even famine in some areas, not only in the US. Unlike New Orleans after Katrina, the tension won’t be solved soon after the catastrophe occurs. On the contrary: racial tension in the most ethnically “enriched” cities will escalate, especially in the US;

3. The System and the current anti-white Paradigm won’t collapse but, in due time, the aftermaths of the currency crash will start to converge with a runaway energy devolution that, by the end of the century, will probably dispatch the surplus of worldwide population created as a result of quixotic Christian ethics.

Apparently, like the rest of westerners, the contributors to Amren articles have blinded themselves to avoid seeing that the convergence of catastrophes is really coming.


  1. Alternatively, I propose the ‘Silent Collapse Theory’, whereby, much of the developed Western world see its working class depleted due to class stratification. There are only rich and poor people, with a small middle class, mostly white (twenty percent of the population). 70 percent of the west are working poor of various races, increasingly colored or mixed. Inflation eats away at the middle class’s ability to buy assets and retain any net worth … social services and pensions disappear as cities, towns, and states go bust.

    This will result in increase poverty, race mixing, and out of wedlock births, along with the elderly being sent off the government ‘warehouses’. The rich will enjoy clean water, food, and much more security, as the major cities become full of corruption, violence, and poverty.

    The West experiences a managed decline into a Brazilian superstate.

    • While the peak oil crisis that’s coming might be “silent” in the sense that it could take from 50 to 100 years to fully unfold, the hyper-inflated dollar won’t be silent at all: it will unfold very rapidly, starting with a “Black Monday” probably in this very decade.

      • There’s no linear trajectory between the current economic and energy system and a dramatic collapse. There are too many variables.

        It would be more appropriate to simply say it is a near certainty that Westerners will see their standard of living and net worth shrink dramatically over the coming decades. Structural changes, among private and public services, will occur, upsetting current employment and demographic arrangements.

      • I guess you have not watched this:

      • Schiff (who said his grandfather spoke yiddish) is like Doug Casey and your peak oil guy and so many others: they are a class of economic doom pornographers who derive a living from their “advice.” Notice that they always speak as though their predictions are imminent, and that they keep making them for decades. A prediction of doom (which any fool can make) that lacks a specific date range is completely useless for any sort of planning.

      • You are completely wrong. Forget Schiff if he’s Jewish. Mike Maloney says that the financial collapse will occur THIS DECADE.

  2. The problems extend beyond AmRen and its ilk. Recently I commented on a so-called Liberty site which is always hand wringing, constitution this or that. When, for a solution, I proposed people read Turner Diaries my comment was instantly deleted. They say they want a solution but when provided one they cannot accept it. This is due to Christian upbringing I believe. They will need permission to stop being nice and start breaking heads. Even the Patriot sites, all guns and prepping do not want to even mention race, immigration, etc. Jesus has really fucked people up. That is why only a catastrophe will start the revolution. My neighbors spend days detailing their SUVs, you think these whites want to fight? I am with you on National Socialism. Alex

    • Thanks for your comment, Alex. Yes: one of the most infuriating things among those conservative reactionaries that are racially conscious is that they react like liberals when confronted by someone who is to the right of them, as we revolutionaries are.

      Originally I was extremely upset but with time I realized that the coming catastrophes will cull quite a few of them and Darwinian survival laws will leave only those who have regained their manhood, like those starving characters in The Turner Diaries who were given a knife and asked to bring a freshly-severed head of an African-American or another non-white in order to be accepted in the liberated zones and receive some food.

    • I don’t think the dark races have anything to do with the genesis of the decline, it’s not the cause, it’s a symptom. The demographic trends of the West necessitate race-replacement by the third world. The weakness and decadence of the West creates room for alien cultures to develop. Additionally, the problem with fighting immigration, it is NOT a bourgeois issue of interest.

      If all of the dark races were kicked out of the West today, that wouldn’t stop the downward cultural trend, decadence, and sustainability of the current model.

      The real enemies; capitalism, bourgeois consumerism, and Xtianity.

      • Of course: but I was talking with Alex about Pierce’s novel.

      • I was responding to Alex’s idea about his white neighbors.

        They are the problem as far as I’m concerned.

      • I see. Often I get confused too. When more than two are commenting I better address the commenter I am responding to by naming him.

      • The real enemies; capitalism, bourgeois consumerism, and Xtianity.

        ..which are are largely non-Aryan both in their origin and in their current virulence. Get rid of the non-Aryans and those influences would abate.

  3. Amreners are run-of-the-mill conservatives: they don’t like niggers or spics but they love kikes, who are the reason why America is full of spics and niggers to begin with. There are quite a few Asian-worshippers there as well. It’s really quite pathetic. Those are the types of idiots who crossed the Atlantic to murder Germans twice in the last century.

    As for the future, I think one of two things will happen:

    1. The Jewish governments of the West will fully embrace Bolshevism and start exterminating the remaining Whites. This isn’t as unlikely as it sounds, given the bloodthirsty nature of the Jew and the fact that Jews have never, historically, ruled over a people and NOT murdered them.

    2. Things will proceed as they are, with continued race-mixing and race replacement until the all the West resembles South America. I don’t think any kind of apocalyptic collapse will happen; as far I’m concerned, civilization ended in 1945.

    • “I don’t think any kind of apocalyptic collapse will happen; as far I’m concerned, civilization ended in 1945.”

      Civilization may have ended that year, but your skepticism about the collapse simply means that you have not listened carefully those who predict it (as the video embedded above).

      • A financial implosion with infrastructure intact and a largely docile and impoverished mass is more likely.

        Was the Great Depression an apocalypse?

        Life goes on …

      • Which is what I said in the entry: the System and the Paradigm won’t collapse with the hyper-inflated dollar, but that will be only the first of the converging catastrophes.

        Although I numbered three catastrophes in the entry, in the entry there are actually two: the currency crash and the peak oil crisis. I omitted the third: a political crisis when energy devolution starts killing the peoples by the billions. Will we have Europe turned into Eurabia? Or conversely pro-Western fascist nations? Impossible to ascertain.

        The point is that the third crisis could potentially be as genocidal as the second one. Then is when paradigm shifts do occur.

      • I don’t see the convergence. Currency and governmental funding crises are cyclical … governments always go bust.

        The currency crisis MOST LIKELY will be a separate event, much sooner than energy collapse, if that were to occur.

      • Of course they’re separate phenomena. Peter Schiff, whose video is embedded above, speaks nothing of energy devolution for instance. And peak oilers speak nothing of, say, “Eurabia”. I am just trying to connect the dots.

      • Mr. Deutsch:

        A financial implosion with infrastructure intact and a largely docile and impoverished mass is more likely.

        I wish you would provide evidence and reason for your claims, across your commentary on this site, of which the quote above is an especially egregious example.

        Historical examples, especially in the 20th century, suggest that “financial implosion” results in:

        1. Structural changes, and

        2. An angry and alienated populace.

  4. @ Chechar

    What is your opinion concerning Christopher Jon Bjerknes? Personally, I find him to be compelling. What say you, Chechar, about :

    • Never heard of him.

      • I see.

  5. People are reluctant to predict collapse because it seems too easy, too convenient.

    Just when we’re about to be wiped out once and for al a deus ex machina takes down the enemy, fixes white the problem with white people and gives us a chance to survive.

    Nice if true…but probably a good idea to plan for the alternative as well, a long, slow decline into Brazil… but without the good aspects of Brazil.

    • That’s exactly what I believed back in 2009: it couldn’t be true because it’s exactly what we need. Then I listened Austrian economists like the ones linked above, none of them WNsts, and I saw that the deranged West is deranged all the way through, including the economy.

      • I read the modern classics of the Austrians like Hoppe, and they are right. The a-prior i-theories of them are fully logical, like “Someone wants always more of something than less” and so this goes on, step by step. The economical crisis is coming, and when the welfare is cut here in Europe than things will escalating quickly.

      • Chechar,

        Another Peter Schiff fan! Good for you! Also, see usawatchdog and Chris Martenson and James Howard Kunstler.

        A bellhop bought the hotel he worked at in Berlin with one gold coin during the Weimar collapse.

        Here’s my theory in a nutshell:

        People went soft because they got out of farming. Farmers are hard ideologues. The first, last, and most fanatical supporters of the NSDAP were farmers.

        The converging crises of energy, capital, drawdown of fossil water used to irrigate corn and soybeans, the failing GMO battle with superweeds, and the likely inability of government to continue to subsidize agriculture at the level to which it has grown accustomed, not to mention the recent drought, are going to make food prices go up. They try to hide higher food prices by messing with the packaging, which is a double rip off because the packaging is a greater share of the cost than the food — they are forcing people to buy more packaging, the bastards!

        Anyway, the supermarket cornucopia is ridiculously, absurdly, insanely unsustainable.

        We are going back to local food production and food will no longer be taken for granted. Every berry will be picked and either eaten on the spot, or put away for jam/wine.

        Millions will be put to work growing food. The cornucopia is done, and the 3rd worlders find this place no longer a better deal than their more tropical homelands, especially when winter sets in.

        Those millions of people working in primary food production will be hard fascists. Fascists to their very bone. it is in us. We’ll be like radical Muslims in our fanaticism, except our religion will be fascism, eugenics and ancestor worship.

        The Jews got control of an amazing cornucopia and destroyed it. That’s the crux of it.

        They created a Tower of Babel and Mammon Empire. But their Empire is destined to self destruct (thank God! LOL).

        Their empire depends on Net Energy. Net Energy is not something easy to accomplish. It is an anomaly. It is the peak of the bell curve. We are already on the downslope. We burn less gasoline than we did 10 years ago! That’s the downslope.

        The failure of Net Energy is masked by the impoverishment of individuals. The kids who can’t get jobs and thus don’t get cars and homes, but live in mom’s basement. That’s how you hide Net Energy decline.

        But there will be a catalyst — war, high food prices, a financial accident, that will make the Decline of Net Energy a Revealed Truth to all of us.

      • Perhaps you can tell me why ethno-nationalists pay no attention to these facts (coming currency crash and energy devolution). I say it’s because they’re intellectual cowards (with the exception of Steele, Ronin and you). Any other explanation?

      • Which ethno-nationalists? Derbyshire talks about it.

        Their argument against talking about doom is that it lets us off easy, it’s a Deus Ex Machina to save us, and gives us an excuse to do nothing.

        Of course my answer is, it’s not an excuse to do nothing. It’s an excuse to prepare! I just came in from spraying rotenone on my potatoes. I was out there in crocs, with a white t shirt on, a wet white t shirt over my head and my face through the neck hole, and a straw hat on top, under the hot sun. It was great though! That sort of thing will be the new normal. Most people, including WN’s, aren’t ready for this. But I sure am!

        Are you able to purify water by the way? Lots of people will die from drinking bad water. Get a kelly kettle, a non-electric distiller, and a water filter.

        First put the water through terry cloth, then boil, then water filter. Or terry cloth, distill, done.

        Kelly kettle is good because you can get intense heat by just burning twigs. It’s a rocket stove with a water jacket. Yuo can boil water in the water jacket, and cook stuff on top at the same time. Or boil/distill more water.

      • “Their argument against talking about doom is that it lets us off easy, it’s a Deus Ex Machina to save us, and gives us an excuse to do nothing.”

        Their “argument” misses the point that evidence for the crash (e.g., fiat currencies always fail) is not wishful thinking; it already happened in Argentina, Bolivia, etc.

        I insist that it’s cowardice to seriously look at the evidence. Unlike the real men at Golden Dawn, WNsts are simply wielding the One Ring of bourgeois comfort. Sooner or later I will write about an Iberian white I met in Mexico who wants to have it both ways: anonymity out of avoiding social alienation and being the leader of a “white” movement in Mexico / Latin America. Understandably, he’s also a skeptic of both currency and energy problems in the near future—like his Anglo-Saxon counterparts at the North.

      • Speaking of Austrian economists, look up the chapter of Human Action on racial polylogism. Basically, according to Mises✡, all races think the same, and was mere fashion. His contemporary in anthropology, Boas✡, promoted the same dogma, in the face of common observation by the vulgar.

      • Again, listen to Maloney in this site: a non-Jew Austrian.

  6. Speaking of non-whites, did anyone hear about that vile creature Suarez at the World Cup? He attacked a white Italian, which his jaws in the middle of the field! He bit the Italian on his shoulder/neck during the game!

    [I’m not a fan of sports, but I am following Germany. = )]

    This incident made me think of how subhuman the lesser races are. I used to think hispanics were ‘okay’, and not as bad as blacks, which may be they aren’t, but I’m beginning to view them in almost as negative of a light.

    • Have you seen my today’s comment on the other thread? It was precisely about Italy vs. Uruguay.

      I don’t even know who won by the way…

      • I share your Germanophilia, and I’m not really proud of being Italian, but I certainly don’t denegrate Meds like you do.

        Pirlo was born near Milan, almost 50 miles south of the Austrian border. If he is ‘Arab’, the Swiss and Austrians must have this gene problem as well! Now, I’m not saying he’s the most attractive dude … but he looks white to me.

        A Med like Ronaldo and many members of the Spanish team look exotic to me … I don’t think they are bad looking at all.

        I think black haired, brown eyed Spanish people are beautiful beings. I won’t view them as being any less Aryan than Germans.

        It pains me that you think Meds are part African-Middle Eastern, there is no DNA evidence to support that theory; Italians, outside Sicily (5 to 8 percent sub-African dna) and small pockets of southern Italy have no more DNA African or Oriental DNA markers than Germans, French, or the English. There is no question that race-mixing occurred in the late Roman Empire, but no, Italy is not full of mongrels.

        Most of the Italians in my family have blue eyes, about a third have blonde hair. We come from north of Rome, where most of the population has 30-50 percent Germano-Celtic markers.

        Brown eyes and dark hair are not Asiatic genetic pollution.

        I’m sorry you think that. I won’t wish to look any different and have no admixture whatsoever.

      • “Italy is not full of mongrels.”

        But what about southern Italy and Sicily; what about of the close-up Italian faces I saw today (I am no football fan and won’t associate any name you mention with a face), even among the fans watching the game in the stadium?

        The same goes with my ancestors. Have you read what I said about Spaniards: here and here?

      • “…but he [Andrea Pirlo] looks white to me”

        Andrea Pirlo

        You are kidding, right? He looks like a Mexican, even with that flag!

      • DNA tests don’t lie. Look up a Haplotype DNA-Y chart on the regions of Italy and you will see that the only contributions of N. Africans that is substantial occurs in Sicily and southern city ports like Palmero, where the genetic contribution ranges from 5 to 8 percent of Y DNA. The Y DNA came specifically from conquests of N. African and Arab males. About 7 million Italians have this potential admixture.

        The remaining 90 percent of Italians have no measurable admixture (certainly north of Naples). It’s just a fact. In fact, Italians routinely have some of the highest collective IQ scores in all of Europe, but the southern part has a low IQ.

        I agree with quarantining southern Italy. Everyone in Italy hates them.

      • Mister Deutsch: You are deceiving yourself. Just look at the guy. The first time I saw the pic I thought he was a Mexican for the flag on his chest (ignorant of football as I am I paid no attention to the blue shirt).

        The same argument (“DNA tests don’t lie. Look up”) I have heard here from “creole nationalist” Mexicans who fancy themselves white while you are clearly seeing they are mestizos.

        YOUR EYES DON’T LIE. You are falling exactly in the same double-think that Greg Johnson fell: asking us to see white when our eyes see brown, as in the above-pic.

      • Your criticism only applies to a small part of S. Italy, just like parts of Iberian Spain.

        I repeat, DNA tests examine the origin of X and Y chromosomes dating back millenia. Statistically it can be calculated exactly where one’s DNA came from based on haplotype grouping; except for about 7 million Italians living in Sicily and S. Italy, who have 5 to 8 percent admixture there is no foreign non-European DNA in the population.

        That’s not debatable, it’s science … African and Asiatic genetic markers compose less than 1 percent of the total Italian genome.

        If you want to alienate an entire segment of the white race and call them mongrels, go ahead. It’s completely false pseudo science.

      • By this comment of yours, I am pretty sure that you did not read my recent debunking on Johnson, nor did you read the section of my book on WNsts’ amnesty to the off-white population in Europe.

    • I agree that biting ones opponent is in poor taste (not to mention, unhygienic), as well as being against the rules.

      But I do favor a return to games with frankly gladiatorial rules, along with duelling and public executions.

      Combat between competing suitors for a bride would be a fine eugenic practice.

      George Carlin’s recommendations concerning capital punishment, albeit satirical, resonate strongly with me.

  7. @Chechar

    Do you hold Slavs in higher regard than Meds? They often have Aryan faces with blonde hair and blue eyes..

    Certainly they look more Aryan. However, in behavior, they are often prone to become Asiatic. I believe Hitler was fonder of Meds than Slavs.

    On my other side I am Polish, and I can say that they are gifted intellectually, but if you drift further south or west, you encounter a much stupider brand of Slav. True simpletons.

    • Quite a few Slavs became mongrelized after the Asian invasions just after Rome fell. They should have been conquered by Hitler because they had allowed the Jews to take over.

      WNsts are as simpletons as Slavs because they treat all Caucasian Europeans as “White” independently of what their eyes see:

      Sometimes WNsts are as dishonest as the common liberals. I am fed up of this pseudo-movement and will quit blogging soon…

      • If your Hitler was so ANTI-SCUM and so smart and so savvy , and Italians are “scum”, why then exactly did your smart savvy ANTI-SCUM Hitler make an alliance with the “scum” Italians?

        Can one surmise then that Hitler was not really very bright after all as he aligned himself with the Italian “scum” ?

        Just asking. The question flows naturally from the premises I’m coming across

        A : Italians are “scum”

        B : Hitler was ANTI-SCUM


        Seems to be a disconnect in the circuitry. Somebody please explain what’s going on here?

      • You are now thinking as irrationally and emotional as you have previously in other threads. Obviously that post, “Italian scum” (which was chosen to be included in The Fair Race by the way) refers to Sicilians, not to Northern Italians. I would recommend you and the other commenters stop reading this blog and read this section of The Fair Race instead:

        White nationalists’ amnesty to non-whites – I

        Portugal and the one-drop rule
        Who is really “white” or “Aryan”?
        Were the Greeks blond and blue-eyed?

        White nationalists’ amnesty to non-whites – II

        Were the Romans blond and blue-eyed?
        Italian mudbloods
        Stubbs responds
        AA approach to the one-drop rule

      • The Slavs at least fought the Jews in the Russian “Civil War.” Russia was the only White nation in which the Jews had to resort to mass violence to take over. The rest of the White world was taken over by the Jews without firing a shot.

      • Agreed.

      • I have found not a single report of dissent in the German government in the 30s over their alliance with Italy, or an expression that the native population were ‘mongrels’.

        Italian fascists themselves, within Mussolini’s camp had a racist attitude towards S. Italians, but Mussolini put the clamp on such opposition, because he did not want to divide the country. But the mainstream Italian population was never deemed as partially non-white.

      • You are simply ignorant of Gobineau’s successors. Hermann Gauch (1899-1978), one of the most exalted nordicists, was so radical that his theories were considered extravagant even in Nazi Germany because he called Italians “half apes.”

        I wouldn’t go that far because I have met Italians who look not only Caucasoids but like real Aryans. However, if you consider “Aryan” the above half-ape who plays football and I mistook as a Mexican, your optical process is beyond repair. (In fifty years of dealing with mestizos in Mexico I’ve developed the knack of seeing through the gradations of whiteness and brown tones among hundreds of thousands of mudbloods.)

        If it is not beyond repair I must insist: Read the section in The Fair Race about anti-Nordicism and come back later if you are capable to endure elemental cognitive dissonance on who’s really white or Aryan. (I myself am not according to that standard, but most WNsts cannot tolerate it because they are still under the firm grip of racial egalitarianism.)

      • I think Pirlo is ugly, but I don’t think he’s a mongrel. Could be wrong.

        Regardless, I agree that strict standards need to be maintained, what exactly that outline looks like, I’m not sure, but the NS doctrine only approaches the ideal. The Nazi attitude for Slavs, for instance, was over the top.

      • Sorry to say it but then your visual process is indeed beyond repair…

  8. There is a lot of discussion about “catastrophes” to stimulate a rebirth of the West. Some think that is a bad thing, some think its’ a good thing. Remember: the Third Reich came into being due to the catastrophy of WW1 and subsequent abuses from the U.S. and its European allies. So we would not be having this discussion without a major event or series of events which threaten the existence of the country and its people. I would anticipate a major event before whites get off their fat asses and fight. Alex

    • Whites are like the zombified Eloi in H.G. Well’s novel because, as in the novel, they have bread and entertainment like no whites in prior history. Ours is the worst generation of whites ever. We must be grateful that millions and millions of this scum will start to die (some of them in this very decade). That’s the only way that these nasty degenerates start to wake up.

      This is an O’Meara post reposted in my addenda that, again, people failed to comment:

      Being and the 14 words

      by Michael O’Meara


      This [a book-review of the quartet] is an extraordinary article on an extraordinary subject.

      I am constantly amazed by the fact that the Quartet has been virtually ignored in our community. Part of this, I imagine, is due to the fact that the present generation of racialists, like their unconscious cohorts, no longer reads. Anything that’s more than two or three thousand words long and lacks illustrations is practically inaccessible to them.

      A second reason I imagine the Quartet has been ignored is probably due to Covington himself, who is apparently an uncompromising individual and certainly one who has acquired a great many enemies. I don’t personally know Covington, so I have no way of evaluating the various charges made against him.

      In any case, even if the nasty things said about him by his enemies are true, it still distracts not in the least from the quality of his works, which are virtually unparalleled in our community. This gets me to the third reason I think the Quartet is ignored. Both white nationalism and race realism are largely cyber phenomena. If you take Covington seriously, however, you would have to tear yourself away from the computer monitor and act in the real world — with all its attendant inconveniences. The thought of political activity, though, is apparently too much for most of us. We too, even if we have remained unmoved by the system’s racial fictions, seem to behave in ways not unlike the rest of the sheep. Will we also go quietly to the slaughter?

      I think it’s significant that the spontaneous uprising depicted in the Quartet at Coeur d’Alene, which provoked the war leading to the eventual formation of the Northwest American Republic, was something of a mystery. This rings true to me.

      We may no longer be the men who defied the might of the British Empire in 1776 or 1916, but there are other forces that might save us from ourselves.

      The greatest of the “conservative” thinkers, Joseph de Maistre, pointed out long ago that the French Revolution led the revolutionaries rather than was led by them. For he believed that certain Providential forces rule our lives. These forces he saw in Christian terms, but others, like Heidegger, for instance, saw them in terms of Being, over which humans have no control.

      In either case, the force of Providence or Being or Destiny has a power that has often made itself felt in our history. [Italics added by Chechar] For this reason, I have little doubt that Europeans will eventually throw off the Judeo-liberal system programming their destruction. I’m less confident about we Americans, given the greater weakness of our collective identity and destiny. But nevertheless even we might be saved from ourselves by this force — as long as we do what is still in our power to do.

  9. I, too, was awestruck by the utterly inane content of most of the recent Amren articles about the future of the White world. I couldn’t believe the ridiculous blather and lack of real perception of many of these lame authors. It’s like they were all from Stupidville, USA. The self-negating, toxified mindset of most Anglo Americans obviously runs very deep. Whites clearly have innate racial foibles galore, and these (along with the corrosively addictive Levantine metaphysical superstitions), have unfortunately drip-fed the intellectual poisoning that is so rampant in the collective White psyche today. I also believe that much of this intellectual deracination is self-inflicted, with most of the rest being the result of the ever subversive Jewish media…. “compounding factor”. Most prescient White visionaries, such as Oliver, Pierce, and MacDonald have recognized this basic truth.

    Despite knowing and understanding our racial duty to defensive ideological and political action, I sometimes wonder if we are futilely trying to save a very foolish, self-destructive people from themselves! Remember Pogo’s admonition: “We have met the enemy, and he is us”. Nature, however, will no doubt winnow these things out in the very near future.

    Having observed your basic ideological development over the last few years, I feel that you, Chechar, are exhibiting more incisive wisdom every day, and that your racial-political learning curve is right on track.

    I am looking forward to getting a hard copy of you new book, “The Fair Race”.

    • Thanks a lot Junghans.

      Arthur Kemp is trying to find highly-quality images for the insides of my book and that’s why it is taking so long.

      George Lincoln Rockwell saw it all right, especially in his autobiographical notes. I won’t drop names but when I listen the recorded speeches of some of these racially-wise conservatives in their WN conferences I feel a revulsion so strong that I have to surf a little into my soul pondering the whys of this revulsion.

      The conclusion I reached is that their effeminate approach to racialism ultimately leads to ethno-treason, not only on the JQ but on dozens of other Questions. This is hard to see unless your POV starts precisely with something like NS, Rockwell and Pierce (whose wisdom I put all together in The Fair Race).

      Glad to see you commenting here again after more than a year…

  10. # Mister Deutsch

    Where you have your data from? Pseudo-science?

    Just took a look at Y-Haplogroups on eupedia. Non-Aryo-European Y-haplogroups (not I and R / with haplogroups under 5%)

    Italy: 38% (/43,5%) North Italy: 28,5% (/32%) South Italy: 50,5% (/57%)

    Secondly, Y-haplogroups don’t say you if there was a mixing some millenia back, but this is what we see. For example the European subtype of a Atlanto-mediterranean (under-class Celts/R1b). This is a broader, greater and lightened up (often fair eyes) Mediterrenean but with slight-brown skin, like the (gracile)-Med. You see them in the Western parts of Ireland, Britain, also in France, Spain and North Italy which has 50% R1b, but certainly only 5-15% even in North Italy have proper fair-white skin.

    • Thanks for your input, Theoderich.

      Through pseudoscience the “creole nationalists” I have met in Mexico rationalize away the all too clear evidence of our eyes to support a preposterous claim: that all Spaniards and 15% of Mexicans are “white”.

      These guys have shoved into my nose studies written in English “demonstrating” that Iberian miscegenation was almost nil. I stopped going to their meetings because of their self-serving self-deception, although their blogsite is purportedly NS.

      Their inferiority complex is so profound that one of them went to the extreme of saying that he wouldn’t be concerned if blue-eyed blonds become extinct!! The creole nationalist informed me that he was only concerned with what he calls “generic whites”—English translation: the mestizos you saw among most players in the game of Italy vs. Uruguay.

      But this is my point: these guys are very familiar with DNA studies on race that they shove under your nose to rationalize away their huge, and handicapping, inferiority complexes.

  11. How many decades must go by before you retards finally admit your predictions of hyperinflation are total, utter bullshit?

    Money is not a thing. money is power. And right now, the US dominates the world. This is measured in the settlement of foreign exchanges, which are at their HIGHEST LEVEL EVER in terms of settlement in USD. The US totally, utterly dominates global trade. $100 trillion dollars a year.

    The US could stop collecting taxes for the next 10 years, and there would be no hyperinflation. Zero. None.

    Gold bugs are so dumb!

    • You just made that up off of the top of your head; the US cannot stop collecting taxes for the next ten years, of if would have a deficit of about 250 trillion, depending on inflation.

      That 250 trillion has to be borrowed through treasury notes … if there are no buyers, the fed has to buy it’s own notes which causes hyperinflation.

    • “Gold bugs are so dumb!”

      In fact, those who believe in fiat currencies are the dumb ones.

      • One thing all of the hyper-inflation advocates don’t say is that there is a possibility the Fed COULD print to pay its debt and liabilities, IF there is a currency crisis around the world and investors flood into the dollar. Unlike Weimar, the whole world still has faith in the dollar … all currencies in Europe and Asia are suspect.

        In which case, we could experience deflation.

        Now you might say that’s ridiculous, the game is up. Then I would ask, why are elite Chinese investors (who come from generational wealth) buying up land in New Orleans, Detroit, and Nevada? They still place value in U.S. real estate at discounted prices, meaning they still think there’s value here.

        The inevitability of the dollar’s demise is not necessarily tied to the inevitability of the decline of the U.S. economy … hyper-inflation advocates believe that the political value of the dollar is tied to the future economic prospects of the U.S. On a long term time frame, that might be true, but not in the immediate or mid-term.

  12. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I do not believe that Amren’s contributors are blind. I view Amren as a concerted psy op to demoralize Whites and Aryans.

    • Never attribute to malice what can be explained by intellectual cowardice.

    • VB, thanks for linking this on your bog. My eyes are finally opened. Now I know why I always come away depressed after reading Amren and I always come away feeling better after reading you. You and MW are my go-to for ideas on what we should do about the problems we are facing. Some of the ideas are good;some are not so good; but they’re ideas not scare stories about how all us pore white people gone soon be ded! And yes Eradica, my family is actually putting some of these into effect; not just imagining that we’re doing something!

  13. The reason for the bizarre, twisted thinking of the writers at Amren and some other WN sites is that they are trying to square the racist circle, so to speak: They cannot express the forbidden thought of the illegal use of force, more commonly called “violence.”

    Which is why this site is so refreshing and liberating, even if, as a figleaf, it doesn’t connect all the dots – the reader with a modicum of imagination can do that for himself.

    The reader with a modicum of insight knows that The Turner Diaries are a fantasy, and that art (or a good essay on some dangerous topic) is not meant to be a reality show that spells everything out, but that it opens a door that the reader or viewer can step through to explore on his own. To the viewer with even a modicum of imagination, Rhett Butler carrying a swooning Scarlett O’Hara up the stairs is more arousing that a Penthouse “money shot.” And the persistent, American genre of zombie movies, or the Japanese anime that feature “tentacle rape,” are similar metaphorical expressions of matters that the audience wishes to see but whose explicit depiction is legally prohibited.

  14. I should a little more flesh to the first paragraph of my preceding comment:

    “Squaring the circle” (the construction of a square with the same area as a given circle by using only a finite number of steps with compass and straightedge) is a problem that has no solution, but many geometers have tried, over the centuries.

    Similarly, getting to the world that most of the writers at Amren wish to see, by acting and writing within the legal constraints of their current society, and indeed, within its default value system, is a problem that has no solution.

  15. Final addendum to the above (and damn my L’esprit de l’escalier):

    The take-home lesson is that the writers at Amren should quit their essay writing, given that they are too cowardly or dishonest to skate even moderately close to the legal thin ice, and instead write fiction.

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