On European and American swamps


And which are our sins? Christianity and capitalism, of course…

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In my last entries I spoke in high terms of Andrew Anglin but now I am disappointed that he has not given up our parents’ religion.

The US government doesn’t grant me a visa to enter again the hegemonic country of the New World. One positive thing about it is that, if I ever escape from Latin America’s largest city, I would go to the Old World.

I have little to do even with the most radical white nationalists in America. Take for example the other radical that I’ve been recently promoting in my last posts, Alex Linder. He recently commented about Hitler—:

He tried to reform the people pretty directly. I don’t agree with his approach, I don’t think there’s anything fundamentally wrong with whites. It truly is the case, I believe, that if you remove the jew, with its incessant lying, poisoning and degeneracy promoting, things will snap back to normal in short order. I really believe that.

—but hasn’t yet responded to my rebuttal on such statement. [Note of October 18: OK, Linder has now responded but not to my satisfaction. He is a bicausalist Type-A anyway…]

Why I am closer to Europe than to the US? Because at least one European is awakening to the fact that white decline has a more complex etiology than what American white nationalists believe. I tried to demonstrate this in a compilation of articles, The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour which will be available from Amazon soon. But even after it is released in print form this generation of racists rarely wants to read books.

If you don’t want to do a serious study about white nationalist myopia in America at least listen to what Tom Sunic recently said at Budapest. In a nutshell (what I concluded by gathering so many authors in The Fair Race’s hundreds of pages) Sunic blames capitalism and our parents’ religion as the main culprits.

Starting in minute 13:45 see a YouTube video on his Budapest speech this month. You may also listen the Red Ice Radio interview of Sunic after minute 50:18 here.


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    • On VNN Linder has just said:

      When you meet people in life who play the victim, the last thing they do is fight back. What they do is whine and blame others, whites if they’re niggers, their parents if they’re white. Calling oneself a victim is normally a route to passivity. You give the power to others. It is a fact that whites are victims of jews, but the point is we must take control of our futures and not let that continue to be the case.

      This sentence is plagued with errors.

      In the first place, Linder ignores that extremely abused children in fact become mentally handicapped adults (see the first chapter of my Day of Wrath, linked at the top of the sidebar). Real victims of their white parents do indeed exist. Secondly, if type-B bicausalism is correct, whites are not ultimately victims of Jews: they are victims of themselves. This is even apparent in my latest post on Christmas gifts and my link that the Christian problem encompasses the Jewish problem (see pic below); and also in my other recent post, “Main cause of white decline”—let alone the Codreanu quote at the top of this entry.


      I doubt Linder will discuss these issues either in VNN or elsewhere. WNsts in general have fallen into that false victimhood that Linder criticizes. Otherwise they would be marching already like Golden Dawn activists, taking charge of their destiny like commander Rockwell.

  2. Our sins also involve allowing institutions to become far more powerful than they ever should have been. Police and psychiatry have way too much of a role in the youth… a real community doesnt need to rely on workers to deal with emotional issues… a real community talks to each other about stuff.

    • I don’t remember if I’ve told you that the 2nd book of my Hojas Susurrantes (Spanish: here) deals specifically with the psychiatric abuse of children and adolescents?

  3. This week the German Metapedia is featuring a quote from Tomislav Sunic from a speech he gave in Germany last year. My translation to English:

    “The Christian teaching of equality and its contemporary offsprings, liberalism and Marxism is the main cause of so-called anti-racism and self-hatred as well as today’s mongrelized multicultural society. It’s futile to inspirit race consciousness or folk consciousness and to oppose mass immigration of non-Europeans, without first fighting and eliminating the legacy of Christianity.”

    I think the problem of Christianity is becoming more and more known in Europe.

    • Great quote! Thanks a lot for calling my attention to this one!

      HW et al

      This is a truth that the Americans—whether WNsts or “Southern nationalists” (pic above)—will never get. Just for the record, this is the original quote:

      Worte der WocheDie christliche Gleichheitslehre mit ihren heutigen Ablegern im Liberalismus und Marxismus ist die Hauptursache des sogenannten Antirassismus und Selbsthasses und der heutigen Mischlings-Multikultigesellschaft. Es ist nutzlos, irgendwelches Rassenbewußtsein oder Volksbewußtsein zu beleben und uns gegen massive Einwanderung der Nichteuropäer zu wehren, ohne zunächst das Erbe des Christentums zu bekämpfen und zu entfernen.

      —Tomislav Sunic, Rasse und Gestalt – unsere Identität, Rede vom 14. September 2013 im Harz

      • Nice picture :-)

        The entire speech can be read here.


      • Christianity didn’t stop Constantine or Charlamagne from keeping out the foreign hordes. Europeans have been Christian for 1500 years, and yet it is only in the last hundred or so years that our society has become degenerate. It’s not Christianity, because in Christian teachings, we are all equal to God, i.e. we will all be judged the same by God. That does not mean that we are all physically equal. People were enslaved, there was war, there was genocide, and there were kings in the Bible.

        Christianity is not our foe; the ideas from the Enlightenment, and the American and French revolution is. This is where the Liberal and Marxist ideologies have come from, with a little bastardization of some Bible verses to dupe the proletariat into taking the bite, but it is not Christianity in and of itself.

      • Christianity is a foe. It allowed mongrelization in Constantinople since Christians reached power and with its universalism it never cared about the preservation of the white race. This is what I recently said in the book that I’m writing:

        If we look at the history of the Iberian Peninsula from the highest tower of History we see that it is marked by two major Christian betrayals: the conversion of the Goths that broke the color barrier in the 6th century and, a thousand years later, the green light of a Pope for peninsular males to marry the conquered Amerindian. (In Portugal the church even allowed women to marry a number of imported negroes.)

        Source: here.

  4. Sounds to me that neither paganism, atheism, or Christianity are enemies in themselves. White men and women just need to quit fucking muds. It’s superficial and childish to see it otherwise.

    • But have you read what Pierce, Revilo Oliver and Sunic have written about our parents’ religion? Or Linder?:

  5. I’ve certainly listened to a lot of Oliver and Pierce on podcasts. I get the overall impression that in their view that the main culprits were materialism and cowardice.

    • Which is true.

  6. I tend to take the similar view stated by Evola in Men Among the Ruins that there is plenty in our Western traditions to be salvaged.

  7. I agree 100 percent. No religion is for “everybody”. I learned that a long time ago. I struggle with the total alienation of modern life and what is to be done with community vs individual.

  8. But neither Europe nor America exist as political or cultural entities anymore. Europeans have no consciousness of who they are or what their history is beyond what Jews and communists tell them their history is; wars, imperialism, racism, and all those kinds of Marxist lies and talking points. Americans too have no clue what kind of country this was before the 1910s. Modern America bears absolutely no intellectual or aesthetic resemblance to the nation that existed in the 18th and 19th Centuries.

    The Jew has mentally enslaved the vast majority of the White race in both Europe and America. These Judaized, pathological, self-hating Whites are destroying not only themselves but lashing out with genocidal hatred against Whites who reject racial oblivion. There’s only one thing that White leftists hate, and that’s Whites who don’t hate themselves. Incapable of hating anything else, these White leftists focus all of their hatred and genocidal aggression on their own people and no one else.

    I don’t think those people can be helped. Try to reason with one; nothing works. No amount of facts can get through to White leftists. The jew has programmed them too well. If we lived in earlier times we could simply leave our countries and found a colony or nation in some remote land, leaving the sick, pathological whites to destroy themselves. But with today’s technology and Jewish global influence, there’s nowhere we can go where they won’t send their brainwashed minions after us.

    Truly dire times. I really do think 1945 was the end.

    • But you got it backwards. Corneliu Zelea Codreanu states clearly that the Jews thrive only because of our sins. The big difference between us (Sunic, Manu Rodríguez and I) and you Americans is that we are bicausalists type-B and you are type-A.

      The disease started with us, not with them. Read The Fair Race which is coming soon thru Arthur Kemp’s publishing house (who seems to be also a type-B according to his final analysis of Western malaise in March of the Titans). Have you even seen or listened the above-linked Sunic speeches?

      • From a standpoint of racial consciousness we were always weak due to our evolution in the northern climates. We were always too open and trusting of the other while simultaneously too willing to bring the sword against our own kin. The Jewish virus of Christianity only exploited that pre-existing weakness. Revilo P. Oliver said something to the effect of, if the White man had only a fraction of the racial instinct of the Jew, the White man would run the world.

      • It is far worse that a religious virus “planted by Jews” (again, this blames the other and not ourselves) because gold over blood policies is not hardwired. It’s a sin. You must read Pierce’s and Kemp’s stories on the white race.

      • Mr. Tort says,

        because gold over blood policies is not hardwired. It’s a sin.

        What? What religion(s) is this? Where is this notion asserted?

        Does one not need gold to furnish the blood?

      • Thordaddy: purchase my compilation The Fair Race that is now available in Amazon Books. The commandment against the sin of wielding the One Ring of greed is plainly explained there.

  9. I’m reading Stoddard’s Rising Tide of Color. It’s becoming clear that nothing less than Aryan world domination will suffice to ensure survival.

    • Ditto.

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