Extermination • II

“How much good it would do if one could exterminate the human race.”

—Bertrand Russell

Quoted in A Bibliography of Bertrand Russell



No one, to my knowledge, has written a thorough analysis of his parents. But what I said in Hojas Susurrantes (abbreviated HS this line up) about the murder of children’s souls only lays the foundation for a further and deeper elaboration of Psychohistory, which in the last analysis shows us that the human species is a failed species.


From a careful reading of HS it cannot but be inferred that most of the human species should be exterminated—on top of what is written there, because, as Schopenhauer wrote, if the world is hell, human beings are the devils of the animals. And if we want to save the animals from the human devils, there is no choice but to dispatch the latter.


That only some of the most beautiful specimens of whites deserve to continue living; so beautiful in body and soul that they have left human devilry behind, has become so obvious to me as that the cow is a mammal—as we shall see in this sort of continuation to HS.


By way of a prologue

Most of the text of HS is not original. There are original parts, yes: the long letter to the mother with which the book opens; my experiences to twelve years, and the final part where I analyze my fear of damnation as an internal persecutor begotten as a result of my father’s crimes. However, most of HS consists of long paraphrases of other peoples’ ideas, pastiches and re-workings of their works to present the trauma model (refuting, along the way, the fraudulent professions of “mental health”).

I believe that, as a didactic work to Aryanize the trauma model away from the Semitic or philo-Semitic hands of Alice Miller and Lloyd deMause, HS honors its goal. But the problems I raised—remember how the fourth book in HS ends by mentioning the burning of children by their Semitic parents in the Ancient World, wondering if mankind had a right to exist—were left unsolved. Fortunately, this century will be crucial because of the energy devolution that is upon us, especially of oil, for Nature’s killing these humans that I hate so much and whose destruction has become my personal religion.

I will not live to see my day: that which for decades I have called the extermination of the Neanderthals, in which I include not only non-whites but those white traitors who brought them into the West. But the burden is upon me to bear witness to why I believe that the être supérieur should yearn, as so desperately I do, that the primitive version of modified apes, as in my soliloquies I call the humans of today, both white and of other races, becomes extinct.

Another huge issue never made onto paper is a detailed narrative of my agonizing experiences in 1976, when I was only seventeen, and ten years later, while living in California: experiences outlined in HS. Here I hope to talk more about those life lessons. So to confess why I hate humanity to the extent of wanting to exterminate it, at the same time being the first to analyze in detail his destructive parents—so that, after due extermination, in the Acadia of my most cherished dreams the treatment to children and animals be free of my hells—is the double helix of this new text.

But there is much more than that. In the Neanderthalesque literature that I run into the bookstores I never see confessions about male sexuality that go to the merits. In HS I quoted an Austrian writer who said that autobiography is the most difficult literary art because the adept of self-portraiture has to betray himself. Of course! How it won’t be self-betrayal for a respectable writer to recount, say, his sexual fantasies? Previous literature to the “total autobiography” suffers from cowardice insofar a text that confesses everything could be posthumous. But the so-called giants of letters, that I find so small that I do not read, never reached such confessional level. They stayed in the pre-autobiographical phase of literature. Here I will try to amend this lacuna in the section entitled “In search of the soulmate.”

Quite apart from the autobiographical question, we propose the need to rescue and/or abduct Aryan women—only the very young and pretty—from what will become multiracial clans after the civilizational collapse pulls us over to strictly ethnic strongholds. To paraphrase George Lincoln Rockwell, “He who doesn’t rape won’t fight!” will be the motto of a Blonde Beast redivivus that, by getting his manhood back, will not only become genocidal of everything that does not resemble him. The Beast will hunt for his females once the collective unconscious falls back to its original form by historical inertia forces. The brutality and savagery resulting from the collapse of the rule of law, together with the most elemental Darwinism, will mercilessly weed the feminized white males. Thanks to the energy devolution of our century the yin where today is pending the psyche of these whites will swing, like a pendulum of kilometric arc, to the Yang extreme of the right.

We won’t only lucubrate to kill non-whites around the globe and renaming cities currently inhabited by people of brown, yellow or black skin with names like “Pierce City” or “Himmler City.” The idea is that, alongside the extermination of Neanderthals, the Beast will have to go on the hunt for females, abandoning a masturbation currently afflicting millions of feminized males. The Aryan sperm injected involuntarily into those who had fornicated with the colored will fulfill the fourteen words during a holy war that will cover the world—and this time fulfilling them by brute force. The obvious objective will be to form families thank to the same élan vital that breathed life into the ancient founders of Rome by abducting, and raping, their attractive Sabine neighbors. In other words: if every nation, not just ancient Rome, is born with violence, after the darkest night of the West the Aryan Nation can only be born with extreme violence: from limit to limit of the pendulum’s arc, from the extreme yin to the extreme Yang.

Basic historical inertia: the swung pendulum is rushing toward us with vengeful force because of the incredible liberal lengths it reached in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. So far it swung toward the dark side that the “Day of the Rope” so dreamt by William Pierce in The Turner Diaries, a novel written in the 1970s but projected in the 90s, won’t be enough. We will go further. Neither Pierce nor Covington—much less Covington: a de facto feminist novelist in Freedom’s Sons—dared to predict the abduction of the new Sabine women. They did not seem to have considered that if the ancient Latins (Aryans) abducted and raped the Sabines (Aryans who copulated with Aryans), with much greater reason will be legitimate to direct our rediscovered sexual primitivism over those who delivered themselves to non-whites!

Returning to the subject of total autobiography. The victim of his parents and the fucking society who has lost everything requires getting revenge against those who spit on his cross. Only revenge heals the soul, and as I cannot settle scores with the Neanderthals at least I can tell what they did. Going into detail of what I omitted in HS will show how the evil that infected my parents also infected my siblings and how some of them, in turn, voluntarily surrendered to evil after reaching adulthood. Also, when analyzing my family, relatives, acquaintances, close and distant persons I met and even strangers whom I only interacted over the net, we will see how their behavior helped me realize that the human being is so obsolete a version of Homo sapiens as the niggers of the seedy hostel with whom I spent a night.

Finally, my exterminator conclusions I have come regarding all these people have relevance for understanding the darkest hour of the West. This topic sucked my recent years to the point of putting on a blog in English and its ramifications over a thousand entries summarized in two books: The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour and Day of Wrath (which I will be abbreviating as FR and DW). The book Extermination, that I now start, is relevant because the evil that ails the white man is the same one that destroyed my tree and its leaves and my dear family of Palenque.* And if I can unravel the evil that destroyed me I will probably unravel the evil that destroys the white race around the world, including the mass migration of non-whites in London I witnessed last month.

In other words, the evil I saw in my parents and the people I met (cf. HS) and the evil I see in westerners who are committing ethnic suicide (cf. FR and DW) is, down to the core, two sides of the same coin. That alone deserves my venture into this new literary genre: the vindictive autobiography.

Mexico City
September 2014



(*) Note that this book is written for those who have already read my previous books, including HS, and understand exactly what I mean, for example, with the word “Palenque”: the house where I experienced happiness before the catastrophe of my adolescence.


  1. Cortona_Rape_of_the_Sabine_Women

    Apropos (1) the rape of the Sabine women see also here, here and here.

    Apropos (2) the extermination fantasy, before jumping to this thread or other blogs with phrases such as “Chechar has finally gone bananas” please, please take note that Extermination is but the continuation of Hojas Susurrantes. If you don’t know Spanish you still can have a taste of the flavor of HS by reading an English translation of one of its chapters:


    Since I’ll spend some time writing the next chapter of Extermination, if you want to know what the hell I’m talking about it would be ideal using such time to read that translated chapter, which starts on page 7 of the above-linked PDF.

  2. Masterful writing Chechar. Keep pushing the boundaries…

    What you say about the evil you saw in your parents and the evil of Whites who are committing racial suicide being the same at the root has got to be true. All ‘evil’ must stem from the same source.

    • Well… thanks! But you can imagine how WNsts will take such “pushing”, as the likes of Franklin Ryckaert (cf. what he said about me last June), who otherwise is a very decent person.

      Evil is what I try to decipher in both HS and the one I just barely started. But will WNsts or even Neonazis pay attention to what I’ll be saying? I doubt it…

  3. Chechar, the only language I know is English, so I can’t read your Spanish-language “Hojas Susurrantes”, but what I did read over at your “falling leaves” website last year left me with the overall impression that the abuse and harm you got from your parents was mostly or completely verbal and psychological, including all the brainwashing with Christianity and threats of damnation to hell for eternity and similar rot.

    In your new book, if possible, can you at least give a summary of the abuse you got from your parents, and at least a few representative examples that you experienced of each kind of distinct abuse that you received including from which parent and how old you were and also the durations of abusive instances. And of course some analysis by you of what your parents’ goals were regarding their abuse towards you, including into what kind of man they were trying to shape you.

    Aside from that, regarding your expressed desire to kill billions of the world’s current human population, including a lot of European-descended people who don’t measure up to your current standards, about this I can only say that the only thing really unusual is that you openly declare to your readers that you want to kill such a large number of other humans, since most people know that in their current civilized environment, to keep such thoughts, if they have them, to themselves. Also, thinking and imagining is easy to do and private. Thinking to oneself that one wants to kill X, Y, or Z, or a whole bunch of X, Y, and Z, is just a mental short-form of expressing that one does not want that person or kind of person or people or peoples as a part of one’s own environment in which one must live. To achieve such a goal of exclusion from one’s environment, does not necessarily require murder, and certainly not murder on such a massive scale as you imagine it.

    • HS is not my blog Fallen Leaves. You simply cannot understand HS because the Fallen Leaves blog was only the academic part; not the heavy psych stuff I recount in HS—confessional narrative—that destroyed my life. Paulina, whom I mentioned earlier, does understand it because she has read it and also we have talked a lot about our destructive families. If you want to pronounce judgment even about the non-autobiographical, “academic” part of HS, you really have to read the translated PDF linked above. It’s a non starter to discuss something you haven’t read.

      As to your other statement, that my exterminating fantasy is simply that those people “don’t measure up to [my] current standards,” lol, if you don’t even read that translated chapter, you cannot even imagine what I want to say.

      In that chapter I spoke of infants and young children incinerated alive by their parents (just imagine for a second the “betrayal of the universe” they must have felt); and, as Luz, another woman who read the book told me, nowadays parents continue to practice child sacrifice “but this time it’s the soul what they murder”.

      And by soul murder we do mean that: people that actually lost their mind. Haven’t you even read the first pages of my translated chapter, PDF above, the paradigm by Ross about the two girls? Ross’ class is the cornerstone to grasp what do we mean by “soul murder”.

      And let’s not speak about the skinning alive of animals by the exterminable Neanderthals in China.

      No: these are not my “standards”. What a comical word to describe my morals about thousands of child holocausts and the skinning by the exterminable Chinese!

  4. “Only revenge heals the soul” A profound aphorism Cesar. Sorry about your recent misfortunes. All the best in your coming endevours.

  5. David Lane is the only other WN I’m aware of that openly advocated taking Sabine women in novella form. “KD Rebel” is fairly crude but provides a useful model of the heterosexual männerbund. For some reason WNists have a fetish for laser beams considering their prominence in it!

    Sorry to hear about your British swindle, César. I can’t imagine being desperate enough to trust a zambo I met online. Why didn’t you try emigrating to Canada since the U.S. wouldn’t take you?

    • Why UK and not Canada? Because it’s getting harder and harder to get a Canadian visa for people like me and, more important, I feel much better in English or Scottish small towns far from London than any place in Canada (I already lived two months near Toronto long time ago).

      I didn’t know of the existence of KD Rebel (pdf: here).


      I wish I’d be younger in a saner West to behave as gentlemanly as Mr Bingley wooing Jane Bennet in P&P. But the Austen England is gone. As long as women behave like those sluts I saw last month in London with their dark beasts of pleasure, they’ve forfeited their nature and chivalry is no longer appropriate. Only lycanthropy…

  6. Will the new book be available on Lulu to buy as a paperback?

    • Yes.

  7. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:

    As a woman, I don’t know if I but into the whole rape thing; however, any form of interaction between males and females now, specifically Young White Men and Women is considered rape. What I consider rape doesn’t ‘fit’ the paradigm of what is called rape today…..

    As I am writing this response to this blog, I have made the insight that all these date rape laws etc. have been put into place to criminalize White Men who wish to mate with White Women – it is all part of the master plan to softly genocide Whites and Aryans…. Yet a North American Pavement Ape can go and commit serial rapes and murders for years in Virginia and this is covered up by the Jew Tube Media…. Again, all part of The Plan.

    So, when the ‘rapes’ happen, it won’t be what we conceive of as rape in the traditional sense, but normal relations between Aryans initiated rightfully so by Germanic men, but these sexual overtures will be stigmatized and criminalized because this will not ‘fit the script’ of the NWO where Straight Aryan Women are to mash it up with the Purple Penis Groids.

    Sorry Chechar, I get flowery and vivid with my terms here to illustrate my points more candidly. If offend you, apologies.

    Anyway, there will be a need to exterminate some ‘Broken Whites’ because these people will adhere to the whacked out NWO script because it serves their pathological purpose.

    There are certain blogs written by people, such as Lesbians that raise good points regarding The Jews and their Survival Croneyism, yet these same women will refer to Working White Women and mothers as ‘holes’ …. Pretty brutal coming from women, but then my experience with many white lesbians proves them to be just like sloppy fraternity boys that are sexually frustrated because they are not getting laid by Aryan Women. This lesbian blogger actually came out and advised White Women to not procreate… Very unsound advice in my humble opinion! These types of Whites have to go because they serve no purpose accept to fornicate and work without purpose.

    If you are White and Aryan and exist and work with no purpose for Greater White Society, you have got to go. Period.

  8. I converted K D Rebel into an audiobook, in case anyone is interested:


  9. “the skinning alive of animals”…dogs for their coats to trim jacket collars, murdering elephants for their tusks to inlay chests and tigers for their testacles so that old Chinese men can get an erection, and in the West factory farms where millions of creatures are slaughtered to keep MacDonalds in business and Americans fat. I being compassionate as well as a hypocrite would never advocate killing off 5 billion human beings, but if 5 billion people disappeared from the earth, myself and loved ones excluded, naturally, I would rejoice that Nature could now survive.

    • You’re only a single step behind me. ☺

      • Hey Cesar, I have a question that’s a little bit off topic, but here it is: Did Mexico ever have a White majority like Brazil once did (at least for a short time)?

      • No that I know; I mean not even after smallpox spread among the Amerind population in the 16th century.

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