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Andrew Anglin’s blogsite, The Daily Stormer, which acknowledges the benign force of National Socialism, is becoming more popular among highly red-pilled whites than the old, much milder approach of racialists—fantastically more popular in fact.

See Anglin’s excellent rebuttals of Colin Liddell & Greg Johnson’s effete approaches in Anglin’s own site (e.g., here), or Alex Linder’s recent take on exactly the same subject (here).

Finally it looks like National Socialism is starting to become un-demonized among those whites who have really awoken. This promises a Great Awakening in the future for the whole West.

Sieg Heil!

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  1. Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

    • Thanks for reblogging. This is one of Linder’s latest comments in the VNN thread debunking the Colin and Greg girls:

      The race goes to the real men, not to the silly little girls eternally worried about how they look to others.

      The masses are feminine. They want to be fucked by a man, not pestered by a bunch of neurotic girls.

      • Lol could not be put better comrade Linder has a point, want to put out a few videos before quitting net posts for a while and getting out on the field comrade, I think the war is stepping up a whole new level, then the whingers crying muh feelings will see the real soviet like Jewish NWO plan come into full action!

      • Yup. And still further on that thread you see that Linder nailed all mainstreamers in the WN movement. All of them including the likes of MR, OD, AmRen, etc., not only AltRight and CC.

  2. It’s pointless to paint Anglin as a vantardist. The systemites will think any reaction from whites however thinly veiled as leading straight to the Nuremberg rallies. It’s one of the best sites around because it simply presents the problems in the world and offers the solution.

    • Just for the record, “vantardist” is the term that Greg Johnson used in his silly criticism of Anglin, a term previously used by Occidental Dissent’s Hunter Wallace referring to other people.

  3. […] Chechar and Matt Parrott defended Anglin, the latter claiming Nazism wasn’t extreme enough […]

    • Chechar, Andrew Anglin has honored you by giving you the Dragonball-Z character of Krillin (personal friend and helper of Goku).

      Goku — assumed by Andrew Anglin as his representative Dragonball-Z character — is the main hero of Dragonball Z, which is one of the best Japanese animes of all time.

      • Yes: about an hour ago I left a comment there about this guy Krillin. I am of an older generation though and have never watched a single episode of that series…

      • I have watched the entire Dragon Ball Z series.

        It is a high honor, Chechar: Krillin personifies loyalty, duty, sacrifice. He was by no means the strongest, but he was often times the most selfless.

      • I’m thinking you’ll relate to DBZ

  4. As always, we should be as articulate and radical as possible simultaneously. Andrew Anglin does a does a good job of policing WN kookiness by not giving credence to conspiracy theories or asinine hobby horses of other “movement” figures. His 4chan-esque humor is spot on, by the way. FWIW, I think Greg’s “Vantardism” piece was aimed primarily at Robert Randell’s senate campaign.

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