Would Chechar fight for my balls?

Just look at the mirror every morning you shave
—and be honest!

In a previous thread Mr Deutsch said:

What I am not a supporter of: Accusations that Mediterraneans (outside of specific areas) have a comprised genetic pool. There is no science to back it up, so Nordicists…

I responded:

Not only outside Sicily or Greece. I said above I’m planning to write an autobiographical book that starts with my impressions of what I saw the first day I visited Madrid: most Spaniards are clearly not Aryans. That’s the whole point. parrish-1927 And since my mind starts to build his thoughts and motivations after the 14 words (see: here) it goes without saying that quite a few Iberians are of no use for my ultimate goal (see also the last pages of Day of Wrath)—racial purity is paramount.

To put it in extremely brutal terms, do you honestly believe that in the coming racial wars I would risk my life for the hairy balls (i.e., genetic material) of that brown Italian player you claim to be white? Gimme a break. Those testicles are of no interest for our higher goals. I would fight only for those whose sperm carries the info to create the “girls on the rocks” that Max Parrish was so fond of painting in times when the Americans still treasured their Nordish blood.


(For the context of this brutal response see the ongoing
exchange in the previous thread: here.)

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  1. This is in such poor taste that it really forces me to question your judgment and basic mental health.

    • OK, it’s vulgar, provocative, and too much, but have you just forgotten your own rants?

      “I think you are a self-hating homosexual and a self-hating brown person, and classical NS is the worldview that best justifies that self-loathing.”

      • That’s not a rant, it is an interpretation of Chechar’s thinking based on his many lapses of taste and judgment and all-round hysterical style.

      • This is not the first time I’ve used swear words on the entries’ titles. In subjects I feel passionate I’ve dared to use these titles in other posts:

        Fucking the Red Woman

        Fuck the Holocaust!

        Fuck Anglo-Saxons!


      • Yes, you have a history of vulgar writing.

  2. I have a problem will BS artists who arrange facts so suit their pre-conceived ideas.

    Some of the people on this blog posting don’t understand genetics (at an embarrassingly low level), they just post stats from some article which ‘proves’ their racial theory. Genetics is a complex science, that without context, can be made to ‘prove’ anything. Case in point;

    I) 90 percent of the white genome is shared with mice. (This is actually true)

    II) Therefore, white men are 90 percent mouse! (This statement is partly true, but totally out of context)

    QED! (not really)

    I have no interest in further discussion with anti-science Nordicists who have already determined how they will look at genetic data.

    • ^ I don’t mean that in response to Chechar, but rather a few other posters who believe that by posting stats, WITH NO CONTEXT or explanation, they have ‘proved’ something. It actually reminds me of how liberals think and argue.

      Chechar seems to be more focused on phenotype, which I don’t think is intellectually inconsistent.

      • As you also meant me in your comment, I want to clear up some misunderstandings that maybe occurred.

        When I made some genetically points here, it was only in response to the points you made, I was far away from “proving” somewhat. The Meds, are of course not “Arabs”, when this was said here, it was more polemical to point out that the Meds are not so similar to other whites. Moreover black hair or brown eyes doesn’t mean that someone is a Med, for example the British stereotype is just a Nordic with dark hair.

        Also Italy is not full of mongrels (btw, I’m realizing that this word is a bit pejorative in English), there are also other types and also a lot of pure Nordics and people from Germanic descendant.

        The Nordics in Italy are locally concentrated and isolated, so they could survive, natural in the valleys of the Alpenvorland (/Alps; which are often up to 20% blonde, quite a lot), and where the Lombards (Friaul, East Tuscany, Benevent) and the Normans (Apuly) settled.

      • @theoderich

        I do not have a problem with Nordicism, nor do I resent criticisms of Med behavior. But, the bottom line is, there is no science to back up your claims, specifically about Italians, outside of Italy, being mongrels.

        The comments made by yourself and Van Phauc were ones of ignorance. Your ‘expertise’ on the subject came from propaganda produced by Nordicists, which depends on generalities, in the same way Creationists who believe the world was created six thousand yeas ago, state evidence that carbon dating is flawed on occasion.

        Any geneticist would laugh you out of the room. You need to study the issue thoroughly before proclaiming ignorance as fact.

    • Your mistake: believing that genetic “studies” matter to measure whiteness when my eyes are seeing the color brown. (Just that simple.)

      • That’s fair, I just wish you would state your views as being anti-Med, rather than calling them non-white. They are white, but they don’t fit your ideal expectations Nordic phenotype and behavior.

        Why is that so hard to say?

        Any other claims, regarding non-white origin of Meds, can be exhaustively refuted by genetic research. There simply is no argument … Nordicists will look like Biblical Creationists if they persist in using genetic haplotype origin genetic flow maps/data they don’t understand to make their case.

      • Andrea Pirloparrish-1927In other words, this Italian is white and should have the right to mate with these girls in the coming ethno-state.

        With these friends who needs enemies? (You are the one who insisted in the other threads that that Italian is “white”.)

      • I can’t speak for Pirlo, I can only speak for my own DNA, which is from N. Italy and W. Poland. Perhaps I have Germanic heritage, being close to the German border, as about half of my family, combing both sides, has blonde hair and blue eyes. I say that because Pirlo is married to a blonde Lombard, who actually looks a lot like my sister. My mother is a very attractive ‘Aryan’ woman (green eyes, dark blonde), married to my father, who is dark-featured Italian. One sister is blue eyed blonde, the other is brown and black haired.

        I came out very well from this union, with a tall and slender build with ‘Nordic’ facial proportions, although I do have black hair, brown eyes.

        I see your point and recognize it.

      • Ok.

  3. My 2 cents: Aryans only exist to begin with because geographic circumstances transformed their monkey ancestors. The extent of this change – which could be perceived as the “Whiteness” of a European population – can be expected to grow as geographic pressure becomes more forceful. This would occur independently from mongrelization.

  4. Chechar,

    I’m a nordicist, too. I’m against Nordic and very non-Nordic crossings. I think that Western civilization is a testament to Nordic supremacy. This can’t be compromised.

    I like Meds. I am one. However, they are the people of chaos. Europe can be an imperium of nations without appreciable mixing.


    • People of chaos… During my Eurailpass visit to Europe in the 1990s I noticed that only the German trains departed rigorously on time; the station at Rome was a mess.

      Here’s a quote from a Ronin fan that perhaps you will enjoy:

      “Scratch a Murkan White Nationalist and you’ll get squirted with red-white-blue puss. Murkans are perfect Jews and Jews are perfect Murkans; there is no contradiction here, there is no false polarity. Such is the conclusive destiny of New Zion. Hiding behind a skirt of racialist politics can work for only so long. Sooner or later, the skirt becomes tattered and frayed exposing the trembling, patriotard cringlings hiding behind it. That time has arrived.”

      • Most unfortunately, you dismiss the flaws in Anglos as being ‘software’ problems, despite historical and spiritual (productions of philosophy and historical accounts down through the last five centuries) which show the Anglos to be a destructive European race of degenerates.

        I think you misunderstand Anglos as being in ‘DECLINE’; however, EVIDENCE would suggest that their flaws are innate and endemic. Almost universally, Anglos are pragmatists and universalists, who reject the spiritual, non-material influences on society (by this I mean that which is beyond the commerce or political realm).

        Look at Hobbes, Hume, Locke, Mill, Bacon, Wittgenstein, Toynbee, Adam Smith … these thinkers typify the Anglo-Saxon. A simpleton, who understands social life mechanically, and seeks to maximize output with little regard for the cultural domain.

        Certainly not ‘Aryan’ thought, like that of Heidegger, Nietzsche, Klages, Spengler, Schopenhauer, Shelling, and more.

      • Do you mean that even during the Roman occupation of Britania Anglos were genetically / spiritually corrupted? If they were not, their problem is not of the hardware.

      • … you can’t be serious?

        The Roman genes created Locke, Hobbes, Mill, Rhodes, and Ruskin?

      • I don’t understand your reply. You said that Anglos are genetically wicked? If so, how would you explain the non-corrupted (or were they wicked also?) behavior of the native inhabitants of the British islands in the first centuries of our era?

      • It’s great that the Anglo-Saxons resisted Rome … but so what? Xtianity wasn’t being imposed until later, and the Romans were not decadent at this time (a lot the soldiers stationed on Hadrian’s Wall were not even Italic). I’m not sure how Rome ‘corrupted’ England, seeing as how all historians agree that this was political, not a cultural conquest. The persecution of the Druids and their culture may have been incidentally initiated by the Romans, but it was the Church that later conquered the island’s religious institutions (in the fifth century).

        And no, I do not think that Anglos are ‘culturally wicked’ (subversive would be a better word), but I also do not believe them to be ‘Aryans’, as the term would be applied to Germans. In this case, my argument is not genetic (since the Saxons are so closely related to the Dutch and Germans), but cultural.

        For example, the term ‘continental culture’ and ‘continental philosophy’ were terms derived specifically to denote how alien the British are from Central European norms. My discussions with Europeans (sympathetic to WN) on this subject has led to the general reaction among most that the British are culturally ‘other’ to Europe, and that there is ‘something wrong, or different, with them’.

      • Stubbs and I simplify these matters and call whites Aryans (I mean, real whites).

        BTW, tonight I will publish the longest article so far in this blog, already posted in Europa Soberana: a real expert on the subject on race.

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