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An old comment of Michael O’Meara:


This [Johnson’s book-review of Covington’s Quartet] is an extraordinary article on an extraordinary subject.

I am constantly amazed by the fact that the Quartet has been virtually ignored in our community. Part of this, I imagine, is due to the fact that the present generation of racialists, like their unconscious cohorts, no longer reads. Anything that’s more than two or three thousand words long and lacks illustrations is practically inaccessible to them.

A second reason I imagine the Quartet has been ignored is probably due to Covington himself, who is apparently an uncompromising individual and certainly one who has acquired a great many enemies. I don’t personally know Covington, so I have no way of evaluating the various charges made against him.

In any case, even if the nasty things said about him by his enemies are true, it still distracts not in the least from the quality of his works, which are virtually unparalleled in our community. This gets me to the third reason I think the Quartet is ignored. Both white nationalism and race realism are largely cyber phenomena.

If you take Covington seriously, however, you would have to tear yourself away from the computer monitor and act in the real world—with all its attendant inconveniences. The thought of political activity, though, is apparently too much for most of us. We too, even if we have remained unmoved by the system’s racial fictions, seem to behave in ways not unlike the rest of the sheep. Will we also go quietly to the slaughter?

I think it’s significant that the spontaneous uprising depicted in the Quartet at Coeur d’Alene, which provoked the war leading to the eventual formation of the Northwest American Republic, was something of a mystery. This rings true to me.

We may no longer be the men who defied the might of the British Empire in 1776 or 1916, but there are other forces that might save us from ourselves.

The greatest of the “conservative” thinkers, Joseph de Maistre, pointed out long ago that the French Revolution led the revolutionaries rather than was led by them. For he believed that certain Providential forces rule our lives. These forces he saw in Christian terms, but others, like Heidegger, for instance, saw them in terms of Being, over which humans have no control.

In either case, the force of Providence or Being or Destiny has a power that has often made itself felt in our history. For this reason, I have little doubt that Europeans will eventually throw off the Judeo-liberal system programming their destruction. I’m less confident about we Americans, given the greater weakness of our collective identity and destiny. But nevertheless even we might be saved from ourselves by this force—as long as we do what is still in our power to do.

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  1. G.L. Rockwell was reported by James Mason to have said that unless we were able to be abandoned by Providence, it seemed impossible that we could be kept down forever.

    Are you implying that peak oil is a more-than-human providential event, Chechar?

    • Very very difficult question. One may speculate, in contrast to O’Meara, that the coming apocalypse is but the result of Western deracination in all social areas: architecture (see my posts on Kenneth Clark), sexual mores, racial purity, democracy (the worst system for us according to Plato), degenerate music and more—including the economy and the politics on energy.

      That would be a prosaic explanation.

      What strikes me is that the coming convergence comes really handy, as if it was a Deus ex machina in a Covingtonesque novel.

      I’d let the philosophers speculate and simply enjoy what O’Meara said back in 2009 (I usually tend toward prosaic explanations in order not to violate Occam’s razor).

  2. I am optimistic about Europe, because that is our home. People there have no been completely ruined by commercialism and narcissism … roots and identity still exist in Europe.

    However, anyone who thinks white America can or should be saved is a complete f*cking moron. White Americans are of absolutely no value to the European-Aryan tradition, in fact they are its enemy.

    Greg Johnson acts like white Americans will someday rally to WN … I call B*LLSHIT on that. 95% of white Americans would probably vote to have Greg Johnson sent to prison, if they were aware of his view points. But hey, KEEP LIVING THE DELUSION that white Americans ‘need to wake up’ and that they love Hitler subconsciously.

    [Sorry for my language, but I feel pretty passionately that America is the enemy of Aryan Europe]. If white American mongrelizes … who cares, it’s already on that level culturally and has been for a century. This place is full of adult children who eat, fornicate, entertain themselves, and then go to bed.

    White America … an animal farm, not a culture.

    • I know Kevin MacDonald agrees that if the revolution does happen, it’ll happen in Europe.

      I don’t agree. European men are effeminate to the point of ridiculousness, and what they call “far right” parties there are basically equal to our DNC. The majority of Europeans are extreme, fanatical leftists. The Volkstod movement in Germany literally celebrates the genocide of the German people while simultaneously glorifying Israel and Jews. The Nordic countries are even worse.

      What’s happening in Europe is total insanity, and I don’t see it ending until the continent is entirely black and brown.

      • Every imperium firstly breaks down on the periphery.

        The majority of Europeans is left, in the old sense of the word, economical socialist. But today the term “left” means cultural Marxism, so they are a lot of whites who let them jew by so called Labour parties.

        When the government can’t afford the huge welfare real NS-parties will rise like in Greece. Don’t believe the media lies. The economy of France and Italy is rotten, and Germany cannot pay everything, the only solution is inflation and that’s what happening.

      • There is always hope so long as a few thousand of us keep our genes clean and not descend into the genetic mud.

        It will be interesting to see how quickly the mixing of the races can be facilitated. Certainly I see a lot of race-mixing among the youth, but not many mongrels produced. Yet. Most of the young, intelligent, white, married professionals I know in their twenties have no plans to have kids, or just want one. Mostly due to finances, selfishness, or disinterest in family.

        It’s crazy to think that just 50 years ago the West had huge white Catholic families full of pride and self esteem. 90 percent of whites dissented from interracial marriage back in 1964, now, it’s the exact opposite ratio.

        How quickly things went south.

    • Mr D.: Feel free to use swear words. I’ve used them even in the titles (“Fuck Christianity!”, “Fuck the Holocaust!”), etc.

      • Lol.

        Thank god for iPhones, you can read this site in the middle of a meeting at work, smile a little, pretending to be checking e-mails. The next corporate ‘Diversity Seminar’ we have, I’m going to read Mein Kampf on my iPhone the whole time.

        I was at an afternoon meal the other day with two Indian engineers, a Chinese-American engineer, a hispanic project manager, a black HR woman, a balding white man with a uni-brow, and my white liberal race-mixing supervisor.

        One big rainbow of multiculturalism. I was thinking about Hitler the whole time.

      • Is your supervisor a man or a woman?

      • No, HE has an Asian wife; mongrel Eurasianoid children. He’s too fat and ‘beta’ to attract a quality white woman. Evidently he’s a good engineer, or he wouldn’t be making 165k a year (estimate).

        But damn, he’s proud of those hideously deformed looking children. God, do I sound bitter … but I will continue … The kids look like ugly space aliens. My supervisor looks and walks like a polar bear in a human body, so his children fit right in. The family is a real freak show, led by the Asian mama, who evidently is heavily medicated and carrying fake breasts from a prior boy friend / lover.

        This is the modern West.

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