The accelerated crash course

This “Accelerated” Crash Course, a 2014 video that includes both the coming currency crash and peak oil crisis, condenses over 4.5 hours of detailed material into less than an hour to view:

Full transcript: here.


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    This is excellent info. Thanks!

    • Thanks for reblogging. This recent conference by Martenson is even more focused:

  2. I’m wondering, looking at these population graphs, I presume that in absolute terms there are more White people in the world today than there has been at any point in history.

    Yet relative to a 7 billion people world, we’re certainly a minority.

    What about the idea that we just need to buckle under and whether the coming storm and all these excess humans will die off, and so long as we survive in tact we’ll have a White future for our race?

    There is no way these 7 billion people can stay alive without our technology, and when that fails we will finally part with our Christian morality and go into survival mode. Considering the Ice Ages I believe that we will survive.

    But yes, Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

    • Absolutely: It was Christian ethics what created the overpopulation (exporting their medicine, prophylactic hygienics or surplus food for the third world, etc).

      What I love about the coming eschaton is that the System will become vulnerable for the first time since 1945.

      • Will it really be vulnerable, or will it just take its gloves off and turn into the Bolshevik-style genocidal gulag apparatus the Jews really want it to be?

        I don’t think Western economies will collapse until the minorities outnumber us, then is the perfect time for the Jew to destabilize us, and pounce, and this time around White people will be the bourgeoisie and every dark-skin will be the a poor oppressed proletariat. The Negroes are doing an excellent job of parroting this line.

      • “I don’t think Western economies will collapse until the minorities outnumber us”

        I disagree. They won’t have that chance. Before non-whites outnumber us the peak oil eschaton will interfere in ways similar to the Yankee Stadium, as illustrated by Martenson in the above clip. See also my latest response below.

    • “There is no way these 7 billion people can stay alive without our technology”

      There is no way they could invade our Western countries without Jewish help. Who cares whether the Africans are 1 billion or 10 billions, so long as they stay in Africa! The real problem is the Jews who keep the gates open.

      • For the foreseeable future these bottom feeding parasites are right here in our face on a street level, and in increasing numbers. They latch onto us ever so tenaciously.

        My guess is that when this all collapses most of our survival efforts will by like the Jui-jitsu-mentality of dodging the punch and letting the opponent fall by their own accord.

        I figured if we can just safely step aside, most of these subhumans will die off like excess bacteria in a petri-dish, and so long as we stay racially intact and isolated we can reappear on the scene later and rebuild the wreckage with our new-found wisdom.

        But then also consider the Bolshevik era, where despite the economic mess and mass starvation of the USSR this Jewish government somehow always had the resources to kill massive amounts of humans and dissidents. What an impressive vigilance considering the physical degradation of Eastern Europe. The Jews preserved the torture infrastructure remarkably well. It’s a terrifying prospect.

        I’m worried the same will be true for post-dollar US. Little enclaves of White people may be viciously hunted down like dogs. Chinese Army being sent into the Rockie Mountains to hunt out White people, drones etc… I picture that only a handful of resilient Navy SEAL types will be the only White men about to endure this.

      • Chris Martenson is a master of euphemism. A master of understatement. You have to read between his lines. He just doesn’t want to scare people, like the clip embedded above.

        If, on the other hand, you take the whole Martenson course or watch the other documentaries I’ve been advertizing (e.g., End of the Road or Mike Maloney’s course), you will see that the future won’t be as pretty as the above PR clip. Not even for Western governments.

        I predict that, though the coming dollar crash won’t be enough to kill the System, energy devolution will.

        People in power are not as powerful as many WNsts believe, not remotely. They are their own enemy too. Think for example of the latest two Fed chairmans, both kikes. What they have done (Yellen still doing) is the equivalent of Turner Diaries characters nuking two or three major US cities. The scorpion and the frog!

        Just store at your home lots of popcorn and you will see how this crash unfolds…

      • P.S.

        I am the very antithesis of Martenson—I celebrate what I call the coming “extermination of the Neanderthals”. By peak oil eschaton I mean the end of peak liberalism:

      • Yes, I see that the coming collapse will in some ways be a massive liberation of the White Race from Christian ethics.

        You know a lot of White people will perish too, but I don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing as there is plenty of fat that needs to be trimmed off. A lot of White people these days are just not worth saving.

        But the few who do survive will make all the colossal suffering worth it.

        Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

  3. I have been waiting for a collapse since the late 1970′s and it hasn’t happened yet. I was ignorant of, or underestimated, two facts. First is the incredible volume and magnitude of Jew lies delivered straight in the face of indisputable facts. Second is the unbelievable gullibility of the stupid goyim to accept and live with those lies as factual reality. I gave up trying to predict the collapse of the empire years ago. I gave up running around trying to tell everyone the king had no clothes (and no money), back when the prevailing lie was one of this being a “wealthy and free country”; long before it was even considered an empire. For decades America has been a walking corpse. It died before I was born. How long the Jews will be able to convince the stupid goyim this rotting corpus delicti is a healthy, wealthy entity able to leap tall debt structures is anyone’s guess. No doubt it will happen, but like the second coming, it is utterly futile to attempt putting any time frame to this eventuality.

    • “For decades America has been a walking corpse. It died before I was born.”

      When I was one-year old Disney’s Sleeping Beauty premiered in times when you still could breathe healthy pro-white (Aryan female beauty) values.

      Yes: the exact date, paraphrasing the gospel, only the Father knows. But we must not commit the mistake of claiming the wolf won’t come only because a silly joker cried “wolf!” a couple of times before.

      This time (this decade or the 2020s) it’s for real.

      • Disaster will in all probability steal upon America like a thief in the night. History shows how quickly cultures and civilizations dissolve. The process seems to grow shorter with time. It’s the “tipping point” concept that comes into play, as it did at the beginning of WWI. Events built relatively slowly throughout the 19th century, but beginning in 1914 Europe underwent profound change in a very short period of time. The continent has never been the same, and has been rapidly degenerating since that point.

        The Egyptians lasted for millennia. Rome about 800 years. Ottoman empire 700 years. Byzantine empire about 1100 years. British Empire 360 years. Spanish Empire 400 years. Soviet Empire 70 years. National Socialist Germany 12 years. America so far 238 years although one might argue what was traditionally called “America” disappeared around the beginning to middle of the 1960s. Perhaps the high-water mark being the passage of the 1965 immigration act.

        From my perspective, America began its path to utter dissolution with the Wilson administration, followed shortly by the passage of the Federal Reserve act. Two world wars finished off what remained of a free, invigorated people by turning the nation into a militarized cult-ure that no longer questioned authority, but marched lock-step in time while blindly obeying their leaders. The “sixties revolution” was nothing more than a Jewish scam taking advantage of yet another war time opportunity to devolve the indigenous white culture into savagery.

        No doubt when the end comes for America, its final gasp for breath will result in violent convulsion before a state of quietus suddenly descends upon the unsuspecting survivors, leaving them in stunned wonderment as to what and how it happened. One thing I can say for certain and I have been telling survivalist, now preppers, for many years: If you’re still living in this shit-pile when the end comes, survival will be a luck of the draw. There is no possible way of determining the best place to go as there will be no place of certainty. As for storing food and hoarding gold and silver, this will simply be a matter of prolonging one’s agony as the fortunate will be first to die. For those planning on fighting, prepare to fight to the death as surrender to the Jew forces will mean a fate worse than death. Just ask the white Russians and Germans how it worked out for those who surrender.

        The vast majority of the white race have always looked towards a brighter future, a more advanced and peaceful world for their children. They can’t help but look at the bright side as such vision is deeply embedded in their genetic makeup. Jews on the other hand revel only in their dark, bloody past. Their vision is one of revolutionary upheaval resulting in rivers of blood. They revel in filth, while fomenting horror and terror upon those around them. For Jews the future is nothing more than a replication of their past, compounded by advanced technology. To see your future, simply read the Jew’s history, law and religious books and multiply them by today’s technology. Even after two world wars, the white man still cannot comprehend how horrific the future will be and woe to anyone disturbing his sleep.

      • But don’t you think, like me, that when the death toll reaches levels near the first 1 billion later in this century the noblest whites will finally start to wake up from their catatonic sleep? (IMHO you cannot keep sleeping forever when your own life is at stake.)

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