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“If our time is the death of everything spiritual, then peak oil will be the death in equal proportion to everything physical.”

Tórur Arason

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  1. “The love of money is the root of all evil”.

    Unlike Martenson, Mike Ruppert, who even cried during the below interview, was no master of euphemisms. He tells the bare truth on why energy devolution will kill billions (just ignore his anti-3rd Reich phrase around 1:15):

    • And I presume that the billions which are to be killed off will be mostly non-whites?

      • Of course. The population explosion in the third world was largely a by-product of deranged altruism by whites. Once western aid is removed, with no oil they’ll die like flies.

  2. A few years ago it became quite inescapable to me that most of the conservatives-at-large who were of any note were voicing and printing stuff the likes of which once could have been read in early editions of the “Rockwell Report”. We even today have a “President” who voices many of these same things. In 1961 it was revolutionary. Today it is all too little and too late. More and more I’m struck by the things which are getting into the daily headlines. The kinds of things that ten years ago you could only have found within the pages of the “Thunderbolt”. Not anything positive but actual horror stories of the nightmares rampant in the street and the insanity abroad in the nation, directed primarily against Whites. The sweet “We told you so” anticipated during the 1960’s has been taken from us. It has arrived full force and there still remains no answer for it. Nor is there likely to be one.

    We warned of this then and because of it we were “lunatics” and in spite of it we are still “lunatics” today. This at last should awaken and explain to the most hard-headed among us the true nature of the situation. We are witnessing the collapse of an entire civilization. Certainly not just what Rockwell called the ” American White Constitutional Republic ” for which he fought, but the entire civilization of the world. The jungle is reclaiming inexorably at present and, with only a slight slip of the wrist, could overtake very suddenly. It’s happened before, maybe several times on earth. But this and certainly no other section of SIEGE is intended as a crying towel. What is the larger meaning of all this to us, to the Movement?

    The correlation between something spoken by Joseph Goebbels and a comment by U.S. Marine Corps General Holland Smith – both in 1945 – provides part of the answer. Goebbels announced from the fiery ruins of Berlin that, should the National Socialists be compelled to depart the scene of world affairs, they would slam the door so hard on the way out that it would ring forever in the ears of those who remained. Holland Smith, as he oversaw the final re-taking of the Pacific Islands, remarked to an aide whether there existed anything on earth that could defeat such men as those he was then leading. Forty years after the event, these two statements have come into balance. The thousand-year-old impetus of the world’s civilization simply cut its own throat and bled to death.

    The surviving perpetrators and their miserable descendants are reaping the rewards of this. Precisely like an ancient curse, the very things Hitler warned against are today holding a knife to the throats of those who went to war to defeat Germany. And what are we except curious spectators? Are we not powerless to effect the situation in the slightest? We speak of vengeance both individual and wholesale. Yet we are powerless to act save under the most desperate conditions and in the most limited fashion. And the point being that so much time and energy is uselessly expended in this manner. What little we could accomplish – even by way of living our lives to the fullest – is relegated to a distant back seat in favor of futile grandiosity in the face of a reality both sober and somber.

    – James Mason, Siege

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