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As stated in previous entries, White Nationalism is an inherently flawed ideology, doomed to fail, amounting to little more than multiculturalism for white people. Rejecting White Nationalism as a rallying point in favor of Ethno Nationalism does not imply support for multiracial nations. The Renaissance Party [Ronin's party] simply recognizes that there are irreconcilable ethnic and cultural differences among White Euros, all entitled to their own space and institutions, with ethnic divisions being the foundation of nations. There’s no such thing as a singular “white culture” or identity; Whites are not interchangeable cogs. To ignore the differences and resulting implications between North American continental White Euros is beyond stupid.

On that same note, there’s no such thing as an “American Ethno Nationalist”; “American” isn’t an ethnicity. It’s an abstraction built around liberal-enlightenment premises, leading it to gradually broaden to include a greater range of ethnicities, and eventually, races, while remaining logically consistent in accord with its foundational principles. These flaws made it possible for the Jew to take root with greater ease and less resistance than in Europe. America, from its inception, was hardwired for Jewish takeover, delivered on a silver platter. Hardwired to become New Zion. Hardwired to become the unrepentant harbinger of world kikery. Hardwired to fail. No point in replicating failure—whether it’s a futile attempt to save America, or to “restart America” in pseudo-secessionist breakaways. If a supposed Ethno Nationalist secessionist thinks that “the problem” is limited to ZOG, then they have already missed the boat. This isn’t an attack on just the current American government, but on American identity, the American ideal itself. It’s all trash…

“America” is absolutely meaningless and unsalvageable, with collapse permeating mainstream discourse more and more. “American” dies a much-deserved death on all possible levels. As such, we owe it to our constituencies to facilitate a transition away from “America” towards healthier directions, as opposed to sending mixed messages and reinforcing ethnically-undermining American identity…

Pieter_BruegelOf course, the old guard is unwilling to listen to anyone besides themselves while attempting to shoehorn an entire condition (collapse) and related generation which they don’t understand into their uninspiring and irrelevant vision for resurrecting 1950’s America. Scratch your average White Nationalist and you’ll just find a typical faileocon / Teabagger with more pronounced racial sentiments and the same pitiful, polite wailing about some past bygone age nobody else fucking cares about. Apparently, they think this is the future standard of racial politics, the aegis and salvation of the White European Race, the Aryan ideal™! Absolutely pathetic…

To the old guard of White Nationalism: your strategy sucks, your country sucks, your constitution sucks, your tired old nostalgic platitudes about “the good ole days” suck. Your inability to get over your misplaced sense of propriety—to see or admit any of this, sucks, as does your resulting inability to work with others toward any relevant solutions. You suck. You’ve had numerous chances over the course of 50 years, and fumbled the ball every single time. Get outta the way because you are in the way. It’s time for something better.

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  1. I disagree on several points.

    1. America was founded as a White ethnostate. The country’s first naturalization act defined an American as a free White person. Up until the early 20th Century, Americans were the most racially-aware Whites in the West. Look at what happened to Leo Frank; did anything like that happen in Europe in the 1910s? The eugenics movement also started in America. So yes, there was an American ethnicity, and it was White.

    2. The “thing” we call America today is not America. America died in 1913 just as Russia died in 1917. Don’t conflate today’s “America” with the nation that existed between 1776 and 1913, because that America was far less degenerate and Jewed than any nation in Europe at the time.

    3. Jews did not take over America so easily due to a lack of American racialism (again, Americans were more race-conscious than Europeans were at the time), the Jews took over America so easily because at around the same time that hordes of Jews washed up on American shores, mass media and mass communication were invented; radio, cinema, TV, etc. Jews used these mediums to attain their grip on the American mind. And anyway, Europe wasn’t any less Jewed than America was after 1913 (NS Germany aside).

    Modern “America” is awful, and White Nationalism is questionable, but the actual America (1776-1913) was a great nation.

    • I very much doubt that you have read Yockey, O’Meara and Sunic (and Pierce’s history of the white race). They all agree that wielding The One Ring (comfort over Principle) has been the primary etiology of white decline, especially in America. See the texts I gathered together in The Fair Race:

      Part IV The Aryan problem: Economics over race

      Gold over blood

      Heroic materialism 182
      The enemy of Europe 185
      The next conservatism? 186
      The One Ring 191
      Liberalism 194

      Toward a meta-perspective of the white race

      Our long, long history 206
      A witches’ brew 301

      • By saying that America was ripe for Jewish takeover due to its liberal founding principles is, ironically, an acceptance of the Jewish version of American history; that America was founded on the basis of individual freedom as opposed to White racialism. The truth is that America was founded as a White ethnostate.

        While the degenerate French and Russians were importing niggers to marry White French and Russian women, and while Schopenhauer was whining about the harsh treatment of his “black brothers” in bondage, Americans were putting niggers to work in the fields and cities and occasionally hanging them.

        The Jewish takeover of America was not all that different from the Jewish takeover of Europe. Whites are genetically predisposed towards altruism and moralism while Jews are the exact opposite. And while “America” today may be an ugly joke, and the major exporter of Jewish global terrorism, the average White American is nowhere near as fanatically leftist as the average White European.

      • If that’s true why no European nation has an Obama as commander in chief?

      • Probably because, right now anyway, there are a lot of fewer blacks in Europe than in the United States.

        You can be sure the Jews are working on that, though. I recently read that an Arab may become mayor of Berlin.

      • WHY would they require a subvertive nigger “Manchurian candidate” like barry soetero in Europe when they have part jews like david cameron wreaking irreversible DESTRUCTION on European nations?
        This week I heard on that 75% of the English would leave England if they had somewhere to go….
        Almost ALL of the current graduates of English colleges and universities want to leave England….
        We are being evicted from our OWN ancestral lands….

      • Just curious: how Jewish is Cameron in percentages?

      • How jewish is Cameron?
        He recently claimed he was one/eighth jewish…

  2. Yawn. The same issues and factor at work in the Revanant USA are at work in Europe, and Canada. Things will go all the way down to the ground before the destruction begins to reverse.

    • Of course. European nationalism also sucks big time: unlike NS it lacks racial consciousness.

  3. The fallacy of composition here is that the road to success does not reside in the system, but out and beyond it.

    • Nighty night! Thanks, Bob. “See you” on Sunday!

    • The fallacy of composition here is that the road to success does not reside in the system, but out and beyond it.

      But that’s the point. WNsts are unwilling to really break away from the System:

      * Linder et al are clueless that capitalism (or “libertarianism” as they say) is the primary etiology of the current disease;

      * The two Matts et al stick to our parents’ faith forgetting that Christianity was the second causative factor of the current mess (again, see the relevant chapter in The Fair Race);

      * Unlike the NS men even revolutionaries like Covington admit women in the inner party because they have not rebelled against the weapon of mass-destruction called feminism (can you imagine women at the very top of government in NS Germany?);

      * Unlike the first scholars on race in the 19th century, WNsts have granted amnesty to the off-white population in Europe—something that, if implemented, would destroy what is left of the white race (again, see The Fair Race).

      I could go on an on. But that’s enough to see that, unlike Rockwell and Pierce, today’s WNsts are not defending their race. (They remind me the counter-jihadists whom I was involved, who advertised themselves as defenders of the West and with their philo-Semitism were in fact attacking it.)

      • White Aryan activist thinking, from the European perspective, generally proceeds in importance from Family to Tribe to Race; and from the American perspective, from Family to Race and maybe to Tribe, considering their extensive White intra-racial diversity.

        Niflson has coined the term “Euryan” for those of European descent. I suggest the better sounding and implicitly more useful appellation “Waryan”, for White Aryan.

        From the Waryan perspective, it must be RACE – RACE – RACE, which although seemingly impractical, is none-the-less an absolute necessity for our ultimate survival and must be pragmatically pursued.

        This may parallel your points.

      • Good terms for American whites. But they won’t work in Europe because many Meds are simply not Aryans. This is so pivotal issue that quite a few WNsts, intellectual cowards as they are, brush it under the carpet.

      • Not the main idea, but no matter. You are invited to Might Is Right – – nightly at 7pm (ct-us).

      • On further inspection, Ronin’s Renaissance Party itself fails due to its own fallacy of composition, being primarily based upon “the energy depletion slope of the Post-Peak Oil era.”

        The “Peak Oil” paradigm has been revealed as bad science, and often as a fraud, because it has been proven that oil naturally self replenishes abiotically — no dinosaurs required. Also, Catherine Austin Fitts suggests that a coming near-free energy age is now being supplanted by food and water as the main focus of NWO/kikejew control.

        Finally, RP is linked to the Turanian oriented Jobbik Party (with its occasional bobbing-head kike), through its Director and Jobbik Liaison Zsolt Balint.

        Back to the drawing board.

      • The “Peak Oil” paradigm has been revealed as bad science, and often as a fraud…

        Obviously you have not read the entries in this blog about peak oil, including Chris Martenson’s course. Please read them.

      • P.S.

        “Oil from dinosaurs” is strawman. Peak oilers maintain that it was formed by algae. From Martenson’s site:

        Believers in the abiotic theory should spend some time looking at one of the massive geological drilling maps on the wall there, which reveal the exact layers of the Permian basin sediments containing oil and gas.

        Stacked in perfectly flat layers, like a gigantic book with pages made of rock, the sediment bands are dated to within the nearest thousand years. Some are permeable and contain oil and gas; some are impenetrable and form the necessary cap layers that trapped the hydrocarbons. I would be very interested to hear the abiotic explanation for how a layer could contain oil and gas, but have an impermeable layer both above and below it. How did the abiotic oil get sandwiched there in those thin layers of permeable rock if it could not migrate from below? Should we assume that certain types of sandstone create oil abiotically?

        Further, the chemical composition of the oil (and the fossils in the sediments) exactly matches the critters known to be living in the oceans that covered the area at the time. Another big mystery there; how did the oil, if abiotically formed, manage to infiltrate the precise layers where all these critters died, and why does the oil assume the correct biological markers and elemental traces? Or why did the abiotic oil prefer to accumulate in the places where ancient seafloor conditions were just so, such that the fossil, geological, chemical and physical sciences all confirm the biological origin of the hydrocarbons now being exploited?

        I suppose I have an unfair advantage here, having spent time as a younger man crawling over the shale layers above and below coal seams, searching for plant and animal fossils. As the layers slowly changed from shale into coal (presumably as the ancient conditions permitted one to form instead of the other), it was completely and undeniably obvious to anyone and everyone that coal has biological origins.

        Where are the abiotic coal advocates? They don’t exist, because the visual evidence in the form of fossil layers is too overwhelming to ignore. It’s just too easy to see; layers and layers of increasingly dense fossil ferns and cycads gently merging with the coal seams. One becomes the other and then back again. But because oil is underground and one must use scientific evidence instead of direct experience with one’s eyes, not everyone is convinced.

  4. White nationalism hasn’t sufficiently developed to decide if it’s a flawed ideology or not. We haven’t been allowed to have our own functioning community.

    All I( know is that when I hang out with fellow travelers, we get along very well, have a great time, and work together well. But we live too far apart and are bound to our jobs so we can’t form a community. Maybe someday.

    I think when the world has to go back to a large percentage of people in farming, we’ll be able to form WN communities and it will be awesome.

    • I cannot speak for Ronin & Co. but I’ll expand here the anecdote I recounted in another thread, about that Iberian white who was born in Mexico and angrily told me that he wouldn’t care if blue-eyed blonds become extinct; that he only cares for so-called “generic whites” (Spaniard-looking peoples).

      He was of course upset about my staunch Nordicism when he said that. But the anecdote perhaps illustrates what Ronin tries to say: that you cannot apply the word “white” to native Europeans.

      I personally would use “white” to refer to white Americans. But obviously the difference between the various indigenous Europeans is huge, especially between so-called Meds (mudbloods in fact) and Nordics (i.e., barely contaminated whites).

      As I said, I cannot speak for Ronin & Co. But have you read the section of The Fair Race about why I am not a WNst?

      • No, I haven’t. I don’t think you can pin down a definition of White nationailst because it hasn’t congealed, it’s too dynamic and developing at this stage in history.

      • Then take a look at it and forget definitions. Like Ronin & Co. I believe that WN is a flawed movement. Unlike Ronin & Co. I believe that it was not flawed decades ago, but that was not WN but Americanized NS (Rockwell and Pierce):

        Part VI Why I gave up white nationalism

        An overly traveled road to extinction 391

        White nationalists and the sexual revolution

        On homosexual “marriage” 407
        Our most sacred institution 413
        Nietzsche on marriage 415
        Sexual utopia in power 417

        White nationalists’ amnesty to non-whites – I

        Portugal and the one-drop rule 448
        Who is really “white” or “Aryan”? 458
        Were the Greeks blond and blue-eyed? 461

        White nationalists’ amnesty to non-whites – II

        Were the Romans blond and blue-eyed? 471
        Italian mudbloods 482
        Stubbs responds 484
        AA approach to the one-drop rule 488

        gohomeAre white nationalists real men?

        Thus spake Zarathustra 491
        Rockwell, Pierce, Hitler 492
        Sparta and its law 496

  5. Rejecting White Nationalism as a rallying point in favor of Ethno Nationalism is idiotic…How many Whites in amerika are of a single European ethnicity? This may have worked 100 years ago….
    Can you imagine the jew weakening their collective power by breaking themselves into subdivisions? Not anytime soon….

    • I don’t belong to Ronin’s party and better leave Ronin & Co. to answer that (I only believe in NS). The ones who tried to emulate NS the most—paradigm: Rockwell—I do admire. I reject WN though because of the explanation given in the chapters whose titles appear above, beside the pic “Your weakness insults me”.

    • On my father’s side I am Scotch-Irish, with half a quartering of German ancestry. On my mother’s side I am mostly Polish with half a quartering of German and half a quartering of Russian. But that is not all of “… only in America..,” because back in Poland class differences would have ensured my maternal grandparents would never have met, let alone married, as they did here before World War One. To the farthest extent the genaeology enthusiasts of either family can reach, I am White — even by the White Nationalist standard of no Jewish admixture. Yet I question why I should become a White Nationalist.

      I am last of my bloodline: No siblings; and no progeny, thanks to having been struck reproductively sterile when I was thirteen, fifty-seven years ago. Too — and I seriously regret that this offends you — my Faith takes reincarnation seriously, on which account simply I do not know where or among whom my next incarnation will occur.

      The White Nationalists, to the extent that I have read them on the web this last decade, seem to be in search of a talisman or touchstone upon which they can coalesce, as sugar precipitating out of a supersaturated solution coalesces on the string to form rock candy. If they have found such, I have not been informed; rather, that search is ground for conflicts both of ideas and of personalities.

    • Amen.

  6. Yeah America was a terrible mistake, but European descended people are dying out and North America remains the largest reservoir of uncorrupted North West European genetic material in the world.

    What are we gonna do, flush it down the toilet?

    I’m a horrible Frankenstein, half English and half German. Obviously I shouldn’t taint the pure blood of those countries with my filthy mongrel genetics. What should be done with the tens of millions of people like me?

    The obvious answer is a Nordicist “White” Ethno-state in North America run along NS lines. Ethno-nationalism for the Europeans, White Nationalism for the Americans.

    Maybe we do need a different word than white though.

    • Ditto.

    • “I’m a horrible Frankenstein, half English and half German”

      Are you a COMPLETE imbecile writing something like that?
      The pure English are ANGLO SAXONS…Do you recall the SAXONS WERE GERMANIC?
      Every historic Nation was made up of mixed Aryan peoples….

      • I think his remark was just irony.

      • OH!!!! Very DRY Aryan humor….How could I possibly overlook the Aryan satire and irony?
        Apologies for jumping to conclusions Van Phauc….

      • Yeah, I was joking, but my point is that you go to war with the army you have, not the army you wish you had.

        Like it or not, a lot of the remaining pure North West European descended people are located in the United States, with no real ethnic homeland available to them.

        So something similar to White Nationalism is required for the US, even if Ethno-Nationalism is better for Europe. But I do agree with Chechar that it needs to be founded on a more realistic, non-egalitarian understanding of racial reality.

      • When I lived in the States I was stunned by the Nordish beauty of many white girls. Without question, NorthAm is a reservoir of pure Indo-European blood.

        However, I disagree with those WNsts who have granted amnesty to the Italians who emigrated to the US. Any perceptive watcher of the The Godfather series cannot mistake the Italians depicted in the poor NY neighborhood as “white”. Nor their primitive Catholicism is “white” (just compare it with Wagner’s Tannhäuser or Parsifal). Dishonesty on such obvious visual facts makes me so mad that I don’t regret having reposted this rant by “Max Macro” (by the by, is this his real name, Sebas?).

      • Anglo Saxons are the Jews of Europe, the Irish the niggers of Europe. Your blonde hair and blue eyes don’t mask your innate decadence and historically limited intellectual and cultural horizons.

        You are not Aryans, stop speaking down to Meds.

      • bewitched-theoden

        As a Med myself I can compare Anglos with Théoden. When Gandalf revealed Wormtongue for what he was, the bewitched Théoden, king of Rohan, returned to his senses.

        ThéodenThe point is that unlike us Meds, the Théodens of today have their genes largely intact. Potentially they can be disabused after the collapse.

      • I think you are too obsessed with phenotype. You think that because they Anglos look Germanic they are Aryan.

      • It is not only phenotype. Had you read my book you would have hit the following passage. Quote from Day of Wrath, chapter, “Are Spaniards Aryans?”:

        It is not surprising to see, after eight centuries of unbeatable miscegenation, the formation of a superstitious culture that eventually would be called “España” (Spain). The most incisive opinion I have ever read about España appears in the foreword to the printed version of Civilisation, based upon the 1969 television series featuring Kenneth Clark:

        Some of the most offensive omissions were dictated by my title. If I had been talking about the history of art, it would not have been possible to leave out Spain; but when one asks what Spain has done to enlarge the human mind and pull mankind a few steps up the hill, the answer is less clear. Don Quixote, the Great Saints, the Jesuits in South America? Otherwise she has simply remained Spain, and since I wanted each programme to be concerned with the new developments of the European mind, I could not change my ground and talk about a single country.

        But what if even Cervantes, Spain’s great saints and the Jesuits were not essential from the viewpoint of racial preservation? What if the staunch Catholicism of the Counter-Reformation, which produced them, was uncongenial to white interests?

        These are the sort of questions that, together with the mudblood issue, resulted in my distancing from some Spanish-speaking racialists that I met in the real world. (Make no mistake: in the Spanish-speaking world, racist circles included, I am navigating my passage by myself.)

    • Are you joking here? There has been plenty of mixing between various European groups in their homelands, there are no “pure” nations in Europe. And groups like the English and Germans, for example, are basically almost the same exact people genetically; they just have different cultures.

      • Nevermind; I saw the other posts.

  7. Our future will be what Ronin derisively called the “White Racial Ummah”. Autonomous groups – whether more like nations, gangs, cults, or terrorist cells – will develop distinct cultural characteristics, and require potential members to abide by them. They will not, however, open other races up for consideration, regardless of their “cultural” or economic fitness; groups which aren’t stringent in this regard will quickly mongrelize.

    Fanatical racism, combined with mass communication (which will remain operable through HAM radio, if nothing else) will lead to something more like the rise of Dark Age Christianity or present-day Islamic fundamentalism than the founding of a nation-state.

    • “Our future will be what…”

      The future can only be glimpsed thru the crystal-ball of the coming convergence of catastrophes. Only Business As Usual would bring about scenarios like those you mention above. If energy devolution is real—and I believe that on that issue WNsts are light-years behind Ronin’s party—, the world in the year 2114 won’t resemble ours the lest bit.

      • I feel compelled to curb my optimism. Without a psychological change King Tyrone IV will rule a brown wasteland from horseback. Opportunities still need to be seized…

      • I rarely link now to Larry Auster or Gates of Vienna, but I believe that Auster is right that Reversal is Quite Possible (what I am now calling Umwertung aller Werte).

  8. 1. The essay was written by Max Macro, Chairman, RPN (US). This was made clear in the original title field. Thank you for re-publishing, Chechar.
    2. Amerikan White Nationalism, i.e. racial nationalism, (it is an Amerikan creation) is fail because it is a false premise dating back to its drunken originator, GLR; it is Murkan Nigger politics. It makes for edgy PR and propaganda, but is false all the same. All WN ideologues, Pierce inclusive, merely expanded from that. Nothing decent and true can rise from a decadent and retarded ontology. The NSDAP’s comprehension of “Aryan” NEVER went beyond the Teutonic/Nordic. ALL nationalism is Ethno Nationalism. Racial “nationalism” is fail because it is an hallucination. A careful and objective reading of Mein Kampf, minus Murkan blinders, will easily clarify this.
    3. Amerikan White Nationalism, from a cultural imperialist perspective, is as obscene as a McDonalds Arch. Dress-up ass clowns will never get this.
    4. Global energy devolution is the fact; it is abiotic that is the theory. But hey, let’s rip up the northern Alberta tundra and frack, baby, frack because, after all, there is all of that plentiful and cheap abiotic just waiting to be pulled up.
    5. Agreed re Med muds. But just look at how easily Amerikan WNs salivate around a couple of deluded Maltese sand niggers.
    6. Please stay tuned for a VERY important RPN (US) announcement tomorrow, July 4th.

    Anschluss: The Politics of Vesica Piscis: Energy Devolution, Ethno Nationalism, and the Secessionist Fracturing of the Industrial Nation State: A Polemic

    • BTW, Murkans are perfect Jews and Jews are perfect Murkans. What seems to be the problem? Read Yockey or go home.

    • I have not read GLR extensively; only Pierce. He was no WN in the sense that he recognized what you say: what Americans call “whites” are Germanic Aryans, i.e, people of Indo-European origin. I find no fundamental error in Pierce’s worldview. (The blunder of purchasing a company of degenerate music in a desperate move to reach a wider audience was just bad tactics.)

      • Could you please cite Pierce’s anti-Italian bias? I never encountered that but would like to see his claims on the subject.

        It would be funny to read, knowing that Pierce’s English/Irish ‘Aryan’ genetic pool was responsible for destroying all of Aryan Europe with their fabricated wars for material gain and subjugation.

        “This war is against the strength of the German people, which is to smashed once and for all.”

        -Aryan Winston Churchill

        Churchill is seen as a hero in the Anglosphere, and his quotes have been used by Anglos Saxons over the last century OVER and OVER again. They love the man.

      • “Could you please cite Pierce’s anti-Italian bias? I never encountered that but would like to see his claims on the subject.”

        Again, you have to do some reading. These are only the first paragraphs of a most important Pierce section in The Fair Race.

        Pierce wrote:

        Nordic Virtues Led Romans to World Domination
        Etruscan Kings Paved Way for Rome’s Fall
        Levantines, Decadence, Capitalism Sank Rome

        Today, when we speak of “Latins,” we reflexively think of short, swarthy, excitable people who are inordinately fond of loud rhythms, wine, spicy food, and seduction, and who aren’t to be taken very seriously. That is not an accurate image of all speakers of Romance languages, of course. Many individuals of French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian nationality are as racially sound as the average Swede or German. Yet, the image persists, and for good reason.

        But the Latini, the Northern tribesmen who settled Latium in the ninth century B.C. and founded Rome a century later, were something altogether different. Most of today’s Latins share nothing with those of twenty-eight centuries ago except the name. Not only are the two strikingly different in appearance and temperament, but every element of the culture the original Latins created as an expression of their race-soul has been fundamentally transformed by those who claim that name today.

        Above all, the Latini were a people to be taken seriously…

      • @Chechar

        That’s a very anecdotal observation, one that I’ve repeatedly observed for myself. Evola commented on the Nordic influence on Rome, as well and he criticized the ‘Latin’ attitude of extroversion and exhibitionism. Although I know you’re not fond of him.

        I’m sure you think Evola is a mongrel as well …

        Regardless, this is quite separate from Pierce questioning the whiteness of Italians. Your argument seems to shift from questioning the genetic integrity of Italians, to questioning their temperament.

        Which is it? I agree with the latter complaint.

      • Longer Pierce quote here:

  9. Once again I detect Jewish programming at work. Jews are master wordsmiths whose only I.Q. deviation lies in verbal skills. Of course Jews have even more pronounced social deviations, but the deviant nature of the Jew must be reserved for another discussion. I have long been amazed at how adroitly Jews manipulate language in much the same way they manipulate their names. After all, “Ashely Montague”?

    Once again I see arguments over semantics. I call it this and you call it that. I like this identity and you don’t. “I say potato and you say pototo” typically results in disagreement division and finally – “aw, let’s call the whole thing off.” (Jeeezuz! Imagine, Jews even write pop tunes about their ability to destroy race and culture). What I see in this argument is what I encountered in politics, I’m a Democrat! I’m a Republican! I’m a liberal! I’m a conservative! I’m pro this or anti that! Once Jews have you identify with their terms, you are toast. Stop trying to establish tight, little identities and start defining what your trying to accomplish.
    I don’t care what you call it, I want to see a world where people look and act white. (and many so-called “white people” today no longer fit the description)

    I want to live in a world where truth and justice are far more than false Jewish platitudes used to manipulate the gullible goyim. I want to see world where people blanch when you say the word “credit”, a world where concepts like “compound interest” are unknown and totally unacceptable to the culture. I want to live in a world where crass materialism is eschewed for spiritual values deemed paramount to the culture. I want to live in a unified homogeneous community that speaks one language. I want to see the kind of world that aggravates an impotent lord-god-YHVH because its towers to heaven are just too damned magnificent. I want to live in world where there is no button to push to access different language choices.

    The only type of diversity I want in my world might be represented by natural hair and eye color. I want to live in a world where there is true dignity and honor instead of avaricious, groveling fealty. I want to live in a world where women don’t look and act like pierced, tattooed sluts, where beauty isn’t just another commodity hawked in weekly adverts. I want to live in a world where stories are uplifting, striving to make a better class of citizen as opposed to focusing on the debauched, criminal natures embraced by an alien culture. I want to live in a world where one never sees a toilet scene in a movie.

    I want to live here and I want them to live over there, separate and obviously unequal. In short, I want a to live in a world where an Ayran-Nazi party might well flourish, a place where Jews can never – ever – make their presence felt again.

  10. I agree that Germans, and some other small groups of Northern Europeans, like the Dutch, Danes, and Swedes, have a right to be ‘uppity’ towards Meds. And sure, I acknowledge the cultural superiority of the Nordic stock in northern Germany (Achaens, Scythian, Gothic, Visigothic, Prussian … however you want to define that section of northern Germany which extends slightly north and east of the modern German state).

    But Chechar do you really think Anglos or French are superior to Meds? Who from the Aryan delegation sent an invitation card to these tribes? Italians and Spaniards are culturally superior and more race-conscious than the ugly and degenerate Anglos and French.

    • You are confusing mind software (Golden Dawn cognition far above degenerate Swedes) with hardware (Swedish girls look better than most Spaniards I met in Spain; IQ among male Germans is superior to that of the semi-mulatto Portuguese, etc).

      • Still doesn’t answer the question. I’m not speaking about the Swedes, Danes, Germans, or Dutch, whom I agree are Aryans … I’m specifically asking about Anglos (and the French and Slavs to a lesser extent).

        What makes the Anglos any better than Italians?

      • Depends on what you understand by “Italians”. See Pierce’s take as just quoted above.

    • Well, most Slavs are hell of a lot purer than Italians and other Meds, such as yourself; the same with most French and Anglos as well!

      • It’s simply not an accurate observation of the facts. Look at Italian IQ scores and genetic haplotype Y DNA and you will find nothing verify your conclusions. Italians consistently have higher IQ scores than Anglos or the French, and there is no foreign DNA in our gene pool outside the southern-most tip of Italy.

        Take a genetics course.

        And I’m half Polish, half Italian.

      • Well that’s interesting, because I’ve been to Northern and Central Italy (Venice, Florence, Rome, etc.) and the Italians I saw were mostly of the Mediterranean type even up there.

      • And most of them were assholes as well!

      • My family comes from N. Italy, and half of us have blue eyes, a third blonde hair. I would say that the skull shape and nose is Nordic on many Italians from Milan … sense about 30 to 35 percent of our DNA is thought to be Germano-Celtic.

        I’m not defending Italians; I personally don’t feel like I have much in common with them. But I am a student and a lover of Ancient Rome, the Latin language, and Roman theology/traditions.

        I am also a student of Julius Evola, a Sicilian born baron (no he didn’t have any African DNA, he was actually part Visigoth-German being part of the aristocracy which didn’t mix), and he had very negative things to say about southern Italians. Evola was a Germanophile and critiqued extensively Latin extroversion and tendency towards a lack seriousness and discipline.

        But, I personally don’t see much to admire in the historical contributions of the French (a leftist nation with Negrophillic tendencies) or Anglos (materialistic philistines who helped to destroy Western civilization by destroying Nazi Germany).

      • Exactly, Piotr. That has been my point in the other threads. An Iberian white with a huge hatred of nordicists, and a Mexican mestizo (or harnizo, castizo—whatever) who with the other guy forms a so-called “association”, mentioned, in their discussions with me, scholarly DNA studies purportedly showing that Meds like them are basically whites.

        I mean: poor guys. They believe those studies and disbelieve what the mirror is telling them every morning when they shave!

        Scientific studies ought to be relevant if they don’t contradict what your senses are telling you. Otherwise it’s like arguing with liberal “experts” or “scientists” who, with sophisticated data, claim that race does not exist.

      • During WW2, the Anglos and French sided with the Germans and those mongrel Italians sided with the niggers and jews.

        Oh wait …

      • I personally don’t see much to admire in the historical contributions of the French (a leftist nation with Negrophillic tendencies) or Anglos (materialistic philistines who helped to destroy Western civilization by destroying Nazi Germany).

        My hatred toward those who lifted a rifle against Germany probably exceeds yours.

        If I had ET powers (see my “Dies Irae”) I would let France be reconquered by Germany; conquer Russia, and impose the German language throughout North America as punishment for what they did (in addition to outlaw Christianity, degenerate music, American sports, etc.).

        Despite that, NorthAm is still a reservoir of Nordish genes, which is what matters to the returning Star Child to fulfill the 14 words on Earth: “That the beauty of the white Aryan woman…”

  11. It’s not about who you like more. Lassie wasn’t more Aryan than Mitt Romney.

    Besides, Rome’s empire wasn’t much better for us than Britain’s. Germany was exceptional even for us.

    • Lassie the dog ?!?

      • Yeah. She may have been courageous and loyal, but those are a credit to the collies, not to us.

  12. “It would be funny to read, knowing that Pierce’s English/Irish ‘Aryan’ genetic pool was responsible for destroying all of Aryan Europe with their fabricated wars for material gain and subjugation.”
    YES…This is TRUE…
    But are you forgetting the jew (for at least 500 years) has instigated and financed both sides of EVERY ONE of those genocidal European wars?…It’s their “SPECIALTY”….
    You quote Manchurian candidate Churchill…His mother was a jew from New York City and he was OWNED by the Rothschilds…Does the war he incited and the GENOCIDE he perpetrated on Germany surprise you at all?
    Germany was next in line after Russia and Latvia….
    Hitler was an evil psychopath because he RESISTED….

    Whose idea was this RIDICULOUS thread (arguments between White ethnics…)….
    The grand rebbe of jerusalum?

    • Whose idea was this RIDICULOUS thread (arguments between White ethnics)… the grand rebbe of jerusalum?

      One of the problems I find over and over again over the WN blogosphere is that WNsts don’t want to read books.

      Any serious reader of racial history knows that whites have been the most lethal enemies of whites. Tom Sunic, who unlike WNsts reads books—printed books, not only blogs—, has spoken about whites’ deadliest foe: whites themselves. What is RIDICULOUS is that the new generation of racialists are reluctant to read their classics.

      Now that we are taking of ancient Italians, what shocked me the most in Gibbon’s magnum opus was the trend of patrician Romans to wipe out entire families of competing Patricians (i.e., the remaining Aryans).

      The point is that there are hundreds of episodes like this in history.

      • What’s not acceptable about your views is how you seem to excuse other non-German white groups for their own proclivities and spirituality (or lack thereof). Essentially, the Slavs, Latins, Anglos, Celts, and French, ALL have severe defects which are lacking in Germanic stock.

        I think you posses an innate hatred of dark hair and eyes, because you view these physical traits are proto-Negroid. You do not see these traits as being worthy of Aryans.

      • Lady_Godiva_by_John_CollierAre you taking to me? If so you have not been paying attention to my comments in these threads.

        In other thread I made it perfectly clear that I have nothing against dark hair (or eyes), and even called the visitors’ attention to some pics of dark-haired women on the sidebar of this blog.

    • I have no respect for Anglo Saxons acting ‘uppity’ towards other segments of the white race. Germans have a right to this claim, but not Anglos, the degenerate shopkeepers they are.

      Bowden by the way was half Celtic by the way, and from my observation, he was minimally a Brit in spirit, more Germanic than anything (which I believe he admitted when talking about his philosophical and spiritual tendencies).

  13. Why make more divisions in our ranks? Seems like a jewish ploy to divide and conquer to me. And outside of Europe most whites are a mix of several different European sub races. Kai Murros’ theory is much closer to what will actually in my opinion, national identities will give way to a greater European man, a new race closer to our ancient fathers.

    • I am not making the “divisions in our ranks”. Just pointing out the fact that, unlike the 19th and early 20th century European racialists, American WNsts have been sufficiently imbeciles to regard, say, brown Sicilians or half-mulatto Portuguese as “whites”.

      In other words, anti-nordicist WNsts are a real threat to our 14 words, insofar as they seem to see nothing wrong with whites marrying non-whites in Europe.

      • I have no objections to what you just stated.

      • Chechar…How many White Nationalists (of ANY ethnicity…) are anti-Nordicist? It defeats the whole purpose of being a White Nationalist…
        I DO have issues with that type because of the profoundly STUPID SUICIDAL INSANE liberal mindset they almost ALL seem to have…
        About 15 years ago an AIDS infected nigger “rapper” went to Helsinki, Finland…managed to fuck 100 of these Finnish whores before it was exposed the DISGUSTING NIGGER was spreading AIDS…
        What kind of pervasive insane suicidal mindset enabled a gruesome vile disgusting fuckíng vile ugly NIGGER to get away with this?
        I had an American Norwegian woman tell me 15 years ago these girls in Norway DO NOT WANT WHITE MEN they were all fucking these vile, ugly repulsive pakis who invaded that country….
        I recently had a 70 y.o. IMBECILE retired Norwegian amerikan construction worker call be a “BIGOT” for talking bluntly about what a savage the nigger is…
        Is there ANY END to the VILE dodo bird like stupidity of this Nordic type…(amerikan or european)?

      • Your post is a strawman, and reminds me Mr Deutsch’s confusion of apples with oranges (what I called above hardware and software). It is really pathetic. Reread the whole thread or pay attention to my forthcoming entry today. Please don’t comment again until at least you understand what I am saying.

  14. Premises:
    1. Like Jews and other people in the Near East, Nordics are an offshoot of the original European population, which probably was brunette, brown-eyed, and medium to swarthy in complexion as most paleoatlantid Europeans are today.
    2. Nordics appear to have evolved somewhere in Eastern Europe between Lithuania and Ukraine. They then migrated as far East as China and as Far West as Spain, Ireland, and Iceland, mixing back in with the original European population to varying degrees.
    3. It is quite possible that Nordics are extinct as a distinct population. One would certainly not find them in Germany, which was peopled since the last Ice Age, far earlier than the emergence of the Nordic types. But perhaps there are pure Nordics in parts of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.
    4. The paleo-European population also has mixed, here and there, with back migrations of Caucasoids from North Africa and the Near East (Berbers, Semites, Armenoids, etc.), e.g., Spain, Greece, the Balkans, parts of Italy.
    5. The European population on its fringes has also has mixed with non-whites from Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

    1. Nordics are not identical with Europeans or Whites. Historically, they are an offshoot of the original European race, perhaps an extinct offshoot due to migration and mixing with other white racial types and non-whites.
    2. Most “Nordics” are just blended Europeans with greater or lesser Nordic mixes and phenotypes. For instance, my own Nordic appearance is caused by an influx of Anglo-Saxon and Viking genes into the British Isles, but genetically I am more closely related to paleo-Atlantids than to Danes or Frisians, who have the same sorts of phenotype.
    3. Preference for “Nordics” boils down to an aesthetic/sexual preference.
    4. It is the height of frivolity to mistake your Nordic aesthetic/sexual preferences for racial politics. The number of people with whom you would like to have sex or whom you would welcome as a son or daughter in law is perforce much smaller than your whole nation or race, yet they are your nation or race nonetheless.
    5. Old miscegenation with non-whites on the fringes of Europe (if it even happened) should not matter to us. We should simply regard it as an ingredient in what makes various European peoples.
    6. That said, we should bar any future miscegenation and exclude all recent products of miscegenation from our gene pool.
    7. The idea that white skin tones are definitive of the European population such that any darker skin tones are ipso facto evidence of miscegenation is utterly childish and laughable.

    White Nationalism will never become an effective force representing white interests until we eject this “Nordicist” silliness. And it is just that: childish, superficial silliness.

    • I am tired to discuss with people like you who have not even bothered to read the germane articles in this site on anti-nordicists (like you):

      White Nationalism will never become an effective force representing white interests until we eject this “Meds = Whites / Aryans” silliness. And it is just that: childish, superficial silliness.

      Don’t bother to reply until you do your homework.

      • So you are part Med and part non-white.

        Under your system of ideas, what use would you have? Where would you be sent? The gas chamber? How can you advocate Nordic phenotypes when you yourself aren’t even close?

        Careful that your dream doesn’t become reality.

      • Now you are taking it personally.

        By your response it’s obvious that you have not read my recently published books (one a compilation of articles, the other my own essays). Please don’t comment until you become familiar with my stance on these matters.

    • I love the pseudo science; olive skin = mongrel.

      Yet, once again, if you look at the actual SCIENCE, skin pigmentation is dependent on relative equatorial location.

      This is why southeast Asians, like Thai and Filipinos have browner skin than Japanese or Chinese Asians. Hhhhmmm … does this have anything to do with one population living closer to the equator, and those genetic dispersal of darker skin?

      The same reason Italians and the Spanish have darker skin than Germans.

      • It is not only skin. There are quite a few more factors involved. Have you really read the histories of the white race by Pierce and Kemp, together with my translations of Evropa Soberana about the Nordish Greeks and Romans in the ancient world?

        It is quite exasperating trying to communicate with someone who seems not having bothered to do some basic basic reading.

    • B+ for rhetorical ability, D- for content.

      • Would be nice to know if you are referring to any of the commenters (including me) or to the whole discussion :)

      • Referring to Heath’s, erm, theorem. The most essential fact of hominid evolution is that any environmental circumstances capable of introducing a new cluster of visually-identifiable phenotypes will nearly always induce changes to the brain, and by extension behavior. This is what distinguishes the scientific racist from the superstitious humanist, the later of which makes arguments in defense of Negroids very similar to Heath’s formulations.

    • [Replying to Heath Rutherford:]

      Never read rubbish like this before. Maybe read Europa Soberana or actual anthropologists like i do.

      1. Never ever heard the theory that “Jews and other people in the Near East” are an “offshoot of the original European population”. Also you say that the original European population belongs to the same brunette, brown-eyed, slight brown-skinned race, what is morphological ridiculous.
      2/3. You mixing up the Nordics with the Indoeuropeans (Aryans), when not this is senseless. It’s clear that the Nordics originated in South Scandinavia, about the Aryans they are many theories.
      4/5. Mostly agreed. But here you implicate that the “The European population”, like you call it, is white. Now we come back to 1, what is your definition of this “European race”, what are theirs traits, that i can distinct between an “European” and an Arab ?

      1/2. “Europeans or Whites” this nonsense now confuse yourself, you already implicated that “European”=White so why you use the word “or”. Secondly there is only one clearly defined Nordic phenotype, and why you should not be more related to people who look like you (phenotype) than the “paleo-Atlantids” ?
      3/4. Do they teach you biology there in America ? It’s school knowledge that aesthetic/sexual preferences are not random, biology only says you what’s healthy, what has a good genpool to make offsprings with and so on. Instinctively we know what is beautiful and superior.
      5. Now the freak show starts. So you commit that there was race-mixing in Europe long ago but you say me that I should celebrate this as an enrichment and more diversity of the “various European peoples”.
      6/7. Why are you so racist and want to exclude “any future miscegenation and all recent products of miscegenation from our gene pool” ?

      I mean don’t you say that “Old miscegenation with non-whites (…) should not matter to us.”(5) and that “The idea that white skin tones are definitive of the European population (…) is utterly childish and laughable.”(7)

      At the end the Arabs and “other people in the Near East” are only a “offshoot of the original European population” so they are as “European” as the Nordics are “European” who are also an “offshoot of the original European population” . What’s the problem with letting some million Europeans with great-noses and dark-skin from the Near East into Europe? Your bigotry?

      • Thanks for a sensible rebuttal, Theoderich. I was tired of discussing in good faith with Heath Rutherford. In fact, I did not approve his latest comment. He was taking it so personal that he speculated that I must have brown skin and must be gay! (I am neither). This is one of his comments that I did not let pass thru:

        Your repeated deletion of my comments makes you look weak.

        I think you are a self-hating homosexual and a self-hating brown person, and classical NS is the worldview that best justifies that self-loathing.

        Your objection to the New Right is that you don’t want to be part of any club that would take you.

  15. I have read Kemp and Pierce, and I find them inadequate in the same way that I find your views inadequate.

    What is your justification for identifying Europeans with Nordics? They are not the first Europeans. Nordic genes are just one ingredient of modern Europeans. What is your justification for identifying the part with the whole?

    Reading your work leaves me with the strong impression of a person with a lifetime of mental illness who has embraced a worldview that simply justifies your basic self-loathing.

    • I DOUBT you have read Pierce’s Who We Are, Kemp’s March of the Titans and my translations of Evoropa Soberana’s take on Nordid Greeks and Romans.

      Nice to see that before real data (Pierce et al) commenters are now calling me mentally sick! It means that you simply cannot rebut the content of this blog (or my books).

    • [Adapted from Kevin MacDonald’s Foreword to Raciology, by Vladimir Avdeyev]

      Race is overwhelmingly the result of biological inheritance, not cultural programming.

      Beginning with Count Joseph Arthur de Gobineau, this body of theory and research proposed that the biologically-based racial characteristics of Whites have led them to be originators of superior cultures. The White race evolved in the north of Europe and spread south and east to be the main force behind the ancient cultures of Greece, Rome, Egypt, India, Persia, and the Hittites.

      The ancestral type of the White race—called the “Nordic” race originally by Joseph Egorovich Deniker—is characterized by blond hair, blue eyes, light skin, tall stature, and dolichocephalic (long-headed) skull with a well-developed prefrontal area (the area of the brain associated with intelligence, impulse control, and decision making).

      Houston Stewart Chamberlain may be considered paradigmatic of a theorist who proposed that northern Europeans are a superior people.

      “All outstanding peoples that appeared starting in the 6th century in the role of true deciders of the fate of humanity as founders of nations and creators of new thinking and original art, were mainly of German origin. The creations of the Arabs stand out for their short duration; the Mongols only destroyed but they created nothing; the ingenious Italians of the Middle Ages were all émigrés, or of the north which was saturated with Lombard, Gothic, or Frankish blood, or they were Germano-Hellenes of the south; in Spain, the creative element was the Visigoths. The awakening of the Germans forms the foundation of European history, for their worldwide historical significance as founders of a completely new civilization and a completely new culture.”

      [Introduction to The Foundations of the 19th Century ]

      It was common among these thinkers to assert that the depletion of the Nordic racial stratum accounts for the decline of Greece, Rome, the Hindus, the Persians, and other Nordic civilizations. For example, Ludwig Woltmann:“The blonde element of the people defines its cultural worthiness, and the fall of great cultures is explained by the dying out of this element.”

      Eugen Fischer: “[In Greece] the death of the families of fully-vested citizens and the admission of the descendants of slaves and the aboriginal population as citizens, led … to collapse. Rome died of race mixing and the products of degeneracy.”

      And finally, Otto Reche, writing in 1936:

      “That which we call ‘world history’ is in essence nothing more than the history of the Indo-Germans and their achievements; the powerfully rousing and simultaneously tragic song about the Nordic race and its idealism; a song which tells about how the strength of the race did what seemed impossible and reached for the stars, and how the strength quickly dried up when the ‘law of race’ was forgotten, when the Nordic man ceased to preserve the purity of his blood and strongly mixes with races [that are] less gifted in cultural terms.”

      Whole article:

      • Excellent quote. Thank you. I might use that article as the next entry.

      • If “Rome died of race-mixing” one has to ask: what “races” did the Romans mix with? First, they mixed with the indigenous Italian population, the highly refined Etruscan people. Then they mixed with Egyptians, Lybians, Berbers, and other peoples of North Africa, as well as Semitic and Armenoid peoples from the Near East.

        Surely there were some sub-Saharan Africans in the mix, but Negroid traits are strongly genetically dominant, and in my travels in Italy, I have never seen the tell-tale big lips and kinky hair which can be seen even in West Indians and Brazilians with only tiny amounts of Negroid admixture.

        There is no evidence of East Asian (Oriental) genetic influxes into Europe before the Huns in the 5th century, and they themselves seemed to be a mongrel people, not an entirely Mongoloid people — e.g., Atilla’s sons had Gothic names.

        These 19th century writers use “race” in a much narrower sense than modern race scientists. For instance, it was common to speak of the English “race” and the Irish “race.” In that sense of race, the Romans perished of “race-mixture” — since they mixed with peoples from around the Mediterranean shore. But in the modern sense of race, these people are Caucasoids, just like the Romans, just from different Caucasoid subgroups.

        No serious race scientist disputes that Near Eastern Caucasoids evolved from the first European men. But the same is true of the Aryan/Nordic group as well. The different invasions of Indo-Europeans from the East were merely back-migrations into Europe of the descendants of the original Europeans. I think Nordics are a lot cuter than Armenoids and Semites, but that does not mean that they are any more authentically European.

        Also, I would wager that any Negroid DNA that crept into Rome was certainly not into the ruling stratum, but merely into the slave population. So, since societies generally rot from the head down, Negro DNA probably had nothing to do with Roman decline.

        I would prefer that the different genetic groups of Europe remain somewhat aloof so as to preserve their distinctness. But that does not mean that a Greek who obviously has a great deal of Armenoid blood is not a genuine son of Europe, so long as he has no non-European DNA. I would not want my sister or daughter to marry a Greek man, but that does not mean that I cannot recognize them as part of my larger racial family.

        And that sense of larger racial brotherhood within our subracial differences is the only way that whites will be able to save ourselves from the Jews and the other races. If white people are identical merely with the extinct Ancient Romans and Greeks, then what is the point anyway. But maybe that is Chechar’s point: to paint himself into an intellectual corner that makes any constructive political action impossible.

  16. How does the uncontroversial thesis that the classical Greeks and Romans were Nordic prove that white = Nordic? Does it alter the fact that Nordics were just one offshoot of the European race, an offshoot that may no longer even exist in its pure form? How does it justify treating the Nordic part as the whole?

    • Stubbs, others and I use “white” as roughly synonymous of Aryan. “White” is an American word for people of English, German, Dutch, Irish and Scandinavian ancestry; not for the European mudbloods.

      • You are just restating the same problematic position in different language. Now the question is: What justifies the equation white = Aryan? Again, you are treating one offshoot of the race as the whole. If white = Aryan, you are basically defining our race as extinct.

        Quoting other people who make the same mistake as you does not prove you are right.

      • It’s been interesting to read the comments and exchanges here. I read Pages 481-516 of your revised edition of “The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour,” and you made this statement on Page 480:

        ” I am not saying that all Portuguese, Spaniards, Italians, Greeks, etc., are non-whites: only that many of them clearly are not.”

        Any WN with functioning eyes and an honest heart knows you’re right about that. Now then, lets look at the inverse of that statement:

        “White Nationalists are not saying that all Portuguese, Spaniards, Italians, Greeks, etc., are White: only that many of them clearly are..”

        With the exception of the Portuguese, this is a biologically and genetically correct statement. To say that “many” Italians or “many” Greeks are clearly White is not to say that all of them are White or that even most of them are White. What it DOES mean is that every European should be taken on an individual case by case basis. For example, if I didn’t tell you Ariana Grande was “Italian,” you’d conclude she’s an Arab:

        By contrast, if I didn’t tell you Bradley Cooper is half-Italian and that Hayden Panettiere is mostly Italian, you’d think they were Nordic:

        It’s as simple as this: When it comes to determining who is and isn’t White, the Potter Stewart rule should be applied: “I know it when I see it.” Either people have functioning eyes or they don’t. Instead of cowering in fear that the left will “will systematically pick it apart in every classroom and on every television,” the left should be forced to admit that when they talk about “White Privilege,” they use the exact same phenotypical distinctions that “racists” do. The left knows exactly who is and isn’t White. They are just playing dumb in order to go on the attack and force WN’s and Nordicists alike to take a uniform position, which can then be discredited with any number of anecdotal examples.

        In conclusion, I think the whole “WN vs. Nordicism” thing would be resolved if WN agreed that a future White ethnostate should have a eugenics program which would strive towards the Nordic ideal, and if Nordcists would agree that many – not all, perhaps not even most, but certainly many – Southern Europeans are not “mud people” and therefore should be allowed to live and breed in the White Homeland.

      • Yes: we seem to agree. But try to explain that to most WNsts. It’s shocking to see how many of them want to grant amnesty even to those Europeans (or say Sicilian Americans) who’re clearly non-whites. That’s one of the reasons I abandoned WN and replaced it with the more honest NS ideology.

      • “It’s shocking to see how many of them want to grant amnesty even to those Europeans (or say Sicilian Americans) who’re clearly non-whites.”

        Greg Johnson wants to do that, and that’s unfortunate. Speaking from my own experience, I think the reason some WN’s want to grant “amnesty,” so to speak, is that they are so quick to cede the skin color debate to the liberals. They’ll say something like, “skin color is not very interesting” or “race is much more than just skin color.” I’ve seen it happen on Amren, Radix, and especially Facebook. It makes sense, therefore, that a reflexive tendency to dismiss skin color would result in many of them allowing Arab or Mexican looking Europeans into an Aryan Homeland.

        What I like to do in the comment section of mainstream articles about race is say something like this: “Your skin color, your entire phenotype, is an expression and a reflection of who you are inside.” Or I’ll say, “the color of your skin reflects the color of your heart, for better or for worse.” Saying phrases like that over and over is the simplest way a WN can disabuse himself of years of brainwashing.

        Anyway, this is my long way of saying I don’t blame you for abandoning WN when too many of them prefer not to use their eyes and call a spade a spade. A discussion about racial purity can’t even be had until everyone agrees that phenotype defines what race you are.

      • Indeed. This is none less than Himmler:


        Today we are in the middle of another revolutionary epoch. Revolutionary scientific understandings of genetics and race have found political expression in the National Socialist world view. Once again a world of appearances collapsed, which had concealed from our eyes the true nature of humanity and the connections between body, soul, and spirit.

        The foundation of the Christian worldview is the doctrine of the separation of body and soul; the soul and spirit belong to a world independent of the physical, free of natural laws, and they are even to a certain degree able to free the human body from its natural setting.

        It is a major shift when racial theory recognizes the unity of body, soul and spirit and sees them as a whole that follows the eternal laws of nature.

        A new epoch is coming, one perhaps even more revolutionary than that resulting from Copernicus’s work. Ideas about humanity and peoples that have endured for millennia are collapsing.

        /end quote

        Alas, WNsts are still trapped in the Neo-Christian paradigm…

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