Gens alba conservanda est

“The white race must be preserved”


The new racial classification (first part)

First and foremost, if the white race must be preserved, a scientific definition of “white race” must be provided.

Editor’s Abstract: The European race is divided into three primordial races: the European Nordid White (“White Nordid” or WN), the Nordid Central Asian Redhead (“Red Nordid” or RN), and the Near Eastern Armenid. The white race is actually a mixture of two or more races. We cannot say, “This person is a pure white” but “This person has a mixture of A, B and C races in such proportions.” With terms like Aryan or White we designate a mixture between White Nordid and Red Nordid and its mild crossing with non-white “Armenids” or “Mongolids”—usually people of Germanic and Slavic origin.

Therefore, while the ideal white is a White Nordid with a Red Nordid, we cannot say that those whites who have some Armenid or Mongolid genes are non-whites. However, we could say they are non-whites if they have substantial Armenid and/or Mongolid and especially Congid genes.

In the new racial classification the phenotype is more important than genetic studies.

The rest of the 15,850-word text can be read here:


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    • Thanks for reblogging.

      If I were asked to put this article (a mini-book!) in a nutshell, I would say: Anti-nordicist is a codeword for anti-white.

  2. Yeah, this is an endless long post, but every single piece is worthy to read. Don’t know if it’s perfectly translated, but I understood everything.

    For the lazy ones here, I have made a much shorter version with some adds, focusing on the themes we had in the discussions before:

    – The greater/major European race is subdivided into three primal races: the White Nordid race (WN), the Red Nordid race (RN) and the Armenid race; this is the New Racial Classification (NRC).

    – After the NRC, the races/types of the Old Racial Classification (ORC), are really a mix of two or more races, so you can’t say “this individual belongs to X race” but rather “this individual has a mixture of A, B and C races in alpha, beta, gamma proportions”. When you aren’t an expert in racial matters, you may use the simpler ORC as a mere categorization.

    – When the term “White (race)” is a designation for people with fair-skin, then only WNs, RNs, mixes between them and crossbreeds with slight Armenid/Mongolid influences are “White”. Today they usually are the people of Germanic and Slavic origin.

    – The ideal Nordic, according to the ORC, is a White-Nordid (tall, athletic stature) with a Red-Nordid admixture (fair-white skin, light blue eyes, reddish-blonde hair).

    – The phenotype is naturally much more important regarding race than genetically studies. While the phenotype is a “mix” or an “average” between plenty much genes, the genetically studies concentrate only on one gene, one heritage lineage (often Y-haplogroups).

    Embryo selection, eugenics and genetic engineering could be fabulous tools to regenerate the “white race,” but for this to happen, first we must knock over the anti-evolution, anti-natural selection and egalitarian obscurantism of the mass media, manipulated by international finance—which is not concerned with evolution, but with corrupting anything noble and pure and burying it in the rotten matter of an inferior world order.
    Civilization must not exist to promote the advance of matter, but the advance of man. Crucial importance of the development of Genetics and health knowledge: the development of a society is not measured by its development of inanimate matter, but by its development of alive matter
    To sum up, only when people have pure racial instincts, procreation issues can be left up to free-will. Today, we are far from having a population with that instinct; a dictatorship that promotes partnerships based on biological heredity is needed, along with the State-sponsored creation of homes and families of this kind.

    Between the lines you can read:

    We need a merciless and brutal Nazi dictatorship of the 4th Reich to finish to gas the kikes, and exterminate the subhumans and race-traitors in our countries. God with us !

    • Amen!

      The phenotype is naturally much more important regarding race than genetically studies.

      Ditto! That was my whole point in the previous threads when I mentioned personal vignettes in Mexico with so-called creole nationalists (those who claim have no Amerind blood) but that, nevertheless, are not Aryans. These guys are very fond of the Old Racial Classification and especially of genetic studies. I believe that they are using genetics to lift an extremely dense smokescreen to hide the fact that they’re not white.

      Just one more juicy anecdote. When one of them invited me to a sort of Nazi party here in Mexico, a real white, a girl from England living in Mexico, told him: “…but you are not white”. She said that in spite of the fact that perhaps this guy, who BTW reads tons of white nationalist literature in English, has no Amerind blood.

      That phenotype is more important regarding race than genetic studies is shown in this simple, straightforward anecdote coming from a typical liberal European.

  3. The article is disappointing, because like all Nordicists who think that Meds are somehow ‘non-white’, he doesn’t scientifically verify his point, he just hides behind generalities, psuedo-science, and his opinion.

    Quite simply, this piece sucks. I did find some parts of it informative, but the inclusion of his own personal attitudes towards race and red heads was immature.

    The author is not an Aryan. Aryans don’t lie or contrive data.

    “Armenoid” is not a dirty word, contrary to the contents of this article; DNA evidence shows that non-white Armenoids are descendents, not cousins of white Armenoids. As stated before, Greeks and Italians have haplotype markers shared (J2 and mt DNA), not with Turks directly, but with with a predecessor of the Turkish people. The Turks are an off-shoot of that predecessor.

    There is no significant ‘Congid’ DNA in Italians. Stating anecdotes does not make a point; any Nordic could potentially have Congid markers … without a frequency ratio, that anecdote means nothing. Could be the result of one ancestor forty thousand years prior.

    Further proof that dark haired people are not proto-negroes or turks:


    Nordicists claiming Meds are non-white should be embarrassed of themselves.

    • Quite simply, this piece sucks…

      Quite the contrary: this article shows why white nationalism sucks: unlike the pioneers on racial studies starting with Gobineau and culminating with bloggers like Varg and Evropa Soberana (bloggers because in our times the publishing houses won’t touch raciology manuscripts), white nationalists have granted amnesty to the mudbloods (people like those in pics #2, #7 and #19 above).

      The author is not an Aryan. Aryans don’t lie or contrive data.

      But you are the Aryan—you who lied to yourself by claiming more than once in the other threads that a clearly brown Italian is White…

      “Armenoid” is not a dirty word, contrary to the contents of this article…

      Did you actually read it? The author is saying that most whites (and I mean: real whites, not what dishonest white nationalists like Johnson et al call “white”) do have some Armenid blood.

      There is no significant ‘Congid’ DNA in Italians…

      Speaking about honesty… Didn’t the hatnote make it clear that Evropa Soberana still has to write down the second part of this article, where the Mongolid and Congid issue would be analyzed?

      Further proof that dark haired people are not proto-negroes or turks (link):


      Nordicists claiming Meds are non-white should be embarrassed of themselves.

      What about this one?: Mediterranianists claiming meds (like the mentioned brown Italian) are whites should be embarrassed of themselves.

  4. A scientist would laugh out loud at the assertion made in this piece that Meds have ‘non-white DNA’, but white facial features.

    WTF does that mean?

    Why does the author keep saying Meds are ‘Mongoloid’ and part ‘Congid’ with no evidence? For a Turk, we can look at his genome and see he has about 15 percent mongoloid DNA.

    Could you provide some evidence of that claim? Because the DNA of Meds shows nothing of the kind.

    • Why does the author keep saying Meds are ‘Mongoloid’ and part ‘Congid’ with no evidence?

      Without a robust financial sponsoring like the one which allowed Günther et al to do research in Germany, Evropa Soberana (and I guess Varg also) have had difficulties in visiting Africa and Asia hunting for “pure” phenotypical specimens for their album.

      If I had money I would certainly sponsor them so that the long-awaited second installment of this article be thoroughly researched and published.

      • Truthfully, the author simply looks at Meds, examines their facial characteristics, and determines them to be non-white.

        That’s Nordic science.

      • There’s no single mention to “non-white” in the article.

    • Let me clear some things up here, guys.

      – The ORC types (Med,Nordic) are no homogenous groups, only individuals categorized by some simple traits. After the NRC naturally not all Nordics have a Mongoloid or even Red-Nordid influence, like not all Meds have a Congid one.

      So be careful when you use the ORC to keep it easy.

      – You have to detach from “White=European” (“White” is no scientific term), the Armenid race belongs also to the greater/major European race

      – “White” is only a special Anglo-American word for people with fair-skin. To say it with the NRC, individuals with mainly W/R-Nordid heritage. (These are the primal fair-skinned races.)

      – In contrast to these Nordics are W/R-Nordids with a maximal small other-racial influence; Gobineau firstly referred to them as Aryans, so I do.

      – As the primal races are unique and exactly defined in their look [see the pure European racial types above], with an examination of facial characteristics you can clearly see every race-mixing. Just look at the (Nordic) example 24#.

      • Thanks for your input again, Theoderich. Together with the New Race Classification (NRC) there are other important topics largely ignored by white nationalists. This is my list:

        1) The NRC, which in my opinion is a giant step forward in the understanding of raciology;

        2) The Holocaust perpetrated against the Germans during and after the Second World War (that in this site we call “Hellstorm” after Goodrich’s book);

        3) The advance on the understanding of that war by David Irving, including the couple of million of kikes or a little more killed (not the mythical 6 million figure);

        4) Many nationalists have not read either MacDonald’s trilogy, a truly scientific approach to the Jewish Problem (the professor is not a monocausalist insofar as he recognizes intrinsic “white pathologies” as contributing factors);

        5) Peak oil and the coming currency crash, which means that Dorothy has failed to fasten her seat-belt while Kansas is going bye bye;

        6) Nationalists have also been unwilling to revert Christian axiology back to more Aryan values, exemplified in the article that gave the title to my book: if necessary it’s the same killing 5 than 5 billion to fulfill our sacred words—no Christian remorse after the first casualities; and

        7) Ever since the Renaissance, capitalism, which has no flag other than making money, has been a huge factor in white decline. I have used the last episode of Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation to illustrate this “scouring of the Shire”.

        carolinawinbergEvropa Soberana has provided us with the first of these important topics that, together with the others, ought to revolutionize the mind of those who want to preserve the “Aryan race”: the genes of white nordids and red nordids.

  5. In the interests of full disclosure – I am a Non-European.(Although after reading this I seem to fit into the Armenid category).

    An extremely interesting article. It took me a few hours but was well worth it.

    “Mixes are indeed contemplated by Nature: the Armenid race comes from one of them—but this mix subsequently evolved, muted and underwent natural selection by the environment obeying the tough laws of Darwinism, until it stabilised in a new racial type many millennia later. Disordered mixes, typical of globalist civilization, have nothing to do with this natural laissez-faire envisaged by the natural order.”

    Could it not be possible to contemplate mixes today without the disordered taint of globalization and then allow that mix to stabilize into a new racial type over time? Perhaps this mix could develop into a “superior” type of man?

    BTW the purity of the Kalash girl from North Pakistan is not surprising. The Kalash live up in the mountains in Pakistan and as you know mountains provide a geographic barrier to mixing.

    • Unfortunately, mixes today are going to be whites with blacks and hispanics. That won’t breed any sort of positive results.

    • In evolution we speak of thousands of years, that races need to evolve, and also the (pure) races of today are perfectly adapted to theirs Lebensraum.

      The mixing of races is only a step back by millenniums, even for the non-Europeans, because it’s much easier to develop intelligence and behavior with radical eugenic politics in just some hundred years.

      While writing this I get a interesting thought:
      Idi Amin and his successors, the only smart niggers.

      • Thank you for your reply. I was contemplating that only a few selected individuals from different races are encouraged to produce new offspring. Just a thought experiment.
        @Mister Deutsch. I also agree that in today’s globalization, the way people choose their mate is based neither on rhyme nor reason.

  6. This is a very interesting article. If you are familiar with Richard Fuerle’s excellent book, Erectus Walks Amongst Us, then perhaps this updated research by Europa Sobrena might be of interest to him in updating his work.

    • Here’s the link to that book:

      Evropa Soberana has many articles related to prehistory and ramifications of the above article. I wish someone would translate them to English.

  7. Tort, 3 articles for you to read.

    link, link, link

    • Re: your first two links, the point of the above article is to describe in scientific terms what exactly is “white” among the white people.

      As to the last link, recently I said something about it here. Wikipedia is for liberals and Jews, yes: but in subjects of science vs. pseudoscience generally it’s not a bad source. The hatnote of the wiki article you linked says: “This article needs attention from an expert in geology.” And in the talk page doubts have been raised about whether the abiogenic hypothesis has been largely abandoned in the later years (see also the wiki article on peak oil).

  8. Great argument and analysis.

    Now, if you argue that Nords & other West Asians (“Europeans”) evolved their physical features due to climate, then that doesn’t make the races they evolved from primitive. Every races’s physiological characteristics are suited to its climate. Why would Congoids have evolved without the need? Likewise, according to prevailing logic, Nords would turn Congoid given enough time in equatorial Africa. Until which time they would be considered primitive.

    Second, it is true that in some circumstances paler races are hotly pursued, but isn’t this only logical, rather than some sort of “race envy” or inferiority complex? Nords are superior to Armenoids in Scandinavia, Armenoids are superior to Congoids in Northeast Africa (“the Middle East), Congoids are superior to Nords in sub-Saharan Africa, each because of being physiologically suited to the climate. Therefore, any migrant group naturally gravitates toward the indigenous (if not autochthonous) people for the evolutionary advantage of a more suitable physiology. Arabized people rape Nords in Sweden, West Asians fuel sex tourism all over Africa, and so on. It’s much more relative than absolute.

    Thirdly, where does penis size figure into your physiological classification/stratification? Is there any racial correlation? Does penis size confer any advantage?

    Lastly, as for Ramses III being an Armenoid: link, link.


    • “Nords would turn Congoid given enough time in equatorial Africa.”


      • Any thoughts on the rest?

      • No. Ask Evropa Soberana (mail above). I barely know raciology science. My field of interest is Aryan beauty—physical beauty, as my parting word clearly states.

      • Bollocks indeed, since Aryans transform their environment; they have been using technology to manage their environment since the beginning: clothing, shoes, housing. Niggers simply run around naked without those things, slaves to their environment, like beasts.

    • Those photos of ‘blacks’ with blonde/not curly hair are NOT from Africans, they are Melanesian/Polynesians where that phenomenon happens. The photos of blacks whit aquiline noses etc are obviously mixed race individuals. The fact is that clear evidence (including DNA) shows that the 1st Egyptians where Caucasians (just as ancient Libyans and in general north-Africans -as e.g. Berbers- were Caucasians), it is later -at the decline and decadence times- that they mixed with Blacks.

      (Black) Afrocentrism is either pathetically ignorant/stupid or knowingly manipulating and inventing BS history.

      This dude ‘tajakoben’s BS site ‘selfuni’ is disgusting and dishonest.

      • A picture is worth a thousand words. What, then, would a thousand pictures be worth?

      • See the four posts in this site under the category “Egypt” (here).

  9. pure_mongolid
    Nice to see that other sites are giving light and public to this racial classification. Coon and others did a good job, but is outdated by now.

    pure_congidI hope Nordic Thunder (the owner of Europa Soberana) publishes the second part. If you are wondering what would pure congoid and mongoloid would look like, these two are really good examples but I don’t think that it convinces the authors of this classification very much…yet.

    • Great photos for the 2nd part. Thank you (I even uploaded them for this site)!

  10. Here is some updated science which I hope will help you with your article…

    [Removed 1000+ word comment by admin]

    • Instead of placing a whole essay in this thread just put links to the relevant articles. Thanks.

      • OK. I’ll try to edit the comment, or, if I can’t, to repost.

  11. “Skin pigmentation is not a primary factor in causing rickets, as exemplified in Britain where Asian immigrants and their families were far more susceptible to vitamin D deficiency and rickets than the more deeply pigmented West Indians (African Caribbeans)

    At high latitudes, therefore, where vitamin D3 photosynthesis ceases during the winter months, the body maintains an acceptable vitamin D status on a year-round basis by mobilizing reservoirs in fat and other tissues that have been built up during the summer.

    Thus, vitamin D status could not have constituted the fitness differential between lightly pigmented and darkly pigmented individuals
    at high latitudes that favored the evolutionary selection of the former.”


    Even in the darkest places in western Asia (“Europe”), you need eumelanin. This map shows that the coldest/darkest countries of northwest Asia, where the palest-skinned people in the world live, has the highest rates of skin cancer: (link)

    Thus, as it is decidedly NOT an adaptation, the origin of pale skin, and its wearers, are much more mysterious:

    “About 20,000 years ago, a person living somewhere Central Asia bequeathed the genetic coding variant for lighter skin not only to all Europeans, but also many Indian people. …all existing instances of this mutation originate from the same person.

    most blue eyed Europeans share the exact same DNA difference that causes their blue eyes….scientists have concluded that this original blue-eyed ancestor probably lived near the Black Sea around 6,000-10,000 years ago.”

    “A report in Nature claims that present-day Europeans have ancestry from three groups in various combinations:
    1. Hunter-gatherers, some of them blue-eyed, who came from Africa more than 40,000 years ago
    2. Middle Eastern farmers who migrated west much more recently
    3. A mysterious population whose range may have spanned northern Europe and Siberia”


  12. On the new racial classification to which there was a link, it is excellent and seemingly of great merit with one caveat, the theory of the “White Nordids” descending from upper Paleolithic European Cro-Magnons. The argument does not take into account that “Cro-Magnoid” populations exist even now, cheek by jowl with the purest of the White Nordids and eating the same diet and the difference is apparent and has been apparent to anthropologists. Case in point: Dahlo-Falids in Dalarna, Sweden, and the Cro-Magnon descended (according to Carlton S. Coon, Borreby and Brunn types in Scandinavia, Germany, the British Isles, and elswhere. These Borreby and Brunn types have a lot in common with the “Red Nordid” in the new racial classification but they tend to be quite tall and the RN is described as short to medium. Also, if the RN may have been frozen into a large parkland in the Dzungaria region, is it not possible that the WNs evolved/originated in the adjacent Tarim Basin, where the Europoid mummies of the Takla Makan are found? Could they not also have been hemmed in by glaciers? It makes a lot of sense except for the WNs being almost pure Cro-Magnon people. Maybe they are descended from a different, more gracile group of Cro-Magnons from another area.

  13. Some Jews provide interesting examples of the WN/Armenid combination:

    link (particularly the profile, at 1:20)

  14. I find the presentation far-fetched, even if the model is correct in essentials. What bothers me is the claim that completely pure people still exist. The representative RN; ALL of his ancestors were red-haired, had cobalt blue eyes etc, for thousands of years, not ONE of his ancestors deviated from that pattern? I could accept the claim that his phenotype corresponded to the appearance of the original pure RNs, but this article makes out that he’s actually genetically pure, and that would be extremely unlikely as far as I’m concerned (not to mention the other races). And I find it extremely unlikely that “residual mongolism” is so common among Europeans, yet that it’s just as common to have no mongolid admixture…surely in so much time, the Mongolid (Armenid) would have “diffused” so that just about everybody in Europe has, even if miniscule, some Mongolid/Armenid? Worst of all; there are plenty of White Europeans who have NO WN, or NO RN, as the captions seem to imply; that’s absurd! With all due, the model is intriguing and probably has considerable merit, but some of those claims are pretty dubious.

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