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Only the eternal feminine leads to the Absolute

Catalina (1980)

Above, Maxfield Parrish’s 1925 Lady Violet, who reminds me a girl I met long, long time ago… If an ethno-state is ever created, my ultimate dream is that in the distant future its people will resemble the paradisiacal world of Parrish.

What prevents whites from working toward that noble end, keeping in mind that Aryan female beauty represents the crown of the evolution? Elsewhere I have discussed the majority report: Capitalism and Christian axiology as the twofold etiology of Western malaise (Jewish depredations, a tertiary infection). But I have also mentioned my minority report: that the most extreme cases of self-hatred among whites—those who celebrate that their kind will become a minority surrounded by non-white swarms—cannot be explained satisfactorily by any of these two factors.

In this blog I have briefly written about how child abuse among some whites drives them to hate the culture of their parents, and also presented my book Hojas Susurrantes, most of which has not been translated to English.

After publication of this entry I won’t add new posts to this blogsite. Although I’ll still answer some comments, the site will basically remain frozen with the below PDFs advertising my books until the dollar crashes. But I’ll be busy explaining my minority report: writing another book related to the subject of why, in some families, the silly mechanism erected by the abused victim is none other than hatred for his or her parents’ civilization.


Day of Wrath

The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour


  1. Goethe, Faust II , Act V:

    Chorus Mysticus

    Alles Vergängliche
    Ist nur ein Gleichnis;
    Das Unzulängliche
    Hier wird’s Ereignis;
    Das Unbeschreibliche
    Hier ist es getan;
    Das Ewig-Weibliche
    Zieht uns hinan.

    All of the transient,
    Is parable, only:
    The insufficient,
    Here, grows to reality:
    The indescribable,
    Here, is done:
    Woman, eternal,
    Beckons us on.


    • Yes, Theoderich: it was Goethe himself the one who inspired me. Also, the term Absolutewas central among the philosophers of classic German idealism of those times.

    • Perhaps, a better translation for ‹‹Das Ewig-Weibliche›› would be:
      ‹‹The Eternal Feminine››.

  2. We’ve disagreed a great deal in the past, and surely still do on an array of pivotal matters.

    That being said, your passion, curiosity, and courage is in short supply and your contributions will be missed.

    • Well… I could be back as soon as this very year right after the financial meltdown. My promise merely says that I won’t add new posts here before the dollar crashes. Could be next week, could be in five years or more. Nobody knows…

      “But as for that day and hour no one knows it—not even the angels in heaven—except the Father alone.”

  3. Dear Chechar,

    Your erudite thoughts are desperately needed in this vast wasteland of crude Jewish pornography, propaganda and disinformation. Every dissenting voice needs to be clearly heard loud and long. This is all the more pertinent when the voice is highly intelligent, well read and well spoken. By the late seventies, I was positive America would disappear due to either revolution or an economic collapse. Had I taken a similar stand at that point, I would have never posted a single line on the internet. Of course in my case, that may have only led to less laughter. I urge you not to set this arbitrary break point before continuing your thoughts on the web.

    • Thank you for your kind words.

      The whole point of taking a leave is to protect myself from the coming economic Armageddon. It makes no sense to stay in the third world, continue adding entries on a daily basis, and wait unprepared for the day of reckoning. That would mean risking my life foolishly.

      William_blake_ten_virginsI invite those who disbelieve that a financial accident is coming to study carefully the links in this blog on Schiff, Maloney and Martenson (starting perhaps with this long interview of Ruppert, who recently committed suicide). Failure to put extra oil for your lamps could be nothing short of suicidal. And if I have something important to say even before the meltdown while I am trying to find room & board overseas, just add the Addendum to your bookmarks.

  4. “… the silly mechanism erected by the abused victim is none other than hatred for his or her parents’ civilization.”

    In his Moses the Egyptian, the Egyptologist Jan Assmann introduces us to the concept of normative inversion: Deliberately making unholy that which the parent religion has held holy, and making holy that which the parent religion has execrated.

    I suggest that this book can shed some light on monotheism and its insalubrious ramifications — especially the “Mosaic distinction” between “true” and “false” religions. I recommend the book.

  5. Looks like your “good-bye” piece isn’t generating very much response from all of your devoted readers. Only 7 comments, and 3 of the comments are yours, for a Grand Total of 4 comments in response to your “good-bye”! Pretty much the same number of devoted readers “Fr. John” had, four. Well, really, “Fr. John” only had 3 devoted readers. He was reduced many days to writing laudatory posts to himself as no else was writing in to his sermon blog. Are your readers also alzheimer victims on their last-leg in nursing homes on prozac IV drip?

    Scratch 4, it’s 3 comments from all of your devoted readers, that’s cause “Unknown” kinda sounds like you wrote “Unknown’s” post yourself.

    • Nope. “Unknown” is actually the commenter “Ironwrench”, also known as Arch Stanton; as you are “Joe from Sacramento”, also known by other sock puppets.

  6. Chechar I’m sorry to see you quit I found your blog intriguing I’m going to miss reading new stuff. I noticed you don’t believe in the Jewish conspiracy being the cause of Nordic demise but do you believe that they do have a lot of power of Nordic and other Caucasian people how far do you think they can go? (link)

    Do you think they are responsible for the constant war state that we’ve been in? Do you see this war state ending any time soon and what effect if any will it have on Europe and other whites?

    • Welcome to this forum QM even if it’s late. As to your questions see my most recent exchange about the Jewish Question with someone who believes in the single-cause hypothesis (here) and just follow the white rabbit, starting perhaps with The Fair Race.

  7. Well, see ya Chechar. Honestly you’ve written so much I’m guessing there isn’t much left to cover. If you do think of anything don’t hesitate to post it. This was really a one-of-a-kind blog.

    • I’ll keep my word: no posts until the currency accident comes. But this blog has an escape valve, the addenda.

      • Gosh, I just can’t wait until everything collapses and everyone in America is in the gutters starving to death so I can read Mein Mighty Mucho Macho Checharito Hero once again!!!

  8. Dear Chechar,
    thanks for your great work. you have inspired me and my comrads, leaving a deep impact in our minds.

    On our Blog we will translate your TFRDH.

    Greetings from Germany
    Richard from Ahnenreihe

    • Yes Richard: German is the language I’d love those book articles (by several authors) be translated the most. I am sure your work will make a difference in German-speaking countries. Looking forward to have a beer with you in some pub at your country.


      • Great!

  9. I’m very sorry to see you go. You are a voice in the wilderness, and were very helpful in my racial awakening. Reading your blog hasn’t been just food for thought; it has also been a force for concrete action for me personally and those in my sphere of influence. Never have I heard someone speak with such passion and intensity as you. And never has it been needed so much rather than the “compromise” we get from too many who claim to be friends of the Aryan!

    I’ve always wondered by the way, what is the tree avatar symbol you use?

    • It’s precisely people like you what makes me continue to write (albeit in form of a book now if I manage to survive my moving). My gravatar:

      the White Tree of Gondor
      its heraldry combines
      with the seven stars
      of the House of Elendil

  10. Really enjoyed your tract on the psychological culture of the Mexican Indian Civilization. Really thought provoking stuff.

    • Thank you. In a sense it’s common sense, but in this age of Boasian dogma academics have blinded themselves to see what’s in front of them.

  11. Are you closing down the website completely, as Fr. John shut down his sermon blog completely? Or keeping it up? Will we still be able to read “The Death of the West” while you go into abeyance just in time to avoid the sh*t that will be flying when the sh*t hits the fan big-time and starts flyin’ all over the place ? There’s much here, and I haven’t read everything yet.

    • I won’t ever delete it. If this site is closed down that can only mean that it was hijacked by a trickster or that the System simply censored it.

  12. Let us hope that you will eventually return, Chechar. You were born to blog, since you are indefatigable and meticulous in everything you do. Fanatical, in fact, and I mean that as a compliment. Perhaps during your sabbatical you will conceive of a new approach, and one day launch it with explosive fanfare. But no matter what you do, know that a few of us out here did not merely see your ship pass in the night, and not shoot up a signal flare in recognition…

    • Thank you for this appreciation. I will be busy writing something that I hope will not be lost after the forthcoming financial accident. My text, which will be a sort of continuation to Hojas Susurrantes, is so complex that needs the book format that goes beyond blogging.

      On the other hand, in today’s racialists I don’t see the ferocity I need to continue blogging. That’s why I will be taking a break until the collapse forces them to change their ways.

      Alternatively, after the financial crisis some whites will be mad as hell and potential soulmates might start paying due attention to my harsh writing (or Pierce’s) that has resulted from our inner fire.

      The book that I will soon start will probably begin with anecdotes of my recent experiences with racialists in the United Kingdom. That’s only the starting point of a heavy tract that I hope will have a (postmortem—I’ll probably be dead!) impact on what must be done if whites succeed in establishing an ethno-state.

      I have in mind that the new state will reconsider child-rearing methods and reject the “mental health” professions (quackery in fact) of our decadent world. The extermination fantasy, the eternal feminine and embarrassing autobiographical confessions will also be central…

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