Degenerate “nationalists”

by Roger

Let it be declared that National Socialism, so uniquely responsive to harmony and beauty, health and strength, has absolutely no room for “rock”, that degenerate din of the African jungle to which the above hooligans [skinheads], and also others pretending to be National Socialists, are addicted, and which, we would have them know, Hitler would most certainly have prohibited. This is something that skinheads—if they are to elevate themselves from this category, have got to learn.

—Colin Jordan, “National Socialism:
Vanguard of the Future”, pp. 26-27,
Historical Review Press, 2011

I don’t know much about Génération Identitaire (their alleged British branch does not exist outside of Facebook, to my knowledge, and is inactive even there), but there is a popular current in continental Europe nowadays for “social-nationalism”, which is manifested through various different fronts: National-Anarchism, Autonomous Nationalism, and so forth. I find it repulsive aesthetically and politcially. The best example might be CasaPound in Italy, whose behaviour seems like an ostensibly right-wing mirror of the 1968 New Left. They live as squatters in unoccupied properties, they have their own rock band, and they organise meetings to promote extremely pretentious “beyond left and right” nonsense in which enemies like Che Guevara are revised as heroic national liberators.

Worst yet are the Autonomous Nationalists, who record “NS Hip-Hop” and idolise the likes of Otto Strasser, a renowned traitor who spent the large part of his life attacking Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich from outside (he was essentially the Trotsky of National Socialism). They self-consciously dress themselves like anarchists and they use anti-fascist symbols, like a bunch of inverted Situationists.

This must be heard to be believed: (YouTube link) .

H youth1How can a nation go from producing marches like Preußens Gloria and Volk ans Gewehr to this? I’ll tell you how: the imposition of foreign anti-values by the 1945 Allied occupiation (which Strasser, the hero of countless social-nationalists, fully supported; in fact, he testified against Germans at the Nuremberg show trials). Even the German federal constitution was written by the occupiers, so naturally their culture ended up getting debased by what Solzhenitsyn referred to in 1994 as “liquid manure from the West”, which was flooding into Russia after the fall of Soviet Socialism. We can and should hate all Bolsheviks, but it is impossible to deny that the Soviet Union’s protectionist attitude towards culture managed to prevent Beatlemania from taking off in most of Eastern Europe.

The above quotation by Colin Jordan is taken from an essay entitled “The Enemy Within”, which is largely a critique of Strasserism. The fact that attacked the skinhead rock fans in the same same essay shows how little things have changed since he wrote that. Here is another one from the same book of essays, again against rock music and its worshippers:

This is what we are up against! The bulk of our younger generation clad appropriately in the slovenly uniform of the creed of slovenliness, debauching their minds in an ecstasy of adoration of a chaos of cacophony and the vile creatures of the night purveying it. This represents democracy’s maturity, and that maturity is the prelude to communism. (pp. 108-109)

I also enjoy Revilo P. Oliver’s definition of rock music: “the cacophonous din that has replaced music in degenerate circles”.

H.C. Strache, the leader of the FPÖ, has released several videos of himself rapping. It is a disgrace. I want to like that party, seeing as it has the support of 42% of Austrians in the 18-30 age group, but it is hard to get enthused when its most senior figure is happy to make such a fool of himself in public. Perhaps it can only garner the support of that 42% by being degenerate.

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  1. That rap song was ridiculous. What’s the point of kicking out the biological jews and niggers if we’re going to remain spiritual jews and niggers? Those guys might as well paint portraits of Hitler using the socialist realist style, abstract expressionism, Cubism or some other Jewed degenerate art.

    We need to be different from what we oppose, and people need to see this difference. Mirroring the left won’t work because their goal is racial and national oblivion, and degenerate art works towards that goal. You can’t use inferior art to advocate for a superior society.

    Damnit Youtubers, stop using Rammstein in your NS tribute videos! The band is admittedly left-wing and writes songs about incest and serial killers. TheLindgrenn’s videos were great, but this is the absolute best of them all:


    Great editing, good quality footage, good use of background music (though I don’t think the composer was White). It effectively communicates the grandeur and heroism of Germany in the way that the usual puke-rock White Power BS does not, and cannot.

    • The video I was referring to in the playlist above is 5/8, The Flood Comes. Not sure why it didn’t just link directly to the video.

      • Great video BTW. Thanks for sharing that; it is now saved :-)

    • “What’s the point of kicking out the biological jews and niggers if we’re going to remain spiritual jews and niggers?”

      Ask that to American white nationalists. Which WN podcast hasn’t included degenerate music?

      • Great point!

  2. Re-reading this, I want to retract the bit about Otto Strasser testifying at the Nuremberg show trials. He did not. However, he was an ardent enemy of the Third Reich. Colin Jordan asserts that his anti-Hitler propaganda was used as source material for a book which was used at Nuremberg:

    “Material from Otto Strasser went to make up the book Der Führer which was issued in the name of “Konrad Heiden”, which, along with Rauschning’s above-mentioned collection of lies, was used in formulating the indictment of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg whereby leading Germans were put to death and barbarously so by slow strangulation”. (pp. 29)

    I haven’t read the book in question, and since Jordan had his own agenda when writing this article, it’s perhaps best not to accept his claims without checking the sources. That said, Strasser’s anti-Hitler propaganda includes (among other things) the unsubstantiated accusation that he molested the 13 year old daughter of Heinrich Hoffmann. This accusation was published in a book called “The Gangsters Around Hitler”. It would not surprise me, therefore, to discover that a Jew like Konrad Heiden used Strasser as a source.

    • Noted. Incidentally, your article reminded me this passage from Michael O’Meara’s Toward the White Republic:

      Liberalism was qualitatively more ruinous of traditional European values and beliefs than Marxian socialism (Communism). When Thomas Molnar, who played an important role in the US conservative movement of the 1960s and ’70s, returned to his native Hungary after the collapse of the Soviet empire, he found, to his astonishment, that traditional culture and education, which had virtually disappeared in the West, were still very much alive in the former Soviet bloc.

      Michael, by the by, must never be confused with the other O’Meara…

      • You can thank Stalin for that, C. He was a cultural conservative. His anti formalist decree of ’38 put Shostakovich, Prokofiev, & Co. On the straight and narrow and cemented traditional arts well up into the early ’60s. Stalin was a bulwark against Jewish degeneracy in the Arts.

      • There is a lot to this thesis, but one should not become unduly optimistic. When Sunic writes that “communism kills the body, but liberalism rots the soul”, he makes a good point, but communism is not exactly immune from the business of soul rotting. It hardens people who remain steadfast in their resistance against it, but in the Soviet Union, there were also millions who either went along with it from the start or capitulated after the Bolsheviks consolidated their power. Hence the situation, by the 1960s, in which the abortions outnumbered the live births all across the Soviet Union. Stalin did ban abortion in 1936, but I believe he did so for pragmatic reasons: he knew by that co-existence with Germany was unsustainable, and he needed to increase the birth rate to compensate for the coming death toll in the inevitable war. The population had already been heavily effected by the Revolution and the famines. Abortion was made legal again not long after the war, though.

        When the façade of orderliness fell along with the Berlin Wall, the internal chaos enabled by Soviet decadence hit those countries very badly (so much that Yeltsin had to rig the 1996 election to prevent the Communist Party from winning). Communism and liberalism both have the potential to harden the soul and to rot it. All forms of adversity can build character, but assimilation to alien doctrines can destroy it.

        The reason I’m making this point is because I often see men of the right idealising post-communist Eastern Europe (not on this site, but elsewhere). There is much to praise about these countries, but we need proportion rather than wishful zeal. The liquid manure which Solzhenitsyn wrote about in 1994 is still flooding into countries like Russia two decades on, and it has an even bigger audience now than it did then. Elton John will be performing in St. Petersburg later this year, following on from the recent shows held in Russia by Madonna and Lady Gaga. What use is a law against homosexual propaganda if the likes of Elton John are allowed to hire Russian concert halls to host their dreadful festivals? Furthermore, the same “rock against communism” that the skinheads infused into nationalism during the 1980s is also popular in countries like Serbia, Poland, Bulgaria and Russia. They also have a deplorable subgenre (‘sub’ being the optimal word as usual) called hardbass, whose advocates make a spectacle of themselves with free-style “dancing”, harrassing normal people on the streets and blasting their anti-music in public spaces. They like to film their exploits and upload them to the web:

        The full video is unwatchable, but a few seconds is enough to judge this clownish behaviour.

        It’s also worth noting that, despite Stalin’s proscriptions against formalist music, some of the countries within the Soviet sphere of influence did not go along with him. All of the composers most prized by the state in East Germany were composing music akin to Hindemith and the Second Viennese School. Hanns Eisler and Ernst Hermann Meyer are two examples among many, and they were both Jews. This was happening during Stalin’s lifetime, in spite of Zhdanov’s campaigns. The music of Yugoslavia was not much better, from what I’ve heard of it (e.g. Ljubica Marić), but I know less about this than East Germany. I’m currently listening to Milan Ristić’s second symphony, which reminds me somewhat of Stravinsky’s so-called neoclassical phase (the acme of which, for me, is the highly enjoyable “Pulcinella”). It is better than I expected, though not great and not without the whiff of modernism.

      • It is true that many people in the pro-West blogosphere show a naïve admiration for Russia. I first encountered such naiveté in Gates of Vienna by Conservative Swede (whose ideas I reproduced in this site). Then at Counter Currents I found several articles almost admiring modern Russia and the Soviet Union, including (what a shame!) a couple of articles by Michael O’Meara on Putin.

        My take on the subject is that white nationalists have forfeited a careful reading of Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag. The incredible monstrosity that happened there, a tenfold holocausts without exaggeration, means that Russians—like the Anglos—will be historically damned until they atone for their sins (which won’t happen of course: their societies need to collapse for a future rebirth).

        I am a believer that un-atoned sins, like a failure to repudiate Christianity and its meta-ethics after Porphyry’s and Celsus’ books were destroyed by the Church, sooner or later will result in soul-rotting phenomena (our post-Christian axiology!): what I am now calling folie en masse. And exactly the same can be said of the Gulag and the Holodomor mega-genocides that have not been atoned for (no documentaries on them; no museums, no popular films, etc.).

        Unlike the PDF, the online version of my final chapter of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, “Why I am not a neonazi” omits my recommendation to read Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag. I hesitated to include it in the PDF because he says there that Nazi Germany was evil, “Stalin’s pupil”. But the abridged version of the Gulag is still must reading to understand the level of evilness in our present world.

      • Solzhenitsyn was indeed imbued with the spirit of Orthodox Christianity, so it is logically consistent that he opposed Hitler. The second half of the 20th century is filled with these types: people who can offer a partial critique of the prevailing orthodoxy, but who can only be endorsed with disclaimers, because their critique is ultimately rooted in the same universalism from which communism, Christianity and liberalism sprung.

        I tried engaging with some pseudonymous pro-Putinists on the Radix blog last night, but it is a waste of time. They shun facts in favour of wishful thinking, because they actively *want* Putin to be the great white hope. I have expressed some support for Right Sector in Ukraine (with reservations) because I am sick of the Duginite rubbish about Ukrainian nationalists being footsoldiers for the USA and Zionism. These external forces might well try to manipulate them, but Russia is no better than America under their respective current leaderships. Why would the Ukrainians want to capitulate to multicultural Russia? Because Putin offers a few breadcrumbs to scoop up the support of shallow-minded “conservatives” in the West, and therefore represents a true form of resistance against the USA? It is a laughable line of counterthought. I’m not posting any more in that thread, but I will concede here that Right Sector is far from perfect. I dislike its leader’s attitude towards the Jews, but it is no worse than Putin’s softness, and that organisation is a coalition of different groups. Many of them are much harsher towards Jews and they are the ones I support (again with reservations, simply because some of their have a fondness for the “music” that has been denounced elsewhere in this thread).

        The Radix article in question, “National Nihilism”, was penned by an American Christian who lives in California and demonises historical Ukrainian nationalists like Bandera for “conducting sabotage and guerrilla campaigns against the Soviet government until the early 1950s”. He chooses to side with the Judeo-Bolsheviks, who killed millions of Ukrainians in a forced famine in 1933, against the Hitler-aligned Ukrainians who fought against their slaughterers. Shameless, but this attitude is to be expected from a Christian who believes that “Wall Street actively financed Adolf Hitler’s rise to Weltmacht”, and that he was therefore a proxy for financial-democratic interests (even though the Soviets teamed up with the City of London and Wall Street to destroy him).

        If you present Putin’s apologists and advocates with news articles from pro-Putin websites (including, demonstrating their hero’s open, proud and explicit anti-nationalist, anti-National Socialist, pro-Jewish positions, they will sweep it under the carpet. They choose to read the facts selectively because they don’t want their fantasy destroyed. They always cite the law against homosexual propaganda as proof that Putin represents the forces of light, but what good is that law if Elton John, Lady Gaga and Rufus Wainwright are still allowed to perform in Russia? Under the Misuse of Drugs Act in Britain, it is a crime to sell or possess cannabis, but the police almost never enforce the law. Laws are only meaningful if the authorities enforce them.

        For a while, I used to engage in similar wishful thinking about the Traditional Catholics. I would look at the frequent interlaps between the SSPX and the nationalists in Italy and France, taking that as encouragement, but this can only be upheld by clinging on to cognitive dissonance. The Catholics want to convert the whole world to their religion. Their only objection to the Jews is that they are not Catholic; their solution to the Jewish problem is to convert them. The Church does not, never has, and never will, refuse to marry an African Catholic and a French Catholic. More than that, most Traditional Catholic laity are not racial nationalists, and the ones who are tend to be viewed with suspicion by the majority. They usually hate National Socialism even more than communism, because they correctly realise that ethnic particularism is incompatible with their religion. Wishful thinking is insanity.

      • “…because their critique is ultimately rooted in the same universalism from which communism, Christianity and liberalism sprung.”

        Very interesting. I’ll respond in a minute below this thread because it’s getting too long.

  3. If we’re going to have fascist hip-hop, we definitely need a fascist version of Def Jam Vendetta. We could have Evola trying to roundhouse kick Sir Oswald Mosley. That would be a cool game.

  4. Are those nationalists in the “HardBass” video?

    • Ostensibly, yes. They pose in front of “anti-antifa” graffiti and two of them are wearing “Combat 44” hoodies. These are common symbols in the B&H/RAC scenes.

  5. @ Roger at 10:27 am:

    They usually hate National Socialism even more than communism, because they correctly realise that ethnic particularism is incompatible with their religion.

    I have started to read The Story of Mankind by Hendrik Willem van Loon, a huge bestseller in the US from 1921 through the end of WW2.

    It struck me that, although van Loon had fascinating tell-telling abilities to explain complex subjects in small pocket books (like Will Durant’s The Story of Philosophy), in an epilogue to my 1939 edition van Loon adds very harsh pages about Hitler.

    Like Tolkien who also disliked NS, van Loon was a Christian. In his otherwise readable book he has silly pages about Moses and Jesus, as if the traditional Christian narratives about them were historical.

    With the exception of Linder and several commenters on his VNN forum, I see the continuation of Christian ethics even among nationalists whom I have quoted in my Fair Race criticizing Christianity (Franklin Ryckaert comes to mind).

    I had not made the connection of Solzhenitsyn’s Christianity and his anti-NS statements before your comment. Thanks for the enlightening snippet.

  6. Chechar,

    I want to thank you for bringing this issue front and center. Very few understand the spiritual sickness our people are suffering from as a result of years of degenerate indoctrination.

    Myself, a product of pop-culture, can attest to the destructive nature of contemporary “music”, film and media. I lived it, and have been struggling to break free from it’s clutches. It’s over 2 years without TV, over 5 since I’ve seen a movie (at the theater), and I almost have a physical aversion to hip-hop, rap, and even some music I grew up listening to.

    A humble suggestion I would like to offer is that you provide a link to music, literature, and art that feeds the Aryan soul (if you have it already, then I have obviously missed it LOL). Often times people are unaware of alternatives that are available. I have discovered a great deal of music via Youtube that I would consider to be, if not healthy, far less damaging, and at least a step in the right direction.

    I have been listening to “epic” as well as classical and folk. Here are some examples, and I will definitely contribute more if you provide a page for links. IMHO, this could be very good for your readers and lurkers (like me). I don’t post often, but I do follow :-)


    • “A humble suggestion I would like to offer is that you provide a link to music, literature, and art that feeds the Aryan soul”

      Yes: I’ve added posts on classical paintings…

      …and architecture:

      …and literature:

      There are also categories on “Music” and “Poetry”; and almost at the bottom my blogroll list links to Iranian’s site, mostly on classical music.

      • Thanks for that :-)

        Bookmarked and saved for future enjoyment and education. Also, this is where I first read about Chris Martenson and peak oil; very interesting discussion on the 3 E’s. Water drop metaphor was enlightening.

        And Natures Eternal Religion, which I have enjoyed immensely. I have it downloaded on audiobook as well. (link)

        Have you thought of making the FRDH into an audio format? I travel frequently so audio is very convenient for me, and then I can reference the written work as I hear it in audio. If not I understand; I have it downloaded in PDF and I appreciate you offering it for free.

        I will have to get my paypal updated and send a donation. I tried to donate via credit card but it wouldn’t allow me to enter a US state, only Mexican states LOL. Anyway, I’ll send a little something when I get paypal up to speed. Can I mail a money order?

      • Well, it looks like I might have been able to send money. Let me know if it made it.

      • Do you mean that PayPay originally refused your credit card? That would be odd if not alarming… But thank you very much for your contribution.

        FRDH is too long for an audio book but I’d love if someone volunteers to record at least my excerpts of Pierce’s book within FRDH (my accent is so heavy that we do need a native speaker in lieu of my voice).

      • Chechar,

        I tried to use paypal last week and they said I needed to send ID and wait for verification; that’s on an account I’ve had for over ten years.

        So when I saw the CC icons on your donate tab I entered my CC info, but it wouldn’t let me enter a US state as everything defaulted to Mexico. I tried to submit, but it kept saying “missing information” or something to that effect, as I was unable to enter my state.

        I had the form open on another tab, so after I left my post, I went back and figured I would try to login to paypal and give it one more try. As soon as I logged in, it processed my CC, and then you got my second message.

        I have had many problems with paypal over the years, which is why I rarely use them. But anyway, I’m glad it worked in the end.

        With regards to the audiobook, they make text to speech software that will narrate everything from a PDF, word, or scanned file, even a picture of text can be used. It’s pretty amazing. Listen to this audiobook of NER for an example.

        Here is a link to the software.

        You can download it for free, but the paid version has better voices and more options I believe. I have been looking at this and will probably do it if you don’t get to it first :-) If I beat you to it I will send a file to you of course.

        Here is a sample of “Peters” digital voice.

  7. For people like me who started off as typical popular music-listening liberals, and who are now committed fascists/National Socialists, it’s striking to compare how pop makes you feel when compared to classical.

    I’m at a point where I can say that even though I still listen to some popular music, it gives me a kind of rotten feel, even with songs I like. Sometimes, like with electronica, it’s a melancholic, maybe feminized feeling. It bloats the emotions. Listen to M83 (a band I can’t stand) and just feel how faggoty it is. Meanwhile with heavy metal it’s more of a numbness or mindlessness.

    With classical though- say, the Tannhauser Overture, or von den hinterweltern by Strauss- I feel more distant from it in a way. Some would say that that’s bad, but it’s actually a positive. Classical is quieter and more subdued even when it’s thunderous. I can make sense of it. It’s not as immediate as pop, not as overbearing. It’s more understandable, even though it’s far more complex than pop, and thus easier to appreciate if you have the right mindset.

    Of course most people are not sensitive to this. They’ll just say that they like a rock/rap/whatever song because it “sounds good, the way someone would eat a fast food burger because it ‘tastes good.” The concept of quality is alien to them.

    Basically, pop music is simply hedonism in aural form.

    One other thing I came to realize a while ago was that heavy metal and rap are not, as even some alt righters claim, masculine. They’re infantile. No Caesar, Hitler, Napoleon, etc. would bother with metal or rap. Probably none of their subordinates would, either. Neither would most great writers or artists. What is considered “manly” today is, for the most part, really either thuggish or childish.

    Men lead, and men who listen to rap or metal surely are not leaders. More importantly, men lead others to new heights. How could someone with an Ipod filled with jay-z or kanye possibly lead a people? Whenever I hear niggers or non-whites say that classical is faggoty or wimpy or something like that, it’s like hearing a child insult a grown man because he prefers filet mignon to French fries.

    Classical is masculine. Somehow we need to make more alt righters/fascists/National Socialists see this.

  8. Is this degenerate? This piece is quintessential for understanding the culture of the USSR (even every modern Russian knows it). The composer made jazz, too.

    • It is degenerate compared to Russian folkloric music, let alone classical (yesterday for example while driving I was listening to the 3rd movement of Tchaikovsky’s 4th symphony).

      • Both Tchaikovsky and Picasso are similar in that I can understand neither without extensive external reading. And both easy music and the paintings of the Académie des Beaux-Arts are similar in that they’re quite easy to get at first glance.

        Overall, these matters are so difficult, and the fact that this blog is the only place discussing them does not help.

      • Anyone can “understand” Tchaikovsky’s music of Sleeping Beauty that Walt Disney chose for the 1959 movie, or the Nutcracker that Disney used in Fantasia.

  9. How about this soundtrack of Fullmetal Alchemist?

    • I have not listen to that but even in good Japanese films like Spirited Away some music is incredibly silly.

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