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In my previous posts I have been bashing white nationalists and race realists because of their blindness to see that John’s apocalypse is coming soon. (Disclaimer: I am not a Christian and am speaking metaphorically.) With the honorable exception of my friend Sebastian Ronin, nationalists have failed to do their homework and see that the coming energy devolution will cause the death not of millions but of billions of humans this century. It goes without saying that the struggle to hostilely takeover the remaining oil fields will be accompanied by ethnic warfare and even wars among the starving nations.

Ignorant of all this (see the links within my previous entries), Franklin Ryckaert, whom I fairly quoted in The Fair Race, commented a couple of days ago:

Excellent article which puts the lie to the idea that white homelands can only be achieved by genocide on a mass scale as envisioned by such persons as Pierce and Chechar. Slow repatriation in an orderly and humane manner is very well possible and need not be considered as immoral.

Immoral? Ryckaert posted that comment in a Counter-Currents thread of an article by Greg Johnson, who for years has been promoting a peaceful takeover of white nations to the point of condemning the vision of revolutionary novelists like William Pierce and Harold Covington.

I am moving outside Mexico City in order to protect myself from the dollar crash that, when it happens, will escalate the insecurity of my native town exponentially. The beauty of my viewpoint against the non-genocidal pacifists at Counter-Currents is that history will disabuse them horribly, probably this very decade when the dollar hyperinflates.

If I am wrong about this prediction I’ll feel a little humiliated and even ridiculed. On the other hand, if the pacifists who believe in business as usual in the following decades are wrong—they could even die as they are not preparing themselves for the collapse.

If a regular is willing to start being educated on this subject I will send him the didactic documentary End of the Road on condition that, after seeing it, he in turn will send it to another regular visitor of The West’s Darkest Hour.

Let me know, and be ready for Armageddon…

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  1. In 1924, Adolf Hitler, the Savior of the White Race, put to words the blueprint for our survival and future rebirth as a unified people. Never has a more truthful message been shared…

    “No one can doubt that this world will some day be exposed to the severest struggles for the existence of mankind. In the end, only the urge for self-preservation can conquer. Beneath it socalled humanity, the expression of a mixture of stupidity, cowardice, and know-it-all conceit, will melt like snow in the March sun. Mankind has grown great in eternal struggle, and only in eternal peace does it perish.”

    Mein Kampf, Vol I, Chapter IV, Munich

    • It was Yockey who said that the ideals of egalitarianism were born in the French revolution in a bloodbath and that those ideals would die in a bloodbath. What the silly people at Counter-Currents and elsewhere cannot understand is that Anglo-Saxons and Russians cannot commit a crime of the magnitude of Hellstorm against the best of your kind and expect that everything will be solved smoothly and nicely. They all are living in a dreamworld and will learn about the real world the hard way.

      • To be fair, the Russians were mercenaries, in large part funded by banks in London.

      • Almost a century ago they allowed the Bolshevik Jews to take over and today they have not become Jew-wise even after Solzhenitsyn’s two major non-fiction works.

  2. You may want to visit Martin Armstrong of Princeton Economics blog for a different perspective of how the collapse will play out mechanically [inflation verses deflation].

    • IIRC Mike Maloney of the clip linked above in the words “End of the Road” believes that deflation will hit first and then inflation.

  3. You’re putting a lot of faith into the concept of a coming collapse. I say faith because in spite of all your talk about it, you don’t know for sure if it will happen or not.

    Let’s say it does happen. What makes you think the Jews don’t have a hundred contingencies to maintain their control after the fact? If some people are predicting a collapse you can be sure that Jews have planned for it. A collapse may even end up helping them, just as economic crises in America have always helped the left.

    But let’s say it doesn’t happen. Let’s say that the current system is still in place fifty years from now. What’s your back-up plan?

    I believe the only way the West can be saved is if American generals rebel against the Jewish government and install a temporary dictatorship. Europe, as far as I’m concerned, is dead, and so is Russia. But the odds of the US military doing this are slim to the extreme.

    • Jews are not gods; nor are they omnipotent. They are almost as silly as gentiles. Janet Yellen, the current Fed chairman, a Jewess; and Ben Bernanke, the previous Fed chairman, also Jewish, are as clueless about the coming crash of the dollar as the typical monocausal WNst. Hyperinflation, or loss of confidence on currency paper, will caught them all in surprise.

      It is not faith what moves me, as if this was something like a religious prophesy based on the Book on Revelation. It is what that the evidence itself says, something almost as scientific as an astronomer’s calculations predicting the fall of a small asteroid he sees through the telescope into our orbit.

      In less than a day no regular has requested my DVD. I wonder who would be the first…?

      • How does hyperinflation hurt major financial institutions? It seems to be helping right now, considering that JP and Goldman have produced record profits since 08.

        Inflation doesn’t hurt the bankers, it helps them, because they control the money supply and own the major assets/drawing rights to brokerage whatever financial arragement would follow a collapse.

        It seems to me that everything is going to plan … hyperinflation will since all national gov’ts and dissolve the West into one federated monetary block. This credit bubble was created by the bankers, so was the planned de-industrialization of the West.

        I know you dismiss this overarching conspiracy, but one could argue that Weimar was an artifical creation, as was the surrender of the Germans during WW1 (Ludendorff blamed traitors from within). Everything in the past 200 years, since the French Revolution, seems to flow in one direction; consolidation of power by banks and democratic revolutions to destroy any sense of hierarchy or tradition.

      • Hyperinflation hurts the System because, for the first time since the big wars, there will be a chance that a starving Blond Beast will start to awaken—what happened to Weimar Germany.

  4. @ Chechar

    Now that you’re encouraging us To Let You Know, I would like to take you up on it, to take you up on your offer :

    ( GO FUCK YOURSELF!), etc.

    • Over the last months there have been innumerable insults by you that get stuck in the spam filter. This time I spotted this one and approved it to let other readers know why I’m now using WordPress software to send all of your future comments directly to spam. Please go trolling elsewhere…

  5. Hi,
    I am not a regular, so I won’t request your dvd. I am well aware of the coming collapse anyway as there have been many many many warnings and indications. Anyone who doesn’t know is willfully blind or young. http://www.whatreallyhappened.com is a fairly good collector of the signs, jew wise, but does ignore white genocide.

    As one of the other commenters mentioned, I believe the French Revolution was instigated by the same group that did the Russian ‘revolution’.

    I do somewhat agree with your theory of energy devolution in the short term. People won’t be prepared and infrastructure will shut down.
    However, since the elite have been scaring us for years and years about ‘peak energy’ and how we have to waste all this money going after alternatives, I do think it is fear porn. Many countries have a lot of oil. Plus oil/gas does replenish itself faster than msm advertises.

    The fact of the matter is, if we had Hitler or any real NS government in place with whites working together, we could quickly solve the energy problem. Look at Telsa and his theories for zero point energy. Look at all the suppressed technologies from more efficient gas (such as the car recently created in Germany that can go 300 miles on one gallon of gas http://www.searchamelia.com/german-car-gets-258-mpg) to water, solar, even real clean nuclear that does not leave waste.

    Anyway, I hope you don’t stop blogging! The NS movement needs someone like you who can write so well about such topics as beauty, our past and our culture. Your website helped me love my people not dislike others :)


    P.S. Good luck on your move. Many others have done the same. Get chickens, a few goats….. etc etc

    • I am stopping blogging precisely because most WNsts are like Franklin Ryckaert. I am in London right now and have watched sins against the holy ghost everywhere thru the city. I’ll only return when the crash makes white psyche turn from their “happy mode” to “combat mode”.

      These words by Pierce expose the neo-Christianity of Ryckaert et al.

  6. “Later this century” is a span of 84 years.

    I don’t think one can accurately extrapolate present economic, and resource, trends over such a period, because about the only thing we can be reasonably certain of is that new developments will occur that we can’t presently imagine.

    In absolute terms, there is more than enough energy, in the form of sunlight falling on the Earth’s surface, to replace the current usage of oil, many times over.

    It seems (to me) likely that the cost of photovoltaics eventually will drop to a fraction of the current cost of power stations.

    But the timing of such developments, whether they will overtake oil depletion, or lag it, is very uncertain.

    Nearer to the present, however, we can predict some events with greater confidence. I’m thinking of hyperinflation of the USD, and the breakdown of welfare distribution to the underclass in the USA. Those things will almost certainly happen, but who can really say whether it will be one year or ten?

    • “In absolute terms, there is more than enough energy, in the form of sunlight falling on the Earth’s surface, to replace the current usage of oil, many times over.”

      Really? You still have to study the entries in this blog featuring Chris Martenson.

      • “Top 10 Times The World Nearly Ended ”

        Pay particular attention to #8, and #3…

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